Alma Georgia


More Art Monday: Women’s Equality Day   

Tomorrow is Women’s Equality Day. Let’s celebrate girl power with some of our favorite female artists from our collection!

Night Sea,” 1977, Edna Andrade, American

Birch and Pine Tree No. 1,” 1925, Georgia O’Keeffe, American

Banisteriopsis - Dark Ink,” 1968-94, Sheila Hicks, American

Hydrangeas Spring Song,” 1976, Alma Thomas, American

savant, From the series An Unpeopled Land in Uncharted Waters,” 2010, Kara Walker, American

Keeping the peace in Alma

“Placing high again in home town contest was no accident as Alma citizens carried out more improvements. A new police car was added to the city’s law enforcement equipment. (File) 1954” Alma’s new police car was a Ford Mainline. It was manufactured from 1952 to 1956. Alma is in Bacon County in southeast Georgia, well below Macon and north of Waycross. The town is named for the wife of a traveling salesman who happened to pass through at just the right time.

Photo courtesy of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.