Alley cats

The Catfather

Part One: Thomas O’Malley and the (former) Alley Cats

Captain Swan, Captain Cobra [G] ~3500 words, 1/? 

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Summary: Thomas O'Malley couldn’t say he had the perfect life, but after adopting Swan the cat and her two kittens, Thomas finally had a sense of normalcy restored. That was until the day his dead wife’s long lost son Henry Mills showed up on his doorstep, claiming that not only is his wife alive, but her name is really Emma, he’s really Captain Hook, and that it’s his job as her True Love to find her and save her so she can save everyone else.Quite a lot to swallow before breakfast.

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Port Grimaud - France

Port Grimaud is a seaside town, just a few kilometers west of Saint Tropez. The town was created by Francois Spoerry in the 1960′s. The town is built around canals in a Venetian style, but the houses are french “fisherman” style homes, similar to what is found in Saint Tropez. There is almost no traffic in town, with boats the main mode of transport. Most homes come with their own berth. 


I’m thinking your body…should be illegal  ~  [Black Out M2 Fan Cam - Leo Vers]

Chat’s Heart Gets Stung!

Hey @edendaphne  so I did the thing…

Here is the artwork of Eden’s that inspired this.

I have no idea what I just created…

Marinette had a strange fear revolving around bugs, particularly scorpions (bug family or not Marinette considered them a bug and she was absolutely terrified of them). Needless to say Marinette was more than a little on edge when a guest speaker came to her class with containers and containers of bugs, including scorpions. While most girls were squealing over the various spiders and tarantulas Marinette eyed the scorpion’s cage warily. She wiped sweaty palms against her jeans and swallowed hard. Her heart drummed in her chest and her breathing felt much too shallow.

“Girl chill out it’s in a cage!” Alya shook her head.

“It could still get out!” Marinette pointed out.

“We’re almost legal adults and you’re telling me you still have a phobia of scorpions?” Alya shook her head incredulously.

“You’re still afraid of swing sets!” Marinette shot back.

“Hey those things are a deathtrap!!!” Alya snapped. Marinette raised an eyebrow at Alya’s outburst. Alya took a deep calming breath. “Okay you’re right but don’t you think it’s about time we faced our fears? Maybe today is the day we leave these silly phobias behind…” Alya urged Marinette towards the table of critters. Marinette’s chest tightened. She shook her head violently, flipping around in Alya’s arms and looking up at her pleadingly.

“Today is not that day!” Marinette pushed Alya away from the table, a lump already forming in Marinette’s throat. Alya sighed in resignation, patting her friend comfortingly on the back. Adrien noticed the girl in distress and began to move away from the table to see what was wrong. All the while Lila sat by and watched. She sent a loathsome look towards Marinette. Lila looked towards the table, smiling cruelly as she discreetly knocked one of the containers to the ground releasing its contents unknowingly into the classroom.

“Hey Marinette is everything okay?” Adrien asked. He knit his brows together as he looked on the frightened girl. Marinette squeaked, nearly jumping into the air at the sound of his voice. She turned to him pulling at one of her pigtails as she did so, cheeks pink.

“I’m fine! I just I- um- I- uh- bugs um they uh- the scorpions they- I uh-“ Marinette fumbled for words running her fingers nervously through one of her pigtails. A smile pulled at the edges of Adrien’s lips.

“Not a fan of scorpions?” Marinette nodded, chewing on her bottom lip. “Want to know something? I’m afraid of spiders,” Adrien admitted.

“Y-you are?!” Marinette’s eyebrows shot up into her bangs.

“Yeah, they really freak me out.” Adrien rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

“They do kill 6.6 people every year!” Marinette blurted. Adrien chuckled.

“So they kill six people and a half person?” Adrien smirked tilting his head to the side.

“Well technically it would by 60% of a person,” Marinette babbled, face growing red. She couldn’t believe she was saying this. To her relief Adrien laughed.

“Somehow I think we are getting this statistic wrong,” Adrien said.

“We probably-“ before Marinette could finish the thought Lila let out a sharp scream. Everyone turned towards her in alarm. Her eyes were blown wide as she pointed a shaky hand towards Marinette.

“Scorpion!!” she shouted. Marinette’s heart beat sped out of control. Her mouth went dry as her head slowly shifted down to see a small black scorpion resting on her foot. Marinette screamed as panic swept over her. Her body jerked backwards in an attempt to shake the scorpion from her. She stumbled backwards throat raw from the inhumanly high pitched noise emanating from her. She fell back onto the ground scorpion landing on her stomach. Her chest felt tight her breathing shallow and erratic. Perspiration lined her forehead. She could hear her pulse pounding haphazardly in her ears.

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Pocket Change | 1 | (M)

Originally posted by sugaa

word count: 7.5k

genre: smut; demon/supernatural! AU


warning(s): mentions of domestic abuse


Special thanks to @honeyheonie for being a wonderful beta  ♡

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I feel like Oso would be that one super chill teacher that everyone loves and even he would fuck with the kids. Never any tests in his class. Almost no homework ever. He teaches the lessons but usually gets bored half way through and just tells his class everyone gets a participation grade. Even if you don’t show up on time he’ll be very understanding. Very laid back

Ichi would be that one whiny teacher that would complain to the kids that he shouldn’t be there, he should be in an alley feeding stray cats. Not to much homework, to much energy to grade it all. He actually likes the quiet introverts and the emo kids because they are most of the time quiet and aren’t disrespectful do their not much to deal with. Not many kids enjoy his class, he teaches the lessons just not very well…Grumpy most days unless you bring him cat treats then you’ll be the teachers pet (ha)

Kara would be that teacher that thinks he’s hip but he’s straight up cringey af, kids will constantly make fun of him behind his back. If someone pissed him off the period before you, your class can expect homework. Most kids love him despite his cringeyness. Kids will still visit his class years later to just say Hi to him. Relaxed until you push him off the deep end then it’s the principals office for you.

Not much to say about Jyushi just that one gym coach that the athletes love, but Jyushi would treat everyone the same and he is there just to have fun. He let anyone do what they want and he hopped in all the activities the kids were playing each period. Usually gets over excited and beats the kids at everything. Obviously no homework lmao. He gets confused with the grading process so most of the time the others will help enter participation grades for him. Happy everyday no matter what and loves all his kids

Oh god Choro… He would be that one super fucking uptight teacher that literally even the smartest kids hate. He would be a very good teacher but kids would find his lessons boring and tend to fall asleep. Shit load of homework everyday, test every Friday, Vocab Quiz every Monday. Kids would squirt hand sanitizer in his coffee when his back is turned. Or even try to shoot pencil lead in his mug from across the room. Put thumbtacks in his chair, write things about him on the chalkboard like “Mr. Matsuno still lives in his moms basement and faps to Miss Hashimoto in the class closet!” fills his car with bees, make small noises in class that would piss him off but he didn’t know who was doing them, boy if you get caught… Expect to fail his class and principals office you go. He hates 95% of his kids, and is very happy when he gets to school but wants to die when he’s about to leave just from all the shit the kids do to him.

Todomatsu would be the hip teacher most loved. He would communicate with kids and share his social media with his kids and talk with them. Doesn’t teach very well because he sits at his desk playing Candy Crush when he’s not talking to his kids about Snapchat drama. The reason why ‘most’ like him and not everyone is because he gives Test every Friday but forgets to teach the lessons to the kids. But he ends up realizing this a lot and offers a shit load of extra credit at the end of the semester. Chill most days (unless he doesn’t get his coffee)