Ok now that I’ve stopped shaking enough to type a coherent sentence let me get real about this heckin’ episode okay,,,,

Jake woke up hella early on the morning of the heist because he was so excited about it and Amy was up earlier which he definitely anticipated because she’s always one step ahead of him eXCEPT for today because since April 28th he’s been planning the perfect proposal whilst simultaneously amping up for the Heist and he knew that Amy would be ready to fight him for the championship cummerbund and that he could use it to his advantage - after all, even though he’s lost the last three consecutive heists, he uses them to learn more about his opponents with each passing year and he definitely wasn’t sleeping when he mumbled words about his plans for this year’s heist because he wanted Amy to hear them and she acted in exactly the way he wanted her to, in that she had the prize in her possession rather quickly. He knew that the Tramps would be so engrossed in trying to win for once they’d basically take themselves out of the equation and that Holt would be on them anyway and that Jake would be Amy’s only competition and that she’d go to extreme lengths to keep ahead of his every move EXCEPT HE WAS QUICKER THAN HER and had the ring in a blue velvet box in his pocket ready to get down on his knee and he’s resisted the urge to pop the question every day for the last six months but he waited and when she gets the cummerbund / belt he can hardly contain his excitement and his palms get sweaty (YOU CAN SEE HIM RUBBING HIS PALMS!!!) and when she reads the words and he gets on his knees and she starts to panic that he’s faking he just laughs and smiles and wants to throw up because he wants her to say yes and the speech he definitely practiced for twelve hours straight got scrambled in his head when he looked at her, vulnerable and excited and beautiful and he just spoke whatever came to mind and then she said yes and she really is the ultimate detective even though the belt doesn’t say that but he needs her to know it even if he basically threw away the heist for the sake of his proposal and he holds her like he’ll never hold her again and this episode was so beautifully scripted and directed and all around executed and I deadass did not anticipate the proposal this early in the season and I am shooketh over the brilliance Mike and Dan bestowed on the fandom I am deceased, dead, mark the day, that October 17th at roughly 9:22ishPM, I died at the hands of Andy Samberg, Melissa Fumero, and the entire production team for what they managed to put in a 21 minute episode. this episode is officially my favourite episode and I need an HD download link like,,,, fuckin’ yesterday. I literally screamed when he got on his knee because I was so shook, my mom almost leapt off the couch because she was so fuckin startled, I deadass will not be thinking about anything else for the unforeseeable future so byeeeeeee

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Scenario: The team trusts Keith, there was no rift between him and the team, they kept constant contact even after Keith went to the BoM. Stuff happened and Keith is alone in that Galra fighter, Haggar's ship shield still up and running, planet bomb about to explode. Whether he contacts the team or not is your decision. Would Keith still try to sacrifice himself? [*sends this to 3 other people cause I love all of you*]

Honestly? He would, absolutely 100% still make that call no matter what the circumstances regarding himself were personally. 

He would because the situation hasn’t changed despite this. The way things are unfolding are exactly the same. Voltron and the mission is still compromised. Something needs to be done and everyone is in jeopardy. The shield had to come down, they needed to take it down or else all would be lost including Voltron. 

Keith ‘If i have a chance to do something and make a difference i have to take it’, finds himself in this position. He knows and has proof that Voltron can operate without his presence. He isn’t putting the mission at risk, or anyone else because it’s just him on this ship. This is a choice he can make by himself without putting anybody else in danger. 

But it could get people out of danger. It could get Voltron out of danger. 

Note, could. If the chance is there to make a difference he will take it and he always has done. Gonna throw this out here because listening to him talk afterwards has me thinking A LOT. uh yeah. hm. Interesting. 

yeah. these two shots together and looking at what he’s actually saying and how in each is still :) :) Very Interesting. 

Keith takes risks and chances, but when he’s not being impulsive it’s not without calculating the pay off and evaluating the pros and cons. Whilst being instinctive and intuitive he’s also pragmatic and logical in nature. You wouldn’t expect this to make sense but honestly it does, it’s the duality of keith. THE DUALITY OF KEITH as madi called it is honestly…. SO INTERESTING. 

anyway, this makes me Think a lot that he said this immediately after like that. I just…. knowing Keith and how he operates it just shows that despite this being a choice he will commit himself to 100% there still is the “if i have the chance, i will take it” / “maybe not with our weapons”. 

hearing keith talk without certainty about something especially a decision he’s going to make is always a big indicator for me to sit up and listen even closer than usual because…. when he breaks the general imperative mood laced into how he speaks, or softens it a little (breaks probably is the wrong word bc it’s something that surrounds a lot of him be it actions and words), it’s always extremely telling. there are a few other key moments where he does this in terms of breaking speech patterns that indicate internal conflict in making a decision but honestly the mindscape for one is a really great example of this generally speaking. 

