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French Girls | Shawn Mendes Imagine

A/U: I guess this is what I call a fucking blurb. HAAH OKAY . Also shout out to @nobravery for helping me with all this French!! 

Word Count: 2,918

Songs:   From Gold - Nova Amor (Shawn’s) & La vie en rose - Édith Piaf (Her’s) 

“Your music taste is so… nice.” I said as I crossed my legs on Shawn’s bed.

It was late in the evening and it was dark already outside. Shawn’s window was cracked open and I could hear crickets between song changes.

“You don’t sound confident in that statement,” Shawn said smiling as he stood up from this dresser that had his average sound system on top.

I smiled nervously. “No, no. I do mean it, it just that it’s a little different from mine, but I still really like it.”

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Touch Me?

hey guys! i haven’t been the most active recently bc school but here’s a quick little bullet scenario that came to mind like 15 mins ago. enjoy~~~~

also this is to prove my loyalty @smols-n-tols also a slight happier fic as an apology to @simplicitwannaone,,,,,,she proofread one of my fics

  • We Got Married, the show that spawned a thousand ships and fifty billion heart-fluttering moments
  • It also happened to be the show you will be appearing on with another person
  • So it was an understatement when you told the production crew you were nervous
  • They led you into a dark room, sitting you down before leaving you by yourself in the dark
  • You were instructed to stay quiet, so you sat by yourself in the dark for a good five minutes before you heard someone’s footsteps
  • “You are now allowed to talk, but you cannot ask each other for their identity” the production crew said
  • “U-uh, hi,” you started, cheeks already growing red, “where are you?”
  • “Here” your partner replied
  • You moved your hand forward and it landed on someone’s thigh
  • “I-I’m so sorry”
  • “Oh, n-no it’s fine. I guess you need to find out who I am right so just,,,,,touch me?”
  • Thank god the room was dark
  • You moved your hand upwards a bit before retracting it, “Are you sure?”
  • “Yeah, it’s fine” he says, a bit breathless
  • You lean yourself forward now, and your hand finds purchase at the end of his shirt
  • Trailing your hand lightly up his abdomen, you felt his breath hitch
  • “Are you alright?” 
  • “Y-yeah, I’m fine”
  • “So,,,,,what do you do?” you ask, your hands now at his chest
  • “I’m a singer” he replies, clearing his throat a bit
  • “Really? So am I!” you exclaim, hands tracing his collarbone now, moving up his neck
  • “What kind of music do you sing?” he asks, his voice catching when he feels your fingers running against his bare skin
  • “I’m an idol, so whatever my company tells me” you say, laughing a little bit at your joke
  • He laughed too, and you felt your heart skip a beat at the sound
  • “Yeah, I’m just doing what my company wants right now.”
  • “Which is?” you ask, hands pausing on his neck
  • “Sing, dance, go on variety shows. I’m not really allowed to talk about my friends because my fans would tear me apart.”
  • “Oh” you let out quietly, cupping his cheeks at this point. Your cheeks were bright scarlet by now
  • Your thumb moved slowly against his cheeks, making comforting circles into his skin
  • “Yeah, I miss them a lot, but if I mention them, it’s like I’m unloyal to my group”
  • “It’ll be okay,” you said, pausing your movements, “I’m pretty sure your friends understand”
  • You moved your hands a bit, your thumb tracing his nose, running lightly over his lips
  • Suddenly you felt his hand wrap around your wrist, pulling your hand towards his lips
  • He pressed a kiss against your palm
  • “You’re the first person I’ve told that to,” he murmured against your skin, “thank you for listening”
  • Yeah, you were gone at this point
  • “O-oh, it’s r-really not a big d-deal”
  • You were such a blushy stuttering mess
  • He found it really cute tho don’t worry 
  • “No, it really means a lot to me, thank you”
  • “Well, I’m your w-wife now. It’s my job to be your support.”
  • wOW who knew you had such cheesiness in you
  • He places your hand against his cheek, so you could feel him smile
  • “I’m thankful to have a wife like you, Y/N”
  • Hear that? It’s your heart beating a million miles per hour
  • The lights suddenly turned on, and you found yourself sitting face to face with Minhyun
  • Your eyes widened a bit in shock, and you tried to pull your hand back
  • Minhyun interlocked his fingers with yours instead of letting you go, sending you a sweet smile too
  • Yup, you were done for

We all know Minhyun would be a mess if this actually happened lmao 

Missing Pages (Part 5)

Summary: You had three rules 1. Don’t fall in love with your patient 2. Don’t fall in love with your patient and 3. Do not fall in love with your patient but you weren’t very good at following rules.

