You: “I don’t know what you mean. I’ve never even looked at him.”

Lydia: “Y/N, are you kidding us? We don’t even have to be werewolves to hear your heartbeat whenever he’s around!”

Allison: “Seriously, you are staring at him constantly.”

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Hi! Was wondering if you could recommend any role playing stories ;) please?

I wasn’t sure if you meant roleplaying as in RPs, LARP or sexy times. Since I’m a perv I went with sexy times. If that’s not right let me know! - Anastasia

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Batman is a Freak by Carerra_os

(1/1 I 367 I Explicit I Erica/Stiles)

Erica pegging Stiles. 

Beacon Hills Cop by blueteak

(1/1 I 1,322 I Mature I Sterek)

Stiles fantasized about spanking well before he met Derek, but Derek’s the one who’s going to show him whether or not he likes it in reality. 

Exam Room Five by casness

(1/1 I 1,382 I Explicit I Sterek)

Doctor Derek Hale asks nurse Stiles Stilinski-Hale to meet him in examination room Five.

While You Were Sleeping by TriDom

(1/1 I 1,632 I Explicit I Stetopher)

Stiles likes waking up being fucked and not knowing whose dick is in him.

Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf (Dildo)? by agirlnamedtruth

(1/1 I 4,505 I Explicit I Allydia)

Nobody can ever say Lydia’s idea of a birthday present is nothing if not practical.

All of me uncharted by ANTchan

(1/1 I 11,370 I Explicit I Sterek)

I have this fantasy.And maybe it’s Stiles’ favorite one. And maybe it’s been buzzing under his skin for the longest time. So he makes a post about it. There’s nothing shameful about that. That’s what blogs like this are for. He expects most of the responses he gets - the supporters, the enthusiasts, the creeps.But the simple message: Would you trust me to give you that?After that, all bets are off.

Briar Stiles (Or Five Times Stiles got Fucked by Werewolves while Sleeping, and Five Times when he was Awake) by ClassiqueMystique

(12/12 I 14,001 I Explicit I Stiles/Everyone)

Stiles said he would do all he can to help his pack. And he meant it…in every way required.

All’s Fair in Love and Videogames by taylorpotato

(11/11 I 22,516 I Explicit I Steter)

Neither of them is aware of it, but Peter and Stiles play the same MMORPG. After Stiles moves away from Beacon Hills and goes to college, he and Peter start raiding together by accident.

hang up your pup habit, hang it up daddy by DenaCeleste

(9/11 I 24,527 I Explicit I Sterek)

Derek was headed for Pup Habit, a wonderful place where Alpha werewolves could relax and have all sorts of fun around pups, non-Alpha werewolf and human alike. He’d been looking forward to this trip for months, but he didn’t count on Stiles butting into things.Stiles didn’t know where Derek thought he was going, but he looked happy about it. That was a freaky enough occurrence to pique Stiles’ curiosity, so he insisted on joining in. He didn’t expect to arrive at a house full of people pretending to be puppies with people who actually turned into wolves in charge. He certainly didn’t expect he’d become Derek’s personal pup.But that’s exactly what happened.

The Benefits of Pack by AsexualDerek (Cammerel)

(18/18 I 55,720 I Explicit I Stiles/Everyone)

Stiles explores his relationship with the members of his pack and inadvertently wedges himself into their lives by becoming more important to them than he ever imagined possible. But every gun has a knockback.



You laid in bed staring at the ceiling thinking about how much your life has changed so much in the last few years. You when from being bullied and thinking you’ll never meet your soulmate to being more happy than you thought was possible.

“What are you deep in thought about?” You heard someone say.
You glanced up to see your soulmate Jackson freshly out the shower.

You smiled. “Just how much my life has changed.

“In a good way right?” He asked as he climbed in bed nice to you.

“Or course. I was thinking about Junior year.”

“Babe you hated me.”



It was your first day of Junior year. Which you were or looking forward to. Your last two years had been horrible you were bullied badly by a lot of the girls and your parents hated each other and you.

But this year was going to be different…you hoped.

As you walked into the school parking lot you almost got hit by a car leaving you to fall into a puddle.

‘Great just great’ you thought.
As you looked at the car you weren’t surprise when it was a Porsche.
Jackson didn’t pick on you but..well Jackson was nice to everyone really you were lab mates all last year and yet you never spoke. Your sure he didn’t even know your name.

“Omg are you okay?”

You looked up to see Lydia Martin standing In front of you.

You felt like crying. You looked behind her to see have the school laughing at you.

“Don’t you people have something better to do?” Lydia said before grabbing your arm and dragging you to the girl’s locker-room.

By the time you got to the locker-room you were a mess the little make-up you were wearing is now running down you face.

“Okay so stop crying and don’t worry about them. They are a bunch of nobodies and wannabe. I’m going to help you.” Lydia said

And that’s how you and Lydia became best friends. She helped you with you clothes and confidence and not worrying and out everyone else.

Two weeks later

You were at Lydia’s house and listening to Allison gush about finding about Scott McCall was her soulmate. You find out your soulmate by a tattoos with their initials. After making eye contact the tattoos changes into a heart with both of your initials. You stared at Allison’s arm. You never seen a mate mark complete it was beautiful.

You sigh you knew that it would never happen for you. Since both your parents weren’t each other soulmate you were born without a tattoos.

“Hey don’t like sad, you will find some amazing guy and get married and have a lot of babies.” Allison said with a smile once she saw you zone out.

Without responding you turn to Lydia.

