I have spilled my soul onto pages with invisible ink
Littered the Internet with databytes soaking with emotion
Turning my thoughts into ones and zeros
And sending them out into the world
In hopes of someone seeing them
Feeling my pain
And my happiness
My fears and dreams all wrapped up into to neat little packages
Tagged for your enjoyment
Waiting for someone to see
While they grow dust in the archives that nobody bothers to check
Until they might as well have withered away
Crumbling as pages do as time goes on


isn’t it technically all wrapped up tho

everyone’s got their confession moment

(rip broken hearts tho)

in a few yrs they all gonna be one big happy family

huge harem where raku is like

i chose best gril but  i feel sorry for everyone else

so i amrry all of them

evryon wins

All Wrapped Up [w/knock-knockinginthedark]

All day, Waverly was being very secretive. She was carrying around sheets of gift wrap, sneaking around corners, and running back and forth with ribbons and bows. Every now and again, she would lock herself in her and Sóttarfar’s room for a little while, then emerge with something new to do. It seemed like she wasn’t sitting still at all.

And still, she was in good spirits. It showed while she was in the kitchen, mixing up a batch of sugar cookies and humming to herself. She loved Christmas. She loved everything about it, from the decorations to the baking to just showing love to her friends and family. Of course, this year, the family she was celebrating with wasn’t quite the same, but she still treasured them as if they were her own.

She heard someone moving around in the next room. “Did you find the decorations?” she asked, licking some cookie dough off of her fingers.

So the joke is that Spark is a big goof but he does take his work and relationship very seriously. He’s the first to act stupid if it means Blanche and Candela will laugh but he didn’t become team leader for nothing.

So one night hes finishing up for the night, he checks all his incubators, makes sure all his pokemon are safe for the night and he’s turning off the light in his room when he realizes he hasn’t seen his partners in… He’s not sure how long. They all get so wrapped up and they’d been doing so much extra work for professor Willow. Of course he finds Blanche in the lab. Their glasses have slid all the way down their nose, their hair was stringy and sticking to the chair and their face and there were books and notebooks everywhere. So he carefully gathers everything up, keeping neat piles of similar books and scribblings until he finally makes his way to Blanche. Then he smoothes their hair back and gently tilts their head back until their eyes meet. Blanche blinks to focus and it’s like the spell was broken, time and the real world catches up to them and they say gratefully lean against Spark.

He puts Blanche in the kitchen with a sandwich and some juice then heads off to the training room. Candela is going hard with several Pokemon around her. The room is sweltering from all the movement and energy from their attacks. Spark knows he has to break her concentration but it can’t be threatening bc everyone has their guard up. So he pops his heelies out and slides across the room, deftly dodging until he’s right in front of Candela. And she’s just like WTF are you doing and he’s like its night time Candy, you need to eat and go to bed. And he helps her put all her Pokemon back in their balls then puts her with Blanche.

And they eat pbj sandwiches with apple juice and Spark feels like maybe he should learn to cook but his partners are happy and sleepy and maybe that can wait until some other time.

Coming soon to a mailbox near you!

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