My Beautiful Dark Little Pony Fantasy, by Cruiseship Bangers

10 track album

Hey everyone. I know most of you don’t exactly follow me for music, but this is the finished product of what started as a series of dumb (and some offensive) ideas that were given musical life. Featuring previously released singles “Such Dirty” and “IWTCIRD,” here is my first album “My Beautiful Dark Little Pony Fantasy.”

WARNING: It’s meant to be a joke album and can be weird-as-shit/offensive. Try not to take it too seriously. Thanks for listening!!
The Streets- Computers and Blues

Years ago (the infamous Spring ‘05), a few of us received a mix CD from John of The Duck Duck Collective (  On it was a song by The Streets, and it continues to be a song we still sing 6 years later.  “I didn’t know that it was over, till it was too late, but if I ever need you, would you be there?”

Anyway, they’re a British band full of energy and they have a new album streaming on The Hype Machine.  You can enjoy it at the above link.