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heya!! im a secular witch and i dont worship any gods but!! i want to have an altar for preforming my spells and charging my powders sigils ect. Any suggestions?

Hey there! You can pretty much but anything on your altar that you feel like belongs there! Candles, your grimoire, herbs, crystals, shells, sand, plants, offerings, a wand, various other tools… etc! My altar area has currently been taken over by plants because its one of the few places in my house that gets natural light, and I have a bunch of plant babies that are propagating right now. :) 

Adolf Friedrich Erdmann von Menzel (1815-1905), Kircheninneres (Barocker Altar) - Church Interior (Baroque Altar), c. 1852–1855

Crystal Shop Update~!

We added several crystals to the shop, starting at just $2! 

We also added some new crochet items that are perfect for altars. And we still have plenty of jewelry and a few mystery boxes, too! I made some minor tweaks to the site, so it should also be easier to navigate. Please keep in mind my metaphysical page is still under construction, and I will be adding many more crystal descriptions soon :)

   he’s     alone,   thank   god.     feeling   the  weight   of   half   a  year   gone   without   a   single   sacrifice.     he’s   ill,   his  body  weak,   flesh  translucent,   eyes   &    cheeks   hollowed,    head   a   mess   of   whispers   &   SCREAMS.     he’s    standing,   looking   at   his  book   case   on   unsteady   legs.   

a   flick  of  his  tongue  against   his   upper   lip,   &   rhiannon  catches   the   taste   of   acrid   blood.    it   flows,   steadily   from  his  nose,   d r i p  p  i  n g   on   the   persian   carpet   below.    he   teeters.     //   open   to    verse   members   only.

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I was wondering how one uses a planetary symbol in a spell? Thanks!

  1. Carve it into a candle and let it burn down past the symbol 
  2. Make a crystal grid in the shape of the symbol
  3. Arrange herbs or flowers in the shape of the symbol 
  4. Draw the symbol on paper or a bay leaf and burn it
  5. Make an oil out of planetary herbs or oils and anoint yourself with it - I like to use my success oil and draw the Saturn symbol on myself with it
  6. Draw it on paper and use it as a backdrop for your altar or the area you’re performing the spell
  7. Simply use it as a sigil by drawing it somewhere, charging it, and carrying it with you
  8. Use those bath crayons and draw the symbol in the bathtub or shower

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Hello! I just wanted to ask how to set up a small alter? Is there any process beforehand? Any purifying in the area or something?

Personally, I don’t really have a process, in a sense, but I do a general cleansing of the area when i am setting up an altar, or taking one down. Its nice to have a good clean energy of the area when setting it up, because altars do have an energy of their own. People might have different practices with this though, and if you aren’t secular (include a religion into your practice like Wicca) then there might be more of an official process, but there may not. :) 

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Fairies took my car keys today. Any advice on how to get them to take small things like change instead???

Offer it to them. Make an altar or designated spot dedicated to them and set out change/shiny things/flowers as an offering.

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Lucky Jar Spell

This is a simple spell designed to give you more luck. It takes the form of a common jar spell. Keep it in a special place on your altar and tend to it regularly by powering it with candles or energy.

Ingredients: Allspice, basil, bergamot, or dried orange peel. Preferably all four.

A jar or container large enough to fit in a layer of dried herbs as well as other lucky items.

A variety of lucky objects, such as special year coins, green thread, images of your lucky numbers, quantities of things in your lucky numbers, images of lucky creatures such as Leprechauns, scratcher tickets you have already won, or images drawn of winning lottery tickets. If you want your luck to be focused more on prosperity, include more images and icons of money. Real gold and silver as well as real precious stones are always a great thing to have.

Method: Take your plant ally and call to it’s spirit. “Spirit of basil, I pray you bring me great fortune and wealth, so I am the luckiest person alive.” Either put your herb in a small container to fit within the larger container or dust a generous amount along the bottom of your container.

Take your variety of items and place each one in the container. Express how this is going to help your luck improve. “This image of a winning lottery ticket expresses how much luck I am going to have. This green thread calls and weaves luck in to my life.” Etc.

