full offence but you were mine for the summer now we know its nearly over, feels like snow in september but i always will remember. you were my summer love. you always will be my summer love…

MY☆STAR Vol. 6 - Summer Choice!

Translated by ironclaw & hana-megane | Proof by mame & mesu

Members of Six Gravity and Procellarum choose between A or B for their Summer Choice questions♥

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anonymous asked:

headcanon: alex summers is good at dancing, like insane good. like girls see him dancing and be like 'damn, i want his babies'. but peter maximoff is terrible at dancing, cuz he moves too fast for the music.

i always want alex summers’ babies BUT i feel like peter could still fck it up on the dance floor he probably sucks at slow dancing though

anonymous asked:

So why are you all suddenly complaining about some of the players not being part of the US tour. This is srsly stupid. They need a vacation. And BTW it was always like this. Players who played in big tournaments during the summer break, always went on vacation first.

Would it have been nice that my 9 hour drive + many pay checks would have let me see Müller, and lewy, and Neuer yes.
Am I angry they weren’t there? No.
I had a blast at the game and still got to see players I love.

And the upside, Rafinha saw my tweet and retweeted it!