Also I really like how this turned out. :D


A brief comic I did of a plot point I had in mind for the D&D campaign for the Voltron D&D AU. Those who’ve played D&D before and know how healing spells work can probably tell what’s going on right right away, but I won;t spoil what’s going on for those who don’t. 

I had a lot of fun with colors and lighting while working on this, and I’m really happy with how it turned out. It’s been a while since I did a full colored comic, so it was nice to practice with something small and self contained like this.

I may also give an actual backstory for how Matt and Shiro lost that bard in their last campaign one day, too. Just cuz I have a funny scenario for what could’ve happened in my head. Maybe one day…

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Reyes Vidal, from Mass Effect: Andromeda

I got into TAZ with @defenestratin​ and @sorrydeer​ recently and have this headcanon where during lunar interludes, Magnus leaves Steven with the Voidfish and they chill while he goes out to shop and stuff!! :D 

Moving On Part 1/2: Exploring Nostalgia (Analysis)


- Well, another two parter. Yorm.

- Pun, but lacks enthusiasm

- We have an intro!

- Virgil is the first to appear, for once

- Also he’s reluctant to do his job,,,

- V I R G I L  S A I D  A  B A D  W O R D

- Logan finds the concept of feeling to be weird

- Patton is sad

- Roman is practically frantic

- Gotta love everyone ignoring Anxiety,,,,,,,, because that turned out well last time

- Why doesn’t Pat want them in his room?

- Virgil and Patton sharing a point of view are we ignoring how genuinely upset Patton is? He’s really not okay

- No one listens to Pat, like at all

- Then he’s pressured by Logan. Great plan

- Unlike Anxiety’s room, Pat’s room has a distinct background for each character relating to their personalities and/or interests.

- Pat’s room makes everyone bouncy and more excitable

- Roman is still pretty manic help him

- He’s also trying really hard to make puns why

- “Wondering when you were gonna start liking girls…” never

- Little bit of an accent on Logan that I can’t place

- Hey listen to Logan

- No one’s listening to anyone

- Roman stop playing the recorder it’s an assault on my ears

- Logan is the only one noticing Virgil get more anxious. TBH I recognize in Virgil the beginnings of an attack, whether that was intentional or not. The curling up, the rapid eye movements, the hiding the face…

- “Specs”

- The echo-y voice effect is a byproduct of increased Anxiety- good to know

- Pat finally stands up for himself, but he isn’t happy about doing it. Also, everyone’s attacking Logan and it makes me sad

- Logan’s finally cracked

- ^Also he sinks out with the Roman gesture

- Roman’s an asshole

- Take it easy, guys, gals, and nonbinary pals. Peace out!


- Virgil always gets such cool music

- Roman’s camera is higher than eye level & aimed down

- Patton’s too

- The filters in Pat’s room ahhhhhh

- The set is so pretty so soft so g o o d

- The picture frame switching between pictures of Thomas’ happy memories makes my soul happy

- As I watch I hate the filter because everyone’s really glowy and it’s hard to see

So last week I saw Beauty and the Beast! I love the movie and everything about it! But it wouldn’t be me if I wouldn’t like the villains ;) I honestly was so thrilled for Gaston (because I LOVE Luke Evans) and Luke didn’t disappoint me! Gaston is an asshole but I still like him ^w^ Lefou was great!!! He is probably my fave! Even though he wasn’t really a villain, was he? I liked how these two acted around each other, it was fun to watch and I think both charas are very intersting :D So I decided to paint the both of them. I saw another fanart here on Tumblr about Gaston being alive after the fall. I like the idea of him being alive…but in my fan art he died. Also for the first time after ages I tried to paint realistic again! I think Gaston turned out pretty nice but I am not so sure about Lefou. Tell me what you think ^w^ Thank you<3

UPDATE: I made an alternative 

anonymous asked:

hi!!!!! can I please request for a minhyun college au? I am addicted to your writing (・´з`・) thank you in advance xxx

for nu’est ive decided it’d be cool to make them all medical students!! so consider it residency-college!au LOL~

