alt ending for return of the jedi

luke: *gazes happily as force ghosts of obi-wan, yoda, and anakin appear* *gasps as another ghost comes into view, wearing a beautiful ornate designer gown*

luke: who… are you?

padme: i am your mother, luke… my spirit lives on in you, and in your fashion sense.

luke: *overcome with emotion, crying* m-mother?

padme: are you wearing…

luke: the chanel boots? *sniffs* yeah. i am.

padme: *softly* my child…

Actually though I made that D. Va post before I learned that one of her in-game quotes was “I’m going to own all these n00bs!” and now I’m more convinced she’s still upset about Ctrl+Alt+Del ending

Never Be The Same: Alt Ending

Part 1

(( OOC: I had planned out an entirely different ending for Never Be The Same, but when I got close to finishing the thread I went… Naaahhh, I like THIS one way better. 

The original ending was going to be a lot more shippy, this was just going to be an AU thread, but then I decided to try and make it more canon. 

So, for kicks and giggles, here’s how it was originally going to end (for those of you that asked for “deleted scenes”). ;) )) 

Sirius: I can’t… breathe.

Remus: *softly* We can’t go outside Sirius.

Sirius: *chokes* I can’t be here anymore… *tries to pull his arm out of Remus’s grip* 

Sirius: *Dangerously* Let go of me.

Remus: *tightens his grip* You’re out Sirius. You’re free. You’re never going back. Please, let me help you.

Sirius: ……. Help me?

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“Hey, baby, where’s Charlie?” you yawned, stumbling into the library and rubbing your eyes. 

After a night of restlessly getting up to feed the newest Winchester and bring her back to sleep, you couldn’t have thanked Dean more for suggesting to take care of her while you took a nap. 

“With good, ol’ Uncle Sam,” Dean snickered quietly from the other end of the room, motioning to his brother. A bundle of white blankets with blue spots was held carefully by Sam, one of his hands easily cupping what you hoped to be Charlie’s head. “Honestly, he’ll be recruiting her to go to college or something.”

“Better than the U.S. army, but that’s ‘cause she will go to college,” you smiled, noting the small glare Sam threw to his brother. Your smile widened, however, when Dean turned around to kiss your cheek, missing how a small grin started to pull at Sam’s lips. 

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