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I didn't ask for the number six, but I'd love to get a small list of fav TW fics, especially if they're stereky/pack feelsy. I'm always looking for fic recs. lol

i can do this :D

here are my fave fics and a bit why: (and i’m leaving out tons of fics)

Where The Inevitable Isn’t by Survivah - stiles gets sucked into an alternate universe - this fic is incredible. i loved the alternate-dystopian reality, the alternate derek and stiles. just everything. if i could write love sonnets to this fic, i would.

Cry Havoc by ladyblahblah – amnesia, stiles is a hunter. like, this fic changed me. and my view of everything. it was that incredible. it’s angst exactly how i like it. amnesia, hunter!stiles, broken derek, just GOD PERFECT ANGST that kicks you in the feels. not overwrought, but angst i want to roll around in that makes me ache and i just want to keep pushing it and making it ache because the ache is so fucking beautiful *cries*

Part of My Melody by hayesgeneration – cellist!derek, pianist!stiles -  this is, hands down, the most beautiful fic i have read in this fandom. maybe ever. i wish i had written this. i wish i could write this well. it’s just…i can’t even explain. this is also angsty, and beautiful, and poetic, and there’s music, and stiles is homeless, and i cried, and just god. i’d marry this fic if i could.

Ad Astra Per Tentaculum by morgenoconner - alien!stiles, space captain!Derek - so, this is my all-time favorite stiles. ppl always give me the side eye when i rec this, bc stiles has tentacles, which okay, i get that’s weird, but imo not weirder than idk him being a teacher or a rock star or ending up with a magical baby or pregnant. this stiles is so FREAKING ADORABLE. i mean, he’s a water creature that has been kept on a black market ship and derek saves him and he’s all scared and adorable and falls for derek and omg *DRAWS HEARTS EVERYWHERE*

Our Memories are Numbered by rufflefeather – amnesia!derek -the first sterek fic I ever read. this is probably why i have a soft spot for amnesia fics, bc this one captured my heart from the beginning. i just love everything about this fic. i esp love derek :3

here are more faves, which needs to be updated some, or a complete list of faves

Some embarrassing AUs to think about:
‘You were singing really loudly in the shower when I broke into your apartment but then i heard you slip and crash and oh god i should probably check on you in case i get done for murder instead of just robbery’ AU

‘I thought I was alone in the apartment block laundry room but you were taking a nap in the back corner and woke up to me dancing and singing Britney Spears with a towel around my neck like a cape’ AU

‘You wandered into the 24hr Tescos/Walmart etc. I work at drunk at 2am and now you’re crying over a lettuce and comparing it to your ex and I have to ask, are you okay?’ AU

‘I bet my coworker that i could fit a whole iced bun in my mouth and you walked in to buy a cake just as i choked and coughed it everywhere’ AU

‘I saw you at a con but mistook you for my friend from behind who was cosplaying the other half of our OTP so i kissed you from behind and OH MY GOD I’M SO SORRY’ AU

‘I’ve just finished watching Marley and Me in the cinema and snot is dripping down my face because “THEY SHOULDN’T HAVE DONE THAT’ and you’re the person who was sitting next to me the entire time and can’t get out of their seat until i move’ AU

Can’t Stop - Dramione Fan Video

I can’t get the idea of older!virgin!Thor & younger!experienced!Loki out of my head.

Like Thor is university aged, so it’s not particularly unusual or anything, but he still feels a bit embarrassed about his inexperience because Loki is younger than him and has an almost worrying amount of notches on his belt for his age. And he’s also a little jealous about the other people that have gotten to have sex with Loki for Loki to be this good, but at the same time he can’t help but be turned on because Loki really knows what he’s doing.

