Andreil portrayed @ Wild music video by Troye Sivan ft. Alessia Cara

first of all

here’s the link to the video


listen to the beginning of the video

what does it say?”

     “it says yes


Andrew Minyard and

Troye Sivan as Neil Josten


this part reminded me so much of Columbia @ friday nights 

Neil and Andrew were left alone as aaron and nicky left to go to the dancefloor and kevin grudgingly joined them

andrew and neil found a seat

just one seat

but both of them were already too drunk lazy to look for another seat so

     yes or no?

and then back to their house afterwards

Neil finding an old video cam and filmng Andrew and Andrew was getting annoyed so he decided to shut fuck Neil up

     yes or no?

Additional characters:

Allison and Renee

+ Nicky 

Dan and Matt too <3

my fave still s Andrew chasing Renee and Neil

Kevin and Aaron arent here because they’re both little shits

not sorry for the long post

here’s more andreil ;)

anonymous asked:

Ok but like if Palmetto State has a football team (pretty sure they do) and the football team comes to take some training tips from the newly championed exy team, and they're horrified by the drama and craziness of the team (Kevin being a dick, Andrew pulling a knife, Allison flipping out, Neil being super sassy to everyone, etc.)

Yes, anon, yes. Seriously, no one except the Foxes and maybe the Vixens can actually handle the Foxes shenanigans. And let’s be real, sometimes the Foxes can’t even handle it.

  • So everyone is so freaking excited
  • Like, the Foxes, the PSU Foxes, just won the championship
  • No one was expecting this nonsense but it happened and all of the other teams’ coaches are like “WTF”
  • Well, the only people who actually are stupid courageous enough to go see the Foxes in training are the members of the football team
  • “How crazy can they really be?”
  • (oh, honey, you have no clue what you’re getting into)
  • (seriously you should just run now because you aren’t prepared for this crap)
  • Wymack just laughs uncontrollably and tells the football peeps that they can sit in and even join if they want
  • (run! run now!)
  • The football team obviously think that Wymack is just underestimating them or overestimating his team so they agree to join
  • They immediately regret every life choice they have ever made because this was a Mistake™
  • It starts pretty normal but then Kevin
  • They’ve all seen Kevin Day on tv (be honest, who hasn’t?) but this Kevin Day is absolutely not the smiles and politeness with a good sense of rivalry
  • No
  • This Kevin Day is yelling and telling you every mistake you have ever made in your entire sports career and making you wish your mother had never conceived you
  • He makes the Quarterback cry
  • Then there is Allison who all the boys (and girls) know because dang have you seen that girl
  • She puts Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, to shame
  • One of the football peeps (they should have names but I honestly don’t care enough about anything outside of Exy to give them names) tries to hit on Allison
  • Normally Allison would be all “Whatever” and maybe flirt because why not
  • But this is the court
  • This is the Exy court
  • This is her sacred place
  • This is where her and Seth used to play Exy together
  • You do not hit on Allison on the court, that is a major foul
  • Allison doesn’t just tell them off, she TELLS THEM OFF
  • And because our boy, Neil, is the King of Sass™ and Allison is his family, he joins in
  • When Neil starts to drag someone, no one is safe
  • Needless to say the practice ends in a flash of knives and sassy remarks and a girl with multicolored hair having to intervene (of course Renee gets her fair share of punchs in but she is literally the entire team’s impulse controll)
  • Listen, my friends, even Aaron got involved, that’s how real this shiz got
  • A football player may or may not have to go to Abby to get a knife wound taken care off
  • Matt, of course, had to protect his babe Neil and Dan had to protect her babe Matt
  • (Matt is too much of a precious cinnamon roll for this)
  • Nicky recorded the whole thing on his phone and proceeded to post it on his YouTube channel
  • (And ya’ll can fight me on the fact that Katelyn joined the fight to protect her smol boyfriend, she maybe a cutie pie who is terrified of Andrew but girl can hold her own)
  • Wymack isn’t paid enough for this
  • Allison actually lost whatever bet happened but everyone pays her anyways because “did you see her take that football player down?”
  • No one wants to mess with that
  • The football team has a silent agreement to never make contact with the Legendary Wild Foxes of PSU™ again for their own safety
  • It’s probably for the best
“no one asked you, you blond midget”

ok everyone keeps on posting clingy!drunk neil or Happy!drunk neil but never the angsty!drunk neil…

so im taking matters into my own hands


ok so imagine the foxes after losing a game 

  • dan matt renee and nicky tries their best to keep the teams spirits up
  • kevin does not hide his freshly baked batch of rage and disses on everyone save coach who st patted him on the back after the game
  • neil was sulking somewhere while andrew ust stands by him 
  • allison just storms out of the locker room and texted Renee to gather the team and wait for her in the dorms
  • she came back with booze
  • lots of booze
  • no one can say no to free booze
  • not even the monsters 
  • specially the monsters
  • so the night was on
  • by midnight the foxes were either drunk
  • or drunk off their minds
  • but no one was as drunk as Neil
  • neil just sits down next to allison and chugs bottle after bottle
  • andrew sits and drinks 
  • but not as much
  • kevin pointed out how neil should watch his pace
  • “and you should mind your own fucking business, day”
  • everyone felt the tension
  • but everyone was too drunk to pay any more attention to it
  • until andrew 
  • “i think you’ve had enough, josten”
  • no one asked you, you blond midget”
  • aaron snorted
  • nicky and the seniors laughed out loud
  • renee saw andrews reaction and suggested to call it a night
  • no one disagreed
  • allison and renee went to their bedrooms
  • same with dan
  • but wth matt following behind
  • Kevin aaron and Nicky crashed the living area
  • but andrew
  • andrew dragged neil to their room
  • “let go of me you fuckin-”
  • “shut up”
  • “dont tell me what to do you five foot piece of shi-”
  • andrew drops neil in their bed
  • “yes or no?”
  • neil mumbled a yes and Andrew started taking off his clothes
  • then forces neil to drink water
  • “you need to fucking drink”
  • “no i fucking dont!”
  • “stop acting like a fucking child, josten”
  • “then stop acting like a dad!”
  • “fucking hell, fine. dont come crying to me tomorrow”
  • “who fucking told you i wanted to seep alone!?”
  • “…..”
  • “get back here or i swear to god i wil drag you back myself”
  • *sigh* “i swear to god, josten..”

lets just say that everyone specially Andrew and Kevin who had to deal with a v hungover brat knew never to get neil drunk whenever they lost a game