Things girls want in a guy

•A Chemistry nerd
Peter Parker
•A guy who wears cool T-Shirts
Peter Parker
•Someone who looks out for other people
Peter Parker
•Someone who cares about his family and friends
Peter Parker
•Someone who loves Star Wars
Peter Parker
•An all around selfless, honest, funny, and loyal good guy
Peter Parker
Basically girls just want Peter Parker, is that too much to ask?

Okay, so M(ichelle)J already figuring out Peter’s secret is all fine and good, but have you considered: MJ being completely oblivious.
Not to say that MJ isn’t still fucking suspicious as hell. Like she’s got the bulletin board with red string in her house, because what is up with this kid? Peter gets hit with “What are you up to, Peter?” every fucking time he leaves the room, and every time, she records his response in a journal. She’s come close a few times, but she gets derailed with, “Oh Peter couldn’t possibly…”. She ultimately decides that Tony Stark is his real father (what else would explain the internship and Mr. Stark’s donation of a brand new, state of the art robotics lab?) and when she goes to confront him about it, (partly because she wants to know the truth,  and partly because the academic decathlon team needs a flight to Salt Lake city next month, and MJ knew for a fact that Tony Stark has 3 planes) immediately hits him with “I know your secret, Peter” and Peter, being the loud mouth he is, spills everything(“…and then, I stole Captain America’s shield, but uh, that part I didn’t get on tape…”) and mj is PISSED because she has gotten SO CLOSE, SO MANY TIMES (“I knew i saw you with a web shooter! I thought you stole it so you could convince liz you were friends with spider-man”) And then he get to the homecoming debacle, and she absolutely LOSES IT (“NED KNEW?” “He’s my best friend!”) And of course at the end of all of this Peter’s like “wait, what did you think my secret was?” And after 3 weeks of pestering, she begrudgingly tells him her theory. Unfortunately, while peter had his suit on, so tony hears ALL of it, and peter never hears the end of it (“how you doing son? wanna go throw around the pigskin?”) until peter accidentally calls him dad, and tony doesn’t speak to him of a week. Thank god it was right before they left for Salt Lake City, plane courtesy of Stark Industries.(Come on, he’s not a monster. And MJ’s got a Pepper-like spunk to her that Tony likes)

Don’t tell me that Michelle doesn’t know that peter is spiderman,,, like Michelle 100% fucking knows he’s spiderman but just shrugs it off like it’s normal

  • Ned: How far can you shoot your webs? If I was you, I would stand on the edge of a building and just shoot it as far as I could.
  • Peter: Shut up Ned!
  • *A few days later*
  • Peter: So, the web line's tensile strength is about 120 pounds per square millimeter of cross section and the p.s.i. pressure in each cartridge is sufficient to force a stream of the complex web pattern about 60 feet!!!
  • Ned: Dude, why didn't you just stand on the edge of a building and shoot it?
  • Ned: Okay, okay, but I'm gonna be honest here. I care more about whether you can lay eggs or not.
  • Peter: Ned...



Last First Kiss. Part 2. (Peter Parker.)

Requested – Yes. Thank you so much for that, by the way!

Prompt – Confused about the talk with Spiderman, you took his advice and did not give up on Peter Parker.

Warning – Feels.

Words – 1,386.


Part 1.

When does anyone ever know when it is time to let go of a person? Sometimes people are so persistent, they continue to chase a person for ages even when they know the person will never return the favor. But for some reason, people hold on too long for something that they know they will never have. Maybe, they see a glimpse of hope on their side, slightly within their reach.

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Proof that Peter Parker is not straight

He fucking sucks at driving. He’s terrible. I mean look at this

No only can this bitch not stay in his lane, he can’t even make a turn without flipping the car


If Peter Parker and Tom Holland were vegetables/ fruit.
Peter Parker~ Petetato
Tom Holland~ Tomato