Also that first gif was being annoying

hiiii! so since everyone is making follow forevers now i wanted to make my own too bc i reached my christmas goal and also there are christmas coming. i wanted to thank every single person who follows me, supports me, reblogs me, talks to me and stuff. 

first i wanted to give special thanks to some people:

ferehthank you for being here for me almost from the begging and congrats for you for still handling such an annoying person as me.

carlayou know i love you so much and you are my sunshine and you will always be, i can always count on you and i admire you and i’m so so so happy that i have this pleasure for having such a great friend as you! x

sarathank you for helping me with this blog at the begging, reblogging my stuff just to help me, really i can’t thank you enough.

angie - thanks for being so cool and great and supportive. you were one of the first people i talked to talk here.

now it’s time to thank all people who make my dash beautiful and cool. there are my lovely matuals that i literally love/my fave blogs:

5secondsofsummerdailyadorescalumh, ashstonirwins, calumfood, calumthms, calyhood, celmmings, clemminqs, clifforton, clinicalum, cuntsharry, dayzlight, fairrie, filthy4calum, goldhemmings, heartbreakirwin, hemmingslip, hemmingslukeys, hemmosource, hotdamn5sos, iriwins, irwnx, itsclemmings, itsmuke, lewi5sos, louis-tomlnson, luekshemmo, lukehcmmings, lukehemings, lukehemmozs, lukehqmmings, lukeisapenquin, lukeismysun, lukerhemming, lukesgetaway, lukeshm, lukeyhemminq, michaelvlifford, mike5os, mukenope, nightcahnges, nigthschanges, ridicalum, scalumhood, selenagomezaf, showyouwhys, staygolds, stupidlucas, teenagedfricks, whereversyouare

+ also wanted to thank everyone from calumsource for having me there and for being so rad, you guys rule.

++ i wanted to thank my babe carla for making this great graphic for my ff bc i suck at graphics and u really wouldnt like to see what i have made.

ANDDD!! in the end i wanted to wish y'all merry christmas, i hope you’ll spend great christmas with your closest family and friends! i love you all!