My Mum and I get invited to lunch or dinner once a week by a good friend of ours. Mostly on weekend, he lets me decide if I want to eat Italian, Asian or something else, and then we go there.

My absolute favorite is a little Italian restaurant in our town. Not only because the food there is so tasty it should be illegal, but also because there is that one elderly waiter – Italian himself- who always makes my day.

The first time we went to that restaurant, we were not served by that guy, though, but by a younger, unlikeable young waiter. He didn’t greet us, brought the wrong drinks and didn’t once smile or anything.

The whole time, I felt quite uncomfortable around him, but I got a glimpse of that elderly waiter in the background, watching with a frown. He caught my interest because he looked just as uncomfortable by the younger’s display as I did.

And then, the young one made one last misstep – he turned towards my Mum and said, “What does the boy want to eat?”

There was a long pause where we all exchanged confused gazes, before I said, slowly but clearly, “I’m a girl, sir.”

(I wasn’t angry, mind you. It happens quite a lot to me – I close to never wear tight clothes, my hair is cut short and I never wear makeup. I see where it’s coming from, really.)

But what came then made me grit my teeth, because instead of being baffled or even embarrassed, the guy looked at me and said, “You’re kidding me, right?”

Before I could say anything – or calm my mum, because she gasped loudly in outrage – the elder waiter swooped in, bristling as he basically tore into the younger one. I couldn’t understand what he said, because he talked Italian the whole time, but my Mum later said that he had been outraged that “A beautiful young Signorina” just as me had been insulted like that.

All in all, it didn’t take very long until the young waiter vanished back in the kitchen and the elder waiter turned towards me, basically bowed to me and apologized over and over again. “I’m so sorry, Signorina, that you had to hear that! Please accept my sincere apology…!”

“No, please,” I managed, not knowing if I should be embarrassed or amused by the sight of him being so dramatic. “This happens a lot to me, please, you didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Ah, Signorina, such a gentle soul you are!”

At that point, I laughed out loud because he beamed at me with such a delight, it was just funny how passionate he was about all that.

Since then, the dear waiter always insisted on being the one who catered to us whenever we come to this restaurant. I didn’t complain at all, and also my mum and our friend were quite amused by that. The elderly man would take my jacket off, pull my chair back for me and give me a kiss on the hand once we left again, insisting that I had to be treated like “the gentle and nice Singorina” I am.

Honestly, such behavior is strange to me, since I didn’t really grow up with gentlemen, but I let him have his fun, since he always pouted when I wouldn’t let him tend to me. It was his way of showing me his respect, and if that was what he wanted, I would let him.

Today, we went there for lunch, but I wasn’t really looking forward to it. I was still deep in thought about school and that dumb group project, and the only reason I did leave the house at all was because my Mum basically pleaded me to do so.

So I was kind of staring into the air instead of making conversation, and didn’t even realize that I had taken off my jacket alone before the waiter could help me.

Once my mum left to go to the toilet and our friend went back to his car because he had forgotten his wallet there, I was startled by the waiter appearing next to me, putting down a little plate with chocolates on the table next to me.

I blinked, frowning. “Excuse me, but we didn’t order that.”

“Ah, but Signorina,” he winked at me, smiled crookedly. “That’s a little present on the house.”

I managed a little smile, thanking him.

He hummed, refilling my glass and explaining. “I missed your smile today, Signorina.”

“I’m sorry. I’m a bit… lost in thought, I guess.”

“We can’t have that, no, no.”

I shot him a glance, guessing that he was already planning something again, but he just took my order with a wide smile and disappeared in the kitchen again.

Let’s just say that he exceeded himself that day.

The pizza I ordered was not round as usual – somehow, he had managed to convince the chef to make it heart-shaped this time. In between bits of conversation, he would appear at our table, refill the little plate with chocolates again and again, shooting me a grin every time. And when I followed my Mum out of the restaurant, he waited already at the door, surprising me with a bowl full of chocolate mousse – “on the house”, he explained with a wink.

Etiquette or whatever be damned – I straight out hugged him then and there. And based on his delighted laughter and him cheering “There is your smile, Signorina!” I don’t think he really minded.

Honestly, bless this angel of a person, please. Bless him and all his descendants.


That I always had space to run and that I had the opportunity to play with my imagination. I also loved that my mum drew and painted with me. I always remember that my parents loved me, and that is essential when you’re a kid; they always showed me how proud they were of my achievements. It’s also very important when parents put their kids’ drawings on the refrigerator.