From the outset of the entire show he’s been shown to be able to make tough calls, at the expense of his own self and emotions. He is able to place the greater good above himself. I think i spoke about this earlier and said something like he doesn’t give himself the luxury of indulging his own personal needs. Somewhere, haha.

I also doubt he would open the comms. For three reasons:  

  1. That could potentially put someone else in danger unnecessarily. Someone in the vicinity may attempt to come in and stop him, and his sacrifice may well cost more than his life. 
  2. He needs to be decisive here and commit fully to his actions. No actions and words are wasted with Keith ever. he needs to be firmly objective. Bringing the team into it and calling them or saying goodbye could compromise that. 
  3. It’s better for everyone if he doesn’t do that. That would emotionally compromise not just himself but everyone else. Once his part is done, they still have a mission to complete and finish up. Knowing about his sacrifice at that time could potentially sabotage their entire ability to operate to their best capacity and finish this thing, or force someone to make a decision in poor judgement based on their emotions and grief ect. (Keith knows all about this, just look at S3 - but that’s also a nuanced situation other things are happening there too

His choice to fly into the barrier was not born from an emotional response or from his own feelings and what he is going through emotionally, it was in spite of that. Choosing to do it for himself and how he’s feeling would be selfish, and Keith is anything bUT selfish. He is so selfless

The one time we see him TRULY doing 100% for himself to gather answers and information for his own past, he still gives up a PERSONAL cause and quest for answers. He does this for the greater good and the mission: 

And as we witness through his mindscape prior to this scene, the internal conflict through his projections ect. and how this choice being a selfish one is playing on his mind and a fear. 

If he had to make the choice in 4x06 again… I honestly do not think he would take it back because no action is wasted and Keith seems to have such a desire for set and fixed purpose too in many respects. He’s committed himself to it and this course of action, this action. So taking it back would be a waste of his actions and his resolve - make it all for nothing. That would make his actions meaningless. 

Keith + choices is really interesting in my opinion, so much to say on that topic. We should talk definitely about it some more….. ;) 


This decision is heavily situational, not circumstantial in a personal sense. By that I guess I’m trying to say it is based on what’s unfolding around him, not within him. Keith is rooted in doing the right thing and saving the mission and Voltron. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t feeling things, of course he was!! 

But he doesn’t allow himself a moment to hesitate or waver. You can see on his face this expression is just so… he’s gritting his team and bracing himself and he just goes. 

Keith has demonstrated time and time again that he will give and give for the cause and the greater good. To alarming amounts. We’ve seen this in canon. 

He’s capable of doing this and prepared to do this not just in terms of his life but even in terms of sacrificing how he’s perceived by his own team (”that’s cold even for you” / “you’re just thinking of yourself” ect. ect) in making a tough decision if he believes it’s an objective choice.

The difference here with this particular moment and choice is that we’ve never seen it on this scale before. Sure, we’ve seen him sign up to what was called a “suicide mission” and go into a very perilous situation - but that was still on the premise he would get the job done and get out. That was under the believe he could complete the task and get out in one piece. He wasn’t going on that mission with the ASSUMPTION he would die. There was a risk, but he fully intended to come out of that successful. 

This is different, because this is a one way street. And there’s no way he doesn’t know that for certain. It’s all over his face. 

I spoke a little bit about his expressions here and why in particular the very first expression we see from him is genuinely horrifying and continues to make me just……. 

I felt very scared to see this face. because it just says everything it’s a very rare thing to see this in Keith - the absence of a real expression… just look at his eyes like it’s genuinely CHILLING. like i cannot look at it for too long because i just feel so unsettled bc this expression is very different to Keith’s default way of expressing himself and he is so expressive. i said more about that in the link above!! 

Despite knowing it will be at the cost of his own life, he is prepared to do whatever it takes to keep the mission and Voltron secure. If this is what it takes and if he has a chance to do it and get something done, he will do it. That wouldn’t change in what you described. 

