who the signs are most compatible with in 5SOS

Aries: Calum

Taurus: Luke

Gemini: Ashton

Cancer: Michael

Leo: Calum

Virgo: Luke

Libra: Ashton

Scorpio: Michael

Sagittarius: Ashton

Capricorn: Michael

Aquarius: Calum

Pisces: Luke

TS HOT Summer - Day 30!!!



SUMMERrization: Wade Goodall

Australian Vans Team rider, (and pretty much one of our favorite dudes in the world) Wade Goodall, is nearing the end of his long road to recovery after breaking himself off trying something wild on his surfboard. Very excited to see him back on his board and even though it’s mid-winter in Australia, it’s always summer somewhere, so we asked Wade to give us his Summertime selections for shoes, sandals, music, & more. —Chris Coté

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apis-mellifluous asked:

Hi, I thought I'd ask you this since you updated that Bernie Sanders post earlier and you really know what you're talking about: How can a person who is not 18 yet get involved in primaries/etc? Because I will be 18 by the 2016 election but for now I feel like there is nothing I can do. Thank you!

I apologize for the delay in answering this! Summer vacation always turns me around.

I’m not as aware as I might seem – for that post I took my basic knowledge and did a bunch of research to elaborate/provide resources. I’ll do the same here too. I’m assuming you support Sanders!

Bernie Sanders’ volunteer page can be found here. To contribute money directly, you must be 18 or older (plus a few other requirements), but that’s not specified for volunteer activities. 

These are the volunteer options, though there’s also a box where you can write in how you might be able to help otherwise:

  • Leaflet voters - it’s not clear whether this means helping make them or helping spread them around, but I’m guessing it’s the latter. An effective leaflet will introduce him, his stance on major issues, and so on.
  • Write letters to the editor - pretty self-explanatory. Spreading the word is a huge deal for him, especially since mainstream media isn’t giving him as much attention as it gives others. 
  • Knock on doors - an earnest advocate can get someone thinking, and door-to-door work can be significant. It definitely is in terms of encouraging people to vote in the primaries.
  • Work in a campaign office - probably to help with administrative stuff and organizing events. Since it’s volunteering, certain labor restrictions might not get in your way. I’m unsure. I mean, schedule-wise, this option is also a bit tricky. It may be impossible geographically as well.
  • Table at events - likely giving information on his campaign, passing out pamphlets, etc. Being young and passionate is a big selling point. For a supposedly apathetic age group (so say adults) to get riled up – at least some people will notice.
  • Call voters - same idea as knocking on doors, without the pressure of being in direct contact with the person.
  • Place lawn signs - an easy one! As long as you don’t mess with private property without permission. 
  • Data entry - data administration is always in demand. Seems like a nice one. I bet it feels like you’re doing something directly useful.
  • Host a meeting/fundraiser/house party - I combined these because they’re not ones I think you’d be able to do. They also seem more indirect and tougher to find.
  • Attend a house party - … it seems straightforward, but not a great option for lots of folks. Unless you somehow know about a bunch of open political house parties? 
  • Fundraise online - this one is real easy! Keep spreading accurate information on places like tumblr and facebook. Include the links I’m about to give below. 

You can support Sanders’ campaign by buying stuff from his store. It’s all made in the US by union-workers! He even has a pride section, which I’m happy to buy from as a queer person; Sanders has supported us throughout his political career, so it doesn’t feel exploitative. A note for the t-shirts: clicking on the size doesn’t work for me on Chrome. Just use your arrow keys.

Link it and/or his direct financial contribution page (people HAVE to read the contribution rules, this is super important) in order to fundraise online!

I think it might be good to look out for people who care about an issue he supports, or who want to vote Democrat but only seem to know Hillary. Introduce them to him, link a speech he’s given on certain issues, etc. Let them know about the importance of primaries. This can be with people you encounter offline, or online. 

One thing anyone can do is insist that Bernie Sanders has a chance. If we rally for him, he does. Don’t let pessimism prevent political action. It’s scary to hope for something so uncertain, but I still do.

Hannah x Lucas x Scooter Fic

A/N: WHy did I write this. I don’t know. The temptation was too strong. Based on this.

This is simultaneously the best and worst thing I’ve ever written. Please enjoy.

jo-martinez thecoyotetrickster

Scooter always knew that summer was the best season.

Some days, Hannah took him to the pond and he was captain of a newspaper ship until it curled and warped and sank to the silty bottom. Then he could lie on the sun-baked rocks at the edge of the water and dip his little paws in to keep cool. Other days, he napped in his human’s lap while she watched hours of Netflix. He bounced around when she laughed and nudged her with his little nose when she cried over her fictional friends.

Yes, Scooter loved summer, and Scooter loved Hannah.

