This is the cover I designed for Alpha Chapter’s spring 2011 formals dedications book.  The message is simple–no matter what the current trend is, we always remember our history and our roots.  I’m not just talking about real world history, but also the brothers before us, what we were founded on, etc.

One of the brhos asked me who the historical figures were.  They are:

Le Loi
Lauaki Namulauulu Mamoe
Richard Aoki
Phillip Vera Cruz
Larry Itliong
Malcolm X
Yuri Kochiyama
Saigō Takamori

And of course your former eboard haha.  #KNOWHISTORY


Welcome to the best brhotherhood there is, Tau Class! And congrats to the new Lady Rhos from Era 1!

Last Friday, on April 4, 2014, 14 new gentlemen were installed into Alpha Psi Rho - CSUN Beta Chapter. Congrats, brhos! Here is the list of the newly installed Tau Class:

#80 Brian “The Phoenix” Guevarra

#81 Mansor “Vs. Wild Also Known As Puff Daddy” Kashi

#82 Arnel “The Grim Whisper” Dizon

#83 Andrew “La Media Luna” Viray

#84 Cory “Dead Fuse X” Ploadpliew

#85 Hieu “Kill ‘Em And” Nguyen

#86 Daniel “The Man Of Steel” Lee

#87 Patrick “Title Flight” Perez

#88 Raymond “Trigga Finga KTP Dub” Wang

#89 William “Triple X” Chow

#90 Charles “Studmuffin” Ibo

#91 Ryan “Pretty Boy P.” Andrus

#92 Jerome “Reverend D.K.” Cajayon

#93 John Victor “Watch The Throne” Reyes

We’d also like to welcome Era 1! The new class of Lady Rhos are as follows…

Era 1:

Brittnie Luu

Danielle Sumii

Minnie Vu

Adrienne Raval

Elise Del Rosario

Liane Nguyen

Ann Marielle Sena

Kimberly Bucad


Pictures from formals shall be posted soon, along with a link.

Congrats again, everyone! Welcome to RhoFam.


im active.

in the beta chapter of my fratenity. at cal state northridge.
i am now the fundraising and social chair for spring 2k12

this means:
ill be busy, which i love being cause it keeps me active and doing things with my life. i will have to do good in school as well as in my fraternity, so ima be pushing myself as hard as i can. i will be contacting a lot of people more about information about how to work with us and/or support us (: i will be sporting letters more and hopefully seeing my greek fam that much more.

hope im making some of you proud.
im actually really excited for school and not settling for bad grades. 


The RhoDoggs captured their 1st win of the season against Phi Delta Theta last night. They won the 1st and 3rd set of the match to come out victorious. Their record is now 1-1. Congrats again, brhos! & Thank you to everyone who came out to support, such as brhos, RhoFam, Delta Lambda Chi, and Rho Delta Chi!


 Monday - September 9th, 2013

Alpha Psi Rho 101: Get to know the brhothers of Alpha Psi Rho.

  • When: 7 pm
  • Where: Meet in front of Markstein Hall

Tuesday - September 10th, 2013

Workshop Night: Get to to know the functions of Alpha Psi Rho as a fraternity on campus.

  • When: 7 pm
  • Where: Meet in front of Markstein Hall

Wednesday - September 11th, 2013

Sports Day: Let’s show our friendly spirit of competition in a series of field games.

  • When: 5 pm
  • Where: Meet at the Caesar Chavez Circle

Thursday - September 12th, 2013

Poker Night: A fun night with the brhothers of Alpha Psi rho.

  • When: 5 pm
  • Where: Meet in front of Markstein Hall

Friday - September 13th, 2013***

Last Supper: Dinner with the brhothers of Alpha Psi Rho. Come for some good ‘ol home cooking.

  • When: 6 pm
  • Where: Meet in front of Markstein Hall



college boy.

so today is the start of the semester for me. im so excited :D
My Schedule isnt the best; but when life gives you lemons, PAINT THAT SHIT GOLD.

I am enrolled in:
History ( M/W ) 9:35 - 11:15
Philosophy ( M )  

I am also active in Beta Chapter Alpha Psi Rho holding:
Fundraising Chair
Social Chair
Public Relations


I just need a job.
Maybe a lil romance (;

someone referred to me as a typical “college/frat boy”
and i just shrugged and said im just “JOE BATIE" 

2014 Intramural Basketball Season: Recap

Last Monday, Alpha Psi Rho’s season in intramural basketball concluded. The team’s regular season record was 3-1-1, corresponding to 3 wins, 1 loss, and 1 tie.

