Also think how cute you look doing it)))

Got7 reaction to you wanting to adopt kids

A/N - After posting my Got7 reaction to you not wanting kids, an anon requested that I do this! Hopefully you all like it~

Mark: Mark would be happy with it as long as you were happy. He wouldn’t mind how the two of you had kids, just as long as you did have them. No matter what he’d love them unconditionally.

JB: I think JB would prefer to have kids the traditional way but would still be open about adoption. He’d want you to be happy so would do it for you. Besides, as long as he gets a child then he’s a happy dad.

Jackson: Jackson would be so excited to become a dad that he also wouldn’t care how you had them. He’d still see them as his own children and would absolutely love raising them because “look how cute they are, (Y/N)!”

Jinyoung: Jinyoung would also probably prefer the more traditional approach to having children but is also happy to adopt. He would listen to and understand your reasoning behind it and would then go through with adopting.

Youngjae: I feel like Youngjae would be very much up for adopting kids. He’d probably want to spare you the pain of childbirth but also be a parent for a child who may not have one that’s capable of looking after them.

Bambam: I can see Bambam being very open to whatever you suggested and adopting kids would be something he had probably considered previously. I think he’d definitely be up for it.

Yugyeom: Yugyeom would be more than happy to adopt kids. I think he’d be able to prepare himself better for being a dad and would like not having to worry about you during the pregnancy.


Marvel, 8 months. I had no one to help stack him so excuse the crappiness of the pictures.

His rear feet have tightened up and I like them a lot more. His front feet are ehh for me. Not totally flat but not ideal. Also his front left refuses to be positioned straight so I think he needs to see the chiro. But anyways look how grown up and cute.

Feel free to critique ! (I’m into conformation but I’m still learning so it’s nice to see if people view things the way I do or if I’m way off). @pawsitivelypowerful I think you’re good at evaluating conformation? But if I have the wrong person just let me know 😂

How others see Tanizaki…

“cute little cinnamon roll. Protect him“

How I see Tanizaki…

ok, i mean his sister may have been dead…

ok, really want to kill her

ehhhh *whispers incest*, dude, chill

yep guy looks pretty much dead to me…. good work, Tanizaki, you crossed the Moral Event Horizon ;A;


What I am just trying to say is that you have to beware the nice ones. He clearly could do anything for Naomi.. And I also think Asagiri wants to emphasize this.. i am pretty sure this will be plot-important at some point of the story


↳ do not repost or use


Bleach Favourite Moments: All I was going to do was give him the bread at the door and ask him a question. How was I supposed to say no? And then Kurosaki-kun tells me to take home what I want! He’s so sweet! So sweet! SWEET! S-W-E-E-T, S-W-E-E-T!

Lauren and her amazing (funny) facial expressions

she literally has the most expressive face and it’s really funny cute

she can go to being all serious to be all cute



she really likes to do this with her eyes, she stares at you until you feel like dying


(ಥ﹏ಥ) i can go through this, shes so rude







oh and when she looks like a little baby :(


or when she looks 500% done

but i think these are better:

so fucking cute


cute little shit i hate her

and when she makes faces because no reason like?!??!?!

i don’t know what was she thinking about lmao

her face is so nice, it hurts

conclusion: she’s so expressive and pretty (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

credit to the gif owners :)

Handy-Dandy “How to recognize stolen art and to avoid reblogging it” guide.


Is there a signature on the piece? 

Not all art has a signature, but sometimes it does. It never hurts to check if this signature matches the URL because people stealing art don’t usually think about that. If there is no signature, then move to option 2.


How did they tag it?

Most artists tag art with a certain tag so that people can find it easily. Sometimes its their url, sometimes it’s a cute art tag, sometimes it’s simply “my art”. If there is no tags like that, it’s probably a repost. Also, a lot of artists add comments in their tags about their art.


Do they have other art?

If you’re still not sure, just look around on their blog. If they have multiple pieces with different styles, they are all reposts, and they should be reported. Yeah it takes some time, but it’s worth it.


Have you seen this before?

If you really can’t tell, then do a quick backwards search on the image. Here is a link to teach you how to do it! You will find the original source for the image and see if it matches.

I do one of these every time I see a piece of art on tumblr and if anyone has other ways, feel free to add.

Yes. Some of these might seem like they will take more than just a few seconds. But honestly, better safe than sorry. We can never stop reposters, they will continue, especially if they keep getting 1000s of notes. 

If you respect an artist and their work, please take a few seconds to check if you are reblogging legit art.


