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I know you may not know but do you know why people call Pete panda and Joe duck hunt and Patrick lunch box and does Andy have one of those names?

pete is called panda bc of his former abundant use of eyeliner id assume, joe is called duck hunt bc like back in tttyg era idk why but they all assigned each other nicknames based off of video games? joe was duck hunt, and im not 100% sure on the other ones but i think patrick was kid icarus, and andy was altered beast. idk what the fourth game/what pete was. patrick is called lunchbox bc on some fob trading card or something there was like a category for nicknames and pete just made up a bunch of nicknames for patrick, lunchbox being one of them. he said that noone actually calls him that tho. and iunno andy doesnt really have a nickname like that as his name is already a nickname? since his full name is andrew n stuff. i guess the closest thing is that the fob guys/crew/andys friends call him hurley a lot but thats it


The Sega Genesis turns 25 years old this week.  25!

Still probably my all time favorite console, and the first video game system I paid for with my own money.  I’ll never forget the day I brought this system home from Toys R Us, hooked it up to my TV, and saw Altered Beast in all its 16 bit glory for the first time.

Genesis does what Nintendon’t.

Long live SEGA!