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“I’m sorry, your great aunt left you how much money?” Dean asked, taking a step closer to you. You laughed, handing him the papers you’d just gone over with her attorney back in town. Dean’s already wide eyes went wider and he tapped at the paper.

“Pretty generous, right?” you asked. 

“Holy crap. This is right? This is the right amount of zeroes at the end?” Dean asked. Sam looked to him, brow furrowed in disapproval, and sent an elbow to his brother’s side.

“And we’re really sorry to hear about your aunt, Y/N,” Sam said, pointedly looking at Dean. 

“Yes. Very, very sorry to hear about that,” Dean said, clearing his throat and forcing his face into something close to contrition as he tore his eyes from the papers. You rolled your eyes and smiled, taking them back from him.

“I didn’t know her well at all,” you said with a shrug. “She kept to herself most of her life. Didn’t have much in the way of family. It sounded like she went peacefully, though.”

“Well, that’s all you can really ask for,” Dean said solemnly, reaching for the papers again. Sam hit his hand away before he could grab at them and shook his head at Dean. You turned from them with a laugh, starting down the hall for your room.

“I think we should all go out tonight and drink a toast or two to her,” you called over your shoulder with a grin. “My treat.”


Imagine Telling Sam and Dean Your Great Aunt Just Died and Left You a Fortune (requested)

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well I wanted to post this on tumblr but guess what tumblr is a piece of shit so I’m going to upload it on there through here sorry but hey if you like twenty one pilots have fun

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anonymous asked:

I loved both your deaging fics! Would you ever write one where both Dex and Nursey are deaged?

Aaaw, thank you!! :-)  I love writing them tbh, and have kinda been thinking about doing this for a lil while!

Also, idk how they got deaged this time.  Let’s just say “hockey curse”

Also also, I don’t know why they always sleep on the couch.  Someone please stop them.

Also also also, halfway through writing this it occurred to me this might not have been meant as a prompt. Oops.

Also also also also, it’s not mentioned but while writing this I kept thinking of Dex as a foster kid. Not really relevant, just thought I’d mention it :-)

Also also also also also, I totally didn’t really mean to make their childhoods sound vaguely heart-breaking (except I totally did)

Thanks for the prompt! Enjoy! :-) xxxx


Chowder stumbled down the stairs, still a little drunk from the kegster the night before, and definitely hungover.  Which would explain why he thought he was imagining the two kids on the couch. Imagined or not, he still screamed loud enough for everyone in the Haus to come running straight away.

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I haven’t drawn Elma yet, so I figured I should draw her in some comics.

Also, please don’t yell at me Cross guys, I just find it funny how almost everyone has a crush on Elma (I mean, can you really blame them)

Here’s a list of the Crosses that fell victim to these comics:

Schwarzer - @shiro-hunter

Natasha - @lilithcosa


Good afternoon. This is Secret Radio 4, and I’m Arlen Askew.

Well friends, this is it. This is…

Ach, how’s’it go, one small step for…something-or-other, one giant leap for–do you know, during the warp shuttle thingummy, I was listening to Paul McCartney, and Band on the Run played 3.2x faster than usual. Does that mean I aged 3.2x faster for the duration of that song?

Oh well. Here it is, a new star system: Sotskazhma-Kiku, home of three new planets. Though, of course, I had no idea what I was in for so I beelined it to the first space station I saw instead. Y’know, to stand up, stretch out the stilts, recalibrate Smiler’s gravity-balance sensors. Gosh, but my hands were still shaking–my entire body, just like deely-bobbers in a gale. The Rimanush, while a fine and spaceworthy vessel…I’m not sure if it was designed for that sort of existential strain. It was, after all, just a Gek trading vessel, designed for hauling sundry goods across and occasionally between planets.

So taking it for a joyride in hyperspace must’ve been akin to commandeering a shopping trolley down the M1.

Nevertheless. I alighted, thinking that the tap of my boots against some ground would relax my rattles a bit. It did, but then I noticed something quite unusual.

The doors.

The doors at this space station were not at all like the doors to which I have become accustomed. My doors are round and open from the middle.

These doors were square, painted green and opened with a single split.

Ahhhh. Love a duck. My ears turned to ice and my heart began pounding, so much, I felt the familiar automatic pinch of my Exosuit’s compensation sedative. Swallowing back my inexplicable–perhaps instinctual panic, I continued towards the Arrivals office…

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