Also I'm still interested in taking prompts or requests


Uhm, whut?? There’s somehow a little more than a hundred of you lovely folk following me?? That’s like, 100 more than I ever expected to get. 😭😂


As a small token of appreciation, I’d like to try something out here and find out what you guys want to read!

Here’s what I have in mind:

Send me a ship/character and a prompt!

Prompts can be anything: a word, a quick phrase, a line of dialogue, an AU idea, an emoji, a GIF (see sample fic I’ve done here) or a photo. 

For example: 🐶 + Kenji x MC could = a date in a pet cafe or an AU where they meet while walking their dogs ala 101 Dalmatians. 

Really, sky’s the limit with this one. 😄

Just don’t forget to be mindful of explicit content with the visual prompts. This blog aims to be a safe space, so if your prompt is something I cannot reblog, I’m afraid I will have to turn down the request.

I’ll write you something! 

If I get enough prompts — under the assumption that I even get any lol — I’ll put up a list and go through them as much as I can. I might have to turn down characters/ships/ideas that I feel I can’t do justice, but I’ll still post them up for other writers to see and hopefully create for! (This is giving me ideas for a fan prompts page tbh 🤔 lemme know if this interests you too)

Also, since this is a thank you activity, priority will be given to my followers, but anons who would like to leave some prompts are welcome too. (I’d love it if you came to say hi tho!! I’m friendly, I promise 😅)

Once again, thank you so much, lovelies!! It’s been a great 2.5 months and I hope you continue to enjoy the stuff that comes out of my hyper-active imagination.

Have a great day, everyone!! ❤️