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*whisper* dad glasses

aka my favourite kind of glasses


It is always different. It’s always complicated. And at some point, someone has to draw the line, and that is always going to be me.

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Reading that AFO + All Might headcanon made me want to propose a prompt. “Offer Me”, AFO and Toshnori after AFO escapes jail and maybe has Toshinori as a hostage. AFO wants to keep Toshinori alive for reasons (probably as bait, maybe to lure Izuku). As they wait Toshinori is subjected to taunts and other such things. AFO could either force a quirk onto Toshi or give him a scar as a little "love mark".

Leave a “Offer Me” in my ask, and I’ll write a drabble about one character giving another a gift.

. . are you reading my mind?? I’ve had a oneshot in mind for a while that would involve AFO breaking out of prison.

I love writing angst thank you for enabling me.

… hooooo boy do i have a fic rec for you. A few days after I got this ask, a wonderful fic written by @swiftwidget and cowritten with @aoimikans was brought to my attention. “Canvas” seems to be exactly what you’re looking for. Go. Enjoy the well-written angst.

This is the last drabble I’m going to do for this round. Gotta focus on my other stuff, especially ‘Bad Days.’ THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO SENT SOMETHING IN!!!

“I hope you realize your loss, All Might.”

Toshinori woke up slowly, his eyes bleary. What little he could make out seemed gray and angular. A spasm rippled up his back and he clenched his teeth against a groan.

“What I mean is - yes, while you won the physical battle, the war is mine.”

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Ok. Lemme set something here. A question? An opinion? Or fact? Does it matter?
I want to talk about personality traits. Because let’s just say.. what if?
I mean someone could have more than duo or trio or quadruple.
What if, someone had all traits and don’t know it?
I am for sure not one trait. As I have multiple and not just one I live by.
Why be one when you can be all, ey?

Kindness is respect and purity.
Determination would likey be stubborness.
Bravery is standing up for what’s right.
Justice is a lose or gain through revenge or righteousness.
Patience is key to understanding.
Integrity is honesty and trustworthy.
Perseverance(same like determination) is persistence to never give up.
Love through family.
Hate within yourself or others in wrath or envy.

This is my own interpretation of what the traits would be and what they mean for.
Now some might degree which I’ll understand that can be things like “You can’t be all of them!” “Course you want all, your just greedy!” “There’s no way it’s impossible.”
But what if? Right? This isn’t an entitlement thing I’m putting out or wanting everything because of selfish reasoning or in the game just wanting to be a God. I’m just saying it’s misleading because someone like me that doesn’t know what my traits are I get frustrated because I’m not mostly determination or kindness or etc. I might be some rare breed of heart that has all. And you might be too and don’t know it! I call this- Rainbow Chakra. In short terms, “Not one color but all” and you might say its something impossible but I say it’s something special and rare, possibily unique!

If you ask it’s something of what was I like in my childhood years? I would definitely say that I had no fear and was VERY stubborn. So back then when I was a child I would be two traits which would be Determination and Bravery. But counting the years you grow to have more than what’s given in the past.

Buut if we’re talking about mood color that’s something entirely different. And here’s a thought, just think like what if your heart can change color within a blink of an eye? Nobody would know. But only you do with your mood. Could be brain color for all we know xD

Also.. if I’m being selfish right now I would be calling.. dibs. But I’d say most like you might be a rainbow. Because your all special and unique because you are you. And that’s something you should be proud of.

Anywho this was just a thought anyhow and I mean no disrespect or mockery for anyone its just something I wanna talk about because of “curiosity.” That’s all :)
So what I’m I? I am the rainbow. Or correct me if I’m wrong or if I missed something.

