Am I Wrong


crookshanks is wickedly intelligent and works smart and fights for what he believes in, from attacking peter pettigrew to helping sirius black out during poa

pigwidgeon is overly excitable, often mischievous/immature, but pure and good and loving at heart

hedwig is resourceful, loyal, understanding, compassionate, and dutiful, and is there fighting for her loved ones constantly, like pecking ron and hermione in ootp until they reply when harry is depressed 

the pets are basically their counterparts in the golden trio

  • Red Dragon:Hannibal Lecter is bored and a little inconvenienced to be locked up, but he's sending letters to everyone he knows so it's cool.
  • Silence of the Lambs:Hannibal Lecter is a dangerous, manipulative, monster you shouldn't even look in the eyes or he could escape. At least he has manners.
  • Hannibal:Hannibal Lecter can't handle having a crush or emotions of any kind.


Remember how he claimed to be wearing the second one to “keep the first one from sliding off” and getting lost? Implying that only the first one was truly important?

But now they’re flipped?

I don’t think he gave us the full story…