BTS:No Dating Restrictions ~ [TRANS]

According to a BTS staff member, “ever since they were trainees, the company didn’t even prohibit them from going on a date. All of the members owned cell phones as well. Yet, each of the members took strong responsibility of their personal lives, even without the company’s restrictions, in order to reach their goals.”

(Source & Trans. Cr.)


I don’t ask for too much on here and I don’t tend to make long posts asking people to do stuff but sometimes I make exceptions when it’s for something super important and close to my heart.

My friend Pippa is a sufferer of chronic-illness. She has gone from being able to dance and compete in ballet competitions and live an active life to having to use a wheelchair most days and sometimes be unable to get out of bed purely because it’s too painful. 

She has battled through it for years whilst simultaneously managing to achieve an amazing degree from York University which is absolutely incredible considering all of the emotional and physical pain she has endured.

She’s been accepted to study a masters degree in “Promoting Health in Long-Term Conditions”  which is obviously a subject that’s very important to her.

In England, University fees are horrific and a Masters degree is just as expensive. 

HOWEVER, she has been chosen as part of a national competition to try and win a £5000 scholarship to go towards paying for her fees! (YAY)

Thing is, she does need people to vote for her.

In her own inspiring words:

“I was lucky enough to access the right support and graduate in spite of my own condition, but many others will not be given the same opportunity to do so. Many institutions are yet to realise that putting down the occasional wheelchair ramp does not make their education system inclusive for all. I hope to study for a Masters degree that will help me to address the disadvantages faced by those with chronic illnesses and disabilities, not just in education but in all aspects of life. By helping me to study MSc Promoting Health in Long-Term Conditions, you’ll be supporting not just me, but a whole population of young people who want to fulfil their potential, in spite of their debilitating ill-health.”

Like I say, she’s awesome.

ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU GO TO THIS PAGE: and press the vote button. And that’s it.

it’s so easy and it takes a second. Literally a second and you can change her life.

It would mean the world to me if you voted and would make everything so much more possible for her.


Please reblog and share the link where you can - Pippa is such a beautiful soul and lovely person who deserves to go far in life no matter what her illnesses tell her! xx

part 14 - always you

[ summer - Calvin Harris ]

Jian Yi watched them through the window.

Fucking finally.

He hugged his coworker, thanking her for interrupting the three of them.

He’d said he wasn’t going to leave them alone again…

But that was kind of the point.

They couldn’t - realistically - get too far on a stranger’s porch.

He’d watched them interact.

He’d previously watched He Tian give Zhengxi a handjob.

He’d walked in on several ‘almost’ moments, but those just made it worse.

With all the pressure, that he apparently caused, despite the fact that he desperately wanted the tension to end.

And, frankly, he’d LOVE to watch them fuck.

But that was selfish, so he pretended that had nothing to do with it.

It did confuse him though.

So Zhengxi was his boyfriend.

And He Tian was his boyfriend.

Did that mean there should be anything between the two of them?

He desperately wished they’d get closer, possibly fall for each other…not too hard, though.’
Did he want that though?

What if they fall in love and totally got rid of him?

That was a silly thought.

He knew Zhenxi loved him, and he loved him back.

He had his suspicions, but he wasn’t entirely sure if He Tian did.

Jian Yi did, though.

He did love He Tian.

It was different.

Zhengxi was nearly 15 years in the making.

He’d loved Jian Yi since he was a child.

Years of denial.

Years of heartbreak.

He’d given in.

He’d given into someone who felt something for him.

Someone who legitimately cared enough to keep trying, knowing he was damaged goods.

Knowing how much baggage he carried.

He Tian had done so much for him, showed him so many things, made him feel more than he thought he could.

By the time Zhengxi got his shit together, it was too late…

But that’s where things became complicated.

He Tian hadn’t let him give that up.

Later on, he’d admit that he thought that was the only way to keep him around.

After nearly a month of awkward misery, he watched them kiss.

As desperately as he wanted to be part of that, he knew this was for the best.

