Am I Wrong

“no the dogs made it”


this whole scene and everything with magnus’ death hit me real hard just,, having a happy ending like this healed my soul. i’m so happy for them. everything ended up good, and that means a lot.

gerard: yeah an mcr reunion is a possibility, but we’re all really happy where we’re at right now.

every rock magazine: MCR is BACK ! 😱😱 grab your EYELINER 🐼💀👀 emos, this ⚡️⚡️SHOCKING ⚡️⚡️ news is bringing us all back to 2007 😭!! ! 🎹🎼black parade frontman 🎤😈gerard way 😍😜says an💔💧 MCR reunion is in the works ! 😱😨what doe s this mean?!? 🕵⁉️

The scariest MCU theory of them all.....

What if Michelle really is meant to be a minor character, and won’t be important until she is a snarky love interest for maybe one movie tops, and will otherwise be unimportant to the plot. because while they know Peter shouldn’t rescue her from danger, the screenwriters can’t find a decent function for a woman in the plotline without her needing to be saved.