  • specialty: minhyun is doing his residency in dermatology  
  • is known as the “pretty boy” of the unit and other residents are always joking that patients favor him because,,,,,,,,well one he has gorgeous skin,,,,,,,but everything else about him is literally just as gorgeous
  • is really sweet and tries his best to be polite,,,,,,even if taking another 10 hour shift is literally going to Kill Him,,,,,minhyun just smiles and is like : ) it’s fine : ) im fine
  • his superiors like him the most and their favoritism shows because guess who doesn’t get yelled out for taking a five minute snack break? it’s minhyun
  • but even though he comes off so mannered and mature,,,,,he has a lil nerdy side,,,,,like his phone background is always his cute niece and him but one day someone noticed that his lock screen was literally a screenshot from the transformers movie,,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,,
  • everyone keeps asking if he’s dating and minhyun is just like,,,,i,,,,,d,,dating?!?!?!?! and they’re like oh my god you have the face and you’re telling us you haven’t used it yet
  • and minhyun is like ?!?! i use it everyday to eat, to read - and everyone is like oh jesus no that’s nOT WHat we MEANT
  • but if anyone as much as dares to try to do ‘corrupt’ minhyun (as dongho affectionately refers to it) minhyun just turns pink and bites his lips and is like i!! don’t know anything about that,,,,,
  • boy is already in residency and sometimes if a patient get too close he has to excuse himself,,,,,,,soft boy
  • speaking of dongho and the rest of nu’est they all do residency in the same hospital so every now and then they’ll meet up to eat lunch outside
  • and everyone swoons because they’re the ~visual residents~ a group of goodlooking guys in white doctors coats,,,,,,what a dREAM
  • and then dongho gets crumbs all over his scrubs and minhyun is like come here i need to clean it - don’t you dare run from me- come bacK
  • is really good at his job though, so much so that people are like he doesn’t even need to do residency he knows sO MUCh
  • graduated at the top of his class in med school, still studies as diligently as before, literally takes notes on e v e r y t h i n g the doctors say
  • jr jokes that when minhyun opens his own dermatology clinic he should give all of them face lifts but minhyun is like,,,,,,,,im not doing that im doing immunodermatology wanna hear what i learned about leprosy-
  • jr: i gtg rn i was just trying to make a joke i am so sorry
  • anyway you also work in the hospital,,,,,but not as a resident or anything you’re actually in the tech department
  • and you know about minhyun because how can you not,,,,,but also,,,,,,,,he’s called the tech department like a minimum of twenty times a week because for some reason he’s super smart
  • but takes like ten years to type in a patients chart notes and he’s always getting a bit confused with the hospitals interface
  • and you,,,,,,,dont mind being the one called to help him i mean like have you /SEEN/ him  
  • just standing beside him is like basking in the sunlights glow and u dont mind. not one bit. tbh u r not gonna like lie when u see a call from the dermatology dept u basically fight people for the phone
  • buuuuut you also know that it’s a one sided kinda thing,,,because minhyun could have anyone,,,,,,,literally 
  • u can tell from the fact that his lab coats pockets are always full of candy, letters, and more that both patients and staff give him and yeah it makes ur heart sink a bit but like,,,,
  • whatever the short moment where you get to stand beside him at the desk and tell him (for the 15th time) how to reset the scheduling system works like,,,,,it’s enough
  • which is why when you get called down again, minhyun voice sounding apologetic over the phone u cheerily tell him it’s no problem - you’ll be right down to see what happened 
  • but since the elevator is taking too long u decide to go down the stairs where,,,,you hear voices echoing as you get closer to the floor ur supposed to meet minhyun on
  • and???? they sound familiar,,,,,one is obviously dongho’s,,,,,and the other???? minhyun?
  • and u stop your steps,,,listening to their echoing words 
  • “are you going to ask them? minhyun it’s been two weeks since you decided to say something and you’re still putting it off.”
  • “,,,,,what if they don’t like me-”
  • you blink,,,,wondering if you’re hearing another voice,,,,,and it is,,,,this one belongs to another resident. ren
  • “minhyun, seriously you’re handsome. i dont say that a lot. but ur handsome. very handsome. look at me minhyun does it look like i would lie.”
  • and finally,,,,the calmest voice of the bunch belong to jr: “you should go for it. i think they like you too.”
  • and you’re not sure what else they say because the door opens and a couple of nurses rush by you, their footsteps making noise
  • and in your head you’re wondering,,,,,,who is it that minhyun likes,,,,,,,
  • but not wanting to get lost in your thoughts you rush down coming out into the dermatology dept and seeing minhyun leaning against the wall near the elevators. 
  • you pat his shoulder,,making him jump a bit and the both of you breaking into blushing apologizes but then he mumbles that he’s pretty sure something is going on with the vital monitor
  • and you go inside the room to check it out
  • and as you’re doing your work,,,,you don’t notice minhyun bite his lip,,,,shy eyes trying to avoid your figure in the center of the room