Thanks for asking me this, it was fun to discuss and explore! Sorry for rambling….. hahahha. 


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You wiped your eyes on your sleeve for what had to be the millionth time. At least the cloth was black, so tear stains wouldn’t show on the fabric. Your face, however, was a different story. Cheeks and eyes a bright red, betraying the fact that you can’t stop crying. But who could blame you? Your friend, Loki, was dead.

“There you are, Y/N. Our friends were wondering where you’d gone,” you heard Thor’s voice behind you. It was a lot softer and gentler than it usually was.

You sighed and turned around, leaning back on the railing overlooking one of the many gardens. “I don’t want to be around everyone right now,” you told Thor.

“We are all in mourning,” Thor stated, setting a gentle hand on your shoulder. “I lost a brother, and we all lost a friend.”

“I mourn best when I’m not surrounded by others,” you told Thor. “I just- Loki seemed so untouchable.” You felt the tears welling up yet again.

Thor pulled you into a hug. “He seemed so to me too,” he agreed, rubbing your back. “He wouldn’t want you shedding so many tears.”

You couldn’t help but let out a huff of laughter. “Please. When we were kids, remember how many times he’d ‘practice’ his illusions on me by making me see bugs and rodents? Couldn’t sleep in my own bed for a week,” you joked.

“Okay, so his sense of humor wasn’t the best,” Thor commented, pulling out of the hug. He bent down and wiped the tears from your cheeks. “We’ll all help each other move on in time. But there’s definitely no shame in taking our time to mourn. The two of us especially will need it.”

You nodded. “Thank you for staying with me,” you said, forcing a small smile before turning to gaze back out over the garden.

“Of course,” Thor replied as he leaned next to you.

  • Sae: Imagine if someone handed you a box of all the items you’ve lost in your life.
  • Ryuji: It WOULD be nice to get my sense of purpose back.
  • Makoto: Oh wow, my childhood innocence! I knew I lost that somewhere.
  • Futaba: Mental stability! My old friend!
  • Sae: Kids, could you lighten it up a little?
Werewolf! Jaehyun
  • Yall met at a coffee shop
  • He was there with a few buddies and when he walked in he was like
  • “Does anyone else smell freshly baked bread?”
  • Everyone just kinda sniffed the air and shook their heads no
  • Jae was confused but Johnny knew what was up
  • “Its probably your mates scent”
  • And jae just starts looking around like ‘oh damn theyre here but where???’
  • He finally gets up to the counter and is still trying to figure out who it is
  • But then he looks at you
  • And he knows youre the one
  • He kinda goes out of touch with the world for a moment
  • “Sir?? Hello? Can I take your order?”
  • Once you get his attention you smile at him
  • He snaps out of his trance and turns a bit red
  • Ordering the first thing he saw on the menu, he was trying to figure out how to get your number
  • He was stumped
  • All of the guys were just suggesting impractical things
  • And all seemed lost
  • Until you called out his name to pick up his drink
  • As you handed him his cup you winked at him
  • “Enjoy your drink!”
  • He couldnt believe was he saw
  • Your number was on the cup
  • So he got into contact with you and eventually went on a date
  • And that date led to another
  • And then another till you guys started dating
  • When you first learned he was a werewolf, you were…very surprised
  • He certainly did not act at all like the horrifying animals scary movies made them out to be
  • But he also didnt act like jacob from twilight
  • Nonetheless, you still loved him
  • And he was so happy to hear that
  • Hes a good doggo
  • He has really really soft fur thats a nice auburn color
  • Mostly just naps with you
  • Hes like a warm pillow
  • When he plays with you though he always plays soft
  • Couldnt bear the thought of ever hurting you
  • He would honestly be traumatized tbh if he did
  • His “magic” scratch spot is behind his ears
  • Loves hearing the words “whos a good boy” from you
  • Hes not really one to get jealous
  • He would probably just stand there uncomfortably and just make subtle gestures
  • Like getting really close to you
  • Or grabbing your hand
  • Eskimo kisses? Hell yeah
  • He may not talk much but you know he cares
  • Words dont need to be spoken for a bond like yours
The Canadian Patient

Hello all ! 

