“I’m not racist but….” SHUT THEM UP!
“But All Lives…” SHUT THEM UP!
“Trump never said…” SHUT THEM UP!
“This is America, speak…” SHUT THEM UP!
“There were white sla….” SHUT THEM UP!
“The Confederate flag isn’t…” SHUT THEM THE FUCK UP!


ID symbolism: Even did reveal parts of his identity, his true self, in that bedroom and Isak fell for each one of them….  ❤

(very much inspired by the lovely @sanasevaks)

alt ending for return of the jedi

luke: *gazes happily as force ghosts of obi-wan, yoda, and anakin appear* *gasps as another ghost comes into view, wearing a beautiful ornate designer gown*

luke: who… are you?

padme: i am your mother, luke… my spirit lives on in you, and in your fashion sense.

luke: *overcome with emotion, crying* m-mother?

padme: are you wearing…

luke: the chanel boots? *sniffs* yeah. i am.

padme: *softly* my child…

Remember when our bodies
twirled in space?
I thought I found someone
who understands,
that I would
never be alone again,
that we’d never go our
separate ways;
I never figured
I would cry for days,
never figured
I’d rue taking this chance;
such a shame
that our friendship had to end.
All I am now is conflicted
and dazed,
face hidden in the palms of my hands.
—  Alone again, by M.A. Tempels © 2017

he got pointy vamp ears

listen i know ive got so many requests in my inbox but…..i had to draw mika again im sorry

also i dont think ive said this before but it’s 1000% ok to tag my art as kin/me/id/etc!! i know some artists dont like it but i dont mind so feel free!

LucasFilm is so evil. They are going to try and force me to buy <I>Rogue One</I> three times.

1. When it comes out on HD digital because I cannot wait for it to come out on
2. DVD/Blue-Ray a week later (because what if my Internet is down?!) and
3. When they finally release a special edition with the deleted scenes and commentary track I need like burning.

And I am probably gonna do it.

Fic Recommendation List pt.2

So here is the 2nd part of the list since the it’s too long that the links aren’t appearing or working (however you say it). Hopefully this works on mobiles as well. I checked the entire list and it’s not working on mobile and on the actually blog site too. 

Tell me if it works this time. :) ➡pt.1 of the list

Symbol:  ❗ - Favorite

Written by @hobibliophile :

Stormy Weather [Jungkook|M]

Blue Blooded [Seokjin/Jin|Angst, smut, fluff] (Royalty AU) ❗

In An Instant [Suga/Yoongi|M]

Laundry Mishaps [Jimin|M] (RA!Jimin)


Written by @seokvie :

Pamper [Suga/Yoongi|M]

Roommates [V/Taehyung|M]


Written by @hallyuwriters :

Guardian Demon [Jimin|M] (Demon AU)  ❗

Suit & Tie [Jimin|M]

Heat [V/Taehyung|M] (Dogboy Hybrid AU)  ❗

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how to draw | jungkook undo (alt. ending)

Originally posted by jeonbase

pairing: jungkook x reader (ft. jimin & yoongi)

genre: angst

word count: 2.7k

warning: contains mentions of cheating + swearing

description: you weren’t supposed to feel anything for him, especially since he already had a girlfriend.

a/n: this is the alternate ending of UNDO, SETTLE DOWN, FALLINGFORYOU and IF I BELIEVE YOU. hopefully you enjoy this ending a little more.


You sat in the chair as she stood up and gathered her stuff.

“Do your part of the presentation,” Jasmine says before looking you up and down and shaking her head, “You shouldn’t be the broken one here.”

“I’m sorry,” you whisper as the tears fell from your eyes. A loud crack was heard before the heavens opened and the rain fell from the sky so fast you saw people running for cover and screaming. The weather looked how you felt, the rain hitting the floor mimicked the tears that ran down your face.

Everything was a lie.

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