Am I or am I not profound

  • Cas: DEAN?
  • Dean: yeah?
  • Cas: where is my angel blade?
  • Dean: what?
  • Dean: I, uh, put it away.
  • Cas: WHERE?
  • Cas: I NEED IT!

This is a friendly reminder from ur local AroAce here that you can still be Aro even if u love the Idea of Romantic love​.

Like there’s nothing wrong with that and u r still valid and if u ever feel that profound sense of…Loss or Want for romance but know logically that it’s not something u can do.

I am here saying its okay and u r still Aro and i am here if anyone ever wants to talk to someone about this shit cause lord knows I could’ve saved myself and some partners the struggle of figuring out my identity much sooner if idve known

“What do you mean with I don’t know you?” Castiel asks, looking at Dean in pure disbelief.

Dean lets out a chuckle and licks his lips.

“I’m not saying you don’t know me, man. I’m just saying that you don’t know every single thing about me.” Dean scratches the back of his head, trying not to laugh at the expression of sheer offence on Castiel’s face.

“I do.” Cas replies “I know lot about you.”

“You know what I let you know.” Dean smiles “You don’t know things like my personal tastes and stuff. I mean it’s normal, we’re usually hunting and trying not to get our asses kicked. We don’t have time for little talk.”

Castiel tilts his head and stares at Dean for a few seconds, almost as if he’s trying to decide if he should be angry or just let it go. But he doesn’t.

“You like your coffee black.” Castiel starts and Dean snorts.

“Dude, everyone knows I do.”

“When you fall asleep whilst reading you drool on the page.”

“Again, nothing new.”

“I know that you usually sleep on your back because that is the most easy way to defend yourself if something attacks you.” Castiel continues “You love cooking for me and Sam. You get this look of pure satisfaction when you do it and you always smile when we enjoy the meal you made us.”

Dean’s smile begins to vanish, as he just looks Cas in the eyes.

“I know you like my hands.”

“I don’t.” Dean replies, sharply.

“Yes, you do.” Castiel’s voice is warm, like that is something that really makes him happy “I know that you know when I am actually laughing at your jokes or when I’m pretending to. I know you love Sam with all your soul. I know that you just don’t want to let yourself be happy with who you have because you are terrified you could lose them. And I can’t blame you.”

Castiel pauses and takes a deep breath, Dean’s green eyes still on him.

“I know you wanted Sam to go to college and I know you still do. I know you like looking me in the eyes, I don’t know if it’s because you feel in crontrol doing so or if you just like my eyes. I also know you love Vonnegut. I know you don’t like cherry pie. I know you look at your mother’s picture every night before going to sleep. I know that you don’t allow yourself to really love anything, but when you do you love without reserve.” Castiel lowers his gaze “I know you still hate yourself for what you’ve done to me when you were under the effect of the Mark, God knows I hate myself for everything I have done to you.”


“I know you feel like everything is your responsibility but it’s not. I know you wont admit you love someone or something because if you do that will make it real. So real that there will be no turning back. I know you hate my new trenchcoat but liked the old one.” Castiel shuts his eyes closed and holds his breath “And I know you love me.”

There are a few moments of silence, where Castiel doesn’t dare to open his eyes. When he does, he doesn’t look at Dean but stares at his own hands.

“And I know that I love you.” he whispers, letting Dean’s silence fill his mind. 

Dean sighs and bites his lower lip, his eyes fixed on something beyond Castiel. 

“Okay.” he mutters, with the trace of a smile in his voice “So maybe you know me.”

Castiel finally looks at Dean, finding him with a weirdly fond and amused smile on his lips.

“But Cas, trust me… you just got lucky with the last one.”

I am now realizing that about 97% of my love for Ghost is actually my love for Martin Persner’s talent. His video this morning was sad to watch; there was so much emotion in his face, and it’s clear his break with Ghost wasn’t a happy one. However, MCC is amazing and I am thrilled he’s reviving it. I was crying and shaking this morning when I watched his video and heard the new version of Sway. I have never had such a strong reaction to music in my life. I am super thankful to Ghost for introducing me to so many other great bands, and I will always love Ghost, but MCC and TID mean a lot more to me in a more spiritually profound way.

