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With the help of my friends & sponsors, I put on ‘Beer, Bourbon, Biscuits, & Banjos’: an Americana Showcase on Thurs, Oct. 13 @ 10:00 pm at East Side Performing Arts Co-Op in East Nashville (press release here: We’ve created this FREE sampler of the 5 incredibly gifted artists who performed at the showcase.  Featuring:

- Allen Thompson Band: - Allen's songwriting and performing abilities have been applauded by Relix Magazine, American Songwriter,, and CMT.  Audiences from South Carolina to California and many points in between are falling in love with his mournful vocals and honest turns of phrase, but we’re proud to call him a Nashvillian. Music City Interactive exclaims, “Allen makes music that is the very heart of Country and Americana music. The kind of song that’s honest, not sugar coated, and has the ability to stand the test of time.”

 - Ian Thomas: - Ian and his backing band Poor Children are based out of Knoxville, TN. After traveling for years as a street performer, Ian Thomas began playing clubs in New York City, where he recorded his debut album “A Young Man’s Blues” and his follow-up “Live at Rockwood Music Hall.” Since then, he has shared the stage with Taj Mahal, John Hammond, Cyril Neville, Corey Harris, Sam Bush, The Wood Brothers, The Avett Brothers, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Reverend Goat and Dr. John and has performed at festivals, including Bonnaroo, Pickathon and Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion. Performing both solo and with a band, Thomas draws on a variety of American roots influences, delivering a captivating raw live performance and distinctive sound from his original compositions on guitar, harmonica and kazoo. His latest release due out later this fall is the full length, "Live at the Preservation Pub,” recorded in Knoxville.

- Holley Maher: - an indie folk-pop singer/songwriter based in Nashville, TN with a light-hearted spirit and unique sound. Her debut EP, “Odd Place To Be,” released in January of 2011, is the perfect introduction to Holley as an artist. Recorded in Nashville with producer Thomas Doeve, who has also worked on projects with local icons like Trent Dabbs, Andrew Belle and Amy Stroup, the EP contains five whimsical tunes with a captivating and distinct sound.  Holley’s style is modern and mature, yet displays a playful spirit that is all her own, with noticeable influences from folk and jazz music.

- One Man Showdown: - consists of Mississippi son Jonathan Spencer’s latest solo project.  Currently living up the river in St. Louis and working in IT by day, Jonathan is a true virtuoso and showman by night!  Incredibly gifted in both his guitar work and songwriting craftsmanship, his music is rooted deep in the heart of the southland.  He also plays bass in the St. Louis bands Sarah Speaks Easy and The Gathering Night Band. 

- Lisa Witty: - a Michigan native and former Vail, Colorado ski instructor, who is now a Nashville based singer/songwriter.  She has opened for Hollywood Records artist Sheila Nichols, performed at Colorado Rockies baseballs games, and had songs placed on network TV shows.  She has been recording a new EP, alongside Sea The Desert Entertainment, which consists of producer/songwriter Steffon Hamulak, and engineer Eric Torres. 

We hope you’ll enjoy this preview of their vast talent and share them with your friends.

 You can download this EP for FREE right here via NoiseTrade, but only for 5 more days!:


We’ll call this one a showcase at the CXCW film festival. This is a video of Allen Thompson from East Nashville by way of Roanoke, VA doing his song “Forgive Me”. We’ll allow it cause they are totally on a couch there!!/allen_thompson


If you read my other blog ( you have already heard local artist, Allen Thompson. Here he sings “Everyboy Knows” off his latest release titled “Salvation in the Ground”. Recorded in the attic of his home in East Nashville along side his “Muppet” dog named Levon Helm.


An unreleased song from Tennessee’s Allen Thompson called “First Apology.”

The Source of Power: MCR 6.13.12

I want to start off this morning’s report with an apology and explanation to our fans who came to the Loveless Barn last night. For the first time that I can recall, the show was just too loud. Not glaringly so. It snuck up on us. The early acts were spare, but as we got into the Allen Thompson Band and especially our fabulous closer My Name Is John Michael, I realized my ears and head were just worn out. I had to step outside to recover, and others began telling me the same thing. And by then it was kind of too late. A lot of folks left early, and I’m certain that for many, it was because of the volume. Our A-Team front of house sound guy Danny, who is as good as they come, was off, and the new guy I think didn’t grasp how different we are than the typical hall or arena show. The sound felt compressed and hard instead of inviting and warm and emotional. And that’s HUGELY important to us.

I wouldn’t be going on and on about this except that I want to make a larger point.

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Americana Rock Mix: Episode 56 - Annoying Feedback

Throwing in some good old Americana Rock complete with long feedback endings.