High schools in the south of the United States, especially in Texas, often have a tradition of the girls wearing “mums” and boys wearing “garters” to the Homecoming football game. Mums usually consist of artificial Chrysanthemum flowers (originally real Chrysanthemums were used) surrounded by decorated floor-length ribbon and little trinkets. The tradition is that the boys create a personalized mum in their school colors, white and silver for seniors, for their date. Girls make garters for their date which are similar to mums but shorter and worn on the guy’s arm rather than around their neck like mums. The size of the mums and garters tend to grow along with the grade the person that is receiving the mum is in. Around the 1980s, mums were usually about a maximum of three Chrysanthemum flowers and a few ribbons and only worn by the Homecoming Court/Homecoming Prince and/or Princess but as the years have gone by, the size and expectations of mums have increased and have gotten more elaborate and are worn by almost all of the students. Depending on the school, mums can get quite competitive, expensive, and drastically bigger than they previously were intended to be. New items are also placed on mums than there previously were like LED lights, bubble containers, cow bells, feather boas, stuffed animals of all sizes, and even more. They now sometimes act like scrapbooks made of ribbon and even contain passages and photos of the mum/garter-receiver and their date. The detail, size, and price usually varies depending on the school, town, and couple. The tradition is to make the mum and garter after the couple is asked to Homecoming and exchange the night of the Homecoming game and wear it throughout tailgating and the game. Couples often take group pictures with their mums and garters the night of or before the night of the Homecoming Game to showcase them.


Tried to give shitty neighbour a taste of his own medicine. Ended up getting him some hefty fines.

My initial plan should have resulted in an @petty-revenge-stories worthy post, but I inadvertently ended up going a lot further. (long story: tl;dr at the end)

Some background:

My neighbour, let’s call him Dave, is a twat. Literally everyone on the street hates him. The previous owners of our house left because of him: we gave them a lowball offer on the house which they accepted straight away because Dave drove them crazy. We initially didn’t pay much mind because, for 10/12 years that we’ve lived here he’s been pretty courteous, even very helpful. His attitude changed over the past 2 years. He’s started complaining about the volume of my guitar playing even though his dog is yapping away 24/7 - bear in mind this is a dog which he doesn’t even let out of the house. He forced us to reposition our CCTV cameras so they didn’t look into his gardens, then put up his own which look into ours claiming it’s his property so he can do what he wants. Some craftsmen came to do work on our roof, and he complained about them to the council on a small technicality with their scaffolding, causing them to get fined.

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some bungou for tomorrow’s artist alley commission samples

anyway it would have made more sense to draw akutagawa but the paper could barely hold all the ink on chuuya’s coat, so i changed it to kyouka

the lack of wonho in the next preview of mxray is putting me in such an anxious situation… like is he gonna turn out to be a girl like the others or is he gonna become another type of rice soup or become kihyun’s boyfriend u never know

