Large and Finely Modeled Roman Bronze Stag, 1st Century AD

A large bronze walking stag with head held up and antlers curving up; cast mark to the top of the tail with hole in center; head detaches and with crenelated edges for securing. 22.2 kg, 85cm (33 ½").

The piece could have been a decorative piece for a villa garden, as seen in examples from Pompeii, Herculaneum and the area surrounding Vesuvius. The stag, along with the doe, was also sacred to the goddess Diana, and is seen in statues of her, most notably the cult image of the goddess at Ephesus. The stag was also sacred to the Gaulish deity Cernunos who was shown as a human/stag hybrid and was adopted by the Romans who set up a number of altars to the god in the province, most notably that found beneath Notre Dame cathedral in Paris that was set up by a guild of boat men, and now in the Musée National du Moyen Age, and which provides the only epigraphic evidence for the god’s name, which means ‘the horned one.’

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I made an offering to Aker this morning! Lately I’ve been scrounging up every book/website I could get my hands on in search of information on Aker, so I thought it was only appropriate to set something up for him 😊. There’s not a lot of information about him, but I’ve pieced together a few pages of notes.

I’m also currently making a list of epithets (all UPG because I couldn’t find any) for Aker. I might post a list of some of them, if anyone’s interested.

The entirety of New York City’s downworlder population know or know of Magnus Bane. The High Warlock of Brooklyn is not a title left behind some trash can in an alley of Queens, it is flaunted at the fanciest parties in Brooklyn and Upper East Side.

And so it really comes as no surprise that when he starts dating a shadowhunter, Alec Lightwood’s name is spread about the same way. It is whispered in vampire dens, gossiped about in the Hunter’s Moon and Pandemonium is always on alert for any shadowhunters in its midst.

He’s the Lightwood’s son… He left his bride-to-be at the altar… He defied the Clave for a warlock… The Wolves almost killed his parabatai…

Seelies listen to the trees, wolves listen to the scattered word on the street, vampires all hear the new fledgling’s complaints (“he’s such an ass” or “sometimes I don’t get what Magnus sees in him” and “he does seem like a knight in shining armour, though”) and warlocks only have to look at Magnus’ affectionate expression whenever Alec’s name pops up in conversation to know he is something special.

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“O you deluded people, what are you doing? Why do you not hasten to the churches to hear as many Masses as you can? Why do you not imitate the angels, who, when a Holy Mass is celebrated, come down in myriads from Paradise and take their stations about our altars in adoration to intercede for us?” – St. Leonard of Port Maurice

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Thomas and Alex as altar boys and they always have sex during the weddings that they have to work.

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I'm also a bi flower! My whole family is very lgbt+phobic, but I came out to my sister, which feels so good! All of my friends, including one whom I have known since 1st grade accepted me the way I am. My altar is full of pink and purple colours! 💖

Wow! That is so wonderful!!! 💗💜💙

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Hi! My parents don't know I'm a witch so I can't do much besides grow my plants. Do you have any advice on what I could do?

Hey! So I’ve seen alot of good ideas and suggestions and I know I’ve reblogged a few, but they’re probably way down there lol.

So here’s a few i can remember:
Candle apps
Wind chime and bell apps
Set up an altar when you can and take a picture of it to save on your phone
Collecting crystals can seem pretty harmless, you can claim “they’re just pretty”
Studying about plants in general can seem ‘normal’, you can just say it’s a new interest.
You can claim the same about reading folklore and mythologies- I found mythology long before I found witchcraft

Hopefully those suggestions help, or inspire others ideas in you :)

If any of my followers have more ideas please feel free to comment or reblog ❤