  • quietly fidgeting with his name tag pinned to his collar
  • and when you turn, smile on your face “done! it just got unhooked-”
  • “are you free,,,,,on sunday?”
  • minhyun’s sudden question catches you off guard and you’re like w-what?? and he’s like,,,,,,,, “i-,,,,i have a shift,,,,but i can- it ends at 8 so i could take u to dinner,,,,,maybe,,,,,-”
  • minhyun,,,,with all his pretty features and polite personality cannot seem to stutter out a date invitation 
  • but,,,,you also cant believe ur ears???? the person minhyun liked?????was you???
  • and you’re like “d-don’t you not have many free days? you should rest-”
  • “it’s ok! i want to,,,,,spend it with you.”
  • there’s something of a shy smile on his face,,,,but his eyes are nervous and you’re always feeling your palms sweat
  • because god u really want to say yes,,,,the happiness in your stomach is turning to butterflies,,,,,but you also know that minhyun should rest
  • so you go “ok,,,,,but how about we do something simple,,,,like watch a movie at my place?”
  • and minhyun almost turns cherry red at the mention of coming over and he refuses,,,,,saying it’d be un-gentlemen-y of him but ur just like pleassse it’s fine
  • safe to say you guys do have that date at your place but you purposly pick a boring movie so minhyun falls asleep fifteen minutes in and you let the tired med student sleep soundly on your shoulder as you do your own thing
  • and ofc when he wakes up minhyun is a mess of “im sorrys” and “im not a creep i promise” but u just laugh and tell him it’s ok,,,,,it was a perfect first date because u were able to see him rest
  • which honestly just makes minhyun’s heart flutter even more about you,,,,,on the way home he texts ren and is like “i think they’re an angel,,,,,,,”
  • dating med student!minhyun is slow at first because he’s surprisingly shy about pda or skinship,,,,,to the point where when he first holds ur hand he has to let go 5 minutes later and be like “its not that i dont want to,,,its just,,,,,my hand got sweat and i didnt want u to think thats gross-” and u had to grab his hand back and be like idc if its sweaty i want to hold it forever, minhyun once he gets more comfortable has a habit for always dusting off your uniform or tucking strands of your hair back because he thinks u look cute when ur all neat and whatnot, tbh dongho and jr tell minhyun it might be a lil weird but u like it,,,its minhyun’s personality so u accept it, since he works super long hours u dont really get to see each other often but minhyun really likes it when u text him what ur doing after work esp if u include pictures, at first he’d just be like oh! cool :D or looks yummy! but as you two get closer he’ll kinda be a little sappy saying things like even your silhouette is pretty or i wish i could be beside you right now, a constant struggle is showing people photos of you and minhyun together looking cute in the hospital lobby doing peace signs and ur like that’s my boyfriend! and people are like no no no thats a celebrity honey and ur like,,,no,,,,,no he’s my bf,,,,,,,basically people r just really shocked because minhyun’s visuals are no joke, whenever someone confesses to minhyun whether it’s a patient or a staff he gets all embarrassed but also secretly reaLLY likes saying he has a significant other that he is head over heels for, ren makes fun of him so much for it he imitates his voice and calls out ur name and is like head !!! oveR HEELs~~~!! and minhyun is like pLEASE and ren is just kiss kiss love love u two are sooooo corny, on an anniversary minhyun had work but he sent you a video of him playing on the piano and singing your favorite love song and it legitimately made you tear up, does this thing where when he gets really really tired he’ll never admit it but one kiss from you makes it feel like he can take on the WORLD, an exchange resident named aaron comes to visit and minhyun introduces you to him and is like he’s my bff and aaron is just like “so what base have you and minhyun reac-oK FINE I WONT ASK”, those rare times where residents get more than a day off minhyun always insists on doing the absolute most for you and sometimes you have to literally argue with him to let you do something because he works so hard you want to support him and make it easy, you cooked for him once and you can’t tell if him telling you he LOVED it was fake or real,,,,,,,you guys got matching sweaters from the nu’est boys as a gift and they’re bright pink and corny and minhyun refuses to wear them until you giggled and put it on and minhyun melts for anything you do so he was like ok FINE, surprised you once by pulling you into a storage closet at the hospital and letting a hand slip up your shirt and you were like minhyun?? ?against his neck and he,,,,,couldn’t keep it up you felt his cheeks go hot and he was a stuttering mess like ten minutes in but he was also like i just,,,i really wanted you i dont know what came over me ,,,,,WHAT A FREAKING CUTIE AMIRIGHT THO,,,,promises that once he is done with residency he’s going to get a good job and take you on vacation for never leaving his side through the hardest years of his life and you just kiss his nose and tell him not to worry about it,,,,,but seriously the only thing on minhyun’s mind sometimes (which he finds fascinating) is how much he really rEALLY wants to make you happy,,,,,,,,,,he wants a future,,,,with you 