[160227] Hoshi’s Twitter Interaction with Fans

Intro Tweet: [17’s Hoshi] Carats >< Hello~ It’s Hoshi. How have you been?

Fan: Has Oppa been doing well?😮💕💕
HS: Yep~!!!!

Fan: Oppa, why are you so cute with Chan on One Fine Day? *cries*
HS: Our maknae~

Fan: Honestly Oppa, you do know that you’re cute, right?
HS: /////ㅅ///// Thank you.

Fan: What are you doing?!
HS: What do you think I’m doing??? *laughs*

Fan: Oppa, when do you plan to give my heart back?
HS: I have no plans on doing that though…

Fan: Soonyoung-oppa, when is the comeback *cries* I want to see you soon. *cries*
HS: *laughs* We also want to see you soon. Look forward to it.

Fan: I’m not going anywhere, because Hoshi-oppa is mine.
HS: I’m not going anywhere, because I’m yours.

cr: bex @ what17says
© take out only with credits

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@obito-neko said: I don’t even really know how this started. Outertale is my favorite aesthetic AU so i gotta mix it with everything. I really hope its okay that i did this. I attempted pixel art and failed. New AU? idk what do you guys thing? I just really like space. (I’ll draw a actual character chart later this look 3 ½ days i’m tired.)

Altertale! belongs to @friisans 
Outertale! belongs to  @2mi127
Character design/outfits is mine. 

Frii said: 👌👌👌

What do you like about girls?

Yesterday I asked this question, so here are some comments.

I love how girls smile and their faces and basically just their whole body is beautiful.  -Anon 

Girls usually have a distinct style no matter whether or not they care what they look like. They look cute in short hair and long hair and dyed hair and in piercings and their voices are lovely and they smell nice… Also their tummies. So cute.   -  ruinedlily

What i like about girls is their smile, hair, smell 😍 fuck i’m so lesbian jajaja their body,i love all about girlss ❤😍🌈   - waiting-for-you-blog

What do i like about girls?? Uhmm let me think…. EVERYTHING! Girls are effing awesome i love everything about them  - can-you-feel-my-heart-s2

I like figures and smiles and eyes and confidence and shyness and pet-names and laughs and voices. Girls are just so beautiful.  - Anon

I like everything about a girl they are strong well-minded beautiful females and I love it  - ironcherryblossomglitter

I like the personality traits, the eyes, the lips, boobs lol - aslterplife

Their giggles. Their cute hair-twirling-thingy. The way they walk, confident. The way they walk, shy. How they can dance. When they tell something so passionate what they like. How they look away if they blush. … I can go on like hours xD  - pechmeid

Soft skin, long hair, they always smell good, tits, ass, cute personality,and of course the taste of a good snatch  - gamerlezbo

How smooth they are compared to guys :’) - teencutie97

What’s not to like? Girls are beautiful, intelligent, understanding, kind, and caring. Not to mention they have soft skin and warm lips. They know what it’s like to be a girl so they don’t judge you for it. Girls are mysteries but the kind that you want to spend your whole life solving. Girls make me want to believe. Girls are these beautiful, loving, passionate creatures that make it impossible not to have hope and faith and love. What’s not to like?  - lostmyheartwithyou 

aaand this is how you know I fell in love with a show

No seriously guys go watch bbc3’s In The Flesh it is FANTASTIC 



So, a lot of people have been asking me to put the osomatsu-san stickers in sets as opposed to individually–I wanted to be sure they’d be okay though–so I put them up privately and ordered them for myself first!

Here’s how they turned out–as you can see the small stickers are rEALLY SMALL.
small enough to sit on a quarter! So I’d recommend buying them LARGE sized where they’re a slightly more reasonable size (if you do buy them!) Unless you want them in teeny size?? They’d look cute on a card I think!

There is still spme pixel-yness but thats my bad not redbubbles"“

There’s also an image of a lined spiral notebook’s pages–some people have asked me what the lined pages look like– so there you go! Pretty good quality! Actually not bad for doodling.