Word Count: 1411

Warnings: swearing maybe?,

A/N: let me know what you think, also my birthday on wednesday

Part 4

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I Don’t Even Know Your Name: Part Four

Request:  Can you do a request where y/n is a singer and she isn’t that famous but Shawn is like enamored by her and he sorta brings her to fame and she’s super shy and idk fluffy ending with some fluffy kisses????

A/N: If you manage to catch the Paramore reference in this, I will absolutely love you forever.

 Part Three - Part Five

Shawn had played for thousands of people in stadiums every night, but nothing compared to how much of a nervous wreck he was when he stood in the almost vacant airport. He really didn’t know how long it had been since he took his initial seat in those uncomfortable chairs that were too small for his huge body, but it was long enough for the people walking by to give him a look of pity. Every time the intercom rang loud and clear, his heart gave a great leap, only to hear that there was no mention of her flight. All he knew was it got delayed, but he didn’t know how much.

His fingers were going raw from twisting and fumbling his ring so much and his leg wouldn’t stop bobbing up and down. The option of taking a nap was definitely open. After all, tons of other people who were in the same position as him were slumped against the walls and laying across benches, but he couldn’t bring himself to.

A month ago he had stayed up all night on the phone with her, planning everything out to the last detail. How she would take the latest flight possible so she could arrive there before the sun had even risen to avoid being seen. How she would stay at his place. How she would stay for a week. A whole week. “You can’t go through that long ass flight to only stay for less than five days,” he insisted. “Don’t worry, I don’t bite.”

That only felt like a few days ago and here he was now, waiting to see her for the first time, so how the hell was he supposed to take a nap?

Tired of helplessly sitting there, Shawn slowly rose from his seat, ass sore from sitting so long, and slumped over to one of the few food shops that were open. He scanned over all the things on display and, of course, opted for a muffin. It was probably one of the few things that could keep him sane while he was stuck there for who knows how much longer.

“Long night?” a voice called out to him. Shawn’s head snapped up and he cluelessly looked around the room until his eyes landed on an old lady behind the cashier. She looked at him with kind but worn out eyes as she slowly wiped down the counters. If there was anyone in the room that looked more exhausted than him, it was definitely her. It was impressive that she was still capable to work so late judging by her gray hair and wrinkled cheeks.

He flashed her a small smile while handing her the baked good and a bottle of water. “Yeah, my friend’s flight was delayed, so I don’t know when she’ll get here.” The woman gave him a look of sympathy before scanning the items. “Rough work day?”

She gave him a look that spoke for itself. “You have no idea, honey. There was a family of ten that couldn’t make up their damn minds. They held the line up for a good eight minutes, screaming children and everything! Don’t get me started on this one young girl too. She had the most complicated coffee order I have ever heard. What does she think this is? A five-star brewery? You’re in an airport for Christ’s sake!”

Shawn was greatly amused at her sudden outburst, but he was grateful for it. He needed something else to do besides wait, so he stood there listening to her long after she had already handed him his food. “And then I have to close, which will probably take an hour considering how all those children I have to work with don’t know how to clean up after their shift. Ridiculous this is!” she finished. At this point, she was breathing heavily and Shawn was afraid that she was going to faint.

He took a look at the space behind her. Napkins were strewn everywhere and nothing was in the right place. It was probably a busy day. “Let me help,” he offered, placing his oh-so-tempting muffin and water behind the register.

The lady looked at him with a soft smile on her face. She swatted him away with her hand before telling him, “That’s very sweet of you, but it’s alright. I’ll manage.”

Shawn leaned his palms against the cool countertops. “Please? I honestly don’t have anything else to do and I’ve already been waiting for over three hours.” She was impressed with his persistence. Meeting a young man, or young anyone, like him that had the heart to even offer their help at something like this was rare for her.