I’ll never stop swimming to you
I’m swimming all day

part 5 of vivi being binu trash

  • Sanha and MJ screeching on speaker and demanding to know what happened 
    • Eunwoo: “nothing! I’m just rewriting it and wanted to hear your opinions!" 
    • MJ: "ok but who’s Bin" 
    • Sanha: "why are you writing this Bin a song" 
    • MJ: "why does it sound so bright in the beginning my heart is !!!!" 
    • Sanha: "your heart is always !!!! idk what ur saying" 
    • MJ screeching in response 
    • Cue scuffling sounds where Sanha’s trying to get to get away from MJ
    • Eunwoo laughing because he’s far away and he can turn the volume down but Sanha can’t 
    • Sanha: “ok but then it becomes sadder at the end Eunwoo what’s going on”
    • MJ: “if this Bin person hurt you I’m literally running over right now to fight him”
    • Eunwoo assuring them that firstly, no, Bin hasn’t hurt him it’s just that he hasn’t finished the song and secondly, the image of smol MJ standing up to bad boy Bin just makes him want to laugh
    • MJ screeching more in indignation 
    • Sanha: “ok but does this song have a happy ending?”
    • Eunwoo, pausing before sighing quietly that he really, really hopes so 
  • Jinjin tossing an apple up and down and Rocky trying to catch it with his feet and Hwiyoung dead asleep on the other end of the sofa 
    • Bin studying the sea glass pieces in the counter they just had delivered today 
    • Jinjin: "so when are you going to tell him?”
    • Bin, looking up: “tell who what?" 
    • Jinjin, batting away Rocky’s foot: "tell Eunwoo you’re in love with him" 
    • Bin: "FHSKHDJS I’m nOt" 
    • Rocko: “you’ve been in love with him for forever, Bin, don’t lie”
    • Jinjin: “don’t let him go the same way you’ve been letting him go the past few years”
    • Rocky, before accidentally wiggling his foot a bit too hard and falling off the sofa: "better tell him before he heads back" 
    • Bin watching Hwiyoung startle awake at Rocky’s yelp
    • Bin saying quietly: "what makes you think he’d accept me?”
    • Jinjin, looking at Bin in slightly disbelief: “have you seen the way he looks at you?????”
    • Rocky, scrambling up and brushing himself off: "he looks at you like he can’t quite believe you exist" 
    • Bin: "but-" 
    • Jinjin: "i know you’re scared he won’t like you back but" 
    • Rocko: "trust us, he really does" 
    • Jinjin: "unless you’re scared he might already have someone else in the city?" 
    • Rocko: "or that he’d meet someone else back there that he’d prefer?" 
    • Jinjin: “he’s as sickeningly in love with you as you are with him, you idiot”
    • Rocko: “and if you’ve been in love with him for forever, chances are that it’s like that the other way round too”
    • Hwiyoung, yawning and rubbing his eyes: "what are you both, a tag team???" 
    • Bin watching Rocky shove Hwiyoung and squeeze himself between Hwiyoung and Jinjin on the sofa 
    • Bin, in a small voice: "what makes you think he won’t forget me again when he gets back?" 
    • Hwiyoung, simply: "then give him something to remember”
  • Jinjin yelling at Rocky for splashing him and Bin cackling and Eunwoo doing that one laugh
    • you know that one laugh where his mouth stretches really wide
    • Eunwoo isn’t sure when he agreed to jump into the ocean but Rocky and Jinjin strolled onto the boardwalk topless and shucked off their slippers and jumped into the shallow waters 
    • And proceeded to holler at Eunwoo to join them
    • Bin running after them onto the boardwalk and yelling at them to stop bothering Eunwoo
    • Eunwoo laughing and shucking off his tank top before jumping in too because heck it, it’s been so long since he played in the water and it’s such a hot day he might as well
    • Bin standing there with the three of them hollering at Bin to jump in before deciding also to heck it because if Eunwoo’s in there there’s no point staying on the boardwalk anyway
    • Bin peeling off his shirt 
    • Me still being attacked by Astroad apparently Bin instigated the whole thing
    • Eunwoo regretting all the choices he’s ever made that led up to this instant because holy shit he really wasn’t ready 
    • Eunwoo trying to will down his blush while treading water 
    • Rocky and Jinjin seeing Eunwoo blushing and just cackling 
    • Bin swimming over to them and immediately Rocky and Jinjin swim farther out and leave Binu alone 
    • Bin: “do you remember the time you thought you were part merman?”
    • Eunwoo, huffing a laugh: “yeah, and I said I’d be part dolphin”
    • Smol baby Bin laughing and splashing Eunwoo and telling him he’d be part crab instead 
    • Baby Eunwoo pouting and splashing Bin back
    • And Bin, laughing: “yeah I still think you’re part-crab”
    • Eunwoo pouting 
    • And Bin just smiles and starts swimming out to Rockjin and yelling, “race you, crab-boy!!” over his shoulder
    • Eunwoo laughing and swimming after him before grabbing Bin from behind to keep him from moving forward