Music in this episode:

- Forgive Me By Allen Thompson
(from 26 Years)

- Paper Match AND Gnawbone by Will Scott
(from Gnawbone)

- Shotgun AND Hard Road by The New Relics
(from Monongalia)

- She’s Like A Song AND Never Know by Patty Hurst Shifter
(from Too Crowded On The Losing End)

- Another Wasted Year AND Ramble Still by Possum Jenkins
(from Collection Of Bad Habits)

- Electric Nights AND Glimmer In The Gutter by The Allendales
(from Low Morals & High Standards)

- Soul AND Shame by Marah
(from Float Away With The Friday Night Gods)

- When Easy Street Gets Hard To Find AND These City Lights Shine by Glossary
(from How We Handle Our Midnights)

- Like A Luminous Girl by Mike Doughty
(from Golden Delicious)


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The latest updates on Allen Thompson Band… from my e-bast:

The Shows

We have recently been added to the bill for DOCKTOBER this Friday evening. Doctober is a FREE weekly Native Magazine party presented by ASCAP held every Friday during the month of October on the loading dock ofJackalope Brewery! Music starts at 7:00 and goes until 11:00pm and admission is free. So Nashville, come on out this Friday and enjoy some tasty local Jackalope Beers and great music by Allen Thompson Band! Some more shows to talk about…

  • Next Friday afternoon, 10/19 - You can catch Allen doing a stripped down performance at SoBro Fest - which is a festival held on 2nd & Demonbreun, in an effort to revitalize and involve the SoBro (South of Broadway) community and bring awareness to the businesses in that area of Nashville.Then we hit the road!

  • 10/25 - The Green Bar - Tuscaloosa, AL

  • 10/26 - The Metro Bar - Birmingham, AL
  • 10/27 - Romie’s BBQ - Tupelo, MS
  • 11/2 - Willie’s Locally Known - Lexington, KY
  • 11/9 - WNCW station visit - Spindale, NC
  • 11/9 - Black Mountain Ale House - Black Mountain, NC
  • 11/12 - Mercy Lounge (East Nashville Underground 8 off 8th Showcase) - Nashville, TN
  • 11/17 - The 5 Spot (The Band’s Last Waltz Tribute) - Nashville, TN
  • 11/29 - The Basement (along with Derek Hoke, Jacob Jones, and Buffalo Clover) - Nashville, TN
  • 12/1 - Martin’s Downtown (with Derek Hoke) - Roanoke, VA
  • 12/7 - The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint - Mobile, AL
  • more dates being confirmed daily, so keep stalking our website for the latest

Want Allen Thompson Band to come play your favorite bar, private event, or local festival? Let us know! Write us at:

The News

  • ATB’s song, “Dirt to Dust” was recently added to DELTA AIRLINES in-flight radio during November and December! So if you are flying Delta over the holidays, be sure to tune in to the HELLO MUSIC channel for a blissful flight.

  • Allen has been named a featured artist or editor’s pick in Alternate Root Magazine, American Songwriter, Radio Free Americana (charted #1), New York Minute Magazine, and Performing Magazine, among others. He’s also been featured on a number of podcasts, including Freight Train Boogie, Country Fried Rock, and Middle TN Music.

  • we got some BIG announcements coming just around the corner, so stay tuned!

The Album

As you know, Salvation in the Ground, was released in September. Roots Music Report gave the album 5 out of 5 stars, saying “whether relating a tale of a desperate town or facets of a rocky relationship, the vocals and lyrics of the Allen Thompson Band match each other well in their fire and urgency. And, intentionally or not, the sound of the East Nashville six-piece masterfully evokes the spirit of first-gen Americana, notably Neil Young and The Band. And the blend here makes for a borderline-perfect set, definitely worthy of wide attention. Screaming for airplay are “While I’m Young", “Payback” and “Dirt To Dust”. One of 2012’s freshest releases.”

If you don’t already have a copy, you can grab it on: 
iTunes here 
Amazon mp3 here 
Listen on Spotify here 
Buy a hard copy directly through us here 
Download the single, “Dirt to Dust" here on Alternate Root for Free for a limited time while Allen is a Featured Artist. 
- and basically anywhere on the interwebs that music is played, streamed, shared, or sold!

See what the press has been saying about the record
“As a solo artist, Allen Thompson released one of the most unassuming pleasures in 2008 with his self-titled release. With Salvation in the Ground, he veers off the solo path in favor of a group dynamic, and all feels right. Thanks to the band’s sunny harmonies, Thompson’s rootsy, countrified sound takes on an airy, ‘70s canyon rock feel, elevating songs like "Dirt to Dust” and “First Apology” to levels of sublime. But The Allen Thompson Band isn’t lightweight or artsy; check out the funky, infectious jams of “The Purple Rose and the Black Balloon” and “Last Goodbye” for some musical muscle.” 
-Linda Ryan, Rhapsody

“Salvation from the Ground is a gem, with music that becomes richer and more personal as you get to know it better.” -Sara Reifman, Grateful Web