And of course Loki is delighted to ~claim Thor’s virginity and ~teach Thor everything he knows. Because he’s Loki and kind of a dick he teases Thor about his inexperience until he realizes that Thor is genuinely embarassed/worried he’ll displease/bore Loki. After that Loki puts his mind to completely overwhelm Thor and make sure his first time is spectacular and to make sure he’d never want to have sex with anyone else

if only i knew how to write smut

Title: MICK-E

Author: mickeysupset

Why you should read it: Mickey and Ian are the only people on earth in this sweet and unique AU. Shameless and Pixar may be on opposite ends of the spectrum, but the author adapts the concept very cleverly and makes it work (and don’t worry, no one is actually a robot).

Favorite line:

“You must jerk off a lot.” Ian says out of nowhere. They had spent the day exploring and are currently relaxing on Mickey’s mattress.

Mickey drops the yo-yo he was playing with out of shock. “Excuse me?”

“I was just thinking about it. You’ve been all alone for years; you haven’t fucked anyone in years. Your hand must be fucking tired.” Ian points out.

AU fic: Put a Little Love into My Lonely Soul by Tobirion

Put a Little Love into My Lonely Soul by Tobirion ( 6 chapters, 36k words, Complete.)

Summary: It’s easy to get overwhelmed in a busy world of real jobs, bad dates, meaningless flings and two badly deteriorating relationships. For five friends, however, they take comfort in knowing that the one constant thing in their lives is each other. ASGZC.

Commentary: Ahhh! Oh my gosh! A fivesome fic with development! And humor! I’ve always been a big fan of Tobirion’s works (especially Invisible M) but this one took a special place in my heart. Each guy has their own part to play and their own story to add to the big picture so that they all fit together like puzzle pieces. If you’re looking for something to make you smile and feel good, have at it!

Philinda Challenge.

For the philindaau‘s “Lights, Camera, Action!” Challenge.

3. Melinda is a photographer shooting a spread on Phil as he’s been named one of Hollywood’s sexiest older men. 

Note: I hope I got this right. :P My first entry on a Philinda Challenge.  In case you guys need it, here’s the inspiration for Phil’s apartment.
Rated: T

Melinda found herself in a fancy elevator going to the 19th floor. When it reached the floor, she got out and took a few steps towards the only door in the small hallway, raising her hand to knock on the door.

She was surprised when the door was open before her hand could get near the wood.

“Hello! Nice to meet you! You must be Melinda May, right?!”

“Hi! Yes, I’m the photographer. Nice to meet you too…??” Melinda replied to the man standing there, trying to figure out whom he was.

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boarding school AU:

Sherlock’s a virgin with his mind on his books.  Jim’s the dormitory slut, in a different bed every night.  Everyone thinks they hate each other, but on Tuesday afternoons they meet behind the swimming pool to smoke weed, snog, and plot against their more ordinary classmates.  