    • Bin turns around to shrug him off and suddenly, they’re close, so close 
    • And Bin can see water droplets on Eunwoo’s eyelashes and Eunwoo’s blinking up at him and smiling and saying something
    • Bin’s breath catching 
    • He doesn’t remember when it was his brain decided to give up being bitter at Eunwoo and revert all Eunwoo-related matters to Bin’s heart
    • But his heart is thumping and there’s nothing more he wants than just to lean over and press a kiss on Eunwoo’s cheek 
    • And so he does
    • And it’s like everything’s snapped into place - the sounds of the waves beating against the both of them, sunlight flashing off the waves in small diamonds, Eunwoo’s eyelashes as he blinks when Bin pulls away slightly, Eunwoo’s blush riding high on smiling cheeks 
  • Bin parking his motorbike outside Eunwoo’s house 
    • Bin doesn’t know what to do 
    • Because Bin’s never come looking for him before - it’s always Eunwoo sliding into the shop or them meeting on the boardwalk 
    • Bin scratching his head before Eunwoo’s brother pops his head out the window 
    • Eunwoo’s brother: “woAh hiya Bin nice ride”
    • Eunwoo’s brother: “looking for Eunwoo?" 
    • Bin: 
    • Eunwoo’s brother, gently knocking himself on the head: "yeah because who else would you look for lmao come in" 
    • And the moment Bin steps into the house he hears a gentle melody on the piano, something bright and tinkly and light-hearted 
    • And as he slides off his shoes and follows Eunwoo’s brother into the living room the melody stills, then fades into something melancholic, single separate notes aching and lonely and familiar 
    • And Bin stills too, because Eunwoo’s sitting at a small, brown piano, his fingers heavy on ivory keys  and crumpled staff sheets littering the top of the piano 
    • And the tune swells and bursts and Eunwoo’s brother and the whole room fades into the background 
    • And all Bin can see is Eunwoo 
      • Eunwoo, laughing in the moonlight and hand on Bin’s knee 
      • Eunwoo, leaning back on his hands and face tilted towards the sun 
      • Eunwoo, chasing a stray drop of ice cream with his tongue 
      • Eunwoo, arms wound around Bin’s waist and awed laugh echoing in his ear 
      • Eunwoo, who slipped into the shop less than three weeks ago and made Bin remember everything from when they were young and dumb and best friends and Eunwoo, who looked exactly like Bin imagined Eunwoo would grow up to look like
      • Eunwoo, who’s still the same boy who would sit by Bin and listen to Bin talk about the things he loved and who would get worried when Bin did something dangerous and whose fingers still fit right into the spaces between Bin's 
      • Dammit now I need another soulmate!AU watch me kill my heart over it
      • Eunwoo with fingers dancing along keys, framed with a lilting melody now soft and sweet and gentle and echoing in Bin’s heart 
    • And as Eunwoo’s song comes to an abrupt end and Eunwoo picks up his pencil to scribble notes on his paper, Bin coughs gently 
    • Eunwoo’s head shooting up 
    • Bin coughing a little more because in the process of coughing gently he accidentally swallowed the wrong way and is actually choking 
    • Eunwoo: ????? "Um" 
    • Bin, recovering his breath: "that sounded really good, what was it?”
    • Eunwoo, shuffling his papers before Bin can see the title: “nah I was just bumming around”
    • Bin, not really believing Eunwoo because there’s no way that melody was just a result of ‘bumming around’ unless Eunwoo’s secretly a musical genius
    • Although now when he thinks about it he wouldn’t be surprised if Eunwoo was indeed one
    • Bin, fishing a small bag of beads out of his back pocket: “came to deliver beads”
    • And suddenly Eunwoo’s brother comes out of the background because yay!!!! new beads!!! and Eunwoo is laughing
    • Eunwoo’s brother prodding around the four beads and picking out his own
    • Eunwoo’s brother, pouting: “wait how come Eunwoo’s has an extra carving on the back”
    • Bin flushing because wow called oUT
    • Eunwoo’s brother running off with the beads to their mum
    • Eunwoo peering at his new deep purple bead: “this isn’t the one my mum chose that day though?”
    • Bin, shaking his head: “I chose it”
    • And Eunwoo can’t help himself, he can’t help the silly dumb grin spreading across his face because for the first time he’ll be wearing something picked for him by Bin again
    • Bin tenderly watching Eunwoo smile, heart doing the flippity-flop-about-to-stop thing
    • Eunwoo, seeing the small “8” etched on the front of his sea glass and flipping the bead around 
    • Bin shaking his thin black cord out from under his shirt
    • And Eunwoo sees a moon etched on the back of his stone and a tide on the back of Bin’s
    • Bin, softly: “you can leave the seaside and go back to the city, but remember, I’ll always be pulled to you.”