“Throw all the napkins away and put everything back in its place. It honestly doesn’t matter where, as long as it looks neat. I’ll do the dishes,” she said in a tone that reminded him of his mother. She handed him a trash can as he hopped over the counter and immediately went to work. “Tell me about this girl of yours,” the lady smiled at him. “I need to hear something other than complaining today.”

This girl of yours. If only she knew how much he wished that were true. “Uh, she’s not really my girl. We’re just friends,” he chuckled, trying to hide the disappointment that wavered in his voice. “But she’s a medical student. She would much rather study music full-time though. She hates medical school, but her parents were always against it because they don’t see it as a stable enough career. They’re the ones who are helping her pay for school, so she can’t do what she wants right now,” he could feel his blood pressure rise a little. “It’s all just absolute bullshit, sorry, because she’s an amazing writer and music makes her very happy, which is what her parents should care about above anything else.”

He remembered how she had called him in the middle of the night beyond pissed after getting into another argument with them about her future, but he didn’t care. He would much rather talk to her for hours.

“It’s always been like this. They only allowed me to join the fucking orchestra because it looked good on applications, and not because I actually enjoyed it. They can’t get it through their boring-conference-meetings-and-paperwork filled heads. But you can, only you,” she had fumed into the late hours of the night and even though he knew how furious she was, and believe him, he was too, he couldn’t help but smile at the last bit.

“Her favorite time of day is seven o’clock at night because she gets to come home and make music in her underwear. She prefers tea over coffee, but if she does have it, she likes it dark and she’s more creative when it’s raining outside, so she always puts on those ASMR videos if it’s not already.”

He took a moment to pause, but the lady had beaten him to it. “You like her, don’t you?” The question caught him off guard. She was looking at him intently.

“Y-yeah, I do. For a while now, uh, actually,” he mumbled, trying to get rid of the lump in his throat. Shawn had never verbally admitted it and, now that he did, it felt like everything was falling into place.

“Well, honey, I’ll tell you this. Don’t let her slip away,” she simply said. Shawn’s mind immediately thought of Zubin’s words. The universe was giving him all the signs, but his nervous ass won’t take them. But having her visit was a start, right?

Just when Shawn had opened his mouth to reply the intercom echoed throughout the quiet airport, making it sound twice as loud. “Flight 758 has just landed.” Shawn was about to ignore it for another false alarm until the number rang through his head, making him fully stand up. That was her.

The lady handed him his water bottle and muffin while giving him a hug of encouragement. “Go get her.”

Looking at the lady with hopeful eyes, Shawn slipped back over the counter and waved at her before turning away to rush back to the gate. When he arrived, passengers were already starting to trickle out from the tunnel. Most of them looked pissed off, and it wasn’t until a family with a crying baby emerged that he understood why.

A few minutes passed and she still hadn’t come out. He was starting to second guess himself. What if he was at the wrong place? He looked up at the sign: Gate C24, Flight 758. That was what her text message has said.

He was about to take a seat on the bench near by until his eyes found her. She easily stood out from the rest of the exhausted, post flight crowd. A smile was on her face as she scanned the room in her quirky, bright colored clothing. She was even more intoxicating in person.

Her eyes landed on his and they stared at each other far longer than they should have. Then she started running. It took him a few seconds to realize that she was running to him. They were both smiling wide when they finally crashed into each other. Shawn’s long arms wrapped around her body and her’s held on tight at his waist. It felt as if they’ve hugged countless of other times before and despite how nervous the both of them were, a sense of familiarity had come over.

“What’s up, Mendes,” she giggled, the one that he had heard over the phone thousands of times, but it was even better witnessing the real thing.

He looked down at her. The smile on his face never faltered, “Nothing much, just meeting you for the first time.” He looked down at her and noticed all the things that he couldn’t have spotted on his phone screen. The little scar near her eyebrow and the tiny beauty marks scattered about her cheeks and underneath her eyes, which only made him fall for her more. “This is way better than FaceTiming. You’re not just little pixels anymore.”

She laughed again and Shawn might’ve forgotten how to breathe. He was going to be able to hear that for the next week, a whole week of her.

“And you’re not just typed out words anymore,” she mumbled into his chest. It had finally clicked in his mind that she was squeezing him tighter as if she was going to fall if she let go. His heart was racing when he pulled her closer and he wondered if she could tell. Hell, she probably could. It was practically trying to leap out of his chest.