Best wishes to Martin, please know we love you and support you! Yours is a magical talent, and I hope you can move forward, unfettered, and thrive. ❤

OT4 Nonsense pt 4.

YES IT’S BACK! (I am reposting this without the art this is inspired by to make it easier to link to the others later.) This is set about a month or so after where part 3 left off. I might go fill in the gaps later. 

This chapter is based on the following art:


“GAAAHHH!” Nino shrieked, spinning towards his open window to see a distraught looking Chat Noir poking his head in. “Dude! I… Jeez, you cannot just sneak up on me like that!”

The hero hunched his shoulders, his cat ears flattening ashamedly.

“Sorry, I just… I needed to talk and I thought it would be ok…” Chat Noir began in what might have been the most pitiful voice his friend had ever heard from him.

Nino sighed, shaking his head slightly and trying not to laugh at the pathetic picture clinging to his window sill.
“I don’t mind that you are here just, I don’t know, knock or something,” he said, gesturing for him to come into the room.

“Sorry.” Chat said again, his transformation dropping away in a flash of green light to reveal a sheepish and somewhat disheveled looking Adrien. His small black companion immediately darted into the corner of the room where Nino had turned one of his old toys into a kwami den the last time they had stopped by.

Nino got up from his desk chair and sat down on the edge of his bed, patting the mattress next to him in a beckoning gesture.

Adrien wasted no time climbing up onto the bed and curling up into Nino’s lap, his arms wrapped securely around his boyfriend’s waist.

Nino began softly carding his hands through Adrien’s hair, knowing that the easiest way to get the severely repressed boy to open up about anything was to simply say nothing and wait.

It didn’t take long.

“Have you ever thought that something was one way, and then found out that you were completely wrong and that everything you thought was true is a lie?” Adrien said, his voice somewhat muffled as he buried his head into the fabric of Nino’s tee-shirt.

“Huh… I donnow. I mean, two weeks ago I was a normal guy with just a normal- well, somewhat normal- girlfriend. Now I find myself in a complex polyamorous relationship with both said semi-normal girlfriend, and my best friend, who apparently I have been unconsciously dating since November- who, by the way, decided for our one week anniversary to tell me that he has secretly been running around saving Paris for the last two years in a skin tight leather cat-suit. Nah, that is a completely foreign feeling. Your own your own my friend.”

“You’re so mean,” Adrien whined, squeezing his arms tighter and shaking his head in irritation. “I am going through a profound and deeply distressing emotional epiphany and all you can do is make fun of me.”

“I am not mean, you are just melodramatic,” Nino teased, eliciting an irritated huff from his boyfriend. “So do you wanna tell me what happened or are you just going to be vague and depressing?”

Adrien stiffened slightly.

“It’s stupid,” he said softly. “I’m just stupid. I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“If it matters to you than it isn’t stupid. And if it matters enough that you are going to come chasing me down, after midnight, less than three hours after I got home from my trip- which you already knew- then clearly you should say something, regardless of how stupid it is. So talk to me, what’s going on?”

Adrien muttered something incomprehensible, burying his face further into the fabric of the tee-shirt.

“What was that? I didn’t catch a word you just said.”

“I said I don’t want to make you mad at me.”

“Why would I be mad at you?” Nino asked, scratching at Adrien’s scalp with his fingertips in the way he knew never failed to relax the boy.

“Because I am an idiot,” Adrien sighed dejectedly, his muscles going limp.

“Did you kill someone?” Nino asked calmly.

“No…” Adrien replied, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

“Did you suddenly decide to join up with Hawkmoth in his quest to seize the miraculouses in order to achieve… actually what does he want out of all of this?”

“Honestly? No idea. He wasn’t really up front with his motivations. And no.”

“Did you start dating Chloe?”

“God no!”

“Then I can’t think of anything stupid you could have done in the last 48 hours that would make me hate you,” Nino said smiling. “So, what horrible cat-astrophy brought you scampering to my window at one in the morning?”