I’m back with a new review this week. My apologies again to have wrote any in the last couples weeks. But clearly what I remember from these two episodes was Higgins having a girlfriend and Rebecca leaving the morgue ( and Toronto). I never hided the fact that I loved Rebecca and that she will be missed but I think this is a good idea to let her go. She couldn’t have been Julia’s assistant all life and I believe Julia lost a bit her place in the last season. Of course I loved them together, and their relationship, but it’s not the same when she has not her complete place.Oh and…Jilliam !! Thank you to bring us back the chemistry about theses two nerds. 

Here we go for this week episode!

This is just happened in “Murdoch Mysteries. “ 

. George is a genuis . 

George always try to invent names to everything and lets just say it : it’s amazing. George is the one fun character, and really, really, he makes me smile most of the time. And with a broken heart like his, let’s say it’s even more touching. George, you’re the real genius behind William Murdoch. 

. Babies. 

Did I just saw something including a drawing of a baby ?? 

. A character from a previous season is back . 

Oh I can’t remember her real name but I think it was Demeter in the very special house where Watts’s sister lived with all of theses women with goddess names. Like the modern amazon. If you recall she wanted to create only female babies…she still want it and honestly it’s something I like in that show, the fact that previous characters are back into it ,seasons after seasons and in a logical way! And in this case it’s pretty good for Julia

. Julia is curious about the way “Demeter” wants to improve the female fertility. 

AAAAAWWWWW guys, is it what I think it is?? I mean, yes? A miracle baby? 

. I think of E.R. 

You know that show in the 90′s, 2000′s with a very young George Clooney in an Hospital in…Chicago? Was it in Chicago? Or Grey’s Anatomy, when you have someone bleeding to death and ten students are watching it.. E.R came in my mind ( yes because I disliked Grey’s Anatomy but I’ve watched severals seasons of E.R )

. “You cut death bodies. I’m a surgeon” . 

MY GOD SHE IS DOCTOR JULIA FUCKING OGDEN !!!! How dare you, you stupid young Doctor killing half of your patients… 

. Margaret is back .

.John Brackenreid is back. 

…As a Constable. I didn”t see that coming. I don’t know really what to think about. Let’s see, but I find him cute with the lads. And Daddy Bracks looked proud too. 

.  Julia is looking upset about stupid young girls . 

Yeah…I understand you, I would too. 

. George and his theories . 

Did I mentionned earlier that I love this man? 

. There is a new sassy character. 

Hum…she looks to be the new assistant to Julia at the morgue. Too soon? I don’t know but what I can say is that I like her. Let’s see after a couple episodes; but she looks to be a great character and quite different ( actually a waaaaaayyy different ) than Rebecca. As long as it’s not a copy/past ( and it doesn’t like to be one, let’s see) , I’m open to know a bit more about her and see what the writers plan for Violet ! Weeeellcooome. 

. George ! . 

EATING DURING A SURGERY !!!! It is very long the time he was ill when Julia did her autopsies. Our baby George became a man, guys. Still it’s me or it’s a bit disgusting? 

. The surgeon may be a serial killer.

Dexter? Anyone?? I watched too many TVShows… 

. Just a detail. 

Euh ?! Hello? Can someone tells me why Julia is on William’s side of bed? Like she is usually at the left of the camera, now she is at the right? Mmmhhh…. Who did the mistake? Writers? Director? Hélène? Was it in a special purpose? I wonder… Anyway, they really should have changed that bed. TWO CORPSES. 

Oh and Julia is reading about the medicals researchs in secret. I mean yes and no…Oh no Julia don”t do that. Don’t you remember what secrets costed to you and your Willi?? I smell troubles guys, like my God yes, I’m super happy she try to have that baby, but it’s risky, and IF THEY KILL JULIA I TAKE A PLANE AND I ASK A MEETING WITH PETER MITCHELL AND HE WILL REMEMBER MY NAME FOR YEARS !!!!! Just kidding hum? I adore you PM, but let’s be clear I love Julia moooore. 

Well, I think I have done this review… What can I say ? That I like the episode a lot, really really, probably more than the previous of the season ( Premiere aside ). I like the way each character is always just an human after all except Gillies. The end brock my heart, it was so romantic and beautiful. I’m always up to meet new recuring characters, also the miracle baby and incredible performace by Hélène Joy. Because yeah, I know she is my favourite, Julia too, but I truly admired her acting in this one, I believe when she is more on screen we can see so much of her talent! And with this new arc with the baby in the season, I think we’re about to enjoy rollercoasters as only the Murdoch Mysteries writers and cast are able to give to their fans. We love you to break our hearts all the time! 