I’ll be putting those sets up soon so watch out for them~

(EDIT: my bad, the bigger sets are actually LARGE versions! I don’t know what the medium sets would look like! SO BEWARE.)

high school bf!yoongi

hey y’all! you guys seem to enjoy these so should i continue this with every member? also i was thinking of doing one how they’ll be as students… hmm let me know in my inbox! sorry for any typos since I’m too lazy to look over my shit.. also look how cute my twin boo looks here i’m cheesin’

-he would be such a shy boyfriend my heart is melting
-he would love you so so much i’m telling you that
-since this dude is a pisces, he’s romantic as fuck
-although he wouldn’t publicly show you off, online he would lol
-he would be the type to post “mine” on instagram or something like really lame
-when there’s assemblies he would always sit neck to you and rest his head on your shoulder or something
-the type to make-out with you under the bleachers because he wants to be cliche
-the teachers wouldn’t say much about him since he’s so quiet but they like how you are able to bring him out of his shell a little 
-would introduce you to the family so quick because pisces fall in love fast
he would always take you out to eat but he would have to pay for everything for you because he would be guilty
-doesn’t seem like the type to disrupt you from class physically but he would constantly texting you saying how bored he is
-complain about the school lunch all the time
-he would literally buy that thing where two people can plug in their earphones to their phone and you both will just listen to music for the rest of the time
-the most cliche thing to say about yoongi but he would show you a song that he made for you but say it was no big deal
-y’all would just nap together after school because school sucks and y’all are tired
-if you are in any sports like me or any clubs he would like leave home but would come back for you with your favorite snack
-wait at the bus stop with you because of how late you got out
-him always trying to cheer you up when something bad happened during class or after school
-snapchats of each other
-will chill at the park or something
-he would come over and your parents would be iffy about him at first because the hair dye and piercings depending on your parent but will love him or love him even more after they get to know them
-he would overall be the best fucking boyfriend ever and even though you guys don’t do much it’s all you’ll ask for

holy shit i love yoongi :o

jungkook // jimin 

anonymous asked:

Speaking as someone with far too much merch and plushies, how do you think the rfa would react?


  • he’s so amazed
  • how many plushies are there he’s so curious
  • sits down and asks what each one is and from what show it is
  • rip yoosung he doesn’t understand how long it would take
  • really admires it as a passion 
  • also he the cute ones and if there’s one that looks like a LOLOL character he’s going to be so happy
  • bonus point for a lolol plushie/merch and he died probably


  • she is just amazed at how so many merch and plushies can fit in a room
  • she would judge but
  • she does have her zen merch….
  • she probably helps MC organize the stuff if it’s not already organized
  • when she imagines MC moving into her house (or she moving into MC’s place), it makes her happy to know there will be place for her to put her merch too


  • 10/10 MC owns Zen posters and probably those handsewn plushies they sell in ebay but of ZEN!
  • and he finds that so flattering
  • not only that but he also finds it adorable to see MC in a room with walls lined by plushies and merch
  • he just thinks it shows how passionate MC is as a person and he is 100% into that


  • he finds it very similar to a collection hobby
  • he also finds it very cute how MC explains the origin of each piece of merch or plushie
  • buys MC an unholy amount of merch and plushies
  • he wants to make MC happy but
  • there’s just no space in the room for even more stuff when he brings over his gift??
  • he has no chill ok he wants to see MC bursting with happiness and if that means he has to fill a swimming pool with merchandise and plushies he will


  • he’d be so curious when looking at everything
  • like a child in a museum
  • he finds it really funny that MC collects all of this but also really nice
  • in his mind he’s secretly making plans about the day MC moves in and how he’s going to fit all this stuff into the house
  • he can imagine himself on the bed full of plushies and dressed as a maid along with MC just to bother Vanderwood and the thought is very nice to him
How would Vernon confess

-even though you would be able to tell right away that he kind of started looking at you in a different light he would spend all his energy on acting like nothing’s going on at all

-if you make him blush, intentionally or not, he would be like ‘’wow wow wow would you look at this? who closed that window? it’s seriously hot in here! why are you looking at me like that?’’

-seriously, when it comes to acting like ‘’no, he wasn’t just staring at you while you’re eating and thinking how cute you are’’ he’s a completely lost case

-it’s not that he doesn’t want you to realize how he feels…it’s just that he would rather tell you instead of you getting the clue when he trips in front of you because he was staring a little bit too much and forgot to look where he’s going

-but the things is…he also has no idea how he should tell you

-he actually tried to do it a few times but there was always some kind of interruption like other boys suddenly barging in the room or just him realizing that he’s standing in front of you preparing to confess while you’re looking at him, eating that chocolate he bought you and looking completely oblivious about what he’s going to say next yeah right, completely oblivious

-other boys didn’t fail to notice it so he also had to handle them trying their hardest to be the perfect matchmakers, although using the methods Vernon never approved of…like pushing him at you at most random times which once resulted in you ruining his new shirt with the ice cream you were holding 

