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I’m tricking my students into writing a research paper by having them write an open letter and then strengthen their argument by adding evidence. They were allowed to write about anything they wanted for the first draft of their open letter, and one of my 10th grade boys decided he wanted to write about girls who only like bands because the members are cute and don’t really care about the music.

I let him do it because I’ve found that shutting down a student’s idea at the first draft stage tends to make them more obstinate about the topic. I figured we’d get to the evidence-gathering stage, he wouldn’t be able to find scholarly sources and he would change his topic.

Well lo and behold, today he comes into class and tells me he’s changing his topic. Apparently, he couldn’t find any evidence and he figured he was being kind of hypocritical because he gets really excited about athletes he doesn’t even know and the only reason that’s different than fangirls is because it’s him. He actually told me that he realized that writing that first letter would be pretty condescending. He’s going to write about LGBT rights instead.

This next generation, y’all. There’s some good stuff happening.

I know everything that went on behind the scenes of that set, and could you… I want you to thank her for me. It couldn’t have been easy for her to come back every year or also every day but please tell her thank you. She made it feel like a family even when the others were so… and look I’ve worked in tv for damn almost thirty years and I have never had somebody walk up to me and treat me like a person the way she did. And I knew how hard they were trying to make it for her and I saw her cry in that elevator that day and I felt so bad. But you know. We all knew. She gave us jobs, a hundred of us, and our families. School supplies for my kid, and I mean she always bought Girl Scout cookies from Christy’s kid and brought in the herb stuff when Andrew got sick. We all saw it. We weren’t supposed to talk nice about her because it upset them, but we all knew

All I’m saying is that took a lot of guts and I’m going to forget a lot of things but I won’t ever forget what she did for us
So please tell her thank you

—  one of my crewmembers
All Is Not Lost
  • All Is Not Lost
  • OK Go
  • Of the Blue Colour of the Sky (Extra Nice Edition)

Song of the Day:
All is Not Lost by OK Go 

So, yeah, it’s coming babe 
probably bad as they talked about
but just remember: when the tide rolls in,
it can’t be too long until it rolls back out. 

And when they say that all is lost,
all is not lost, all is not lost. 

but when they say that all is lost,
all is not lost, no all is not lost at all. 

I know this is going to be controversial, but I actually LOVED this episode! Ok yes there may be some questions that need to be answered but let’s consider all of the GOOD things that happened in this episode!

  • Patsy and Delia being in bed together and that cute little lovesick smile that Patsy gave to Delia omfg so cute 
  • Patsy having to sneak back to her room in the morning so that no-one realises that SHE SPENT THE WHOLE NIGHT WITH HER GIRLFRIEND!!!
  • Patsy’s new nightie, just wow
  • Delia insinuating that her and Patsy are madly in love and they just can’t stop themselves when it comes to affection
  • Someone pointed out that the whole of Daisy’s family’s story was basically a reflection of Patsy and Delia’s lives, which I didn’t actually pick up on but now I totally see it and it just makes the episode even better tbh!
  • Trixie’s beautiful monologue at AA
  • Sister MJ just being her amazing self
  • I think people are going to actually hate me for saying this but I actually find Tom and Babs incredibly cute and I am just so happy for them
  • Nurse Crane’s revealing her risqué past with and RAF pilot ;) ;) ;)
  • Also Nurse Crane being a complete hero during the storm
  • Nurse Crane saying penis (soz I am so immature)
  • And of course GATEWAYS (ok tbf I was hoping for a little more screen time for Pats and Deels in there but still, it was Gateways!

I know that alot of people are concerned that the producers have cut the kiss, but we mustn’t forget that there’s still one episode to go! And Patsy and Delia were in the little film for next week so there’s definitely still hope! I know we all love our vintage lesbians very much, but let’s not jump to conclusions, as Kate Lamb said, have faith in the producers!! :)

flurf  asked:

markson are the head of the choi youngjae protection squad tbh (ilysm!!!)

Hello, dear!

It’s honestly so true! The way they jumped to Youngjae’s defense over Bambam’s teasing was just so important and precious, and it makes me feel so warm inside to see them looking out for him and protecting him so much! They always have such a habit of looking out of him, and protecting him, and making him happy anyway, and they’re just so supportive and encouraging and adoring of him and everything that he does that it’s honestly beautiful!

I mean, from supporting his English… ( x )

[GIF by poutychoi]

A video posted by Lily (@mark2young2jae) on Aug 14, 2016 at 11:16pm PDT

to reinforcing how handsome he is… ( x )

[GIF by defwang]

and how cute… ( x )

[GIF by jypnior]

to looking out for him…

[GIF by tuanpumpkins]

(Jackson comforting Youngjae at Fly in Seoul)

and showing their love for him (even when he’s not there)…

Markson really are such champions at taking care of our Sunshine and protecting and supporting him against all the evils of the world like cucumbers… most of the time, haha! They really are amazing leaders in the Choi Youngjae Protection Squad!!!

[GIFs by igot7-love]

[GIFs by poutychoi]