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young volcanoes (fall out boy) | summer skin (death cab for cutie) | the mother we share (chvrches) | the city (the 1975) | beta love (ra ra riot) | house of gold (twenty one pilots) | in and out of sight extended (the horrors) | step (vampire weekend) | let’s go surfing (the drums) | kids alt. version (mgmt) | the end of all things instrumental (panic! at the disco)

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Deep Space Nine - Season 3, Episode 5: Second Skin

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Vore Twist

So I’ve noticed so many posts about the differentiation of power between macro predator and micro prey. Well, I think personally, I like it the other way around from many. I’ve noticed that there’s often a debate over the predator’s typical nonchalant attitude towards the prey freaking out and slowly dissolving… Personally, that’s pretty creepy. But it did give me an idea:

What about putting this into safe vore scenarios? Except it’s the exactly opposite- a lot of safe vore is circumstantial vore, or characters swallowing others to keep them away from some shit that would go down if they were kept in an… Er… External location. Due to this, it can be justified with even the most voriphobic preds and prey, and it’s frankly just downright fun to write. But what I mean about using this whole “the prey is in a living hell” is…

Reverse it. The little prey’s got this nice, squishy belly to curl up with, with inactive acid, a person they typically trust watching over them. Besides, they’ve also got a sense of what their pred buddies are experiencing outside by their breathing and massive heartbeat somewhere just a little above them. I’ve said this in another post, but I personally find this seriously freaking cool.

As for the predator, <I>they’re</I> the ones who are in living hell at the moment. While they fret over the safety of little prey buddies, they’ve also got to deal with whatever was making it hard to protect little micro buddies. Often times, this can carry over into seeing a bit of violence, and generally pretty significant violence, just letting the predator get a sense of what would’ve awaited their friend(s) if they hadn’t committed to the act (and if it’s bad enough and lethal to their height along with their little micros, possibly themselves as well…).

Anyways, I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I just wanted to share it!

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 | JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken | JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Characters: Kujo Jotaro, Joseph Joestar, Kakyoin Noriaki, Jean Pierre Polnareff, Mohammed Abdul, Iggy (Jojo), Kujo Holly, Suzie Quatro, Kujo Sadao
Additional Tags: JJBA AU, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alternate Ending, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure part 3: Stardust Crusaders, JJBA spoilers, SDC Spoilers
Summary: A Stardust Crusaders AU where there was only one death at the end: that of Jotaro Kujo.

So I cleaned up both posts of this AU and stitched them together into one fic please feel free to pass along to cause pain and trauma to your friends and family B)))


Green (or mint) Rooftop dresses.

There are a lot of dresses that have a greenish hue on both the West End and Broadway but I snagged the ones in my opinion that were blatantly green or mint rather.

  1. Emmi Christensson (Alt. West End)
  2. Anna O’Byrne (Alt. West End)
  3. Kristi Holden (Alt. World Tour)
  4. Robyn North (West End)
  5. Rachel Barrell (West End)
  6. Sofia Escobar (u/s West End)
  7. Claire Doyle (u/s West End)
  8. Sierra Boggess (RAH)
  9. Valerie Link (Germany)
Fine Without Me (Bobby: Alt. Ending 1)

Sorry if I didn’t end it the way you exactly wanted anon, hope you enjoy!


Your vision was blinded with tears, making it hard to see where you were going. More than once you had accidentally bumped into someone.

When the crosswalk turned to a hand you stopped along with a group of people. Some of them gave you weird looks when they noticed the tears running down your face. In the corner of your eye you faintly seen a man glance at you then full on stare.

Already emotional, you were about to take your frustration out on him until he called your name. You stared at him in confusion. He was covered in a black hoodie and a face mask so you had no chance of trying to recognize him.

“It’s me,” He came too close to you and whispered, “Bobby.” You almost groaned when you heard him. Bobby and anything associated with Hanbin was the last thing you wanted to see right now.

A white figure flashed on the crosswalk sign and all you wanted to do was run across it and never stop until you reached your home. But Bobby had other intentions.

“Why are you crying?” The concern in his voice made you release a sob. It reminded you of how uncaring Hanbin was to you. He was your boyfriend, Bobby was a friend, yet you got more concern from him than Hanbin.

“Woah, are you okay?” His only response from you was a slight shake of your head. Bobby looked around and noticed the stares the two of you were receiving. “C’mon, I’ll pay for a taxi.”

He got the attention of a taxi and gently helped you in. By now your tears had stopped but you made quiet hiccups now and then.

He told the taxi driver your address then settled in next to you. Throughout the ride Bobby stole glances at you. He had an angry look, and every time he seen you his hands tightened into a fist. 

