hey guys, i haven’t done SHIT for so long. so for the next 100 days im gonna make a book every 10 days/week so if i keep up with doing this i probably gonna post a lot of questions cos i hate making books that just has research from ewbsite and book bnecause .. i hate reading. i only like making books that has stories from people cos im ugly and i only like reading thigns in a non formal format. =) so my question today is. 

what is your earliest memory? U can reply here or if you want u can send me message. if you want i can put your name if you aren’t shy :) it is jjust for fun

also. i was supposed to start this yesterday so today i got two questions! what is the first movie u can remember crying in?/ what part / why etc. any detail or no detail is fine ^_^ 

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Ugh mom, can you get back to actual, important questions please? why should one person get replies instantly when other people have been waiting ages it's so annoying

Hey there, bby, I get you, but please also understand that sometimes I simply don’t have the mental energy to answer loads of serious questions all at once. And when I do try to answer a bunch at once it takes a toll on me and is a huge disservice to you, since you aren’t getting my best answer. And I only want you to get my best answer! 

I’m putting answers in my queue tonight, too, which is what I’ve been doing with more serious asks lately, so hopefully your asks will get answered over the next few days, since my goal is to have all current ones answered before I start school again (on Monday). 

And I’ve been trying to write lil fics and my larger one ahead of time, so you guys won’t be left with nothing if school gets overwhelming. So it might seem like I’m not doing a lot, but I am.

Please be patient with me, kiddo. I promise I’m doing my best, but I’m one person at the end of the day. <333

“Seriously? You’re hungry again?” Isabella deadpanned to her little sister, who was crying in the pram in front of her. She sighed and put aside her book, and pulled her ten-month-old sister out of her pram, gently bouncing her on her knees. “Well, I’m not gonna whip out my boob and breastfeed you,” she joked, chuckling to herself. “Luckily, Mummy put two bottles of milk in my bag today,” she told Lucy, before placing her back into the pram and reaching into her bag for the little lunch box with the bottles of milk in it. “C’mere, munchkin,” she said, reaching for her again and giving her the bottle, which she enthusiastically grabbed herself and began to drink from. “Let’s hope you only ever show that much enthusiasm for bottles, eh? Wouldn’t wanna end up like mum, with a baby at eighteen and all,” she teased her sister - who clearly didn’t understand a word she had said, and had also never done the maths that Isabella had done to find out her time of conception.

Okay, so I didn’t really question why Lapis and Peridot decided to stay at the barn instead of going to the moon with everyone else too much.

But whoops, now Steven’s been thrown into space and I’m nodding along because why yes, it would have been too convenient to have the gem around who can, you know, fly into space and get the small crystal son in about ten seconds.

Change something around in the Zexal universe!  Be creative with your contributions. 

If you would like us to see them, please tag them with #ZexalMonth, #Zexal Month, #wendymoto or #yaminoamber. Or @ us directly. I also have a twitter so if you would like to post there as well my twitter is wendymoto and I also search the tags on there as well.

6 0 0 + F O L L O W E R S ! !

Woah hey!

Just realized that we reached 600+ biscuits!

I think you guys are probably tired of me thanking you everytime we reach a new follower milestone.

But I think you guys deserve all the recognition, because if I didn’t have the fecking awesome biscuits that I do. I probably would have stopped writing these fanfictions.

So thank you all for enjoying this mess.

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Also my mum brought me this pics! They are so old now! It was six years ago but it feels like centuries has passed…

My mum is also so cool. On one hand she can be this nice diva and on the other hand she can be the black hood queen together with her sis 👸🏾👸🏾

*imagines Tenebrous and Plagueis getting into a silly argument because SOMEBODY wants to hole up and read biology journals all day before preparing for the banking gala while someone else wants to go to a 8:30am math(!) convention

and at first smol Sidious being kinda…upset by it because of the Palpatine household before realizing that probably they aren’t going to be mad at the young member of their ridiculous Sith ~family*

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have u ever. ..want to put wonu in a pokeball bc yoU GOTTA CATCH EM ALL CATCH ALL THE WONS!!CATCH ALL THE WONS CATHC AL

tbh,,idK?????? SURE??????????