He looked around and saw that the two of them were the only ones left by the gate. “I would rather stand here and hug all night, but I don’t think we should leave your luggage at the baggage claim,” he chuckled. She slowly let her arms fall to her sides as she turned her head to the side, desperately trying to hide how flustered she was, which was a failed attempt because Shawn was watching her every move. But what she couldn’t see was the tint of pink that had taken over his own face too.

“My place is literally just the size of your living room and kitchen,” she awed out, moving in a full circle with her bass guitar case in hand. “Just bring your bass, you can borrow one of my guitars,” he had told her over FaceTime. That was another thing, she could play bass, which he thought was the most badass thing he had ever heard.

Shawn watched as she marveled at the condo, muttering to herself. He noticed that she talked to herself very often back when they first started talking, but he never mentioned it because he was afraid she would become embarrassed by it and end up trying to break the habit. On the contrary, he thought it was adorable.

She was about to tell him how comfortable his couch looked until her eyes finally noticed the view of the CN tower. “Woah,” she had whispered, thinking that if her voice rose any higher she could break something that was definitely more expensive than it appeared to be.

Shawn smiled at her as he gently grabbed her hand to lead her out onto the balcony. She was looking at the tower in all of its breath taking glory with her eyes twinkling, but Shawn wasn’t looking at the view. He was looking at her.

Neither of them knew how long they were standing out there, but it was long enough to know that it had drastically gotten colder, making them head inside. “How’s home?” he said while splitting half of his muffin with her, never in his life did he ever think he would do that for someone, but she was the only exception.

She leaned back on the couch, letting her muscles cry out in relief. “It’s…good.” Hearing her hesitation, Shawn looked at her with his eyebrows scrunched together in confusion. She turned her head to face him and let out a chuckle. “Well…”

“Please don’t tell me you did something stupid,” Shawn groaned out. “It didn’t end well last time.”

“I know it didn’t,” she retorted, nibbling on her muffin. “But I think you’ll be very proud of me.”

“Will I actually?” he joked. She playfully slapped his arm.

“I dropped out of medical school you jackass.” Shawn’s jaw had dropped to the floor and he stared at her, trying to find any signs of lying, but he had come up empty handed.

“A-are you serious?”

“Yeah, last week,” she grinned. “And I’m already feeling like myself again.” He was in disbelief. She talked about quitting quite often, but he never thought she could actually bring herself up to it with her parents and all.

“That’s amazing, seriously,” he gawked at her, smiling as wildly as her. He was the one who always encouraged her late at night. “After all, when those people are dead and you’re left with years of putting effort into something you never cared about in the first place, what’s the point?” he had told her.

“The only thing I have to do is tell my parents,” she mumbled under her breath.

He sat up and shook his head, trying to wrap his mind over the whole ordeal. “Wait, wait, wait. You haven’t told them?” She clenched her teeth together while slowly raising her shoulders. He muttered her name softly over and over again, putting his head into his hands.

“Shawn, it’s not as bad as it looks. They’re covering the tuition and half of the apartment, so as long as they never find out, I’ll have my head above the water,” she said quickly. “I’m planning on taking the rest of the year off and, when the time comes, I’ll apply to study music with the money.”

Shawn set his gaze back onto hers and let out a deep breath. “I just don’t want you to get stuck.” She wasn’t aware of how worried he was.

“I’ll be fine, just gotta hold on,” she gently said. Exhaustion was hitting her hard as she lazily smiled at him.

“C’mon, let’s get you to bed. We have a kick ass writing session awaiting us tomorrow,” Shawn yawned as he slowly pulled her up and led her down the hallway. By the time she was under the covers in the guest bedroom, she was too deep into her drowsiness to notice that Shawn had lightly pressed a kiss on her forehead before he silently shut the door behind him.

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Imagine that we’re kids in school together, and I start a rumour that you’re secretly a dog who’s been surgically altered to look like a human being.

“Sam’s a dog”, I tell everyone.  "Sam’s not a person.“

(For the purposes of this exercise, we’ll assume your name is Sam.  It can be short for Samuel or Samantha or whatever you like.)

And perhaps you go along with it at first.  It’s fun.  Sure, the doctors trained you to walk upwards.  Sure, your age is actually your age times seven.  Sure, there’s a scar on your lower back (upper butt!) where you used to have a tail, but no, you can’t see it.

