Also Kate and I have the same hair

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What attracts you about the opposite gender? What attracts you about the same gender?

Humour and kindness attract me to people no matter what. 

Physically, I love beards on men and long hair (He-Man). I also like sharp angles and light coloured eyes (Tom Hiddleston). I love salt and pepper or just grey hair (I have a mad crush on Jeff Bridges). 

As for women, I like non-symmetrical smiles and sparkly eyes. Natalie Dormer is just … a goddess. I also crush on Brie Larson and Kate McKinnon. 


A few more hair edits from twitter

look at me guys i reached two hundred and now i am eligible to do things like this!! thanks for sticking around. i can’t believe two hundred whole people follow me on the timble dot com. if u r on this list, ples check ur inboxes for nice mail about ur blog in the near future <3

ps. if we r mutuals (or even if we’re not) i m ur mom now and i will send u love-themed hate mail ever morning if u need it to feel good. ok? ok. hmu.

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