so many AUs, i'm not sure what to do with them all

+air conditioner repairman [v sweaty job]
+street racers
+Christmas light neighbor competition
+guitar teacher
+little kids with a lemonade stand or kissing booth
+motherFUCK there’s smoothie on the ceiling
+someone’s cat is in a tree
+“how do I say fuck in [language]”
 -[I love you]
 - “cool thanks”
+I broke into your apartment cause it smelled like something was on fire but I don’t think we can salvage your cookies
+try my chili!
 -here use my mouth to calm the heat
+I saw the dude/chick who manscapes/waxes me
+minor car accident
+frat houses across the street
+competing mattress salesmen
+teddy bear doctors
+we both picked the same weird place to watch fireworks
+someone needs a car jumpstart
+gym class soccer
+college tour
+school trip to europe
+I wrote an ode to your butt in 10th grade and you somehow found it at the end of senior year
+i accidentally spilled beer on you at a bar and you thought I wanted to fight
+21 jump street au
+i licked a pole when it was 2 degrees outside please help me kind stranger
+high school intern for senior pictures [I’m literally just here to hold this reflecty thing and make you look hotter than usual]
+you heard me singing in the shower, recorded it, and put it on YouTube and now I’m Internet famous and I’m not sure whether I want to kill you or marry you
+someone found our office game of fuck marry kill and you’re my fuck
+there’s a dorm wii + mariokart in the lounge and we’re now on best out of 39
+I drew a picture of you and put it on tumblr and you found it
+I wrote a fanfic and the au was how we met and you got suspicious
+you’re a really shitty tutor
+you needed to borrow sugar to bake a cherry pie
+all you wrote in my yearbook last year was your number and now I have no clue who did it
+I got locked out of my dressing room wearing only my underwear and now we’re both waiting for an attendant
+I accidentally dropped a water balloon on you instead of my friend
+you write nice comments on all the angsty poems I post online
+we’ve been arguing over the proper use of the subjunctive mood in spanish for 2 hours and neither of us has taken it since high school
+you’re the monster under my bed
+I 100000% did not mean to send you that nude on snapchat oh my god
+I had to explain what dtf is to you
+you tried to perform cpr and iM TOTALLY FINE
+you’re asking me for self defense lessons because you saw that one time I tripped and accidentally took out a guy making off with someone’s belongings
+the secret life of walter mitty au
+bones au
+someone’s cursed to live like they’re in a musical
+book illustrator & writer
+you work at a shoe store and you just laced that shoe up and put it on my foot and I’m having an actual cinderella moment
+you caught me trying to sneak a hamburger off your grill as I was running by
+naked and afraid au
+you’re an expert survivalist and one time I cried because I stepped on a worm
+look I know my window’s really big but that doesn’t mean you had to watch my entire re-enactment of “it’s raining men” from magic mike okay
+our kite strings got tangled up
+you accidentally hit me in the face when you scored that homerun
+there is a very good chance I took your shoes instead of mine when I left that party wasted last night
+i put a gopro on my dog to figure out where she was going and it’s to your house


Allison has been a vital character in Teen Wolf for so many years
and just because she is gone, doesn’t mean we can forget about the
amazing part she played. The purpose of this appreciation week is to
spread Allison love all over tumblr.

Allison Argent Week will start Monday 6th July to Sunday 12th July.
Each day will have a set theme so make sure to tag your entries with
#allisonargentweek and it will be reblogged to this blog. Everything
no matter what skill level you have will be reblogged so don’t worry
just make sure it fits in with the days theme. :)

                            ~ SCHEDULE ~

Monday- Favorite Scene / Most empowering moment
Tuesday- Most Memorable quote
Wednesday- Favorite Ship**
Thursday- Alternate Universe [AU] / AU Fics
Friday- Hair / Outfit / Any part of her appreciation
Saturday- Favorite episode or season
Sunday- Memorial / tribute to her death / free choice

**you can include fics/playlists as well.**

Please make sure you tag #allisonargentweek in the first five tags
of your post or else it won’t show up. Thank you 

You can message me here or here if you have any questions.
Alternate Universe fic: Mad World by Etrixan

Mad World by Etrixan (Chapters: 57, 352k Words, Complete.)

Summary: Sephiroth returned from the Lifestream determined to find the two who saved him. Hojo and DeepGround control half the planet, and ShinRa is in shambles, but that’s not going to stop him. Yet saving them is only half the battle; now he has to save the planet.

Commentary: I was impressed with this fic. It appealed to several geek kinks of mine, including wings. Oh the wings! Anyway, there are a great deal of erotic moments that add some spice to this fic, and there are also plenty of movie references for dorks like me to enjoy sniffing out. Also Zack. I…can’t even explain how fantastic he is in this fic without spoiling. Just read it!


