in case you haven’t noticed, i’m straight. i’m a straight man. i don’t ‘bang dudes’ and i don’t wanna ‘bang dudes’. have you ever seen me without this stupid internalised homophobia which causes me to repeatedly seduce women i don’t have any emotional connection with to maintain my precarious self-image while vehemently denying that i feel anything more than friendship for my best friend / roommate / life partner of the last 25 years despite the fact that i once publicly serenaded him with a love song at one of our monthly dinner dates until i flee the city in panic shortly after he comes out for fear of my own big feelings? THAT’S straight.

i have decided the last time i drew lily and james they weren’t 70s enough (they still aren’t, but i try)

i’m not a fan of the wizarding world being entirely isolated from the non-magical one in every cultural sense especially if their fashion sense only evolves a little every 300 years maybe, and it just doesn’t make sense, the real world already has mass produced t shirts and… wizards and witches will keep having shitty robes tailored for themselves? lmao

something i’ve been thinking about a lot lately? there’s technically nothing in sunny canon that disputes the idea that when mac and dennis were 20 they made a pact that if neither of them were married by the time they were 40 they would marry each other and that was in the back of their heads influencing their actions for the entirety of season 12 and also the whole show

  • Hamilton: Where's Jefferson, Madison?
  • Madison: We just stepped out of the shower. He'll be down in a minute.
  • Hamilton: Alright listen, you guys can't go... Did you just say we?
  • Madison: What?
  • Hamilton: Did you just say "We just stepped out of the shower"?
  • Madison: ...I said "he".

He pulls himself up onto the roof and walks over to me, so steadily. Calm, like there’s nothing in the world we’d planned to do today but to stand here, together, looking out over a field of dead bodies and happy children.

“Aaron,” I whisper.

He pulls me into his arms.

And I fall.

Every bone, every muscle, every nerve in my body comes undone at his touch and I cling to him, holding on for dear life.

“You know,” he whispers, his lips at my ear, “the whole world will be coming for us now.”

I lean back. Look into his eyes.

“I can’t wait to watch them try.”