OMG!!! (O   w O) my baking project is DONE!! and he’s everything i hoped and dreamed he would be!!! and i hope you guys like him too!!! (-^  O ^-) hahahah!!

there are SO MANY friends having birthdays right now! omg!!! it was just @countofeight ‘s birthday, it’s @marlonbookcase ‘s birthday (today i think!?), @the-pudding-is-a-lie ‘s birthday is coming up soon, and so is @zombiebrainsoup ‘s!!! plus i’m sure there are more i’m either missing or don’t know about yet!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! SO!!! (O   w O) since i have a big project coming up~ and i don’t want to miss out on sending my well wishes to everybody… i thought i’d make this for you guys!!!!!!

he’s a vanilla, rainbow unicorn cake!!! i’ll take more pictures when we eat him on your behalf! because he’s as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside! just like you guys!!! *throws sparkles and confetti in the air* I know it’s not much~ since i can’t actually GIVE you guys this cake… but… i made him with love and i want you all to know just how much sharing this space with you all has meant to me, and how much i adore you all! thank you from the bottom of my heart! and i hope you all have the most wonderful birthdays EVER!!! <3 <3 <3 *SUPER UBER SPARKLE HUGS*

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what about akaashi? do u think he enjoys it when bokuto is being romantic to him?

um hmmm. canonically we don’t know enough about akaashi for anyone to answer this question with the remotest bit of an informed opinion.

that said, i think in my ideal bokuaka world, bokuto grew on akaashi over time, with his enthusiasm and kindness and just overall lack of restraint. i think akaashi went from irritated, to amused, to inspired, to a much more familiar kind of frustration. 

but in terms of bokuto being romantic… akaashi said that sometimes bokuto is the only one who can carry them when things get rough. akaashi said it. not the managers (who talk about bokuto), not his teammates, not kuroo. it’s akaashi, who isn’t given much of an opportunity to talk at that point. 

with that and his personality in mind, i don’t think flowers and chocolates and candles work on akaashi. or rather, they COULD only because i think that akaashi likes it when bokuto takes charge. i don’t mean in the bedroom (although i think that too). i think he likes it when bokuto does all the work to plan a date. all the work to do a project around the house. all the work at much of anything. 

people who constantly have their shit together do not automatically like to be in charge. we just end up that way. it’s exhausting to always be making certain people don’t kill themselves. bokuto is very high maintenance, and i’m sure akaashi gets enjoyment over looking after him or he wouldn’t fucking do it. but that doesn’t mean it isn’t tiring. i think what akaashi would find romantic was if bokuto thought about something akaashi needed, like let’s say a new cord for his laptop, and took care of it without akaashi needing to ask. 

while that’s not traditionally romantic (it’s kind of like the old getting your wife a blender for her birthday thing), i think that most people who have been in long term relationships would probably agree that working hard to make your partner’s life easier is profoundly loving. 

  • me:ok, today I'm going to wake up at a decent hour, finish up work, buy groceries and then I'll make a nice walk around the city in the afternoon... p o s i t i v i t y
  • me, actually:wakes up one hour late, buys groceries but can't muster energies to cook so orders a pizza, falls asleep and wakes up in the late afternoon.
  • me:well
  • me:that didn't go as planned
Mini Drabble #1

She stood up, shivering in her torn gown. Gone was the shimmering, lovely, perfect gown her fairy godmother had bestowed upon her. Gone, too, was the carriage and horses and coachmen. Instead, a smashed pumpkin lay on the road, with mice scurrying this way and that. Her beloved dog, Stormfly, stood up shakily, and hurried over to her, sniffing her for any bruises.

Astrid let out a long breath. What an end, to a wonderful night. It was strange, she thought, that it should end in such a way.

Such a perfect night.

Still shivering in the cold midnight air, she began the long trek home. She had gotten quite some ways, when she felt the ground quiver beneath her. Startled, she looked over her shoulder to see lights approaching. Quickly, she hurried to the side of the road, ducking behind a bush, and peering through the brambles as a host of men swept into view. They thundered to a halt, and she could see him. The prince of Berk, sitting upon a great black stallion. He looked around, as if sensing something.

Could he have come in search of her? For why else would he have left the ball early, and come in the same direction?

She took a sharp intake of breath, wondering if it could be true. She had left early, before the enchantments had disappeared, so that he would not know who or what she truly was.

But Astrid Hofferson was her parents’ daughter, and she was brave and bold, if nothing else.

With a determined air, she stepped out from behind the bush, torn gown and single glass slipper and all, and stood before the prince and his men.

She looked him in the eye, and he smiled.

From a prompt from an idea generator. The prompt was: “She heard the sound of hoofbeats rushing down the road and ducked behind a bush before they came into view.” Ofc I thought of Cinderella. Except with a twist, ‘cause I can totally imagine Astrid just going for it.

Great. Now I want to write a Cinderella AU  >_>’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’