fifth harmony looking very upset once they were told that they couldn’t meet the rest of their fans, who had received meet and greet wristbands, because they had ran out of time. These girls give everything to their fans and should not have to sneak off (like Ally did) to meet their fans, who paid for meet and greets. No one can ever say they don’t care.

It's that time again...

You are 21. And I happen to have deep thoughts at night sometimes too. This is one of the many that I KNOW Megan has read. WEEELL. Firstly congratulations on being 21 even though in my mind you’re still 18 and you live in Nashville not LA. But that’s besides the point. You have accomplished SO MUCH in just one year. Like when you kept saying “2013 is our year” I seriously had no idea how far it was going to go. New songs, new music videos, also new relationships I see (hint Megan). We macers literally don’t miss anything. After that one tour got cancelled back in January I thought I would never have the chance to see you until you sold out the Verizon center here in DC but boy was I wrong. You guys went on your OWN HEADLINING TOUR. Like you had an opening act. You weren’t playing the opening act. You had a band and VIP tickets for people to MEET you. YOU. It truly was the best experience of my life and I’m so glad I got to meet you, I’m sure there will be many more times from now on. You guys were and are featured at Macy’s in the American rag section, I point it out every time I go. 3 days ago marks a year from when you sang at the Macy’s parade. We thought that was big but we had no idea what was coming. I’m so proud of what you’ve done this year and I can’t thank you enough for being such amazing, sweet and just straight up normal but famous role models. It’s short but sweet. Once a macer always a macer.

anonymous asked:

hey i've followed you for ages and i just wanted to say that idk cishet aces shouldn't be allowed in lgbt safe spaces? whether you want to have sex or not isn't an indication of your sexuality at all and it's also kind of odd that the ace community wants these young people to put labels on themselves and wants 14 years olds to confirm that they don't want sex when it's really just a private thing. ace people have problems but literally nothing like the systematic oppression of lgbt people yikes

Hello!! I saw this message earlier and really wanted to think about what to say before I finally responded to you. I’m assuming you sent this message in reference to the post I reblogged the other day that starts out “LGBT community: the A doesn’t stand for allies!!” (this post here.) 

Personally, I do think cishet aces belong in the in the lgbtqa+ community and should be welcome. And the reason I think that is because asexuality is not a form of or affiliated with heterosexuality. The lgbtqa+ community has been and always will be a place to go for comfort and safety. It’s a community where people who are questioning their sexuality/romantic orientation/gender/etc can come and feel accepted and loved as they figure those things out. Turning away a cishet ace because they’re straight basically sounds like you’re saying, “Oh, well, you’re not gay enough or oppressed enough to be in this community, so, sorry better luck next time :/” And that’s completely wrong. Excluding cishet aces simply because They’re Just Asexual is being just as oppressive as cishets blocking out gay/bi/trans/etc people from their community. As my good friend Alex (philslesters) said, “As long as your identity is not cis heterosexual heteromantic, you belong in this community” (the lgbtqa+ community.) 

I talked the rest of this out with Alex (who is also ace) and she brought up a very good point about what asexuality actually is. In her words, “Being ace =/= you don’t want to have sex, it’s the absence of sexual attraction.” That’s something to keep in mind when you’re deciding if cishet aces belong in the lgbtqa+ community. Basing if someone should be accepted into this community by if they want to have sex or not is, frankly, very acephobic and offensive to those who want to be accepted in. 

Furthermore, I’m not entirely sure what you mean when you say “that the ace community wants young people to put labels on themselves and wants 14 year olds to confirm that they don’t want sex when it’s really just a private thing”? 

Firstly, the ace community myself and my other ace friends are a part of have been nothing but kind and accepting and patient with me and with those who are still figuring out if asexuality is fitting for them. Alex brought up again, that, “Ever since I’ve had the tiniest inkling that I was ace or fit into the ace community I did my research and found a lot of blogs and literally none of them force asexuality as an identity. They help you figure out if you are ace and mention that it’s okay if that changes, that you can be ace at one time in your life and identify as something else at another time. Not because asexuality is a phase, but because sexuality is fluid and constantly changing and that it can change for you.” And I agree with her 100%. The community myself and my friends are apart of is an accepting one, regardless of if you know where you are with your sexuality or you’re still questioning. I’m not sure what part of the ace community you’re referring to when you say something like that, but it’s not the community I know or are a part of or support. 

Secondly, referring to the issue about a 14 year old coming out as being a private thing: how is that logical? “Why is it a private thing for 14 year olds to come out as asexual when it’s not a private thing for 14 year olds to come out as gay/bi/pan? It’s suddenly wrong to say “I don’t experience sexual attraction” but it’s okay to say “I experience sexual attraction to the same sex” and that’s not a private admission? Where’s the logic in that?” (Alex, again, making a very strong point.) Whatever your intention was with that statement, referring to coming out as ace as a private matter just makes it seem like someone who comes out as ace should keep it to themselves. Because, whatever it is (a phase, a fluke, whatever) it’s not real and worth recognizing. And, as an ace person, that’s very disappointing and sad to hear. 

The last thing I would like to address here is your last sentence. You’re right, the ace community’s problems aren’t as widescale as the systematic oppression of the other members of the lgbtqa+ community. I would never try and pit the problems other members face against the problems the ace community face and try and make it seem like ours are worse or more important. We’re not here to compare our problems and compete about who has it worse; the whole point of the community - the full community, l.g.b.t.q.a.+ - is to be able to come together and be a support system and help each other. You’re right when you say that ace people don’t face the same oppression as the rest of the community. But ignoring the problems we do face - the constant sexualization in media/writing, the lack of knowledge of what asexuality actually is, the disregard of asexuality as a real and valid sexuality - is a form of oppression. I’m not here to argue with you about who’s suffering more and that’s really not the point of being in a community like this together. It’s not a contest so see Who Has It The Worst. But telling me that “ace people have problems but literally nothing like the systematic oppression of lgbt people” is basically telling me, “Sorry, your problems aren’t important enough to be considered right now, so come back later when you’ve suffered some more.” And that isn’t right. 

I hope I explained my answers clearly and thoughtfully to you and my answers are clear on where I stand on this.