This season’s top 3 scorers from Alpha Psi Rho included

#93 John Reyes:7.5 PPG

#51 Jate Supiping: 5.33 PPG

#48 Ralph Lim: 3.83 PPG

The team’s first game, on February 3, ended in a tie. The score was 34-34 against Pi Kappa Phi. A week later, the Rhodoggs snagged a W against Sigma Alpha Epsilon, winning 27-38. After SAE proved to be the toughest opponent against us. Omega Phi triumphed over the Rhodoggs, 20-55. However, the team bounced back and were visibly fueled with determination, winning the next two games against Kappa Sigma and Alpha Epsilon Pi, 51-34 and 37-35, respectively.

Come playoffs, the team was faced against Pi Kappa Phi yet again. The Rhodoggs faced Pi Kappa Phi in the first game of the regular season, resulting in a draw. The game was close yet again in this round. Despite the tough calls, the the Rhodoggs fell to Pi Kapps. However, the team lost with heart, score: 44-43.

The 2014 Season’s Roster involved:

  • #51 Jate Supiping
  • #48 Ralph Lim
  • #84 Cory Ploadpliew
  • #92 Jerome Cajayon
  • #80 Brian Guevarra
  • #87 Patrick-Raphael Perez
  • #93 John Reyes
  • #83 Andrew Viray
  • #82 Arnel Dizon
  • Jonathan Lopez
  • Carlos Maciel

Thank you to everyone who came out to our games! We appreciate the support, and look forward to seeing ya’ll during Volleyball season! Volleyball season for intramurals starts on March 24. See you then!

Source for stats/information:


Kent State University Zetas and SG Rho’s strolling at the Focus on the Future Cookout.



I’ve been working on my bedroom for a long time, and I’m happy to see it all come together. I love how everything in this room represents a part of my personality.

The flags and posters obviously show my music taste. I’ve been a pop-punk kid since I was practically 10 years old. All my favorite bands are hanging on the walls. My two favorite bands, Sum 41 and Knuckle Puck, are next to my bed. My electric guitar is here, hanging on the well next to the leather couch. Underneath it is my little 15w amp that I use to just mess around and practice. I also have an acoustic guitar (courtesy of my cousins) resting in front of the Real Friends flag. I also like to sing, and I’ve been a singer ever since I was born. On my computer desk is a USB mic that I just recently got. You can say music is a BIG part of my life.

I have different Alpha Psi Rho artifacts in the room. I pledged for APsiRho two years ago and it has become a big part of my life ever since. The bin covers from my care packages are hanging between the door and the Knuckle Puck flag, I have a little stiched pillow on my dresser, the towel on my barstool is from my big sis, and I have letters from my SB folded and stashed behind my camp caps.

Speaking of those caps, I feel like that part of the room represents my fashion taste. I’m still a hypebeast at heart who wears Levi skinnies and rocks Supreme & Stussy. Underneath my bed is a little cubby with all my shoes. I pretty much only wear Vans, but I do have a couple pairs of New Balances there too.

I was a two time spelling bee winner back in elementary school, so that explains the trophies on top of the dresser next to my bed. The medals and plaque were stuff I got in middle school. My senior portrait is hiding behind my little AYP pillow, haha.

All my video games are located where the TV is. My Xbox, PS2, and Wii are there. If you knew me when I was younger, I was HUGE on video games. I don’t play console games that often anymore, as I gradually switched over to PC gaming. But I still fire up some of my old video games every now and then.

Lastly, and this part is kind of hard to see in the pictures, but I have a mini workout set in between the barstool and my bed. There are a few weights, a pull up bar, and a yoga mat. Back in high school, I did a lot of P90X. Tony Horton is one of my idols.It works out (hehe) great because I have plenty of space in the middle of my room. I recently picked it back up again and am on my third month of P90X3!

As you can tell, my room means a lot to me. It’s honestly my little safe haven from the rest of the world. I love coming back home after a long day, starting up Spotify & turning the volume up, and chilling here. It’s a great, warm feeling that can’t be replaced.