f.r.i.e.n.d.s meet world [5]

Friends / Girl Meets World Crossover: Rachel never got off the plane, instead she raises her daughter Emma Maya in Paris and sends her to the states for the summer, Ross’s son Ben Lucas moves in with him, Phoebe and Mike have a son named Farkle and all of them, of course, are best friends with Monica and Chandler’s twins Erica and Jack. Oh, and Joey ends up having a daughter he never knew about: Riley.
Previous Chapters: Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Word Count: 4,200
Chapter: 5

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Riley sat on the sofa chair across from Chandler, watching as Joey paced his apartment with a script in his hand. He found out a week earlier that he’d gotten the part in this new sitcom on CBS and ever since it’s all he’s been able to talk or think about. Although, Riley completely understood his hesitancy. He has spent the majority of his career acting in soap operas and romantic drama block buster’s so it was no surprise that the thought of acting in a comedy, let alone a sitcom, was a bit out of his element.  

He studied his lines relentlessly, asking anyone who’d listen to provide him with some feedback. Was his comedic timing okay? Were his lines falling flat? Was his part believable? He had a hundred questions and no response was ever good enough to calm his nerves. Not to mention he refused to talk about who he’d be playing in the first place. Everything was kept very hush hush and Riley couldn’t help but wonder if that was due to him and not the execs of the show like he wanted them to believe.  

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When me and my friend were watching BATB17 for a second time we were talking about the Beast’s relationships with his servants. Now imagine: 

• The young prince following a late teen/early twenties Lumiere and copying everything he does and says, eventually getting that ‘dramatic’ personality Lumiere told Belle about. 

• Cogsworth giving the young prince the detailed history of the castle and the poor boy falling asleep on his feet.

• The young prince pressing an ear against Mrs. Potts’ pregnant belly and asking what she’ll name the baby. 

• Plumette taking a break from her cleaning to teach the prince how to dance because the tutors are so scary and aren’t good dancers to begin with.

• Garderobe and Cadenza teaching the prince how to sing and play the harpsichord.

• Chapeau always there to take the prince’s coat or catch him before he falls or help him find his mother because the castle is so big and the prince always feels too small. 

• Imagine the staff teasing the prince whenever a pretty little girl caught his eye.

• Imagine the staff singing Be Our Guest on the prince’s birthday. 

• Imagine the staff standing by his side at his mother’s funeral. 

• Imagine them sadly and reluctantly turning away when he came to one of them with teary eyes and a new bruise. 

• Imagine the prince turning cold toward them. 

• Because they weren’t just his staff they were his family, and a part of him always loved them.