“Did you just make a cat pun?” Adrien asked, his eyes lighting up and a hint of a smile playing at the corner of his lips.

“Well, I have it on very good authority that you like them.”

For the first time since his arrival Adrien seems to calm down and Nino smiled to himself. Score one for the boyfriend.

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anonymous asked:

Name a country that supports and welcomes illegal immigration

Why? What point does that make or prove? If a country is to support “illegal immigration” that immigration would not be illegal, correct. So, anything that could be an example of a country supporting “illegal immigration” can’t be, because if they support it they would have made immigration to their country legal in almost every circumstance. 

You want to believe that this question makes you clever but it only shows how weak of an actual argument you must have since this is the tactic you have resorted to. 

You could have literally gone in any other direction and would have made a more profound statement. I am all for passioned debate, so anon, I am going to give you a second chance. Come into our ask and give me a real reason to oppose illegal immigration so we can have a reasoned debate. 

Unless you don’t really have one. 

- @theliberaltony

Living alone also had a profound impact on her personal development, she said. “I moved out of home and all of a sudden I was kind of figuring out who am I when I’m alone? Who am I when I’m doing things just for myself? And I feel like you can really hear that on this record. There’s definitely moments where it’s like ‘Oh, she really went there.’”
—  Lorde on how living alone helped her grow and impacted her sophomore album


if you ship destiel then you need to listen to this song

someone please make a destiel fan video w/ this in the background seriously i will love you forever

Troubled Birds; a sentence meme ( part 1 )
  • That’s a crazy idea. Insane. It doesn’t make sense.
  • God can’t help you now.
  • I preen for Satan.
  • I’m a dirty bird.
  • I disembowel, it’s what I do.
  • I do not go to my happy place, I go to my high lonesome place.
  • Remembering bitty, lengthy disputes where she came out on top, each all too short.
  • A meat cleaver, he thought. “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.”
  • He told me that I would never forget him, as long as the two of us would live. His eyes demanded an answer. I had overcome my desire to laugh.
  • The risk I took was calculated, but man, am I bad at math.
  • I’d sell you to Satan for one corn chip.
  • My modus operandi is dial up the awesome and break the knob off.
  • You’re a whore and that makes me sad.
  • Fuck your windshield!
  • I puke in my kids’ mouth.
  • I had on my prettiest dress and he never even look at it. “For God’s sake!” That’s all I could think of to say.
  • Foie gras this, motherfucker!
  • A profound thinker, but I cannot stick my mental landings.
  • I hope you’ll excuse my cheap wit, but the hour is late and it’s all I have left.
  • I am often seized by the fatal American need to have a pretty good time.
  • Who do I have to blow for some seed?
  • He proclaimed his undying fidelity and asked me to do the same. I had to overcome my desire to laugh.
  • Finally he gathered himself together and spoke. “What the hell?”
  • She was lovely and charming, almost a saint. She told me she enjoyed
    laughter and dancing, opera, jazz and getting very, very, very high
  • Perhaps you can do something about the evil spirit in my head.
  • Looking for trouble and if I cannot find it, I will create it.
  • They might have passed a very pleasant evening, had shit not gotten real.
  • Snacking between meals is the least, but tastiest, of my problems.
  • I’ve been through hell and come out singing.
  • Your love has made me a drunk.
  • I’m addicted to shiny things.
  • I love you despite the warning signs.

Who: Keith Powers
Role: Ronnie DeVoe
Ask About Me: Powers is best known as “Theo” in the MTV comedy series Faking It. But true film heads will no doubt recognize the 24-year-old Sacramento native as Dr. Dre’s younger brother in the 2015 NWA blockbuster biopic Straight Outta Compton.

VIBE: So let’s get into Ronnie DeVoe because he’s one of the more interesting characters in that his reputation as a dancer is so profound within the group. Was there any apprehension of coming into this project knowing that I am going to have to dance my ass off?
Keith Powers: Yeah, when doing my research—just finding out that Ronnie was the best dancer—I was kind of in the awe, man. Because I’m not a natural dancer, so I [had] to train and go there ‘cause I never did choreography. So it was a type of thing where this is going to be the first time, as an actor, where I am going to have to become a researcher; where I am going to have to become a true storyteller. Because now I have to get outside of my box in order to become someone else.