me: i need 2 stop 

also me: but what about myungjin


-He wakes up as he had been washed up on shore, with no recollection of how he got there. 

 -This is a strange place, some sort of beach, with a forest behind it. The sun is barely up. Dawn. 

 -He begins to walk and walk. Minutes seem longer here, and he walks for what feels like hours along the shore. Never actually stepping into the forest.

 -Glimpses of a woman crying cross his mind. But he can’t make any sense of it. 

 -A feel of uneasiness starts to crept up on him as dusk is approaching. He senses that soon he must part with the shore and enter the forest, other wise he will end up walking through the same landscape for ever, never reaching something new. 

 -Dusk. He looks at the see one last time, trying to see what might be beyond the horizon. Sea or forest. It can’t be both. 

 -The waves are starting to crash and the sea becomes more violent. While the forest just grows calmer. 

 -He tried again but the horizon is the same. Perhaps if he saw something he could make up his mind. Perhaps if he saw something he would face the waves and dive into the now restless water. 



- Until he hears it: “Brother?” Then a pause “Rhys is that you? ” asks the same voice. The voice he thought he’d never hear again. He turns around to see her. And there she is, just as beautiful as he remembered her… with her wings, she has her wings. - He can’t move.. he can’t think straight. 

- “I can’t believe you’re here… come brother” she says as she extends her arm

 - She takes one step, just one to the edge of the forest. And while she’s doing that another figure comes into view. His mum also looks just as she was, wild and untamed, glorious and magnificent. Her wings are also where they should have always been.

- Her voice cracks as she says “It’s too soon my love, too soon for you to be here”. 

 - Rhys can’t believe it, one foot after another he makes his way towards them. Just once, he wants to hold them just once. 

- He walks right up until the edge of the forest and stops. 

- All it would take would be one more step, one more step to leave for his feet to be completely on the sand. But somehow this last step is the hardest to make. 

- He turned around to see the horizon one last time.. but still, nothing. On the other direction though, his mother and sister where there. - His decision lies in front of him. 

- “I am so happy to see you brother” she says while a genuine smile runs across her face. 

- His mother remains quiet.

- And only breaks her silence to tell him that she thought it would be longer until they saw each other again with a sad smile - He smiles at both of them and says “I’m ho-" 

- But before he can actually take that last step and finish what he was saying, he senses her.. that female he had only seen in a few glimpses through the day. He doesn’t see her, but he feels her deep in his heart. 

- Just one thought, just one name. Feyre. 

- His mother senses the change and says again "It is too soon my love, just too soon”. 

- He tries to argue but he feels it again, the female, the sadness, the emptiness… 

- The sea moves as if it were angry, impatience. 

- And in the midst of the overwhelming crash of the waves and the sadness he is now feeling, home. There it is. Clear as the images of his mother and his sister. Home.

- He turns to look at the see. The horizon is still the same, but now the crashing waves feel like home. 

- Hid mother sees the realisation come to him, and just says “we never left you, we are part of your home and always will be, but your true home is not with us. Not right now my love”. 

- The tide increases and now the sea is barely centimetres from his bare feet. - Tearing his eyes from the horizon he looks at them one last time. His sister, no logger stretching her arm towards him, simply say “go back Rhys, you deserve to be happy”. He looks at her as if it was the first time, he looks at her like he did when they first placed her in his arms when she was a few minutes old. He looks at her knowing he won’t be able to look at her again for a long long long time. 

- His mum, his mum stretches her arm out of the forest, making the wind blow stronger and the waves crash harder. He can see it pains her and moving her arm closer to him is requiring a lot of strength, even though it seems as normal as it ever did, but finally she cups his face with her hand and says “You, my love, more than anyone deserves to be at peace. Be at peace my love, be at peace with her. Go back home. When the true time comes, I’ll be here again”. 

- He takes her hand in his and kisses it. Each movement, even though they seem as swift as ever takes a toll on him. 

- His sister looks at him and with all the power he knew she always had in her grabs his free hand with both of her hands. 

 - It could be so easy. One step and all of them could stop being in pain. Just one step. But, with all his strength he takes both their hands in his and gently puts a kiss on each one. 

- He looks at them one last time and says “I love you”. 

- He turns around and after a few steps his feet feel the water, he keeps on walking, fighting the waves, and finally dives in. 

- To her, to home.

k but like…wymack…is super duper proud of kevin though. and i bet u he tells kevin that regularly. not only that he’s proud of his exy skills (tho ofc he is) but like…when kevin manages to cut down his drinking, or learns to handle the team more diplomatically, or asks for help, or gets a really good mark on his history essay, or is just…doing whatever but wymack is like…overcome with that’s my boy! and ofc when he graduates and makes Court again…
and kevin’s grown up with ppl recognising his talents and acheivements, but that’s not the same as having someone be genuinely *proud* of him?? and now he has that??? also wymack telling kevin his mum would be proud of him
kevin & wymack developing their relationship is so important tbh


Darts are hard. But revenge is easy.

