Lana Kane NOOOPE Spread

I am a BIG fan of the Archer series (#PamPoovey5Lyfe) and am currently all wrapped up in season 6 (only 3 more episodes OH NO!) While enduring yet another sleepless night, I started playing with the idea of designing tarot spreads around each of the characters’ catchphrases. Total BAMF Lana Kane‘s most recognizable one is a drawn out “nope” with an accented “p”, that I use all. the. time. #yesiamthatperson, making it the perfect start to this series (I hope?) of spreads.


N : the thing that’s not gunna happen, no matter how much you want it to

O : the reasons WHYYY

O : it’s NOT.

O : going to HAPPEN

P : the consequences if you decide to pursue this thing, regardless (ie. if your name is Sterling Mallory Archer)

E : an alternative thing to consider, before you get yourself in any deeper trouble than you already are

(If tumblr’s being a bitch about displaying full size image, it’s also available on my WP: la Reine de l’air)

Dworin Week Wrap-Up!

So, at long last… here’s the wrap-up for Dworin week 2015! It was an amazing thing and I was blown away by the quality and quantity of the works. Once again, huge thanks to all who contributed and enjoyed the ride! I’m so happy to be part of this community. *initiates group hug*

So, here are the fanworks. If you don’t find yours on the list, please contact me so I can add it! I don’t understand tumblr. My own works don’t show up in the search and some others I remember are missing too. For most I’ve used the AO3 versions, but I don’t know if they’re complete though I really tried to be thorough.

Note: All of these may contain canon-typical violence, sex, and major character death.

Prompted Works:

Day 1: Seasons

stand-up-and-fight-daleks (kuiske on AO3): May Sunshine and Midsummer

heartoferebor (Saetha on AO3): Welcome

It’s also the first chapter of her entire Dworin Week fic named “A year in Ered Luin or: Puppy Shenanigans”.

ridiculoussquid (octopus_fool on AO3): Until the Sun Stops Turning

arrkenshield: Three Times, Dwalin Looked Upon Thorin

redsirion (on AO3): How hard can it be?

esthreerus (Esthree on AO3): Snowballs

mainecoon76 (on AO3): Spring (haiku)

Day 2: Music

stand-up-and-fight-daleks: gifset

heartoferebor: Celebrate

ridiculoussquid: Voices of the Stone

arrkenshield: gifset (inspired by Matty’s Heistverse)

esthreerus: Music of my Heart

redsirion: Romeo and Julius

mckittericks: Dworin art

Day 3: The Road

ridiculoussquid: Just taking the Scenic Route

heartoferebor: Lost

heartoferebor: Playlist for Homeless Dwarves

arrkenshield: gifset

redsirion: The Road Ahead

stand-up-and-fight-daleks: Take Me Home

thorinsmut: Almost Home (and YAY for the contribution from the Nwalin corner of the fandom! I filed this under “The Road” but it would also fit for “Gifts”, because it was a gift.)

mainecoon76: The Road Goes Ever On And On

Day 4: Gifts

ridiculoussquid: Gifts and Surprises

heartoferebor: Durin’s Day

arrkenshield: A Conversation

redsirion: Opportunity knocks

asparklethatisblue: art (accompanying Thorinsmut’s fic, and another gorgeous gift from our Nwalin friends! :) )

Day 5: Supernatural

stand-up-and-fight-daleks: Once More, Forever

heartoferebor: Come Back

heartoferebor, bonus fic, unrelated to Dworin Week story: Wake Up

arrkenshield: gifset “The Walking Dead”

mainecoon76: Echoes of the End (only chapter 1 of 2 posted so far, but will be continued as soon as my schedule returns to normal again)

Day 6: Intimacy

stand-up-and-fight-daleks: Take this Life

heartoferebor: Comfort

heartoferebor (bonus chapter): Together

cestpasfaux24601: gifset

arrkenshield: Untitled (Tattoos)

esthreerus: The King’s Jewel

mainecoon76: Untitled (Sequel to “Dust of Snow”)

Day 7: Crown/Crowning

heartoferebor: Summer Fest

heartoferebor: poem

ridiculoussquid: Crowns of Gold

Then we have a few unprompted entries:

vassa07: wingverse art here, here and here

khazadqueen: well you tagged this with dworin week so it should show up here, right? :)

mckittericks: art that was created for last year’s dworin week but somehow didn’t make it into the list.

Aaaaand that’s it for this round!

There’s an AO3 collection now, though it doesn’t cover all works and especially not the gifsets and artworks.

If you’ve tasted blood now and crave more, here is last year’s wrap-up post…

… and last but not least I’d like to direct your attention to the OTP music meme which has a few fine Dworin entries here, here and here (also check the reblogs, there’s more).

Happy shipping, everyone, and I hope our little vessel remains afloat for a long time. Let’s see what the extended edition of BotFA has to offer!

The Angel Nasim

Theyve just got the sort of face you want to feed taco bell to

This is from the stream, its all wrapped up now. Hopefully the transparencys okay

I’m starting to wonder if I should carry my phone charger around with me. I never have before but recently when I’ve been out longer than planned I’ve gotten awfully low on battery power. But I’m not sure carrying the charger around and keeping the cord all wrapped up will do it any favours either. Thoughts?

All Wrapped Up [w/knock-knockinginthedark]

All day, Waverly was being very secretive. She was carrying around sheets of gift wrap, sneaking around corners, and running back and forth with ribbons and bows. Every now and again, she would lock herself in her and Sóttarfar’s room for a little while, then emerge with something new to do. It seemed like she wasn’t sitting still at all.

And still, she was in good spirits. It showed while she was in the kitchen, mixing up a batch of sugar cookies and humming to herself. She loved Christmas. She loved everything about it, from the decorations to the baking to just showing love to her friends and family. Of course, this year, the family she was celebrating with wasn’t quite the same, but she still treasured them as if they were her own.

She heard someone moving around in the next room. “Did you find the decorations?” she asked, licking some cookie dough off of her fingers.

Evidently the band is not being introduced at some OTRA shows which is bullshit such as Kansas City and San Diego. Not sure if this part of the show has been permanently scrapped or if they just skip it to save time on some shows, but I think this part of the show needs to be brought back, stat.

Attendees of OTRA Indianapolis, why don’t you tweet One Direction and ask them to please recognize the musicians during the show? Tweet Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson, too.

Also, it’s easy to tweet individual musicians and tell them that you appreciate them and their contribution to the show. You can tweet Dan Richards (guitarist), Josh Devine (drummer),  Sandy Beales (bassist) and Jon Shone (keyboardist). They will be glad to hear from you! If you know of other musicians that work on the tour that I haven’t mentioned, please add them.

We all can get very wrapped up in the off-stage dramas, but really, without the music, there would be no 1D. So let’s please recognize the musicians, even if the band does not.


Twilight Aesthetic — Edward Anthony Masen Cullen