Everybody talks about how the casting call for the movie went down. How there were a million actors coming in to compete for the roles of New Edition. Just how competitive did it get?
Yeah, it’s funny cause I tested with Algee and Woody [McClain]. I went against Algee [Smith], who plays Ralph. I didn’t get [the role], which I knew I wouldn’t ‘cause I wasn’t right for Ralph. They let me go and I came back for Ronnie. I remember going up against a lot of guys. Chris [Robinson] and Jesse [Collins] will put you in a scene with the people you are going against and like switch everybody in and out. But even though we were all competing, it was dope to see young black men all cheering each other on still. Like no matter how much we were competing, it was a type of thing that at the same time we all got to work together. It made you feel more solidified because you were going through the trenches for this. It was a scary process, but it made you feel even more solidified once you got in. And that was before boot camp. So that was only 10 to 5 percent of the whole job because we still had to learn our [Boston] accents and we still had to get to the dancing and we still had to start researching.

The dancing…everybody has talked about Brooke Payne and what he put you guys through, the good and the bad. Can you describe having that man in front of you telling you to do that step over again a million times?
The thing about Brooke is he is a very calm man. He is the type of guy that he doesn’t have to watch the rehearsal to see that you messed up. I think that those type of guys scare me the most…or I respect the most. I respect him the most mainly because he doesn’t have to do too much. He is more laid back, more mafia godfather type…”Do it again.” [Laughs.]

It’s funny because [Brooke] might be on the phone looking away doing business and he will say, “Keith, do that again.” He will keep doing it until we get on point. He will be like run it back, run it back. Brooke is like an uncle. He is really somebody to mirror as far as being a leader and you are going to see it in this film played by Wood Harris. Wood just gives this demeanor that is just so cool, calm and collected. That’s Brooke Payne.

I like the fact you guys got the chance to hang out with your doppelgängers in New Edition. What was the experience like being around Ronnie, who has been called the coolest member of the group?
Man, when you hang out with Ronnie, he’s the type of guy where it’s like you instantly feel at home with his spirit. He’s such a relaxed, smooth guy, just like his uncle Brooke Payne. He is so much like him that it makes you happy that he’s helping you. When I was doing the moves, Brooke and Leon would teach me and they were amazing. But sometimes they wouldn’t get to me like Ronnie would teach me. Ronnie would give you these tricks. It would just be little tricks that he would do and I’m like, “Oh, snap…that made it easier for me!”

[Ronnie] is so cool that you can already relate to the moves without even knowing it because he’s telling you in a way that he can level it down for you. And I love that about Ronnie. He’s always smiling. He’s always cheering us on. They say Ronnie was always the core of the group. He is the mediator, and you feel it when he walks into the room.

We have to talk about the BBD era. Here we have the three members of New Edition that people thought would never find that kind of massive success away from the group. Can you talk about how it felt to put that goody-goody New Edition thing to the side and just go full on crazy and wild with Bell Biv DeVoe?
The BBD side was a whole other beast. After you learn all the New Edition moves it’s like, “Now we are going to get into BBD!” And I was like, “Ahhh, this is the hip-hop dancing part.” I was just doing the soul and the steps and “Mr. Telephone Man” and now I got to really sweat. I just remember being scared to get to “Poison.” If you mess up “Poison” you might not be able to work again in this town [laughs].

Ronnie always tells me that when he was young [and in New Edition] that was “shy Ronnie.” He stayed out the way, he was trying to find his way in the group because he was coming from a different [housing] project, which was Cathedral. He said when N.E. Heartbreak came, that’s when his stock rose. I was trying to show that [while playing] this character. I tried to show that in my demeanor. So when it got to BBD it was like, “We are one of the hardest things to branch off from New Edition!” Who would have thought that?

That’s the brilliance of Bell Biv DeVoe. No one saw that coming, right?
I mean, If you look at BBD, a lot of artists today are 100% influenced by [them]. Almost 90 percent of rap, nowadays rappers can’t even get on the radio without a singer on the hook. That’s a branch from BBD.