find others here: ong seongwoo | kang daniel | lee daehwi

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omg i wish i could draw so i could do butch & femme ten/rose bc I love ur femslash but I like to headcanon them as a butch/femme couple loool

This sounded like a subtle “pls draw them as a butch/femme couple” and I was like “hell yess I’m gonna do this” :D I’ve got to apologise though, because this wasn’t probably how you’d imagine them. I suck at drawing fem!ten with short hair and this turned out to be more cutesy and fluffy than anything else :’D It’s a lame excuse but I’ve never specifically drawn butch or femme characters so it looks a bit weird..

It’s so late but here’s the third one for the bishonen challenge!! D: The tsundere horse from RF4, Dylas! To be honest, I really couldn’t decide at first between Leon and Dylas, but when I saw how Dylas can cook I just had to get him XD I like how he prepares the lunch everyday hahaha. Also, I had to redraw him a lot of times just so I could get his face and hair right and it’s still now wavy OTL (what’s with that eyebrows anyway? -_-) Still I like how this one turned out XD I’m deciding on who to draw next on my list!

Bishonen Challenge so far: 1 | 2 | x | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8


I got to cosplay noctis at youmacon yesterday!!!!!!! I’ve been slowly getting parts of this cosplay together for the last few months, and I finally wrapped it up at like 4 am before the con in true procrastinator fashion :, )

This was the first time I tried cutting a wig and making a complex prop, but I’m really happy with how everything turned out!! The shirt is also printed with my own version of noct’s skull design

I had a ton of fun though and even got to meet up with some friends :D Thank you everyone who stopped me for photos or to ask about my engine blade ;__;!!

I got bored so I started making dungeon tiles :P

The one on the left is my first, the right is my second. I like the tiled floor a lot better, and I think I’m excited to see how a 3rd would turn out. Not sure how to add some more color in, though. Having everything be grey is really boring, but I’m not sure what else would make sense in a dungeon? Maybe broken tables or burnt out fireplaces and stuff. I’m not sure. Also ideas for rooms would be super appreciated!

anonymous asked:

BTS to their s/o having supernatural powers? ( like elemental powers - think exo? - or something similar?) Thanks!

BTS Reacting To Their S/O Having Supernatural Abilities


Originally posted by syubangel

S/O’s Ability: Empathy + Empathetic Manipulation

Yoongi wouldn’t react very well to the fact that his s/o is an empath, a person able to feel the emotions and nature of the thoughts of others as well as being able to manipulate the emotions of those around them. It would make him question everything about their relationship, whether or not he is actually feeling genuine feelings of love towards them or whether his relationships with others has been tampered with by them just to make him feel better. While he wouldn’t try to shut them out on purpose, he would feel that he can’t trust them with anything and would more than likely request some time apart from them so he can sort through all the conflicting thoughts in his mind.


Originally posted by officialwookkibby

S/O’s Ability: Intangibility

Jungkook would probably think he’s going crazy when he walks into the room and spots his s/o emerging from the solid plaster wall. He wouldn’t mention anything about it for the next few days, unintentionally becoming more distant with his s/o as a result as he tries to comprehend what he had seen. Eventually, when his s/o confronts him about his refusal to interact with them properly, he’d burst out into a rant about how he had seen them using their ability and would break down as a result from all the stress of trying to work it all out on his own. His s/o would struggle to calm him down, but wouldn’t leave his side until he managed to be able to breathe easily and sit him down to explain everything, apologise for not telling him sooner and not picking up that he was struggling.


Originally posted by kpopfordays

S/O’s Ability: Artistic Animation + Manipulation

Taehyung would be completely awestruck by his s/o’s ability to bring drawings and paintings to life and control their actions, unable to keep himself from praising them repeatedly and constantly mentioning how amazing he thinks it is. His partner would then start using their power more often when the pair are alone, using small doodles to communicate with him from a distance or scare him by unexpectedly bringing an image to life when he least expects it. Taehyung also uses it to his advantage when his s/o is struggling with their emotions, as their emotions can sometimes cause the images to move in a way that represents the intensity of the emotion they are feeling.