When you feel your container is complete, seal it and light a candle on top. Intensely visualize how this container is now a beacon that draws and anchors luck in to your life. Imagine every wonderful sort of thing happening to you.

Meditate with your new talisman once a day until you begin seeing results. If you want to add more of a “kick”, store your container with a handful of dried chili peppers.

Shrine is unpacked. Altar and magical components are mostly unpacked. 

I think it’s finally time to start getting to work on a house doll for this place. The house will take some getting used to, but I’m so excited to finally have enough room to practice in the open.

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So my partner is sleeping up front right now (he can fall asleep in front of the tv and I’m sick), so I moved my Shabbat/Havdalah set up in front of my secular positivity altar/display (full of crystals and rose petals and scented candles that haven’t been lit in ages) and this is the result. I hope it pleases Hashem.

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Hello Father, I heard a question in a movie about the Seal of the Confessional that I wanted to ask you. If someone confesses to you that they poisoned the chalice, would you still drink from it?

This is a silly question.

No, not saying you are silly. But the question is.

First, in Confession, I’m not at the altar. I’m not saying Mass. I’m in the confessional box. I’m going to hear confessions and head off for errands. 

Why would I care what is in the chalice? And the sacristy and altar wines are all locked up. How did this woman get in there, get the chalice, put wine in it, and poison it? And where did she leave the chalice after she poisoned it? Did she just stick it up on the altar, all by itself? Did she also set up for Mass and light the candles? LOLOL. Do you see how funny this appears, and how awkward or silly?

I mean, if I leave the confessional, and I see that someone stuck the chalice up on the altar, with wine in it, I’m going to say, “WTH? Who did that?” Or if I see the altar and credence set up for Mass, I’m gong to get suspicious and ask, “Who thought I was going to say Mass right now?”

Okay, so that is just bizarre or weird. But JUST for the sake of discussion, let’s pretend that I am going to say Mass, right after confessions, which I never do. But let’s just say.

If I think there is mischief going on, I will just throw out the wine, and get a brand new bottle, which is hermetically sealed. Then I will put that bottle on the credence table, where it will be unopened until the offertory, so that chalice is properly prepared with no mischief going on.

Furthermore, if I see that something is amiss on the altar or in the sacristy, I have a right to call the police and have them review the security camera of the sacristy. So, a priest cannot reveal the identity of a sinner to the police. However, if the sinner leaves behind physically observable evidence of breaking in or mischief, evidence which anyone can notice publicly, there is nothing wrong with calling the police in order to have them begin an investigation.

That’s not the most thorough answer, but that’s my take, for right now. God bless and take care, Fr. Angel

i use my altar cat totem for both bast and freyja and idk whos listening more but Boy does my life hav a lot of cats in it so thankz 2 either 

Fun and Fancy Friday / 26 August 2016

Welcome, Devotees!

Going crazy every once in a while is good for you. Try one of these:

  1. Deity Devotion: What is a fun activity associated with one of your beloved Deities? Give it a try today! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box–does playing Call of Duty count as a devotional act for Mars? What about crossword puzzles in honor of Djehuty? Or researching riddles in honor of Odin?
  2. Ancestor Work: Research a game some of your ancestors played. What would you need in order to play the game yourself? Is it a game you’re interested in learning? What sort of skills could that game have taught your ancestors? If you’re able, try playing that game today.
  3. Shrine Improvement: If you have images of Deities on your shrine or altar, give Them funny decorations today. Obviously, if you have actual clothes, hats, etc. that are the right size, try them on! Otherwise, you can make decorations out of paper–tape them to two-dimensional images, or make origami ones for three-dimensional images. (We’d love to see pictures of the results if you’re comfortable sending them in.)

Today in the Hellenic Calendar:

  • Today is the 23rd of the lunar month.
  • If you like incorporating daily hymns into your prayers, Drew Campbell recommends the following prayers for today: To Athene; and To Nike (Victory).

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