-when the boys finally decided that was enough you two were locked in a room together and told to have fun

-and you were indeed having fun because Hansol suddenly lost the ability to act like everything’s normal and was standing awkwardly, not sure if should get closer to you or run away to the furthest corner of the room

-after a minute of silence he would reach the point where he realizes that there’s no way they would let you out until he confesses…so would be like ‘’ok,i have to do it sometimes so why not now’’

-but his motivational speech to himself wouldn’t help as much he thought it would 

-so he would be having an internal battle until you finally speak up to ask why he is so quiet

-that would cause a chain reaction with him first telling you that he’s nervous and then he would have to explain why he’s nervous and soon he would find himself telling you a whole story completely forgetting how he planned his confession to  orignally sound like because yes he practiced it  and looking up every other second to see your reaction

-and when you finally get out of that room boys would be able to notice Vernon’s totally obvious  attempt to somehow get to hold your hand a little bit longer without them noticing

-but what they wouldn’t know is that no matter how much you liked to tease Vernon you were the one blushing furiously when his confession finally came to an end

“Wow you’re full of yourself.”

Well, yes, yes I am. 

I have spent a lot of my life hating my body, hating how I look, hating how I think, hating ever aspect of my being. I have also spent years trying to love every single thing about myself. Right now I don’t really like myself, not too much but I do kind of think I’m adorable and pretty cute and sometimes I think I’m down right beautiful. 

It is not wrong of me to feel that way. It is wrong of those who make me feel ashamed of being confident. I am allowed to agree with a compliment, that simply means I agree that yes, I do look beautiful in that picture. That is not wrong. What is wrong is when I agree with a compliment, the person who has complimented me then insults me repeatedly because how dare I have worth without needing validation from others. 

Thank you for your compliments, they’re lovely but please don’t try to make me feel like a bad person for agreeing with those compliments, for having confidence in my appearance. 

Miraculous Ladybug episode 19 pictures

Look at them: Chloé’s wearing the same clothes, Sabrina’s wearing green instead of blue/purple/white, Nathanaël has literally changed the colour of his top (the design is still the same) and the same goes for Kim except his sleeves remain red, Rose had shoulder length hair, Max had an afro and changed his top, and finally Marinette has her hair in a bun (also I think she has a block fringe instead of a side). Also what the fuck Max!! Did you really need to block Juleka’s face?! DID YOU?!!

Aww look at them, so cute! Also does this mean that the ship is real?

Marinette’s awkward smile, Kim doing bunny ears, Alya and Kim close their eyes, and Rose is looking at Juleka!!

Fuck you Chloé, there was no need to ruin the picture.

So much better and look how happy they all are that Chloé’s out of the picture. 


Juleka’s angels!

Kim with the bunny ears on Marinette…AGAIN! Also what is actually happening in this picture?


based on @ittybittyzimmermann​‘s jacket post. i’m uhh. sorry? i guess? how to draw these boys.

also a Bitty who’s not amused by short ppl jokes

If the humans wandered into Hanataro's convenience store...

As requested by anon. :)

In the Bount filler arc, Hanataro gets a job working at a convenience store in the human world, because even the Bount arc had some good parts. In this post, we will imagine how the various human characters would have reacted if they wandered into his store!


Ichigo: Hana?

Ichigo: You work here too?

Ichigo: Wow! They really do make you Squad 4 guys do everything!

Orihime: That uniform looks so cute on you, Hanataro!

Chad: [thumbs up]


Ishida: Don’t think a Quincy like me will let you get away with this!

Ishida: Also may I please buy this milk?

Keigo: Hi I’m just here to buy this juice.

Keigo: Waaaait a second…

Keigo: You’re WAY too cute to be just some convenience store clerk!

Keigo: Are you an actor?

Keigo: Are they filming in Karakura Town again?

Keigo: Are they filming right now??

Tatsuki: Hey! I saw you dressed like a soul reaper running through the sky!

Tatsuki: You’re one of Ichigo’s friends, aren’t you?

Chizuru: Are there any cute girl clerks? 

Yuzu: Oh! You’re new!


Karin: Well this explains why there aren’t any ghosts around.

Isshin: Why hello, perfectly normal convenience store clerk!

Isshin: Please ring up these purchases for me, a normal human father!


Ryuken: Perhaps I will go elsewhere.

Mizuiro: Oh, hello Seventh Seat of Squad 4, Hanataro Yamada.

Hanataro: …

Hanataro: How?

Mizuiro: I know things.