Melbourne Magicals: Job Hunting With Penelope

Penelope quit, mostly to avoid giving anybody the satisfaction of firing her.

“I’m sick of the continent,” she declared to Aloysius via her tablet that evening while tucking into her dinner: a bottle of Hat-Tricks Estate, old and red and very expensive. It was her new diet plan: red wine, green vegetables, steamed fish. Penelope didn’t like fish or greens, so at this point it was mostly just wine and… wine.

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  • Me as a kid: When I'm a teenager I'm going to hang out with friends all of the time and go to parties and date a lot of boys and I'm going to be so popular
  • Me as a teenager: *practices the five movements from The OA alone in my bedroom*

“I hope you know I’ve always thought of you, well, all of you as collaborators but you most of all, I like to think of as a partner” 

“You’ll always be the girl willing to risk everything for the chance to achieve something extraordinary”  - HAP The OA 1x06 

“I can’t, I don’t want to I am not your lab partner I am not your friend I am your slave” 

“And he’s in the car and he’s so… fast. I run to get him… I can’t catch him… I… really run so hard but I can’t catch him and I scream : Come back !”  - OA 1x06, 1x07

  • Jack Thompson: I brought reinforcements.
  • Daniel Sousa: So, did you bring Peggy?
  • Jack Thompson: Umm... no. I brought the next best thing.
  • Samberly: Hey.
  • Daniel Sousa: Samberly? You brought Samberly!? The next best thing would have been Rose!
  • Samberly: Normally, I'd be offended, but Rose is freakishly strong.