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Now that Leo Dicaprio has won an Oscar, the torch has been passed on to Lin Manuel Miranda. There will always be one who carries on the "Never Received an Oscar" meme.

Like Leo’s win, Lin’s Oscar is inevitable. It’s only a matter of time. 

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Diaboys how many smacks are you giving during spanking?

♥Reiji: Hm, depends. If you’re a disobedient, disrespectful woman, I will spank you until you become a lady. I won’t tolerate bad behavior in this mansion, and that includes you, too. Would you keep that in mind, please? My crop won’t last long if I use it too much on you.

♥Ruki: I can’t really answer that, Livestock. I don’t count them. I mean, it’s a punishment. I will do it as many times as necessary until you have learned your lesson. And, by the way, I don’t spank, Livestock. I whip. Hard. Or do I have to show you the difference between “spanking” and “whipping”?

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Okay and because it's compared with a movie you favor (Moonlight) means that La La Land immediately has to be its enemy? Just seems like unwarranted hate

i didnt say a damn thing about comparing la la land to moonlight lmaoooo thats all u. 

i literally just said bc la la land is a bunch of white ppl dancing to jazz music and putting literally every black person involved in the background, thus disrespecting that community? is pretty shit. like was i not clear? 

I can’t believe they skipped Best Actor this year… No one won for that category, wow. It’s like it doesn’t exist any more

And I can’t believe Octavia Spencer let Emma Stone hold her Oscar for her. She’s such a good woman. And Moana letting Zootopia have a moment with an Oscar they are never gonna get cause Moana won with actual poc representation, not allegories for racism using animals because us white people won’t listen if we can see people who aren’t white or can’t pretend all the animals are white.

Mahershala Ali and Viola Davis, and Moonlight were the only three winners that I know about that I actually care about.

as someone who once publicly accepted an award that did not belong to me I just want to say that I think everyone who made and starred in the very popular movie la la land is gonna be okay