fifth harmony looking very upset once they were told that they couldn’t meet the rest of their fans, who had received meet and greet wristbands, because they had ran out of time. These girls give everything to their fans and should not have to sneak off (like Ally did) to meet their fans, who paid for meet and greets. No one can ever say they don’t care.

I saw a headcanon or something with Rythian ft. angry endermouth so I drew him scaring the hell outta Lalna haha

Fun fact: this is super duper scribbly zoomed in it’s hilarious

truscum totally care all about dysphoric trans people!

unless said dysphoric trans person is a trans woman, in which case they intentionally trigger her dysphoria while simultaneously accusing her of triggering theirs.







*walks in late*

Oh. Right. Bi Visibility Day was yesterday. 

It feels a bit like the start of a self-help meeting to make a post saying “Hi, my name is Jez and I’m a bisexual.” But I am. So is my fiance.

In a lot of ways, I wish days like this had been more widely recognized and talked about when I was younger. Maybe then I would have come to terms with my own identity a lot sooner. Hell, the moment everything started to “click” for me was when I was in college and went to a presentation hosted in my dorm. Sitting a few feet away from a woman who was open about her bisexuality, who talked about feeling ashamed at first, who discussed the initial years of confusion, the pressure to choose one and deny the other, and messages of rejection from those around her - it’s like a light went off. The very first step on that journey of self-acceptance for me began with something as simple as listening to a woman who was comfortable telling a room full of people that she was bisexual. 

Fast forward to now, and you can see entire communities online where people are making the same kind of public proclamation in digital form. While I’ve reached an age where I am comfortable and confident about who and what I am, I’m reassured by the thought that maybe events like this will help someone else who needs that kind of support and validation that they don’t often see. To know that they are not alone, that they don’t have anything to be ashamed of, and they shouldn’t feel like they need to deny a part of who they are and who they love.

So, much love to my fellow bisexuals. To those who are out. To those who are in the closet. To those who cringe whenever someone jokes that the person they are currently dating has “cured” them. To anyone who identifies with an identity that “doesn’t exist,” who are told they’re “just selfish” or “confused” because of the nature of their feelings. 

I love you. And a lot of people out there do too. 

The moment R5 releases One Last Dance music video at the same day Laura's graduation.


“Freshman year I saw your face

Now is graduation day…”


It’s interesting with so many days in May, or so many days in June, they decided to do it right in the day of her graduation. No I’m not here saying that song was written about her, pls, no.  *since at least at first there was kellington* BUT we know that song has a special meaning for each R5 member, and the different feelings they can get, their personal feelings, and how it affects Ross. So the choice of this day, today, I don’t know… after this just got more easy than ever to guess, connect one thing with another, how could be his view, his feelings about this song nowdays.


“I heard that you’re heading east… so let’s just make our peace

So when you think of me, you will smile, and I’ll smile…" 


Also it’s incredibly ironic how with time this song started to perfectly fit their situation… #whatisraurabutironiesoflife

*I could write a book here, but it’s not my intention, the main point was already made lol - just had to put out of my chest*

It’s just that those "coincidences” mess with me…. #FEELS