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theory: the meta reason OfA goes from person to person is to represent how a lot of Big Two comics are "legacy comics:, as in someon write Spider-Man, who then lets another person write Spider-Man, who then lets another person write Spider-Man but this time he's actually Doc Oc

mmm that might be a bit of the inspiration for it

anyway here’s more meta about why OFA is passed down from generation to generation b/c i read your question wrong at first and wrote this already 

OFA is the accumulative power of men, as in, it accumulates more and more power with each new successor. All Might is super strong b/c he’s the 8th successor. the first few generations weren’t that particularly powerful in comparison

that’s why Izuku is going to be stronger than All Might eventually

AFO was a first generation quirk user. the story made him build up more and more quirks, while also giving us a believable reason for why the users of OFA haven’t been able to beat him yet: they were too weak at first. but now it’s all coming to a head with Izuku, who’ll have more power then all the previous users ever had

doing it that way allows for quirks to become more common place within the story (making the setting more interesting), it gives us a lot of history and world building, and it gives us a reason why AFO hasn’t been defeated yet

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I have now identified as aro for a year and even though I still question it, it still feels great. I hope that wherever you are in your questioning phase, whether you’re just starting out or are already confident in your identities, I hope you know that you’re 100% valid and loved

I had to share this, bc this is how every man should support feminist issues: “I’m half naked, surrounded by the opposite gender and I feel protected, not intimidated. I want the same for them [women]” 

 Yesterday at the pacific protest #NiUnaMenos -Santiago, Chile 

#NiUnaMenos is a feminist “movement” that started in Argentina, that protest against the rape and murder of women. 


HEY EVERYONE LORD DAD HERE—-well Lord Uncle if Radegast is the dad now. Here to make a post about current trends within the fandom as I usually do when I hear things have been going a little sideways. BUT DO NOT PANIC, I know there is a tendency for people to take things personally, this is just my way of reassuring a few things i’ve been hearing about and I in all honesty just want everyone to enjoy themselves. ANYWAYS, The effect Rise of Iron has had on the fandom has been great. It’s so good to see everyone back and participating and roleplaying again.

But with every good there is a bad. Rise of Iron introduced an opportunity for many to forward their character’s story by making them an Honorary Iron Lord. But it leaves the question: What if my muse doesn’t want to be an Iron Lord? How do I fit in now? ——– I’m here to say that’s okay! I don’t want anyone to think that they don’t belong or their muse isn’t developing or growing because there isn’t or doesn’t feel like there is a space in the Rise of Iron plot line for them. The Vanguard, Sunbreakers, Followers of Osiris, The Reef & Petra, Eris, the Hidden, Thanonaughts, Crucible, Factions, everything still exist and still have directives they’re following and aren’t involved with the Iron Lords at all. The good thing about destiny (which is alao bad for someone who loves lore like i do) is that there are so many open avenues for you to continue to explore and write. For example:

1. The Cabal Emporer is still alive and with all the murdering we have been doing may one day visit. Your guardian can be the one who investigates cabal. With the leadership gone we will essentially force the emporerers hand and your guardian can be closer to telling when the emporer may be coming.

2. The vex are still active, crippled but active and the mysteries of their networks still need to be investigated. Your guardian can work in tandem with Ikora or independently in hunting and investigating them. Does anyone not find it curious that the restorative mind was used to bring back the Nexus Mind, Why not Atheon? Why is the Undying Mind labeled as “Undying”?

3. Is oryx really dead? The book of Sorrows confirms that when the hive die in their world of Sword Logic that they don’t actually die, they return stronger and smarter. Your guardian can be the one who believes that Oryx and even Crota may return, and let’s not forget his two sisters that may sense the power vacuum that has been created since oryx’s death. Guardians will be needed to investigate. In addition the Taken are loose and fighting among themselves, who is going to take care of that?

4. Fallen, House of Devils, Winter, Wolves, Kings etc aren’t the only houses on earth. Much of earth has been taken or transformed by hive and fallen forces, Guardians are needed to investigate them, track their movements, make sure that they never reach toward the last city. Can your guardian help liberate the abandoned cities and small outposts? Places like Cairo, Berlin, and other big cities could be very good options. (I heard canonically, there was art of Chicago being completely hive infested.)

5. Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, and Future War Cult are all still recruiting Guardians to forward their ideas. Will your guardian push those ideas by making waves among government, investigating colony ships, or experimenting with vex gates? That’s for you to decide.

What I’m getting at here is that even though SIVA is the most recently developed enemy and Iron Lords the newest factions to join, it doesn’t mean that you have to be a part of that just to be a valuable part of this fandom. And if you question “How do I incorporate that into my interactions?” It is very easy. At the end of the day every guardian (or at least a majority) have a goal they need to reach and often times those goals intersect. EXAMPLE: The Cabal have considered investiating Hive in the hopes of stopping guardians from reviving because that is the problem with crafting a full assault against them. If you hunt Cabal, what do ou know about hive????? Nothing, find a guardian who does! INTERACTION COMMENCED.

Every idea and character and story line you craft for your character is important and should be treated as such. This is not a place were you should ever feel left out and if you do this fandom has failed you immensely. There is always a place for you here in this rp community, you and your character and your love for them and their story deserves to be shared and appreciated.

To further this I am leaving my IMs open for anyone who might need some help moving forward with lore or possibilities. I know the grimoire cards are…. immense, but I’ve read all of them (more than once probably) and would be happy to help anyone looking to find a way to move forward. And if you worry at all about falling within the lines of canon know this: if it hasn’t been released in a DLC yet, there is literally no harm in writing ahead, crafting your own story.