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when reading tfc I always forget that Andrew is so much shorter than Neil.

“so much shorter” oh my gosh what is this shortie competition in my askbox


okay but speaking as a shortie (5′1″ on a good day), my 5′3″ friends give me so much shit. it’s not fair how much those four-three inches matter

I imagine Neil lords it over Andrew in tiny obnoxious ways too

like he sometimes will just stand at his side and look smugly at the top of his head (until Andrew elbows him in the gut)

or he’ll lend Andrew jogging pants and then make a “oh but they’d drag, you’d have to roll them up…” mock concerned comment, that prick

or he’d constantly offer to get things from higher shelves even though he can’t really reach either.

( “oh it’s okay andrew, I’ll get it” [seconds later] “I’m going to get kevin” )

“fuck you josten” )

also imagine that whenever Neil and Andrew have their Serious Silent Staring Conversations in the locker room or hallway or dorm room or idfk while washing their hands in a public bathroom, Matt whispering to Dan/  Allison/ Nicky, “look at how short they are. they’re the size of a child. do you think they get discount tickets at waterparks.”

and Allison just, “if we stacked them, they would just be able to ride the big kid rides.”

the height jokes are endless

like hell the foxes would be above any of them

breaking dog blog news

today an old man in a hiking trail parking lot looked me up and down, beamed at Chalo and Priya and asked, with no preamble, “ARE WE HUNTING BUFFALO TODAY?”

okay Les Mis has never been about THE French Revolution With Guillotines and Robespierre, but that has gotten more important to realize since Hamillton  happened and people started wanting to crossover things 

because  Lafayette was born in 1757 

during the American Revolution, he was in his late teens and 20s 

but during the barricades of Les Mis, which were in 1832,  he was in his 70s  

which doesn’t mean he wasn’t still in politics! he was! but it was…Complicated, (and had been complicated since the 1790s, really) 

but it does mean that unless someone wants to follow his possibly apocryphal suggestion to TOSS HIS OLD MAN BODY onto the barricade, he’s not gonna be fighting at the barricade with Les Amis, not because of Complicated Politics but because  he is in his 70s  and sick and would be actually dead within a couple of years

which doesn’t mean he wasn’t involved! He was! But he involved in the political side.  So unless you’ve got a time machine (which, I WOULD READ THAT FIC)  he’s not gonna be Young Hot Lafayette joining in with a sword to fight. 

…now I want that Time Machine fic though.