He’d told He Tian that ‘first one was free’ knowing he’d get the jist of it.

Their first kiss was sweet.

Which was odd.

Jian Yi and He Tian’s hadn’t really been all that sweet at all.

They were just friends at the time.

They’d started spending more and more time together, beginning to enjoy the other’s company.

That didn’t stop He Tian from being an asshole.

They’d had…a bit…too much to drink, and for the life of them both, neither one remembered what they’d argued about.

Jian kind of remembered their first time.

The argument had escalated, and He Tian had shoved Jian Yi against the wall, pausing for a split second, his hand keeping Jian Yi pinned.

‘Wait, are we about to fight or fuck?’

A few moments of deliberation.


And that’s the, incredibly romantic, story of how Jian Yi lost his virginity in someone’s backyard.

It had taken a few months of similar encounters before they actually talked about it.

Fast forward nearly a year.

He Tian touched Zhengxi’s cheek gently as he leaned in to kiss him.

So caught up in the sweet moment, Jian Yi didn’t realize people had opened the door and stepped out onto the porch.

One of the newcomers, froze, watching them as they broke apart.

He recognized him as the bouncer that worked a few nights a week.

He stepped just a little bit too close as He Tian and Zhengxi stood.

‘Hey aren’t you Jian Yi’s boyfriend?’

‘Yeah, I am. What business is that of yours?’


He gestured disdainfully towards Zhengxi.

‘That doesn’t look like Jian Yi to me, asshole.’

Jian Yi pulled the door open, stepping onto the porch, holding his hands up to stop the confrontation.

The other man took another step forward.

He Tian bristled, turning towards Jian Yi, shaking his head slightly.

He stopped, wondering what the fuck He Tian was doing.

He was certainly capable of of protecting himself.

Zhengxi had a notoriously short fuse.

That was a well known fact amongst pretty much everyone that knew him.

So, that extra step made quite the difference.

Zhengxi stepped partially in front of He Tian.

‘How about you watch your fucking mouth and take a step back.’

Jian Yi took a step forward, holding his hands out to get some space in between them and stop this stupid shit.

His drunken coworker jerked around, shoving Jian Yi to the ground.

He Tian laughed, helping Jian Yi to his feet with one hand, holding Zhengxi’s arm tightly with the other.

He pulled Jian Yi to his side.

‘Anyone here against this dude getting punched in the face?’

Looking a little less confident, he glanced around at the people surrounding them, responding with a mixture of laughs and shrugs.

‘You ok, Jian Yi.’

Jian Yi smiled at the oddly romantic situation.

‘Jian Yi’s fine, Xixi. You should still hit him.’

‘Oh, please.’

Jian Yi’s coworker laughed.

‘Like you have the balls to - FUCK!’

He Tian laughed, kissing Jian Yi on the side of the head.

Zhengxi watched him get to his feet, trying to stop the flow of blood from his nose.

‘We done here?’

‘Fuck you.’

‘I’ve got that covered, thanks.’

The hostess laughed, as she helped a friend escort him back into the house.

About an hour later, a few beers, a few cigarettes, several recounts of that scene from different points of view, they excused themselves from the party.

Jian Yi drove, knowing the two of them were still so high on adrenaline, they couldn’t be trusted.

He figured they’d spend the ride home excitedly talking about the events of the evening, but Zhengxi took Jian Yi’s phone, plugging it it, turning the music up, and kissing Jian Yi’s neck, slowly unbuttoning his jeans.

‘I’m trying to drive, Zhengxi! This would be an awful time to get pulled over, take this to the backseat.

Zhengxi wasn’t deterred.

‘He Tian, can you please stop him?’

He’d barely finished his sentence when He Tian pulled Zhengxi away, kissing him deeply.

Jian Yi was struggling enough with his focus.

‘To the backseat! I refuse to be caught masturbating while driving.’

Both boys laughed as Zhengxi clumsily climbed into the backseat.

‘Keep your hands where I can see them, we’ll be home soon.’

Jian Yi spent the remainder of the drive home trying to keep his own hands where he could see them.