9 albums I love

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To help me focus (not an easy thing with my scrambled brain) I’m gonna offer up a genre-specific list. (Such a cheater, that KH…)


9 (power pop!) albums I love

  1. Cheap Trick, In Color. One song: “So Good to See You
  2. Jim Boggia, Safe in Sound. One song: “Shine
  3. Splitsville, Repeater. One song: “I Concentrate on You
  4. Candy Butchers, Candy Butchers. I’m not sure if this was ever officially released, actually, since the band’s label went under and it was in legal limbo for years. I have a promo copy that you can pry from my cold dead hands. One song: “Bells on a Leper
  5. Matthew Sweet, Girlfriend/Altered Beast/100% Fun. (There’s no way I could pick one of the three over the other two. Sorry. I’m a cheater.) One song: “I’ve Been Waiting
  6. Shoes, Present Tense. One song: “In My Arms Again
  7. Nick Lowe, Jesus of Cool/Pure Pop for Now People. One song: “So It Goes” (Hon. mention because US alt version reasons, “Rollers Show”)
  8. Gin Blossoms, New Miserable Experience. One song: “Until I Fall Away
  9. The Posies, Frosting on the Beater. One song One of the most perfect songs ever in the history of the world: “Dream All Day

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