And perhaps at recess the other kids will tell you to sit, and you sit.  The other kids will throw sticks, and you go get them.  It’s fun.

And then one day at lunch, I take your Reese’s peanut butter cup away.  "Dogs shouldn’t have chocolate”, I inform you, with my mouth full.  You say nothing.

The next day, I take your Skittles.  When you complain that Skittles don’t have chocolate in them, I calmly inform you that dogs can’t own property, so really, none of your lunch is yours at all.

I sing a little song about it.  Sam’s a dog.  Sam’s not a person.  The other kids join in.

You slap me in the face.  There’s a fight.

In the office, the principal asks who started the fight.  The story - corroborated by multiple witnesses - is that I took a few pieces of candy from you and sang a silly song, and you hit me first.  I go back to class, you’re suspended for three days.

As you’re leaving, you hear the principal mutter “certainly acts like an animal…”

You start hearing people outside of class - people who don’t even go to our school - singing the song I made up.  Sam’s a dog.  Sam’s not a person.  People are singing it in the streets.  A kid you don’t know runs up to you and asks if you pee on fire hydrants.

Someone threw a can at you from a moving vehicle.  As it drove away, you heard them making barking noises.

People start taking your possessions - little stuff at first.  Pens.  Paper.  Books.  Your bike.  Your shoes.

Sam’s not a person, therefore Sam can’t really own property.

Sam’s not a person, therefore hitting Sam isn’t really assault.

Sam’s not a person, therefore if Sam were to be killed, it would be, at most, animal cruelty - not murder.

By the time you get to high school, it’s common knowledge all throughout town.  Moreover, since you’re clearly genetically related to them, your whole family must be dogs too.  Your grandfather gets called a “mutt” at the grocery store.  Your seven-year-old cousin has his candy stolen by his classmates.  The children all sing the song I wrote.

And then your mom dies.

She was walking home with groceries when a group of teenagers surrounded her and started making barking noises, throwing things, snatching at her.  She had to abandon the groceries and walk, then jog, then run away.  She fell - no one’s sure how - and hit her head on a concrete pylon.  Multiple times.

You sit in court and look at the teenagers in their best suits.  They’re doing their best to look innocent and sad.  The judge rules your mother’s death was her own fault.  She shouldn’t have been running in an area with concrete pylons.  She should have watched where she was going.

As the teenagers celebrate, the judge comments that he shouldn’t have to have his time wasted every time a stray animal has an accident.

You start to take action.  You spend your own money to make signs, posting them all around town, showing your face, showing that you’re a human being.  You buy time on the local radio station, and record an ad saying how you ARE a person, and you DO have rights and you CAN own property.

You see one of your signs spraypainted with “SAM’S NOT A PERSON”.  You tear it down.

You go on TV, showing your clearly human genealogical tree going back eight generations.  You show how you don’t actually have a scar on your lower back.  You submit to a cheek swab, a blood test, it all shows you’re 100% human.

You tune in to see the segment, and in the middle of it, there’s an ad I’ve paid for.  I talk vaguely about HUMAN rights and HUMAN values over swelling string music.  The tune is familiar.  You’ve heard me use it before.

You take me to court.

I argue that my ad doesn’t hurt you in any way, and that I have a right to free speech.  You spend thousands of your own money on lawyers who argue and fight and appeal their way upwards.

On the twenty-third day of legal proceedings, you come home and someone’s spraypainted “S.A.D. S.N.A.P.” on your front door.  The cops tell you it must just be random graffiti from some punk kids.  Y'know, “sad snap”.  Like “oh snap”.  Kids say that, right?

You clean your door.

The “SNAP” graffiti is back the next day.

After years of fighting, you get all the way up to the Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court confirms that you are, indeed, a human being.  The Supreme Court confirms that my ad should not be aired any more.  There is no penalty to me other than that, and you’re out thousands of dollars, but you still celebrate that night like you won the lottery.

Years go by.

It is the law of the land that you are a human being and entitled to all the protections of the law.  No one takes your possessions.  No one throws things at you.  You do, occasionally, get the stinkeye from random people.  You do, occasionally, hear my tune hummed just out of the range of your hearing.  But you know they can’t hurt you.  You are, legally, human.

