why the heck are people saying things like “starco is gonna be canon. i am not watching this crap anymore” and “wow getting so sick of this horrible show. starco not being canon was the only redeeming quality.”

…excuse me??? why on earth do you watch the show if you find it crappy??? if you don’t like the show for the story line, don’t watch it. and don’t stop watching it because you hate a ship that is becoming canon. seriously guys, it’s a ship. some people are overreacting a lot about this. like, i don’t even see the logic. someone please explain this to me.


worst part of TFA shooting according to Adam Driver


nearly witches // panic! at the disco

when you say you’re solangelo trash i hope you mean you love the solangelo in which both Will and Nico have their own complications and problems and help each other to put themselves back together and in which they both face situations where relationships can’t just help and where they heal themselves and once everything settles in they can see what a beautiful lovely partner they have and after a good while waiting they become something more and not the solangelo where Will only exists to please Nico, Nico is constantly sad but Will ‘heals’ him and Percy is offended by not being Nico’s type

this last fanfic reading touched my biggest weakness

katie in skirts/dresses


I made the comment btw. Man idfk how to do hater comments so I wasn’t sure what this anon was expecting. I don’t do hate comments anyways man pff. Don’t waste your energy on things you don’t like, kiddos!

But Nor ain’t taking none of that and he is a sassy ass who is gonna snap in a Z formation and go: NU-UH SIR. And Den just doesn’t know what’s going on, as per usual.


troye’s instagram + troye’s instagram

  • Darren Criss on TV:*plays a very important character who is all about acceptance for LGBT+ rights, on a show that touches many important social issues.
  • Carlos Valdes on TV:*plays a loyal, smart, funny character who shows that some people will always be the light no matter how dark it gets*
  • Joey Richter on TV:nOT ENOuGh brOcCoLI????!!1112?!?!//

I honestly don’t care who Troye ends up with a youtuber, a viewer, whatever as long as Troye is happy and get’s treated like the queen he is then I will be happy.