“So what are and Jackson wearing at masquerade ball at school next week?” You asked



“Very funny Y/n, but no Jackson and I have broken up.”

“WHAT?!?” You and Allison yelled together.

“Yeah.” She said nonchalantly
“I dumped him a few days ago. And before you ask why,1 he’s not a soulmate so what really is the point to waste more of my time.
2 I think I know who has mate is. She said with a weird smirk.

Whatever you though Jackson was a jerk she deserved better.

*at the dance*

You wore this (red)

As you moved around the ball you saw all your friends dancing and having funny. Even Lydia found her soulmate with Aidan. She looked amazing and he also looked great. Allison and Scott were to cute.

You sign before going to sit down knowing no one would ask you to dance. After about 10 minutes of sitting you heard someone approach you.

"Umm would you like to dance with um me,Y/n?” You looked up at the guy in front of you. You couldn’t tell who he was but he had a nice smiled and wanted to dance with you. So you smiled and nodded.

(Men outfit)

You ended up dancing the whole night. You enjoyed his company. He was funny but nervous and made odd jokes.
But you still didn’t know who he was.

“Why won’t you tell me who you are?” You asked.

“Well I’m not the nicest person and I’ve had a crush on you since 8th grade. And I’m afraid if you knew who I was you wouldn’t be dancing with me right now.”

“You seem perfect to me.” You smiled at him.

“I am I just don’t act like it. But trust me I almost fail Science because I couldn’t stop staring at you or thinking about you.” He said with a blush.

He was amazing you could think of one guy in your whole school that was like him. His soulmate would be lucky. As you think about his soulmate, you slowly pull away.

“Um I have to go to the restroom, I’ll be back.” You said and walked off before waiting for a responds.

Once you got to the bathroom you just stood and watched yourself in the mirror. Why did you come to the dance you knew you were meant to be alone. Just then the door open and Lydia walked in.

“Y/n what are you doing?.”


“Umm nothing.” You answered

“Then why aren’t you dancing with that umm guy.”
You didn’t answer her. Just looked down.

“Y/N don’t- "Omg Lydia look.” You cut her off.

You were looking at your hand and saw a tattoo that wasn’t there before.


You looked at Lydia to see her smiling.

“I knew Jackson had a crush on you. And he didn’t have a tattoo so I did some research and some people don’t get a mark until they meet and after kissing does it change.”

Your eyes watered Jackson was your mate. He was the mysterious boy dancing with you all night.

Jackson pov.

I sign I guess she wasn’t coming back. I’ll admit I’ve been an asshole to everyone in my life. But I felt I had to I felt like I had no place and I could feel anything for anyone since I found out I’m adopted but I remember years after I walked into my math class in 8th grade and saw her she looked beautiful but she was too good for me.

I guess I thought she’ll never want me so I became meaner to everyone and pushed people away except Danny and Lydia.

I guess she’s not coming back. Maybe she found out it was me. Or she just danced with me and thought about her soulmate since I know it’s not me. I was born without one.

Just as I was about to leave I saw her come back to me with a smile on her face.

Y/n pov.

I walked up to Jackson with a smile on my face.

“Jackson” I said

He looked scared after I said his name.

“Look I can explain.” He said

“You didn’t need to.” You said before you locking lips with him. Feeling the tingle that comes with the complete mark.

***Flashback over***

“It was the best day of my life.” Jackson said pulling you from your flashback

You smiled before looking at your soulmate and husband of 10years.

“I thought I’ll be along forever.” Jackson said

“Well now your stuck with me forever.”

“Yup always and forever” he said before pressing his lips to your reminding you of that first time all over again.

Just them you heard you door open to see Lea and Leo. Your 4 year old twins.

“We had a bad dream.” They say

You and Jackson both smile before padding the middle of the bed.

“Come on then guys.”

As they climb into bed they Cuddled into you to.

“Tell us about the day you fall in love again.” Lea asked


I fight like a girl. I fight like a girl who refuses to be a victim. I fight like a girl who’s tired of being ignored, humored, beaten or raped. I fight like a girl who’s sick of not being taken seriously. I fight like a girl who’s been pushed too far. I fight like a girl who offers and demands respect. I fight like a girl who has a lifetime of anger, strength, and pride pent up in her girly body. I fight like a girl who fights back. (insp.)

Teen Wolf

Season 1: Who’s the alpha?
Season 2: Who’s the kanima?
Season 3a: Who’s the darach?
Season 3b: Who’s the nogitsune?
Season 4: Who’s the benefactor?
Season 5: Who’s still alive?
Season 6: Who’s stiles?

I want teen wolf to end with the last scene being graduation. I want braedan and Derek in the stands smiling as they see everyone graduate. I want to see Danny getting his diploma and joking with Stiles. I want to see Isaac come back to congratulate everyone. I want to see Lydia walk up to Stiles as everyone is throwing up their caps and to finally kiss him passionately, confirming her feelings. I want Malia to be hugging her father and feel a tap on her shoulders and turn and see Kira there. I want it to end with the camera following Scott as he walks into the woods into a cemetery, cap and gown and all, and end up at Allison’s grave, placing his cap on the ground, smiling fondly as the camera pans out.


get to know me [1/30] female characters ✧ allison argent (teen wolf); “i’m not fearless. i’m terrified. i’m always terrified! i… i act like i know what i’m doing, but i don’t. i don’t know if isaac is dying right now. i don’t know if i made a mistake with scott. i don’t know what my dad is thinking. i don’t know if we should trust derek. i don’t know.”