I’m running for mayor.

You find yourself in the audience for one of my speeches.  I give a very good speech.  I talk about repairing the streets.  I talk about cleaning up the trash.  I talk about lowering taxes and incentivizing small businesses.  I talk about increasing property values.

I see you in the crowd and make eye contact.

I talk about improving the quality of life for all the HUMANS who live in this city.

I casually snap my fingers.

The people around you chuckle a little bit.

You flip me off.

“Why, Sam!”, I exclaim, “whatever did I do to merit such hostility from you?”


“It’s just a hand gesture, just a little noise.  It can’t hurt you.”


“Kids say ‘oh snap!’, right?  It’s cool!  I’m a very cool person.”


“Lots of songs have snapping in them.  I like music.  Don’t you like music?  Or, perhaps, you’re allowed to snap along to songs and I’m not, is that the rule?”


“I mean, come on!  Why does everything have to be so politically correct?  Why do you have such thin skin?  Can’t you take a joke?”


“You seem to be really getting mad.  You’re getting a little hot… under the collar.”


“Aren’t you, Sam?”












faith-in-you-forever  asked:

Dear Carrie ;) Firstly, you are my biggest inspiration and you are amazing :) Secondly, I love your video, "to my 16 year old self", I really relate to the advice you give and I find that truly inspirational. Now my question is, what do you do to make yourself fell better when you feel down about yourself? I tend to always feel terrible even though I know I shoudn't. Thank you so much <3 <3


The best people go through self loathing sessions. I know some seriously talented, beautiful people, all of whom, at one time or another I’ve had to be their shoulder to cry on while they listed all the things they thought were wrong about themselves. When I feel crap about myself I start listing in my head all the things I’ve done in my life that I’m proud of. From silly things to big things. Give yourself a little pep talk in your head and don’t be afraid to be big headed. Inflate your own ego for a while just to make yourself feel better. As long as it’s in your own head and you’re not sat on a train boasting your greatness to the passengers through a loudhailer, it’s allowed! I also find putting on music and dancing in my PJ’s makes me feel good. Also, reach out! Talk to the people you love and who love you. Nothing feels like more of a relief than when you timidly explain how you feel and someone who you’d never have expected to says “OMG ME TOO!”. It’s always nice to know you’re not alone. 

Hope you start feeling better soon! :) 


You two have different musical tastes and you're teasing each other (4/4)

Anon asked:can you do a 4/4 blurb where you two have different music tastes and he always teases you about it and you tease him about his but you grow to love the other style



I think Ashton would be quite giggly about it. Like when you were listening to you iPod, he’d sit and laugh about it and finally when you get annoyed and ask him why he was laughing, he’d say something like “I cannot believe I like a girl who listens to this!” And you’d ask him to show you his iPod and he’d be very proud of his music so when you start laughing at it, he’d be like “WHAT?!” But instead of sounding offending, he’d sound kind of fascinated when you say “And I can’t believe I like a boy who listens to this!” Both of you would laugh about it for a while until he finally gives in and says “Fine. Share your earphones with me. Let’s see what you find SO AMAZING about this” and you two would just cuddle and listen to all your favourite songs together over and over until he finally agreed that you liked good music.


Calum would be very stubborn when you ask him to listen to your iPod with you. He’d be like “No way. There is no way I will listen to that” and he’d furrow his eyebrows and stick his tongue out at you. You’d have to tell him how to listen to his iPod when you two are falling asleep every night even though you really don’t like that music and he’d be shocked because he thinks that you loved his music. You’d say something like “I don’t really want to listen to Chris Brown when I’m falling asleep, you idiot!” and punch his arm. “And because I’ve been doing that for months now please Caaaaaaaaalum!” You’d whine and keep nudging him until he finally gives in. You two would listen to a few songs and he’d just say “Meh.. They’re okay..” But then you’ll catch him humming your songs the next day and you’ll purse your lips, trying not to laugh when Calum says “What? My girlfriend listens to some pretty good music!”


