Treehouse, Atlanta, USA by Peter Bahouth | via

Architect Peter Bahouth built a series of houses in the trees connected by wooden bridges in Atlanta. Inspired by his love for nature and his childhood memories of boyhood treehouses, environmentalist Peter Bahouth created this grown-up fort in his Atlanta backyard. The three rooms of this treehouse have been named ‘Mind,’ ‘Body’ and ‘Spirit’ by its owner. A suspension bridge connects the living room to the bedroom that includes a platform bed which slides out for a better view of the tree canopy.

Photography: Lindsay Appel

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Amazing (yes really!) to watch what happens when thunderstorms strike the world’s busiest airport, Atlanta-Hartsfield. The planes fly around the storm clouds to land safely. Must see.

To the people who are criticizing the people of Atlanta

So it seems to be apparent to me that most of you are forgetting that not everyone is from where you’re from.

Some of you guys live where it snows all the time, got your license during a blizzard or just in general live up north.

Please stop acting all high and mighty talking about its only 2-5 inches of snow and how these people are over reacting. YOU ARE USED TO THE COLD TEMPERATURES!!!!!

These people do not see snow all the time they are down south. What is the south known for? THEIR WARM TEMPERATURE!

You people need to have more compassion toward these folks and stop making fun of them. They are used to hurricanes we are used to snow. Remember that.

Because I remember when Toronto had THE smallest hurricane and people were freaking out. And let us not forget how New York reacted to the flood. Just keep that in mind when everyone has their damn negative opinion