But seriously to all bi girls who don’t quite know how their attraction works, to all bi girls who doubt their bi-ness, to all bi girls who used to identify as another label, to all bi girls who are now thinking of identifying as another label, to all bi girls who get frustrated when someone says you’re either a lesbian or straight because, goddammit, you’re bi, to all bi girls who feel lost and excluded, I’m here for you, I love you, you’re going to be okay.

Erwin had given him a rose once. There was nothing romantic, he may as well been handing over the monthly budget report. No words, no touch of hands, only a soft glance, its meaning clear only to the two of them, and a brilliant shock of crimson red all too sudden atop his desk.

Levi had no doubt another shade, though more of a pink, had painted itself across the tips of his cheeks.

Times were much simpler before the wall fell.

The only red between them now is the river of blood beneath their feet.
Like a putrid adhesive it sticks to their feet and despite their struggles they fall victim to the current twisting and churning in opposite directions.  

The colour of their guilt, anger and shame stains their clothes and skin. It is all that they have lost and all that they have failed to gain, lost amidst endless blue waves they may never reach.


After the tragic event in Manchester, I wanted to upload something different. A tribute to all the live lost & hurt. It’s the least I could do. I hope you like this version of One Last Time I put together. It’s not perfect, because it’s my first time ever remixing a song.

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I swear to god if Julie fucks things up between any of the members of the holy trinity I AM GOING TO FUCKING FLY TO OSLO AND CRASH HER FREAKING COMPUTER SO ALL THE FOOTAGE IS LOST AND SHE HAS TO RE-FILM THE REST OF THE SEASON I'M NOT JOKING ABOUT THIS if she as much lays a hand on sana x isak x even or makes Even look like the boo man because he hasn't told Isak about bakka yet....I swear I will bring this show down MARK MY WORDS

im flyin to oslo with u if that happens

From all that I’ve lost and all that I still have, I am grateful
—  Cynthia Chapman

One day, my friend and I queued together and she called bot for us. But, some random guy instalocked ADC as Vayne and then we just both went top. We went 5/0 and meanwhile the Vayne was ¼. They kept flaming us all game, and when we lost, he complained about not having a support. You don’t need a support if you’re gonna act that way, since they practically babysit you and show you respect while you don’t. Please respect your supports.

Artwork by Steve Zheng

Forest Voices || Prologue

It had been a couple hours since everyone’s mysterious awakening and the sun had notably begun the set. What little light there was to begin with was fleeting, making the clearing even more difficult to see through. It didn’t look like In fact it seemed like the wildlife around you were starting to become more active. Tree’s rustling mysterious, howling and cawing birds echoed throughout the forest as you all stood around lost and without a clear way home. Were you really going to be forced to stay out all night in this creepy forest until helped around? Vulnerable to the dangerous wildlife and creatures around it with no protection?

 Before anyone could speak up to try and get together a plan you all heard something very peculiar and out of place. While faint at first, you nearly thought it to be just another part of the wildlife around until they gradually got louder and closer. It was footsteps. Multiple footsteps matter of fact. Whoever, or whatever, was out there was getting closer to your location with each step; And whatever it was certainly wasn’t alone. Just as you all begin to prepare for the worst you hear something.

 A voice.

 "Ah-! Over here, I found them!“

How to fix the Samurai Jack ending:
  • Episode proceeds normally until Ashi gives Jack his sword
  • Ashi creates a time portal for Jack but refuses to go through so that no part of Aku will linger in the past
  • Jack goes through the time portal alone and kills Aku as he does in the episode 
  • Instead of assuring Ashi that Aku is gone for good, Jack is now alone to contemplate on all the friends he’s lost
  • Poorly written wedding scene is replaced with something entirely different, maybe a general celebration of Jack’s victory over Aku and/or a conversation between Jack and his father
  • Final scene in the foggy forest with the ladybug stays as it is in the episode

Just as they thought all was lost, the air grew thick around them and suddenly the beasts that were about to claim both their lives were rendered immobile. Immediately, Brennan dropped his weapon and rushed to Sevella’s side. And after making sure she was relatively unhurt, he picked her up in his arms and carried her to safety.

After they both recovered a moment, they looked for the source of the magic holding their attackers and were surprised at who they saw stepping forth from the trees…….

In Negan’s head

This is my submission to @grab-my-boner ‘s challenge, hope you like it!

Pairing(s): Negan x Rick (one sided), Negan x Lucille (mentioned)

Note: The only difference between this fic and the twd world is that they use the word zombie, so I wouldn’t call this an AU.

Warning: Comic Spoilers

Inspired by the song Zombie by The Cranberries.

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So uh. this blog is p much on a massive hiatus that i’m sure you have noticed!

Technically i stopped liking acnl and I find it hard to find content to post let alone reblogs too rIP. So theres nothing really for this blog anymore now that all my attention and energy and art is being put into my other account. I feel a lot better there and you all would’ve lost interest in Spectre and the gang ages ago haha ovo; I’m still writing and developing them in my docs, so they aren’t dead atleast! They have changed a lot. 

