Molly Hooper Appreciation Week Day 2: In my Wildest Dreams
(Fanworks focusing on AUs)
[Day 1]

Well, well, well. I love AUs and crossover, so I was thinking about this one for a really long time. I always pictured Molly Hooper and Mary Morstan as Sam and Dean from Supernatural (even because I would love a canon friendship between the two, and a spin-off to hahah), so here’s my Hunters!AU. :D (Bonus: Sherlock Holmes in the background as an Angel.) I will probably draw more about this in future! Drawn & colored in Paint Tool SAI & Photoshop. Hope you like it! Please, do not repost here or on other social networks without my permission/without credit - just hit the ‘Reblog’ button, thank you. :3
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