All 4 One second season

Ok seriously you guys. I’m going to all of my favorite ships to help spread the word for this great show! If you are sick of your favorite ships breaking up, not being canon, being shot at and just dying, look no further to this show that manages to kill not a single LGBT+ character. I know, right. Also they realize that there can be more than one gay character in a show.

I am a broke college girl without a dime to spare, but if I had one it would go to making sure this show gets a second season.

What is All For One you may ask?

All For One is a web-series on the kindaTV youtube channel. KindaTV is the network where Carmilla arose from, so they know what they are doing when it comes to good web shows. The main plot of the story is the main character trying to deal with college as she realizes the student union is corrupt and stopped her from her dreams of being a pledge to a very great sorority. 

I am not a person who usually likes stories about Greek life but while this show has a Greek life plot, I found it both enjoyable and entertaining.

It is actually an amazing show with amazing representation. The main character is a bisexual who you actually see with both boys and girls. Some (I believe all but maybe one) of the supporting cast are members of the LGBT+ community. At least two of them are also non-white cast members. The diversity in the show is amazing. 

The characters are also so well written and relatable. The main character strives for what she believes in, is not opposed to hitting someone in the face, and will admit when she is in fault. Her love interest is honest when she expresses herself, but also doesn’t feel the need to seek revenge ever time she is wronged. The mom of the group is well a mom, caring about her friends and sticking by the rules. The hacker friend and the unicorn friend make one of the cutest on screen couples, and their differences shine out during the series. 

The writing is amazing and there is at least one phrase that will become a part of your vocab once you are done with the show. 

Like Carmilla, the series is shot my a single camera which is making video via a computer. While in Carmilla, it is Laura first doing her research paper and then going into the realm of finding her roommate with her videos, in All for One, the camera is used as a livestream between the main character and her friends from home. During the whole series, comments from her friends, the inseperables, appear on the corner of the screen. They provide many pop culture references and jokes, and by the end of the show, you will be able to recognize some of them by name. 

So what can you do?

Please go watch the show on youtube. And when you finish binge watching it. The whole show takes like an afternoon at most, please if you can support the show for a second season if you can.

And if you can’t spread the word to as many people as fast as you can. This show is great, if you like Carmilla you will like this show to. 

Please lets get this great show a second season while we still can. We as a community are dying for shows with great representation. This show has it, and lets make sure it has the chance to continue.

taratyler  asked:

Indiegogo says we're good to go????

Oh Tumblr, we’re sorry we’ve neglected you and not posted an official celebration announcement. So here it is: 

YES - thanks to all your contributions, we are able to move forward with making All For One Season Two!! Our writers have started furiously writing, our producers have been scheduling and our coffee pots are getting exponentially more usage.

We can’t wait to share season two with you - thanks for keeping this Hype Train chuggin’. <3


Finally treated myself to All For One and it’s inspiring me so much ahhaha. I love all the little comments they make, especially Ratchet teasing Qwark and Nefarious so often.

“Look at you guys, you’re practically BFFs!”

Huhuhu and not to mention the tear that falls from my eye when Ratchet gets low on health. Low key always loved his tired look when he needs nanotech.

Happy doodles because I’m in love. (Ps, if you have the game and are free for multiplayer, DM me! IdibsRatchettho)

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