and if you look to your left you’ll find just one of many instances where a tingle of gay feelings tugs at keith’s heart :D

yet another part of the childhood klance au but this time a bit in the past

bc lance absolutely used to coddle keith before his Denial Phase TM and i will not be convinced otherwise :D

//and y’all, i think this sketchy art style is The One for the time being. i mean, at first it was an accident but now i’m really feeling it :)  


Dear Merlin, I am telling you now, because I’m afraid that it might be too late one day if I don’t: This was the most fun I’ve ever had. You’re next to me in my life. You’re the best person in the world, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Please remember me, even when I’m not there anymore one day to pick on you, and laugh at you, and call you names. You said I made you feel special. Well, you are special. And I would spend centuries with you if I could. I fear that the universe would rip in half if we went further apart than this, but I don’t think we have a choice. It’s not fair, but none of it ever was. Whatever the future holds, though, I don’t want you to change. I want you to always be you. Let’s make it the best life we can. Love, Arthur. 

So here’s a question: the Galra commander who captures Sam, Matt, and Shiro flat out says they’re primitive and don’t know anything useful. If that’s the case, why did Zarkon order that they be interrogated by the Druids? Why was this Galra ship specifically ordered to be in the solar system? I feel like if Zarkon knew that the Blue Lion was on earth he would have gone straight there and not bothered with interrogating random humans. So was it just standard procedure? From what we’ve seen, it looks like the Druids are a pretty small group and generally busy doing evil space magic things, so why would Zarkon pull them away from the Komar experiment just to talk to some Earth hillbillies?

Basically what I’m getting at here is: Zarkon knew there was something on Earth that he needed, he just wasn’t sure what, and he probably didn’t even suspect that it was the Blue Lion or he would have gone in guns blazing a lot sooner. So who tipped him off to keep an eye on this planet, and why?

Welp, this didn’t really turn out how I liked and I kinda gave up on coloring…

But hey, I finished!

And just in time to celebrate 100 followers~! Thank you all so so much! It’s been so fun to share my love for Hunter X Hunter with everyone, and I am honestly even more excited for what the future has in store!

You all are honestly amazing! And I’ve received such amazing compliments and feedback on so many things and I’ve talked to all kinds of people since becoming a part of the HxH fandom! So thank you all~! From the bottom of my heart! <3

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do you want some earmuffs? either that or some headphones and some good loud music - (A small 3rd year hufflepuff)

James: *over some… interesting noises coming from the other room*

James: Thank you, dear god. Now please, spare yourself! You poor, innocent child.

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Great job on the Valentine's pic! I love your blog, it really helps me embrace squidbob. I feel like I've been repressing a ship I knew I felt strongly about for so long just because of potential judgement. Your blog has helped me embrace it and it's making me really happy, so thank you!



OH MY gOD ANON………… COME HERE…. PLEASE………. -HUGS YOU TIGHT- FIRST of all i am SO FLATTERED you like my blog and my art!!! thank you so much, you have no idea how much it means to me!!! it always makes me really happy when people enjoy my crap, and i want to do more for y’all. to know that i am making people happy is so encouraging, it really is.

to know that i have helped someone embrace the ship after ignoring it forever… oh my god, my heart is just soaring!! to know that you’re happy with your acceptance of it and enjoying yourself is just so wonderful!!! i’m just, oh my god, i’m so happy for you, and especially happy that i was able to aid you in this. i have many others who did the same for me with this ship and i can only thank them with all my heart… and i am SO GLAD to have passed that along to someone else!!!!

i know people can be horribly mean and awful about this ship (for some weird reason; i believe it often boils down to nostalgia for many), so i understand why you pushed it down. i honestly DID feel weird at first, while i hadn’t suppressed it out of embarrassment at first i was like “Hmm”, but i was soon convinced. then the drama came where someone made a post mocking us that went viral and it scared me… but i made sure we all stuck together because i didn’t want other people to get us down and chase us away from some weird but benign ship we loved. and i want the same for all the other squidbob fans out there – i want y’all to feel like you’re in good company and that we can all love our weird ship together. <3333 as i always say, there’s FAR stranger out there, heh.

oh man i’m so emotional i’m gonna cry omfg i’m so happy for you, you are SO WELCOME!!! please if you ever wanna talk about it i am willing always to talk about squidbob for literally ever so PLEASE come to me if you feel like it <3333333 let yourself enjoy the ship, we are all here for you!! me and everyone else in this wonderful fandom :’)))))


Tidus, please tell us about the time you were a drunken zombie pirate who teamed up with a key-wielding beach boy and his cartoony sidekicks.

    hey, my Jack Sparrow impression is good and you know it! savvy