My LCS celebrated its 3rd year anniversary today and Riley Rossmo and Fiona Staples were there signing and doing sketches. So, I got a sketch of the Stalk from Riley and a sketch of Special Agent Gale from Fiona!
You should check out their fantastic comics Drumhellar and Saga if you haven’t already!!

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A fan comic based on the popular RPGmaker game OFF by the awesome Mortis Ghost - tumblr/DA/twitter and his team Unproductive Fun Time.

hmmmmm….. i might redo a couple parts of this page. the more i look at it the more i don’t like some of it anymore :/

but anyway some more spooky ghosties. :3

Late one Night...

I’m obviously oversimplifying the conversation, but goddam it Ti users. Yes, this really happened, too.

Betcha didn’t know I could draw, didya? Not gonna let you forget so easily that I’m an animation major. But this took maybe 45 minutes or so, so you know, nothing fancy.

Don’t expect these regularly though, even though MBTI comics would be fun I just don’t have time right now. Just wanted to get one out of my system real quick before going back to the daily grind. :P I really shouldn’t have, it’s barely the weekend and my wrist is still sore. :’D

(Yes, I do look like a 15 year old boy with an engagement ring. It’s weird. I need a haircut. -Alpha)

TIGER LAWYER #1 In Select Stores!

Good news, everyone!

Tomorrow’s a big day, what with Hell Yeah #4 (featuring the first Tiger Lawyer back-up) and Tiger Lawyer #2 being released. You can still get copies of Tiger Lawyer #1 through our online store, but now you can head to a local shoppe and find it!

Starting tomorrow, Wednesday June 17th, copies of Tiger Lawyer #1 will be available in print at Alpha Comics in Calgary, and Happy Harbor Comics and Warp 1 Comics in Edmonton.

We’re working on getting TL in as many stores as possible, so hang tight. If you’re a retailer interested in stocking the book, fire me an email and let me know - ferrier . ryan at gmail . com. In the meantime, check out the online store.

Here’s some great, great people with our little book. Thank you so much!

And if you do happen upon a copy of Tiger Lawyer #1, snap a pic with it and mail it over and we’ll put your precious mug up on the site.

Hey everyone, I’m doing my first comic signing! I’ll be at the wonderful Alpha Comics in Calgary, to sell/sign copies of my comic book The Brothers James #1 (art by Michael Walsh). I’ll also have advance copies of The Brothers James #2 (art by Brian Level).

I’ll be at Alpha on March 9 from 12-3pm.

Local artists come to the rescue of robbed comic store
Members of a group for local comic creators are rallying to support a shop that was broken into last week.

So a lot of you may have heard about this already, but Alpha comics was broken into after the Artist Challenge last week, so a bunch of local comic artists and writers will be at Alpha Comics all afternoon on Saturday to help fun raise!

Yours truly will be there doing up sketches of whatever your hearts desire, and I plan on being there until closing. If you can’t buy a sketch, then help out Chris by picking up some comics for your collection! Chris is one of the best comic store owners out there and we’ll be there to support him!

Our wonderful friend Alpha Comics, Calgary’s kick-ass retailer of fine comic books, posted this pic on twitter today. Representing Tiger Lawyer, and looking great!

Many thanks to Alpha for their constant support of our little book. If you’re in Calgary, or just passing through, make Alpha Comics a must-visit. And, as the picture shows, they are in-stock of Tiger Lawyer #1 and #2!