Because of that,I might come back later, idk. So I won’t delete bc hey I’m not ditching Insomnium and my characters. If that day comes, you guys might see the new improved version, maybe even improved art, when I’m mentally more prepared. ;v; I’m sorry ;;

If you’re still interested in what I do, you’ll find me active @prisiidon

Thank you for staying with me. goodbye for now!! 💜

With the amount of stretch goals b.a.p’s makestar project is hitting, opening the package when it arrives is gonna feel like christmas

not all hope is lost

part 5 of 7: a rescue-mission story for Jyn Week | rebelcaptain & spiritassassin | [Ao3 link] - updates daily | tysm for bearing with me reading! ^^;;

“Why did you save us?” he asked

“Maybe I only saved her,” Chirrut said.

-Alexander Freed, Rogue One Novelisation

There are footsteps, paced and even, Chirrut Îmwe lets his captors guide him through the passageways. Baze is behind him, his stride heavy and resentful, Chirrut can hear a rope chafing against the older man’s wrists.

Chirrut, who has never given cause for concern, is left unbound.

“Who is passing by?” Chirrut asks curiously. The second set of steps are hurried, uncertain. There is something else too, something heavy dragged behind them. Not a living thing, the sound it makes echoes sharp and impermeable. But there is feeling there, like all that moves with the Force, and that feeling is clear and light.

“Outpost guards. And a droid,” Baze grunts.

“A droid. I did not suspect our lodgings had droids,” Chirrut offers, listens to the rustle of cloaks as his companions turn.

Chirrut is correct. They did not expect to see a droid.

“Security type,” says Baze, earns a cuff across his elbow for too much talk.

They come to a halt, Chirrut waits patiently as the two groups exchange murmurs. They do not speak Basic unless they wish prisoners to understand, instead favouring the curt, harder tongue of the outer militia cells. Not Imperial by birth it would seem, and nor, Chirrut has come to understand, by nature.

Instructions are given, and when Chirrut is asked to move again, their direction has changed. They travel upward, this time the droid is hauled along behind them, its limbs scuff and grate in the narrow passage. Chirrut is familiar with this route too, there is a recognisably leafy scent on the way to all higher quarters. This may be his first opportunity to speak with the group’s leader.

Chirrut has waited a long time.

“My teachers,” comes the voice, and Chirrut is not unmoved. On Jedha, the words were once a gesture of respect to the Guardians, spoken now with the tone of one who has heard them before.

Lived on Jedha, then.

“You have some sentimental friends.”

Baze makes a derisive growl, Chirrut only smiles. Truth ever walks hand in hand with the Force.

The leader sighs, Chirrut feels Baze tense beside him.

Not yet.

“I have not enjoyed keeping you here,” the Jedhan continues, flat. “I never thought politics would be my lot, until the tide of the universe forced it.”

“You want confession? Got the wrong religion,” Baze snaps, elicits what might’ve once been a laugh.

“I suppose I do. I suppose I don’t,” comes the answer, there’s no bite to the shrug that follows. “Either way, you are free. You and the droid too, once we’ve secured its memory data. Surprisingly resistant to extraction, for a KX.”

Baze huffs, low and gravelly; Chirrut wonders if he almost sounds proud.

“And our sentimental friend?” he asks, leans mildly on his staff.

“Will remain a while longer, until the information garnered from his trade is of use.”

Chirrut draws a sad breath, lets go of the emotion as soon as it surfaces. The Force wavers and swells around him, prickles toward a single pinpoint of bright. From the passage closest to the outside, there is running.

These footsteps are swift and strong.

Baze braces for battle, Chirrut folds his hands and turns.

Jyn bursts into the chamber, the air tightens and snaps, spills into a rush of confused muttering. There is a curt noise, a brush of fabric. The leader has signalled for silence.

“Jyn?” she says quietly.

honestly…ive been think about how hard it must have been for sana in s2. like, it’s pretty clear now that she and jamilla were really close. so can you imagine the betrayal she must have felt??? the anger??? the despair when she realized that she’d been wrong, that jamilla wasn’t the one harassing her??? can you imagine how awful that must have been for her?? and we didn’t even really see it before now. she kept it under wraps, didn’t show the girls at all. she lost one of her closest friends through her own rash actions, and we didn’t even realize it.

I’m tricking my students into writing a research paper by having them write an open letter and then strengthen their argument by adding evidence. They were allowed to write about anything they wanted for the first draft of their open letter, and one of my 10th grade boys decided he wanted to write about girls who only like bands because the members are cute and don’t really care about the music.

I let him do it because I’ve found that shutting down a student’s idea at the first draft stage tends to make them more obstinate about the topic. I figured we’d get to the evidence-gathering stage, he wouldn’t be able to find scholarly sources and he would change his topic.

Well lo and behold, today he comes into class and tells me he’s changing his topic. Apparently, he couldn’t find any evidence and he figured he was being kind of hypocritical because he gets really excited about athletes he doesn’t even know and the only reason that’s different than fangirls is because it’s him. He actually told me that he realized that writing that first letter would be pretty condescending. He’s going to write about LGBT rights instead.

This next generation, y’all. There’s some good stuff happening.