They tell us to fight
Because we have the right,
“Stand up for yourself”
Even if you’re the only one
But not everyone can survive the shot of a gun.
Eric Garner and Mike Brown,
Their lives were taken
And now they’re sleeping sound.
Their bodies are gone,
But their souls live on.-
Black, White, Hispanic, just foreign,
All lives matter,
And as one dies
More shall gather.
Life meets death
As martyr does to sinner,
But does taking every life make you a winner?
Ferguson’s on strike,
New York’s on edge,
We continue to fight,
But when does it end?
“Live for what you believe in”
Has turned to “fight for your life”
Which side will weaken?
Is it simply bringing strife?
The people and cops,
It shouldn’t be so,
The more that come
The more that go.
Why can’t there be peace?
Is the law what we trust?
Whose there to protect us if we’re in such a fuss?
Civil disobedience?
It’s too late for that.
When one goes to attack,
The other fights back…
—  Me