We got the first script and we were like, ‘Crikey this is incredible!’; and then we got the second script and we were like, 'This is even better than the first one!’; and then we got to the third one and it was - 'How are we going to pull this off?!’; But I think if we do pull it off it’ll be amazing.
—  New S4 quote from Amanda Abbington in Crime Scene Magazine -
  • AA: "She’s just slotted right in, and she’s not going to split them up. She’s being really cool." (2014)
  • Some people: ...
  • AA: I’m sure she’ll probably take a backseat, slightly, ‘cause it’s all about John and Sherlock, but I’m hoping she’ll have some meaty stuff to do. (2014)
  • Some people: ...
  • AA: One of the big things I wanted to make sure of was that she would never be divisive; that she would never knowingly mean to come between Sherlock and John, get in the middle of that friendship. (2016)
  • Some people: ...
  • AA: It's about Sherlock and John, and I don't want Mary to become the third wheel. I want the show to be about them, really. (2016)
  • Some people: Amanda knows what's up. Mary is a threat to Sherlock and John's relationship. She must go. (2013-forever)

Brand New Sherlock S4 pictures - released by Masterpiece PBS facebook (x)

The pictures of Hudders w/Sherlock & John on his own looks like a church, pews in the bg. (Exif data says both taken on April 14th). And I presume Mycroft & Sherlock are walking into the meeting with Lady Smallwood that we saw in the teaser as it’s the same set. (These pics taken on May 2nd). (D notice - classified for 100 years, top secret, initials SH visible at the end, and Lady Smallwood is the Home Secretary now!)


I am a tougher person now than I was twenty years ago. I have become confident in my craft. If you hire me, you hire someone who is nice to work with, who doesn’t fuss or need too much attention, and tries to get the job done as best as I can. After my family, acting is my other great love. And through the rejection and the work, that is a constant.