You would probably be in your car driving somewhere and you’d turn on the radio and your favourite song would be on so you’d start singing really loudly and Michael would yell over you, “IS THIS REALLY YOUR FAVOURITE SONG?!?” and you’d nod excitedly and continue singing. Once you’re done you’ll be like “And it’s not yours?!” He’d shake his head and say “No because I actually like good music” And you’d say “Come on, Michael. You’re in a band. THIS is good music!” You two would get into a little argument and you’d have to pull over and say something like “Okay. I’m driving so I get to pick music. And we are listening to this” You’d bring out your iPod and play your favourite songs for the rest of the car ride. When you finally get home, Michael would say, “So I don’t like your music but I love you so I think I can forgive your music. For you.” And you’d narrow your eyes because you knew he liked at least 2 songs and you’d just stare at him until he bursts out laughing and says “FINE OKAY? YOU GOT ME! I LIKED IT! I LIKED IT!” And he’d kiss your cheek and whisper “And I still love you” into your ear and kiss you again.



I think Luke would be a little secretive about his music, like he wouldn’t be willing to share it much. So one day when he finally decides to play his favourite playlist out for you, and you didn’t really like it much, he’d go into major sulk mode. He’d just shrug when you tried to talk to him and give you one word answers. “Fine, Luke. Give me your iPod. I’ll listen to your music. There’ll be something in there that I’ll like” He’d just shake his head and say “No it’s fine. You are allowed to have your ideas of what’s good music” He’d pout and continue sulking so you’ll find his iPod and bring it and sit down next to him and you’d start listening to some familiar music and Luke would slowly come out of his bad mood and start suggesting more songs and you two would listen to them for hours together until you found some that you liked. He’d say something like “See? That wasn’t too bad, was it?” You’d shake your head “No it wasn’t. It was pretty alright actually. We should do this more, babe. But with my music next time!” Luke would make a little frown-y face at you and you’d laugh and imitate him saying “it’s fine. You are allowed to have your ideas of what’s good music” and kiss his cute little nose awww


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Am i the only one who doesn’t want Yuuri to retire?

I see all kinds of theories about the ending and season 2 possible plot out there… but honestly, i really really want Yuuri to go on a couples of years more. 

Victor retired at 27. Chris is 25 and although he knows his time is running up, he still has no intentions to retire after this season  (from what we have seen in episode 11) 

I just feel that Yuuri truly loves the sport. It’s his passion. His higher calling. 

It’s because he loves it so much that he’s so utterly crushed every time he fails. And it’s because he hates that feeling that he wants to give up. Because that’s what failure can do to someone with low self-esteem and crippling anxiety: it makes you want to run the hell away, isolating you from pretty much everything, where you can feel safe: nothing can go wrong… because nothing happens

Every time he talks about retiring, it never comes from a good place. It’s always when he’s feeling low. 

He has grown a lot as a character and as a skater. He’s finally reaching his true potential, the potential that was always held back by his mental state. “Mental weakness” Yuuri would say, with a little self hatred. 

But he’s more confident now. He’s willing to take on challenges he has only ever dream of, and with Victor by his side, he has found the love that truly drives him. 

Now imagine he retires now, unsatisfied… but it can’t be helped since he’s not such a good skater anyway, what else can he do to top what he has already done? Of course, it would be cool to win at least once, but if he doesn’t, well, he’s not good enough and he’s not ready to deal with losing again. This is what i hear when Yuuri talks about retiring. After last year’s defeat, he never wants to feel that way again.

What about his dream of someday be someone with enough confidence and skills to pick his own music and choreograph his own programs, just like Victor?

I’m sure that after that, Yuuri will look at others skaters, some of them close to him, reaching new heights… and he will regret it. He will regret not trying to go on for a little longer with them, and he will feel left behind. 

To me the best scenario would be Yuuri allowing himself to enjoy his new found confidence. To explore his true potential. To truly reach all those new places he has yet to discover. And then, with all those new battles, with his victories and loses, with all that new experience and emotional grow, he retires. But this time, his decision would come from a better place. He himself will be in a better form, more satisfied, and in a better mental state to become someone else coach should he choose that path.

I truly believe he can have one, two or three more wonderful years in competitive skating with Victor at his side. With the right circumstances that he always felt he lacked. I believe in my boy. 

Right now he has just found a new door. Let him enter for a little while, before he decides to get out and close that door forever, because he’s finally ready to open a new one. (Like Victor, who accomplished the world before he lost his passion, one he has found again in Yuuri. But that’s another story)