When you guys arrived at your house he quickly paid the driver and grabbed your hand to help you out. You didn’t question him when he never let it go, even after you were already out of the car and making your way to the building.

“You want to talk about it?” Bobby asked in a soft voice. There was an awkward silence when you first entered your apartment. You both sat on your couch for 5 minutes before Bobby finally spoke.

How could you exactly tell him? You didn’t want him to react in a bad way since Hanbin is his best friend. Noticing your hesitation Bobby began to guess what it was. It took three tries, them mostly being typical “girl problems,” until he finally got the right one.

He sighed, “Hanbin..?” His tone was unsure but the look in his eyes made you realize he knew all along. “It’s about his friend isn’t it?” You mumbled ‘yes’ and looked everywhere but him.

He ran his hands through his hair and let out a groan. His frustration was nothing but confusing. “I knew it.. I told him he shouldn’t be doing this, that it was wrong, how could he-” He stopped once he noticed you crying.

He moved next to you and wrapped his arms around you. “I’m sorry, sorry that he did this to you. You should never be treated like this. You should receive every kind of attention possible. You should be worshiped like a goddess!”  

Though you weren’t in the best mood, being with him and hearing his words made you gradually feel better. You even let out a small laugh because of the goddess part.

“But I don’t need all that, I don’t want all that, all I want is for someone to love me.” You whispered into Bobby’s neck. Small goosebumps began to rise on his skin. His arms tightened around your body and you felt no guilt for liking the way it felt.

“And you can have that.”

                                           I AM (NOT) SORRY

A cold day during an endless winter

A cup of coffee that once warmed my chest

Spring days that mock warmth when
the temperature peaks barely comfortable

Springs days fight on but winter still lingers

The daisies can’t defrost when all their glow is lost

—  ib

anonymous asked:

So if Jotaro's dead, what would you do with Stone Ocean? Or rather deal with Pucci, since there would be no Jolyne ;__;


so hilariously this might be the only good thing about this AU - Stone Ocean might never happen because of how things play out

and while that sucks b/c no Jolyne honestly in some ways it’s a happyish thing depending on ur outlook

like the only reason Stone Ocean happens the way it does -in its entirety- is because of Jotaro surviving SDC

  • He reads the journal and learns of Dio’s plans, and by killing Dio he makes a lot of enemies but most importantly he makes an enemy of Pucci.
  • But because he burns the journal he’s the only one with the knowledge contained therein.
  • He isolates himself and tries to do everything he can to make sure the people close to him don’t get involved or don’t get hurt
  • Pucci eventually figures this out and that’s how Jolyne gets dragged into the Joestar legacy: she’s the only way Pucci could ever get at Jotaro and get a chance to steal his memories and thus the knowledge he needs to make “Heaven” happen. She’s the only person Jotaro will do absolutely anything for that Pucci can get at. 

With Jotaro dead that entire saga does not come to pass.

Now if you want the happy route (which I imagine you would haven’t you people gotten enough hell from me this week)

  • If the Crusaders burn down Dio’s mansion we can say the journal probably perished and nothing more comes of it.
  • there is no longer any way for “Heaven” to happen because the knowledge is lost
  • the only thing left to be dealt with is the shenanigans with the arrow
  • this means we still get DiU and VA just not SO
  • even if Pucci somehow still comes up as an issue he’s not a huge threat because he never gets the knowledge that’s in the journal and therefore is not going to be much of a problem, especially when you’ve got the other Crusaders teaming up against him
  • you can make up an entirely new happy part to replace Stone Ocean! Yay!

If you want the less happy route (love yourself and ignore this i’m just putting it here b/c i’m pedantic lmao)

  • one of the Crusaders still finds the journal and reads it and therefore has the knowledge contained in their memories even if the mansion and journal get burnt to a crisp
  • Pucci is now a threat again
  • there is now an entire huge sandbox for you to play with because depending on which Crusader or how many of them read the journal you have a plethora of opportunities to create alternate storylines w/ varying levels of angst
  • i ain’t getting into that in detail u should all have learnt ur lesson by now that I am dangerous in angst territory so i’m letting ur own imaginations form ur own hell

So there you go Nonny!! Hope that helped clarify some things, I’ll admit I hadn’t actually thought about this AU beyond what I wrote, so I’m kind of relying on other people to flesh out later parts.

But that’s my take on the Stone Ocean issue u can love it or leave it I dont mind uvu/ thanks for taking the time to ask! I’m flattered that people are interested in expanding this AU beyond its original borders ////

anonymous asked:

13 or 9? It's so cute and most of them are a little heart breaking ; w ; your writing is really good!