Originally posted by je0n

S/O’s Ability: Healing

Namjoon would have found out his s/o’s ability to heal others in a completely unexpected manner. After slipping and violently knocking himself out, Namjoon would have awoken to find his s/o using their ability on him to make sure he hadn’t sustained any life threatening injuries. He would be completely shocked and would definitely react badly to what is going on, unable to come to terms with the fact that things like this are real. He would need to leave for a little bit, maybe go for a walk to clear his head so he doesn’t say anything he doesn’t mean in his panic. Once he’s sure he can handle himself, he’d return home to his s/o and ask them to sit down with him to explain everything. He’d promise to remain silent as they tell him about their ability and would make sure they feel completely comfortable with revealing everything about it to him.


Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

S/O’s Ability: Gravity Manipulation

Jimin’s s/o would have revealed their ability to manipulate gravity when they used it to keep him out of harm’s way. He was about to be crushed by a falling beam when his s/o made it halt in mid-air to keep it from falling, prompting him to sit on the floor and stare up at the floating beam in stunned amazement. His s/o would try to avoid him, overthinking and worrying that Jimin would feel upset that they kept their powers from him. Jimin would have to go to them to assure them that he is perfectly okay with not being told about it and that he’s simply thankful that he has them in his life. He would be very eager to ask questions about their abilities, holding back a little bit until he is told it’s okay to ask. He would even ask them to demonstrate their abilities by making things around the room float.


Originally posted by softlytaejin

S/O’s Ability: Mediumship

Jin wouldn’t notice that his s/o has the ability to communicate with the dead for a very long time. Whenever he’d hear them crying out in their sleep due to being plagued by recurring memories of the deaths of those attempting to contact them, he’d assume they’re having night terrors and simply wake them up to comfort them. It isn’t until he witnesses them being possessed by a particularly malevolent spirit that he start to realise that they are suffering from more than simple nightmares and panic attacks. He’d try his best to show his support while trying to figure out what is wrong with them, not wanting to ask because he doesn’t want to make them feel uncomfortable or interrogated. When they eventually tell him they are a medium, he would immediately calm them down and tell them that he will always be there to help them through it and make sure they stay safe when they are being possessed.


Originally posted by jaayhope

S/O’s Ability: Mental Projection

Hoseok would be incredibly curious to see the new items his s/o seems to pull out of nowhere, constantly asking them where the items came from and how they got them. He would get a bit sulky whenever they respond cryptically and tease him about it, causing him to become more and more intent on finding out where they are all coming from. When he spies on his s/o, he’d be incredibly shocked to see a book he had been telling them about earlier in the day appear before them. He would ponder for days if what he saw was real and would become much more interested in his s/o’s activities, asking them repeatedly where they are going and what they will be doing to see if he can spot them doing it again. Once they’ve had enough of his constant pestering and confronts him about his behaviour, he would reluctantly reveal that he knows about their abilities and would apologise for not telling them that he knew. His s/o would sit them down for a talk to get everything out into the open and apologise in turn for not telling him sooner about what they can do. 

I had so much fun writing this up for you! :D I tried my hardest to choose abilities I felt would go well with the boy’s personalities and how I felt they would react to them~ I also really hope that this is worth the wait and that you like the abilities I had chosen for each of the member’s s/o’s ^_^ Don’t worry, these abilities are all considered to be supernatural ones as they can all be brought on by supernatural means :3 Please request again sometime, I’d love to hear what other awesome ideas you’ll have for me to try out next!


#475 Gallade

Hey all! I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I haven’t actually posted any new Pokemon in a few days because I was working on another project! But I’m back now! And the next Pokemon on my list to do are the ones requested by the winners from my giveaway a bit ago! First up is this Gallade! :D

silver-stargazing  asked:

If you're looking for prompts, maybe some Stan and Mabel bonding? Like cooking together or watching Ducktective? Hope your night's going well! <3

They’re making Stancakes :D

(Prompts closed! Thank you for sending them in- I’ll do some more tomorrow!)


“I just had the sweetest interaction with the opposite Zhin. I was playing as Maeve and I saw a Zhin spray before floating out of danger. My teammates pressed on but I followed him until we were alone, then I spray back and emoted, which he emoted back then we went our separate ways. Every time we ran into each other, we sprayed and jumped for a few seconds before leaving each other alone. I’m friends with them now :D”

- Submitted by anonymous

I’m actually really proud of how this turned out so I hope you like it!
It also sounds veeeeery similar to an encounter I had. I was recently Zhinning and saw a familiar Maeve on the enemy team. We /r messaged each other throughout the match and would generally try not to kill each other (though I’d often accidentally hit her, whoops). It was really nice. What is it between Maeves and Zhins, huh?

Made by Mod Sha Lin 🏹