I can’t wait to watch another episode, if all the season is on that way! 

See you perhaps next week for another review guys! And go on CBC.CA to re-watch the episode if you want to. ;) 


Am I the only one who feels like Kylo, Rey, and Finn are all three lost souls that are trying to figure out who they are? They’ve all now turned away from one life, Kylo from his Jedi past, Rey from Jakku, and Finn from the First Order and his life as a storm trooper. In all three cases none of them had any real say in those initial identities, Kylo was sent to Luke, Rey was left on Jakku to wait, Finn was taken and raised to do one thing.

They’ve all started trying to figure out who they are. I think Kylo thought he had, and is now in TLJ going to realize he still doesn’t know who he is or where he belongs. Rey is really adrift, not sure where she belongs or where she fits in. Finn, I suspect, still wants to run.

At the end of TLJ, I think all three of them are going to be finding themselves a lot closer to the answer of who they really are. 

All those words. Lost in translation.
Turning into static, roughly carried by the signals coming through my end, and all I can hear are broken sentences.
All those voices hanging in the air,
Conversations I can’t grasp and hold in my palms.
Neural networks connecting the two of us through space, yet falling short of conveying what we want to say.
It’s funny how so much that we create, just creates more space between the words we speak.
—  Tamarind Fall; Lost in translation.
NaPoWriMo day 17.

I have to resist posting annoyed discourse posts sometimes, but you know what? I don’t even need to bother. Klantis have already lost in the end lol. They’re going to realize KL was never going to happen, and they’re going to have to keep seeing SK get canon material because their relationship is actually part of the vld story. So, they can be salty all they like but they already lost the ship war they started, there’s no need to pay them any attention.

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after taking enough damage, the new kaneconda begins to fall apart, crumbling to a rain of limbs, eyes, and big-ass teeth. kaneki's body falls out, a blood-covered, still limbless lump. he slowly regains consciousness, realizing the scale of what he just did. he begins screaming, thinking of all the kids who lost their parents and all the parents who lost their kids. he gains speed, helpless to stop or even slow his descent. and just he's about to hit the ground, touka catches him (1/2)

(2/2) she fiercely kisses him, weeping tears of relief and joy. she assures him that he’s okay, and that everything is furuta’s fault. she rests his head on her belly, letting him listening to whatever future=carlos is doing in there. after he finally calms down a little, she hoists him on her back, and piggybacks him to kick furuta’s ass.    

Mod K:


Though I think it’s going to take more than just Touka to fix this mess, sadly.

My gut instinct looks like

a four inch long creature

with limbs back and forth

and eyes that appear like

that of a wolf on a full moon

night; haunting. It tells me of

my frailty to engulf pain

with my legs wide open,

fists clenching, mind asleep

and heart unguarded.

With welcoming arms, I let

the breaths sink in, voices

shattered and moans unheard.

He speaks of love over my lips

and his waves remind me of

the aftermath. I’ve always worn

ruins like a gifted ornament,

like an old piece of Van Gogh

adoring how they resemble me

laying barren and dazed, and

captivating all at once. He laughs,

and whispers in a hazy voice,

if devastation was beautiful,

it would look like you and

your poetry, soaring wreckage

into the nights armour,

making it look like a battlefield,

with all the wars won

with all the love lost.

okay first of all… what!?!??! are you all lost – i can’t believe i have reached 100 followers on this silly little blog of mine. but like .. thank you so much??? i’m going to cry honestly. i was so nervous about bringing kennedy over to a blog of her own and yet i did and it was the best decision of my entire life. it has been my favorite book/movie for such a long time and getting to witness so many people bringing all the amazing characters to life has been the biggest treat and having you all pay attention to my girl who i just inserted in has been a blessing. 

THE MAIN SUNSHINES OF MY LIFE ( aka the people i interact/write with the most and i love and cherish and would pick a thousand sunflowers for, thank you for writing with me, for loving kennedy and making me so genuinely excited to do replies )

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i’m going to be honest, i probably missed so many people but i really love and admire all of you and please feel free to ALWAYS send me messages or tag me in random starters because i would love that so so much. thank you again, i love you all dearly.

Hey all, I lost my tablet pen

So bad news: can’t digitally draw. Good news: I have already ordered a new one and can still draw with my sketchbook. These things happen, sorry for the wait. As if that’s new.