“The Nashville musician has made it a habit of penning heartfelt tunes about life which are brought to life through his ‘everyman’ voice… He has filled the latest record with mellow vocal harmonies reminiscent of CSNY, Southern melodies that made The Band so successful, guitar noodling that Jerry Garcia would have been proud of, a splash of Black Crowes infused Southern rock and soulful rhythms made popular by Stax Records’ house band. While the music drives the record, it is Thompson’s lyrics that make it so good… When you are finished listening to this record it is almost impossible to not listen to it again and again.” -Chris Martin, Examiner

“These are songs that make you want to stick your hand out the window and play airplane as you glide down canyons on mountain drives.” -Marquee Magazine

But what do YOU think about the new record? We are more interested in our Fans’ buzz! We’d really love to get YOUR thoughts. In fact, if you are kind enough to post your review on iTunes, Amazon, etc., you’ll be entered for a chance to win a very special prize!!

Much love and gratitude, 
- Nancy and Team ATB


Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Allen Thompson Band

Last night, the ATB celebrated the release of their new LP, “Salvation In The Ground” at The 5 Spot in East Nashville. Of course, it was an amazing gathering of music, friends and beer.

Even though I may be am incredibly biased, these guys are some of the coolest and most talented folks around. You should definitely check out the record and go see them play

More photos from last night here.

1972: MCR 4.17.13


“You have to hit all the bases,” said bandleader and broadcaster Joe Mullins from the stage on Wednesday night. He was talking about a bluegrass show, where you’d better sing about momma, murder, trains and God before the night’s over. But he might also have been describing a good Roots show, where we try to touch as many bases as we can on the Americana infield. Our Nashville Scene friend Jewly noted our wide range of artistic points of view for this week, and one dude watching the final set of the night by The Allen Thompson Band leaned over to me and said over the volume: “ECLECTIC SHOW!” Yah bro. That’s how we roll.

But as much as I expected Wednesday to be an episode of “And Now For Something Completely Different,” I was surprised by the cohesiveness of Thompson’s band, hot young songwriter Andrew Combs and emerging artist Andrew Leahey.

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Live: The Electric Hearts at Mercy Lounge

March 30, 2012 (Friday)

We went to the Mercy Lounge Friday night for the Miller Made Showcase, a free show featuring Allen Thompson (, The Electric Hearts (, Bear Cub (, and The Lonely Biscuits (

The first band was Allen Thompson.  His songs have a very 70s folkrock vibe, and his band is tight.  It was pretty cool.  And one of his guitar players went to the same high school as me, so it was cool getting to catch up with him!

Up next were the Electric Hearts.  They played a great set, as usual.  I’m really loving their new one, “Tired”.  Great hook.  The crowd response was awesome, it was fun to see them having such a good time performing. 

The next band was Bear Cub.  I had heard a little bit about them, but this was my first time seeing them perform.  I really dug it, good songs and great players.  They played a really cool version of “Something”.  They sound like an Americana band that listens to nothing but The Beatles.  Pretty sweet.

Closing out the show was The Lonely Biscuits.  They’re sort of a John Mayer-type band with a rapper.  It’s not nearly as bad as that sounds.  They’re freshmen at Belmont and have been making a pretty big splash on Youtube and such.  Don Van Cleave told me to check them out a while back, and this was my first time seeing them.  By the time they went on most of the adult crowd had left, but there were a good number of what I presume were Belmont students out supporting and singing along.  I like what they’re doing, I think they have some really cool ideas.  Will definitely keep an eye on them.

“I was raised to believe the only way to get what you want out of life was to work as hard as you can. I was also raised to believe that no matter how hard you try, there is still a good chance you might fail.  I have a hard time understanding my generation’s sense of entitlement…” ~AT

I absolutely love working with an artist who is as equally talented, hard-working, humble, & the ‘real deal’ like Allen Thompson is.  This photo was taken at a Kickstarter launch show we did in Nashville - this is one of the first band photo’s we’ve gotten.  This new record we are trying to put out is the 1st that is a collaborative band album with the Allen Thompson Band - it was recorded in 2 weeks live to tape.  Who does that anymore??  The result: in my opinion, the best collection of Allen’s songs to date - they are still folk songs at their core but you can hear his musical heroes (Levon Helm, Grateful Dead, Black Crowes, CSNY) reflected so clearly & so beautifully in the amplified stacked Laurel Canyon-style sound.  It’s perfect road trip music through the southern pines, on the 101 out in Cali, driving through Woodstock, NY, or up on the Blue Ridge Parkway - the music fits perfectly in all of those settings.  

Please take a moment to read Allen Thompson’s post on why we chose to do this Kickstarter campaign here:, and help us release this amazing record! (psss:  you can preview an unreleased track from the album called “Purple Rose & a Black Balloon on the Kickstarter page here.


Friends @twofishfilms are cruisin’ around the USofA (jealous) in a reliable car. Filming awesome live music and spitting in cans and smacking horses on their horse ass or whatever you do when you’re in America.