13. things you said at the kitchen table

alt: season 2 ends, the shooting’s finished, and all the actors went back home.
p.s: good feels

“Black. I think black sounds good.”

Kaneki hesitates, hands still, the spoonful of sugar stopped at the rim of the cup. Black?

“It’s okay. I just wanna see what all the fuss’s about; how you ‘ghouls’ can drink that bitter thing, and stuff like that.”

“Just don’t throw it up like you did last time, Hide,” he says, pouring the sugar back into the container, laughing quietly when he hears the indignant splutter from behind.

“I didn’t.”

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Fine Without Me (Hanbin- Alt. Ending 2)

…I didn’t know how to end it so… it sucks..

Admin A

It’s already been a day since that date-gone-wrong with Hanbin. It took him an hour to finally text you and ask you where you went. Since you didn’t really have a strong enough personality to say anything, you came up with a lie. You told him you had received a call from your Mom and she needed you, as soon as possible. 

Like you expected, Hanbin didn’t ask too much about it, instead going on to tell you what had happened with his friend that day and how he also had a surprise day off today. 

Yesterday night you had come up with a plan. After thinking about it a lot you decided you weren’t going to let the relationship just end. So you were going to pay Hanbin a visit and get straight to the point. It wasn’t an exciting plan but it surely would result in an honest answer from him. 

You began to get ready, unconsciously trying to look your best in hopes we pick you. After you were done you got in your car and drove to his house. 

All throughout the ride there you were having doubts. If he had spent so much time with her, was picking her over you, wouldn’t he do the same now? 

Your confidence lessened with each step towards his dorm. Your knock was quiet and you had to wipe your hands on your jeans to get rid of the sweat. 

Jinhwan answered the door, giving you a surprised look. Usually they were told if you were coming, then they could clean up the dorm to make it look somewhat decent for a guest. “Please come in,” He held the door open, giving you a nervous look. 

He could tell something was wrong, you could tell. 

“Where’s Hanbin?” You didn’t have time to be social and greet all the boys. The suspense was killing you every second. All you got as a response was his finger pointing to Hanbin’s shared room. 

You gave him a quick ‘thank you’ and headed for the room. As you passed the living room the boys looked up, their faces filled with shock like Jinhwan. 

Before you got too far you heard one whisper, “Something’s wrong.” Soon your thoughts were filled to the brim with everything from the past to the present. Finally, you broke down completely. 

“Hanbin?” You called through the door with a shaky voice. There was shuffling before it opened. Hanbin seen your tears and quickly brought you into a hug. “What’s wrong? What happened?” 

You pulled back but his arms still stayed on your waist, “You.” His eyes widened with curiosity and mild shock. Taking a breath you let everything you’ve been feeling out, “I’m tired of being second. Letting you walk all over me. I… I love you Hanbin, but I won’t stay in a relationship where I’m not loved back. You’re always picking her over me. I’m not just being jealous, you’ll leave me for her. And… I want you to chose. Her or me. Who would you rather be with?” 

His arms fell from your waist as you finished. This wasn’t what he expected. He never knew it was affecting you so much, that you felt this way. 

Hanbin’s eyes grew cloudy, this was something you hadn’t seen in a while. His mouth opened and closed as he tried to find the right words. Finally, “Have you felt this way the whole time?” When he seen you nod he mumbled some words, the tears finally falling. “I’m so sorry. I-I didn’t know. I thought it wouldn’t bother you. I… I’ve been missing home and she was the closest thing since my family was unable to visit. She was always available and when I was with her it reminded me of my family, and times before being an idol. I’m so sorry.”

He stood looking down while repeatedly saying “I choose you.” All you did was stay frozen to the floor. Then, you laughed. This caused Hanbin to look even more scared and lost. 

You stepped towards him and wrapped your arms tightly around him. “You’re so inexperienced, Hanbin.” He laughed slightly and hugged you even tighter then you did to him. 

“If I ever do this again just take a picture of me in that beret and upload it to social media, I’ll deserve the hate.” 

When it’s time, the morning light will dawn on me
As softly as daybreak’s brisk breezes
Waft over blanketed children
To kiss uncovered feet.
The apples will be ripe for the taking,
Outside where the garden will be much greener,
Vividly alive.
A cheer of unspoken thanks
Will emanate from all direction,
From the dew of rose petals,
From the very Sun who bathes me in light.
All of the ordinary will boast of purpose;
Their existence an extravagant feature to this life.
An exquisite affinity for unity binds them altogether,
That effortless desire I will share with them.
For on this day, 
Like will see like;
I will become one 
With that which has always been,
And so the Sun for this earth will later set,
But in me its light will remain and never die
For darkness will never conquer the Sun and I.