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What do you hope to accomplish as a therapist? What are your goals both professionally and personally?

Professionally- My focus is on research. I want to have my own research lab focusing on treatment of serious mental illness, and conduct clinical research in community treatment settings. Hopefully I’ll get some sort of tenure track position or with some kind of stability so I’m not always dependent on grant funding. I want to continue to do clinical work, and am thinking I might have a small private practice and train/supervise graduate students in working with people with serious mental illness as a part of that. 

Personally- My personal life goal right now is to see Beyonce on her tour. Other than that- dogs, travel, a big backyard, lovely friends, lots of tea, the woods, hobbies (remember hobbies, fellow grad students?). 


Probably my greatest joy in life comes from Acker & Blacker’s Beyond Belief. I showed my amorous adoration previously on this tumblah with the fanart I did last summer (which, waggles eyebrows, might actually become a print featured at their shows) but my latest labor of nerd love has been to legofy my favoritest of sousy supernatural sleuths. I’m probably a little TOO proud of this considering I’m a 32 year old adult male, but as Will Ferrell said, that age 14 label on the Lego box is just a suggestion. Now, who the devil at Lego do I need to petition to get a penthouse playset build for these two and their friends and foes?

*folds hands together* how do i say this without pissing people off

I always take for granted how awesome it is that my body is waterproof. I can confidently jump in a pool or a bath tub without the fear of my insides filling up with water and dying.


Never take anything for granted. Always appreciate everything you have!

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Supercat: Kara receives an anonymous Valentine's Day gift. Cat is displeased.

It’s not even a particularly cute teddy bear, but Cat spends Kara’s lunch break rooting through the assistant’s desk only to find a note from “your secret admirer” - unoriginal and cowardly.

It takes mere minutes to compose a company-wide memo outlawing all future acknowledgement of February 14th as anything other than the birthdate of Anna Howard Shaw.

Choosing enough tasteful bouquets to fill an entire apartment in Kara’s godawful neighborhood and bribe the delivery man to break in and place them on every surface takes a little longer, but Cat Grant always gets the job done.