Getting real cozy in an elevator at #SDCC


Allison lets the arrow fly and you watch it seamlessly wedge itself in the tree trunk. She turns to you with a slight smile on her face. 

“See? It’s easy! Now you try.” She starts handing you the bow as you protest. 

“No, no, no, no, no! I can’t do this! Allison, I use guns, not arrows.” She shrugs. 

“They’re basically the same thing.” 

“No, they’re not.” You say simply. Allison rolls her eyes.

“Just try it Y/N, please?” You finally take the bow and arrow with a huff. 

“Fine.” You notch the arrow fast enough, and you start thinking that it might be easy. You pull the string back, just as you’ve seen Allison do, and take a deep breath. You finally let the arrow fly… and immediately cringe as it flies towards Scott. Scott turns around quickly and catches it, looking at you with a bemused expression. 

“Abort mission, abort mission!”

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‘Let’s play truth or dare.’ you said.

It was in the middle of a pack meeting/screaming match between everyone. Your head hurts, its so loud in this echo-y loft Derek calls home.

‘What?’ Derek asked.

‘Yeah, clearly no one is yielding any time soon so we may as well take a break for some group bonding right.’ you suggested.

‘As random as it is, it is better then screaming til my slow healing throat starts hurting.’ Lydia said.

‘Agreed.’ Stiles added.

‘We’re in the middle of Pack business.’ Scott argued.

‘We’re discussing who is gonna look on the preserve to make sure Death Destroyer blah blah is not still in town. Not exactly that important, he wasn’t there the last six times we checked.’ Isaac dismissed.

‘So we’re playing.’ Allison says.

‘Ok fine, but after back to business.’ Scott caved.

Like he even knew how to say no to Allison even if they aren’t together at the moment.

‘This is a waste of time, fine whatever lets just hurry up so we can finish.’ Derek conceded.

‘Awesome, who first?’ you asked around.

‘You picked the game, you pick.’ Lydia said.

‘OK, um, Stiles. Truth or Dare.’

‘Um truth.’

‘On a scale of one to ten how do you think Allison is.’ you smirked.

‘Personally I’d give her solid four, five or six in the right outfit.’ Stiles answered.

‘Four?!’ Allison yelled in mock offense.

‘Not my type babe, anyway Derek, Truth or Dare.’ Stiles said.


‘OK… I dare you to bark like a dog.’ Stiles grinned.

Derek dramatically rolled his eyes.

‘Woof.’ Derek barked lamely.

‘Aw come on, put some effort into it.’ Stiles teased.

Derek replied by growling and baring his teeth.

‘Or not, that was good, excellent barking Derek.’ Stiles backtracked.

OK OK put your swords away, Derek your turn.’ you said.

‘Lydia, truth or dare.’


‘Based solely on outer appearance who in this room would you sleep with?’

‘Me, duh.’

Everyone rolled their eyes, you included. Only Lydia.

‘(Y/N), truth or dare.’

‘How about a dare.’ you said feeling bold.

‘Dare you to give one of the guys an Eskimo kiss.’ Lydia grinned.

Never one to back down you shrugged and moved over to Isaac and rubbed your nose against his. 

‘Isaac, truth or dare.’ you said as you backed up.

‘Um dare, yeah dare.’

‘Dare you to give Derek a kiss on the nose.’ you giggled.

‘OOH!’ everyone teased.

‘Not a chance in hell.’ Derek growled.

‘Come on, play the game.’ Allison said.

‘I’m not Scott, I can easily say no to you.’ Derek said.

‘Don’t be that guy, it’s just a nose kiss.’ Scott said.

‘We won’t think any lesser of you.’Stiles added.

Derek’s scowl level went to about a hundred before he groaned for about a good thirty seconds.


Isaac ran over and quickly pecked Derek’s nose before just as quickly backing away.

‘See, not too bad.’ Lydia said.

‘Allison, truth or dare.’ 


‘Dare you to kiss one of the people here.’

‘Really?’ Stiles asked.

‘It’s truth or dare, this was bound to happen.’ Isaac dismissed.

Allison looked around before her eyes settled on you, she rose her eyebrows, quietly asking if you were down for it. 

You shrugged and nodded.

She strutted across the room til she was standing in front of you.

‘Let’s give em a real show.’ you grinned.

‘I always do.’ Allison smiled before she put her hands on your cheeks and you placed yours on her waist and you two began kissing.

You were only slightly shocked when the simple kiss became a very steamy make out session. You and Allison were both horny experimental teens playing truth or dare after all.

‘OK, everyone out.’ Derek said, making you and Allison back away from each other.

‘What? Why?’ Stiles asked.

You look over and see everyone, but Derek, recording you and Allison.

‘It reeks of arousal and teenage hormones. everyone get out.’ Derek ordered.

‘But no one said truth or dare to me.’ Scott complained.

‘Fine, truth or dare?’ Allison asked.


‘I dare you to run, because Derek looks ready to kill all of us.’ Allison snickered before everyone ran out of the loft giggling.

‘Wait for me!’ Scott yelled as he followed the group.

‘I hate teenagers.’ Derek groaned as he slammed the loft door.