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crash-mcbarason replied to your post:I got stung by three bees and Lopez gave me…

i was getting progressively more and more worried as i kept reading this until i got to the end

Fun fact about my real life (not my animal mayor life): I have never been stung by any kind of bee, wasp, hornet, etc. I interact with them pretty regularly in the summers and always have, though- I always save them when they land in the pool. Even the wasps.

How to Summer

I have always oscillated between the poles of responsibility and wildness. Lately I’ve swung hard toward the latter. Why not? It’s a fiercely beautiful time of year, I’m gainfully unemployed, and [redacted due to explicit content]. Thanks to a baffling stroke of luck, I’ve been spending a lot of time in a beautiful, quiet mansion, full of old books and shifting light. My life feels like someone else’s. The word “charmed” comes to mind; I don’t know that it ever has before.

In a perfect world, summers are always idle. At no other time of year does boredom feel so luxurious, so earned. Sure, studies in Very Important Journals say the structure of the American schoolyear hurts test scores—students should have smaller breaks throughout the year rather than three months of indolence, some contend. Screw that. For reasons that are purely sentimental, I violently oppose the eradication of summer break. Children should spend the hottest part of the year in languor and laziness, aimlessly riding bikes, prostrate before window A/C units, chasing after ice cream trucks, etc., now and forever amen. 

I won’t budge on this. Give me fireflies and lawn chairs and cheap domestic beer in styrofoam coolers and hot days that stretch on and on, until the sun finally slips off the edge of the horizon and into the cold cosmos. When it comes to doing summer right, time—specifically, too much of it—is the key ingredient. It’s the special sauce.

I have so much time I’m flush with the stuff; I feel filthy rich. Don’t get me wrong, I’m completely, alarmingly broke, but I’ve worked and lived in the world enough to know that there is no greater luxury than time. When you’re toiling for an hourly wage, it’s a kind of delicacy. I remember the old calculations: This fancy sandwich is worth two hours spent in my cubicle and What should I do with this precious Saturday, scour the thrift stores for secondhand furniture or renew my driver’s license?

But now the old punch-in/punch-out times have no meaning and the days simply bleed into one another and I sleep or I don’t and none of the old rules apply. That’s what I keep coming back to, what I love most ardently about this season: none of the old rules apply. Men slouch in parking lots shirtless, pretty women sweat through their foundation, teenagers hang out of open-air jeeps in muscle shirts at intersections. The lines holding our world in careful order wear away, laying bare the live electricity that animates all. It’s entropy in a nuclear summer blaze.

Besides time, the other key ingredient for a summer done right is excess. I think this is why America is so good at summer, because we’re notoriously good at excess. FIREWORK EMPORIUMS. GRILLING THINGS THAT WERE SO UNNATURALLY FATTENED IN LIFE THEY COULDN’T WALK RIGHT. MOVIES WITH 200% MORE EXPLOSIONS AND GORE, VIEWED IN ALMOST-EMPTY THEATERS WITH THE AIR CRANKED SO HIGH YOU NEED A SWEATER.

Nature gets it. The tomatoes fatten until they fall off the vine to rot uselessly, the birds are too full to eat any more cicadas. The other side of abundance is waste. This is a necessary component.

Because I am committed to doing summer right, I have lapsed into full-blown hedonism. That means earthy red wines, good cheeses with fresh crusts of bread, cigarettes, and [redacted]. So much [redacted]. It has been precisely one decade since my last summer romance, the one that blew the lid off the place. This feels significant somehow, the symmetry of it, as though I’ve moved to another tree-ring.

The same way a lover does, summer always smells like a few definable things and then some mysterious, particular, addictive thing of its own making—honeysuckle, cut grass, and what? What is it? The question will haunt me until retirement age, I swear. Just now I took my dog on a walk around the block. It was 9:00 p.m. It was that bluish-purplish time best called “twilight,” or “gloaming” if we’re feeling poetic. In front of a squat shotgun house, a teenage girl did tricks with an LED hula hoop that ricocheted colors through the night, and another girl sat on the stoop smacking her braces and scrolling on her phone. A kid on a Razor scooter gabbed elementary school gossip to his power-walking mom. The muffled, bass-heavy sound of a band practice rose from somebody’s house. I could get used to this, is what I’m saying. I could stay suspended here forever.

so I ordered a bathing suit from H&M and I got it today. I LOVE IT! The top is super cute but it doesn’t hold all of me in since I’m bigger up there. I’ll get used to the top though. Usually I wear one piece swimsuits every year but this year I decided to order a two-piece. The bottoms are high waist and they go over my stomach but there’s still more skin exposed than what I’m used to. Anyway, to sum this story up, when I tried on my bathing suit and looked at myself in the mirror I loved what I saw :) It’s crazy, because a few years ago or even just  a year ago I wouldn’t be able to look in a mirror without bashing myself. I always hated summer and comparing myself to others. But I’m learning to appreciate and recognize someone’s beauty but ALSO accept myself as a beautiful young woman too.