The legacy of New Edition…what do you hope for the impact of this movie?
One, I need the newer generation to respect the legacy. Especially if you want to learn music, you have to know who New Edition was to a certain extent. I want them to see how professional New Edition was. I want them to see where they messed up business wise so that they can learn from it. So we can have our young African-American artists knowing how to manage their money and to have the right team. And I want them to take away brotherhood from it. I want them to realize it wasn’t New Edition against each other…it was New Edition vs. the corporations.

I always say that we are introducing New Edition to the younger generation so we have a responsibility. ‘Cause if they don’t like it, they won’t go back and look at the real New Edition. I had one comment on Instagram after I posted a clip of New Edition’s “If It Isn’t Love.” And a girl was like, “This reminds me of [Beyonce’s] ‘Love On Top.’” And I said, “Yeah, it was inspired by ‘If It Isn’t Love.’” And she said, “Oh, I didn’t know that, thank you!” I want this to be a history lesson.

sad over Supergirl

When you have only a small handful of archetypal, iconic woman superheroes and action heroes living inside of you, standing out among a multitude of iconic men who continue to pop up as unchecked and indistinguishable as dandelions, you cherish every one in a way that would be hard to explain to someone who simply did not need to see symbolic, non-gender conforming women to represent the possibilities for new ways of being a woman in this world.  

I am glad I have the dynamic between Alex and Maggie to remind me to honor my emotions, talk stuff out, and just cry.  Cause I am having a profound moment of grief over Supergirl.  I am tempted to tell myself that I did this to myself and that I should not have taken television trash seriously.  And also want to tell myself, it’s a weird phase, it’s misdirection, what’s happening right now will end soon.  But this stuff is important. Even if I push this aside, I know that it’s incredibly important.  

When Supergirl first cropped up, I nearly cried, simply because Supergirl’s clothing was something that women could actually wear as a recognizable costume comfortably in cool weather and without being hyper-sexualized.  Then I got to watch Kara struggle to take up space in the world and not feel responsible for everybody’s feelings, overcome fears that she would hurt herself and other people if she exerted her strength, struggle to reconcile disparate identities, and watch herself being used as an icon with a definition beyond her own will.  And I felt like this show was actually written for women every bit as much as men.  When I saw how a bond between two sisters formed the arch and defined the narrative arc of the entire first season, I recognized that choice alone as enough to make this show ten times more feminist than almost anything on television.  

The word I would use to describe the representation of Kara’s sexuality in season one would be anxious.  The show seemed anxious to ensure that she had a sexuality and would not read as immature or closeted.  They also seemed anxious to let that interest turn into even implied sex.  I hoped that in season two the show would change.  I hoped that the creative team would create a context where they would feel comfortable allowing Kara’s sexuality to emerge fully and in fulfilling ways.  

They did find the context that made them feel comfortable. e.  I never imagined they would craft such a stylized archetype of recognizable and self-conscious postmodern, white, straight masculinity to line up with Kara as her romantic and sexual compliment.  Kara’s sexuality in season two feels like a relief from the tension and anxiety of season one and now feels like a grinning, uneasy, indirect, continuous apology for the show’s feminism including the show’s current, beautiful wlw storyline.  

Now viewers have become divided between those focused on their feelings about the threat Kara clearly represents to the personification of a seemingly fragile, socially unstable, and emotionally underdeveloped man and those having feelings about the unacknowledged threat that a self-absorbed sexist man who seems like an anachronism in the world of this show poses to Kara.  Kara’s increasing self-definition and self-ownership no longer serve as a foundation for the show.  And while the crucial importance of the bond between the Danvers sisters still resonates in the show’s conflicts, it no longer forms the heart of the show.  

This may be temporary. This may be what Supergirl is now.  That will be a real loss.  

Birthday Page!

So, to make up for my lack of activity lately, I’m going to be making a birthday page for all of you lovely people! I want to be able to give back to you as much as you’ve given me by following me, so here’s how you get your birthday on there!

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Thank you all so much for 1.65k now (?????), and I hope you’ll let me give back to you all!