[If you can’t read my writing it says: “His mum. Also a cat.(weird) Dylan. Enemy!” Also, apologies for the blurriness. I’m having to take photos of my sketchbook. 

The war for the lady’s hand has begun! Little does Bendy know that it’s pretty much already been won.

He’s suffering from a deep and rage inducing jealousy. Should he just roll over and let someone else take something he wants? (regardless of her choices?)

 The Devil’s Roost is a building being held up with duct tape and a smile. It leaks, creaks and there are many places where the ceiling has stopped doing it’s job and has fallen in. Bendy is technically homeless and is squatting in the old warehouse. He’s taken a back box-room as his bedroom. It’s a tiny thing with just a few old blankets and pillows, a mirror, and cabinet. That’s about it. It’s draughty and cold, smells like mould, with peeling paint. Not exactly a fantastic perch for a hedonist. ]

(don’t worry guys, this is about as dark as it’ll get. The rest will be fun! Haha)

Bonnie belongs to @bonnie-bombay

Dylan and Chrystal belong to @eliana55226838​) 

i love hearing about my parents when they were growing up bc my mum was the popular blonde girl in school who had a new bf every week and only used them for attention and gifts and my dad was this huge sci fi nerd who would walk the local children to school and he legitimately got beat up and got his nose broken by bullies and they met when my mom was like 20/my dad was 23 and she was the first real gf he had and then they got married and now theyve been married for 27 years and its like what a fuckin movie stereotype but also i love it
We give the world's FIRST review of Harry Styles' David Bowie-esque debut solo single
FIVE minutes and 40 seconds. That’s how long it takes former ONE DIRECTION heart-throb HARRY STYLES to establish himself as the world’s most exciting new music star. His debut single Sign of the Ti…

His debut single Sign of the Times is a soaring, epic rock ballad that sounds like a cross between DAVID BOWIE and LANA DEL REY (as weird as that sounds).

It goes against the current trend of non-distinguishable dance tracks — the length alone would make it commercial suicide for any other artist.

Its main instrument is the piano, which Harry has been studiously playing in private for years.

For large portions of the track he sings in falsetto, showing off a quality voice with much more range than we ever saw during his five years in 1D. This song has the potential to become a timeless classic.

Harry co-wrote it with the brilliant, highly regarded Grammy-winning producer JEFF BHASKER, best known for his work with KANYE WEST and JAY Z.

Whether anyone in the industry will take young Harry seriously as the “next Bowie” remains to be seen, but the 23-year-old is certainly putting his best foot forward.

The lyrics are “deeply personal”, sources close to Harry tell me, but they’re also open to any form of interpretation.

Sign of the Times begins with him singing over the piano: “Just stop your crying, it’s a sign of the times. Welcome to the final show, hope you’re wearing your best clothes.”

Could it be about a break-up? Possibly. Or maybe about death? More likely.

The refrain throughout the song is his need to “gotta get away from here”. From what exactly isn’t clear.

“We could meet again somewhere, somewhere far away from here,” he sings, poignantly.

Many people think Harry has disappeared up his own backside with an arty promotional campaign designed to distance himself as far as possible from the 1D heritage that has given him this opportunity.

That said, I give him huge credit for releasing the most daring and well-delivered debut single of the decade.

And you won’t get it out of your head once you’ve heard it . . .

HARRY is eyeing up another big role – godfather to LIAM PAYNE and CHERYL’s baby boy.

He has revealed he has been in touch with his 1D bandmate since Cheryl gave birth to their child last month and says he would love to be involved in the lad’s life.

He said: “I spoke to Liam and he’s loving it. He said it’s going really well and everyone’s great. So I’m very happy for him.”

Asked about becoming godfather, he added: “I think it’s a roll of the dice, there are a lot of people Liam has in mind.

“I’m not going to add any extra pressure. If it came my way I would be honoured.”

Harry also spoke about his mum and stepdad’s reaction to hearing his debut album.

He told DARRYL MORRIS on Manchester radio station Key 103: “I had one piece of feedback from my stepdad, one of the songs on the album has a vocal effect in the background. And it finished and he went, ‘How did you get a duck in the studio?’ ”

On the other hand, Harry’s mum had a slightly different reaction.

He added: “She cried a couple of times which was good, I think that was good.”

For his sake I hope so.