Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Summer of Evolution

Shouhei and Kousuke came to see today’s matinee performance!!!

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Is ";A;" supposed to look like a crying face with the mouth open? Like, the dots above are the eyes, the comas below are the tears, & the capital letter "A" is the mouth?


You see it? (another one I use often HAHAHA)

Previously, what orz and OTL are

I was thinking what if Jace didn’t go to Magnus’s in 2x6 and instead moved in with Simon in the boathouse and now I feel robbed


The Ducktales & Duckverse fandoms are becoming very dear to me; I already love all the regulars to bits (you all are amazing, bless you) and I am praying like all hell other fans stay in their lane and this fandom doesn’t become riddled with toxicity the likes of which drive multiple people to suicide due to bullying over fictional characters and they’re ships & head canons of said fictional characters

screams frick out loud since i dont have a proper caption for this

call-out post

hey im not gonna show your url bc you obviously just want attention but seriously PLEASE STOP. you probably think its just a joke to annoy/scare people by posting unwanted, unwarranted NSFW drawings of them but my dude, its not a joke, its harassment. You’re not being “cool n’ savage”, you’re just being GROSS.

Music Shuffle Tag

I was tagged by @ninis-chicken-soo to do the music shuffle tag~ Thank you so much 💕💕💕💕

Rules: Shuffle your playlist and list the first 10 songs and then tag 20 people

1. That Girl by Jung Yong Hwa

2. Where U At by Royal Pirates

3. Everywhere by Lee Handeul

4. Deserve by Kris Wu (ASDFGHJKL)

5. White Noise by EXO

6. Dangerous by Big Data

7. A Good Day by Oohyo

8. Half Moon by Dean (I love this song so much)

9. Fine by Taeyeon

10. Boss by Lay

Idk 20 people, so @sunshinesungjin @wakawaka33 @ilikechimchimnuggets @22wooji

stop the random facts please
  • Intp: Enfp, do I sometimes tell random facts?
  • Intp: I'm starting to go crazy because off all these intp-posts featuring random facts™.
  • Enfp: Well maybe sometimes, but it's way worse with me.
  • Intp: That's what i thought.
  • Intp: Also, no fact should be called random.
  • Enfp:
  • Enfp: yeah... *slowly backing off*