• Me as a kid: When I'm a teenager I'm going to hang out with friends all of the time and go to parties and date a lot of boys and I'm going to be so popular
  • Me as a teenager: *practices the five movements from The OA alone in my bedroom*

katherinelucius said: It was said that the Satyr in London was killed by Nephilim. Will we ever know exactly who did it?

Yes, Hypatia drops that point in Lord of Shadows, mostly to make everyone feel awkward. But it’s no secret if you’ve read Clockwork Princess closely. :)

excerpt one from CP2:

..Sallows looked up peevishly as the shop bell tinkled, warning of the opening of the door, and he frowned. He thought he had locked it. “Back again, Nephilim?” he snapped. “Decided to throw me into the river not once but twice? I’ll have you know I have powerful friends—”

 “I don’t doubt you do, trickster.” The tall, hooded figure in the entryway reached around and pulled the door shut behind him. “And I am very interested in learning more about them.” A cold iron blade flashed in the dimness, and the satyr’s eyes widened in fear. “I have some questions to ask you,” said the man in the doorway. “And I wouldn’t try to run if I were you. Not if you want to keep your fingers attached to your body… .”

excerpt two:

 Charlotte did not rise from her desk. Starkweather looked much as he had the last time she had seen him. … “Please be seated, Mr. Starkweather,” said Charlotte as courteously as she could to someone who she knew disliked her, and had hated her father. But he did not sit down. His hands were locked behind his back, and as he turned, surveying the room around him, Charlotte saw with a flash of alarm that one of the cuffs of his jacket was splattered with blood.
“Mr. Starkweather,” she said, and now she did rise. “Are you hurt? Should I summon the Brothers?” 

“Hurt?” he barked out. “Why would I be hurt?” 

“Your sleeve.” She pointed. 

He drew his arm away and gazed at it before huffing out a laugh. 

“Not my blood,” he said. “I was in a fight, earlier. He took objection…” 

“Took objection to what?” 

“To my cutting off all his fingers and then slitting his throat,” said Starkweather, meeting her eyes. His own were gray-black, the color of stone.

“Aloysius.” Charlotte forgot to be polite. “The Accords forbid unproved attacks on Downworlders.” 

“Unprovoked? I’d say this was provoked. His folk murdered my granddaughter. My daughter nearly died of grief. The house of Starkweather destroyed—”

Starkweather killed Sallows (Charlotte knows immediately that he killed a Downworlder, and it’s unlikely that there was more than one Nephilim wandering around London cutting the fingers off Downworlders that day) and had no remorse about it. He was a jerk.


“I hope you know I’ve always thought of you, well, all of you as collaborators but you most of all, I like to think of as a partner” 

“You’ll always be the girl willing to risk everything for the chance to achieve something extraordinary”  - HAP The OA 1x06 

“I can’t, I don’t want to I am not your lab partner I am not your friend I am your slave” 

“And he’s in the car and he’s so… fast. I run to get him… I can’t catch him… I… really run so hard but I can’t catch him and I scream : Come back !”  - OA 1x06, 1x07