So, I was eating at this random Restaurant today and there was this really cute dog at the table next to me. Turns out the dogs name was “Eggsy”…

Man, I started grinning like an idiot and since then, all I can think of is Harry always smuggling Were!Corgi Eggsy into this one fancy Restaurant. (Well, the owner still owes Harry something, so he’s allowed to bring Eggsy along with him.) The Corgi sits at his feet, happily waggling his fluffy little tail at him and this is the moment Harry completely melts. He starts throwing little bites of food at the Corgi, who catches them all the time. (Merlin is going to be soooo down with him. Because, Harry, you can’t bring your lover into this restaurant, he looks like a fucking Corgi ! Don’t give me that look. What of he drools on everything ? What if-… *sigh* you already took him didn’t you…?)

+Back at his human form, Eggsy notices that he gained a little more weight. Harry just kisses his belly and tells him that he loves him, no matter what size. Eggsy’s still a bit confused, like, why does he only gain weight after he’s in his dog form ? Must be some kind of Shifter thing, he didn’t know about…

++Eggsy gets to wear a little tie every time they visit the restaurant \(•¢• )/

ok but here me out: jily grey’s anatomy au.

james is derek shepherd/dr. mcdreamy. the attending who falls madly in love with his beautiful and gifted intern. he works hard, and is extremely gifted. however, he’s not perfect. he sees things in black and white, good and bad. there is no in between. he was previously married, but in the long run, can’t stop his attraction to his true love.

lily, therefore, is equivalent to dr. meredith grey. she has always worked hard to get to where she is now and she will never back down from a challenge. she refuses to let people see her as the intern who slept with the (married) attending because she is way more than that. she sees things in what is right and what is wrong, which is what makes her the perfect person for james.

sirius black is, without doubt, dr. mark sloan. he’s the insanely attractive doctor who likes to help people look insanely attractive too (among other things). him and james have a set back when he’s the one who ends james’ marriage, but ultimately, their bond is stronger than that. he eventually calls madly in love with meredith’s sister (or maybe brother is this case).

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Alternate Universe fic: Splintered Dreams by Fairheartstrife

Splintered Dreams by Fairheartstrife (Chapters: 41, 190k Words, WIP.)

Summary: A retelling of FFVII in a “What If” story where it is Cloud that dies on that rocky hill en route to Midgar and Zack that survives. Tifa x Zack. 

Commentary: Ohhh the feels! I can’t even express how much sniffling I did over this fic! On one hand there’s the joyful aspect that Zack lives, but on the other, Cloud is gone and oh man does that make your chest tight at times.


AU fic: Before My Eyes by BubbleFairy03

Before My Eyes by BubbleFairy03

Summary: When Zack was five years old, he decided he wanted to marry Cloud Strife. Looking back, that was probably one of the best decisions he’d ever made.

Commentary: Ok, first: the feels. Second: oh god, The Feels. This fic is a classic tearjerker. Need a good cry? Open up, read, and ready your tissues. It’s a Zack/Cloud romance with cute humor and fluffy moments, then it rapidly becomes what-can-I-do-now-besides-cry?

Memento Mori

Marcoace week day 7: Random!

I couldn’t think of a title so the Latin “remember that you must die” works for now!

Woo! I managed to make the entire week! I’m proud of myself, and its all on time, at least for me it is! This is still set in the Flame Lit verse, and we’re back to the future! So I got a lot of reviews asking for this event, so I’m like why not write it out! With that being said, I finished this with a pretty bad headache, and I’m going to not worry about errors and the like at this current time, but it there’s something obvious please tell me and I’ll change it. For right now this is only posted on Tumblr. I’ll change that when I feel better, and since this is getting so long I’ll stop.


Ace had taken to staying at Marco’s at least once a week, that way he didn’t have to listen to Sabo complaining that he was never around; because apparently as the two oldest on their dorm floor it made them responsible for everyone else. But he knew that it was better than he and Marco slowly got used to being in each other’s life again, the separation had been bad for Marco and his instincts(which for some reason still lingered) and the older had suggested that they stay apart until he got the hang of them again.

Most of the time he slept easily when he was with Marco, easier than when he was back at his dorm room. Though he should’ve guessed there would be a drawback, there always was, and Ace was waiting for it to show up.

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