i would say personally i hate it so much that this is seriously happening. 

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Realising you're gay and looking back at all the times you thought you were straight. Is like looking back at your life and being like "oh it started then"17yo... "No wait" 15yo... "Omg so obvious"13yo ....?? 5yo???? Like damn how long have I been gay? And I didn't even know? Rotflol it's like seeing how far back you can trace your ancestry. Only with gayness in your life.

I’ve reached 1k recently which is just so cool, and it’s been a while since my last follow forever, not to mention my blog is very very different (and very very better but let’s not go there), so I decided to make another one to thank all the new amazing blogs I’ve started to follow since then (and some of the old ones too). Some of the blogs here are my friends, some I’ve talked to like twice and already consider friends even though they might not, some are amazing mutuals I cannot in all honestly believe follow me back, some are blogs i admire so much you have no idea. ➳ faves // mutuals

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i just realized something... You ship Sheith, and judging by what i remember seeing from your PJO/HOO art... You have a type don't you?


It’s what I call Sunshine Light Haired Tol and Angry Dark Haired Smol. I honestly have a thing for misunderstood raven haired boys who are kinda viewed as the temperamental ones who hate on everything but literally turns all soft to one specific kind hearted boy who loves them oh-so dearly. Certain boy is the only one that could calm and touch them freely. A.K.A. The Pure Ship. That’s why Jasico and Sheith are my OTPs in these fandoms. JUST. LOOK. AT. THEM.

Soooo…i did a thing!….
Eh…I hope you like it!  Maybe i will throw more fanart at you in the future!…
*runs away and hides somewhere* 

i had some serious problems submitting this ( i dont know whyy..tuumblrr staaaph) so forgive me if there are 6-7 pics in your inbox..haha.





“Did you clean the table?” Harry asks Louis once Rose is done speaking, now occupied with trying to see if she can reach over and touch Harry’s hair from where she’s sat. At Louis’ nod, Harry frowns. “You didn’t have to do that. You’re my guests here, I could’ve dealt with it later.”

Louis just smiles easily, though, adjusting Rose on his lap so that she’s facing Harry better. She manages to tug on a loose wave of hair, and she makes a noise of triumph that both Louis and Harry smile at.

“I don’t mind,” Louis murmurs to Harry, even though he’s looking at Rose. “This one here seemed very excited to talk to you.”

And, okay. Harry can’t help but think of how domestic this feels, all of a sudden.

[harry is a photographer who’s trying to find his place. louis is a single father with a smile that feels like home.]

author: anyadisee

word count: 52k

one shot, complete


death incarnate /// happy birthday to everyone’s favourite lieutenant-colonel, guren ichinose! (28/08)

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Do you some good M/M books with good characterisations and plot but not too dark? Like, I don't mind angst and some graphic violence but I read the foxhole court and, while amazingly written, it was a bit too much for me. Thanks ❤️

Hello! :)

I completely understand you…TFC was pretty hard for me, too, and I deliberately chose something lighter to read after I was done with it. 

Captive Prince was perfect to me (what a surprise, uh? :D), have you heard of it? I mean, the first few chapters were quite…a lot, if I’m honest, but later on, even if a couple of topics are quite heavy and painful, it was a total pleasure and everything was handled with impressive delicacy.

I haven’t read either of them, but people are generally enthusiastic about  Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe and The song of Achilles, though the first one doesn’t have a proper leading couple, I think, and the second has the potential to be quite sad (I mean, the mythical love story definitely ends badly, but I’m not sure where the plot is supposed to get to there).

The Persian Boy is very good in my opinion! I don’t know if you are interested in historical figures, but this one deals with Alexander the Great and his personal life (manly his reletionship with his eunuch Bagoas, but also his soul mate, Hephaestion). Same goes for Memoirs of Hadrian, a wonderful book, where the emperor openly narrates of his interests for men, and there’s the famous description of his fervent, eventually tragic love for the young Antinous (romaticized, but historical). A book that changed my life, but quite a challenging reading.

Then there’s a Kind of Stories series that someone recommended to me on here, but I haven’t had the time to try yet, and finally the series I’m currently reading (still on book 1), Cut&Run. The characters are actually very interesting and you get fond of them incredibly fast! I find the style questionable so far and the editing terrible, but I hear ti gets better! They’re FBI agents with difficult, complex pasts and they deal with crimes in all 9 novels, but it’s not as dark and violent as tfc, in my opinion. It’s actually funny!

Someone else recommended a comic, recently, omgcheckplease, about a closeted couple playing sports in a college (ah, familiar?!) and the drawings looked very lovely to me!

There’s the famous Raven Cycle, about which I’ve heard very good things from many people. Well written, it’s got a fantasy setting with high school protagonists and many pairings, one (or more?) of them of the same sex.

And then In the company of shadows, two agents in a distorted future working together and falling in love. But that’s very hard and dark, from what I’ve been told, and very long! It’s considered a very good series, though, therefore I thought it deserved a mention here!

Last, but not least, my very favorite M/M romance, Brokeback Mountain. Maybe you saw the movie? The book is a short story, you can read it in a couple of hours, and it’s BEAUTIFUL. Crude, painful, so complicated and yet so simple, memorable. Really, really heartbreaking, a realistic and dreary sketch of a little (that little?) part of this world. 

I hope I’ve been of some help, this is all I’ve got! If anyone has other suggestions, I’ll be more than happy to add them to the list! :)