Contemporary Black Artists on Tumblr

Have you popped into the Black artists on Tumblr tag yet? It’s an endless scroll of GIFs, photography, paintings, illustrations, and more, more, more. Here’s a small collection of Tumblrs you can follow to get you started:

The Artist Akuji (@theartistakuji​)

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Beautiful digital art that just feels clean, fresh, and pleasing to look at. The artist’s Jamaican-American background shines through in a lot of her work, like this West Indie piece.

Maya Ajani (@mayaajani​)

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Gritty, detailed, cool as hell marker art. Everything is a little bit gnarled up and raw and, just to repeat with deserved emphasis, cool as hell.

Liam Gavyn Salt (@liamgavynsalt​)

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Liam Salt dabbles in seemingly all things visual art: painting, digital, photography, illustration. He does it all well, but It’s his GIFed up self-portraits that we wanted to showcase. Those are some finely tuned, well-thought-out scribbles up there.

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aquietpainter  asked:

Any tips for an undergrad majoring in Art History?? and careers I can pursue with an Art History degree?? I thank you for your time : )

Hey! Unfortunately I can’t give you any direct tips for surviving an Art History degree (I’ll start studying next year though, yay) and I envy you! I did do some googlin’ for you and found a helpful blog. You’ve probably already seen it, but in case it’s got some new info here’s two helpful links:

As for what you can do with your degree, I love this question. I got told growing up that “there’s nothing you can do with an art degree but become a failed artist,” but shockingly there’s a lot of paths you can branch out to! A degree in art can lead to all kinds of design - visual art, furniture, interior, and clothing - or gallery and museum work. You can become the person that saves centuries old paintings, or you can work privately for an art lover and consult him on what to buy, or you can go on to become a teacher and inspire the next generation of artists.
I’ll also give some links as to what the jobs entail in case you’d like more info, or just link to know what the heck the job actually is. Some of these jobs will be really similar to others, but different areas of the world view them a bit different, or they’re a bit more specific:

Something I do know, however, is one of the biggest things employers look for in all of these fields is (brace yourself) experience. Lucky for us art lovers, museums and art galleries are always looking for volunteers. I know in Melbourne, a lot of smaller galleries are run on volunteers. I recommend (if you haven’t already) to look for museums or galleries and ask them if there is anything you can help out with, that will help you build up your experience for the art world. There’s all kinds of things they can ask you to do. At museums they ask for help from anything like directing tours, to helping with the gardens. At art galleries you can help set up installments, or even become part of them.

I hope this answer helped even a little bit. Good luck with your studies!

Thawra: Calling All Arab Womxn and Non-binary People

الصوت المرأة ثورة / The voice of the woman is revolution

While Ascend is currently on hiatus, Thawra is a special project, a mini project of sorts underneath the larger Ascend umbrella.

We are currently accepting submissions of art by Arab womxn or nonbinary Arab people at (please note that this is a different email than our usual submissions email).

Our voices our often silenced, only amplified when they fit a certain agenda. We want to hear your voice. Speak to us–about anything. Thawra does not have a specific theme. Instead, it seeks to be more of an anthology of work by Arab womxn & non-binary Arab people.

For deadlines and submission guidelines, keep reading.

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#fannibalselfrec event - Hannibal season one

Thanks to @hannibalficwriters for organising this, I’m looking forward to checking out everyone’s recs :)

I nearly decided not to take part - I have problems with self-reccing, especially when I think something has received ‘enough’ attention. It just seems greedy. But that’s a) stupid and b) I have a story I want to tell about the writing of this fic.

I have literally only one (1) which qualifies. Others have strayed too far into AU-land to count as taking place in S1. That fic is *drumroll*:


Hannibal/Will ~ 57k words ~ Explicit

A Season 1 BDSM AU

Summary: What if Hannibal’s sadistic tendencies only find expression through consensual BDSM relationships? Set in a Season 1 AU where Will is allowed to continue teaching, relatively undisturbed by Jack, and seeks Hannibal’s professional help of his own accord.

The story I want to tell is how I went from not even thinking about writing, to writing something which juuussst about qualifies as a short novel (if we go by word count) in the same bound. (And how you can too! No, just kidding - I hate those kinds of terrible advice blogs. But stick with me, there’s things in this story which might be relevant for anyone reading.)

Before this fic, I wasn’t writing. Anything. Not only that, but I wasn’t even a frustrated writer who wanted to write but couldn’t. The idea of writing had never occurred to me. Sure, I was a frustrated creative person - I have been all my life, even since I was a very small child. Just before this fic, I had been studying fine art with a load of other adult learners and trying to engage with the contemporary arts scene in a fairly amateurish but genuine way. I would have described myself as an artist. My creative friends are sculptors and printmakers and painters. We had just finished putting on a group exhibition - just to see if we could - and were thinking vaguely of other things we might do together in the future.

Enter fandom. I had come to Hannibal post-cancellation and watched all three seasons breathlessly, then wandered around Tumblr reading meta and finding great fic and thinking WHY OH GOD WHY ARE THEY LIKE THIS in a way which is familiar to anyone who has just Found Hannigram.

My gf is a fandom-savvy individual and we usually talk about our obsessions, whether they’re shared or not. We came up with something which we found funny and which you most likely won’t - after steeping ourselves in Hannibal’s god-complex we thought it would be hilarious to reduce him down to a common-or-garden bedroom sadist. He would make bad bondage puns and have a dungeon instead of a murder basement. Lololol etc. I even went so far as to refer to this as Fifty Shades of Graham, which if you know me, demonstrates how un-serious I was about it.

I DID NOT INTEND TO WRITE THIS is what I am trying to say. It was a joke, a bad one, and a private one. I never intended to be a writer* at all. 

Because apparently, unbeknown to me, that’s what I’ve been all this time. Secretly, under the surface somewhere. And what I think is this: I just wasn’t ready to be a writer before. I wasn’t ready to discover this about myself. The things that I did before - all the visual art, all my academic studies and crap jobs - all have, in differing and subtle ways, all fed into this part of me which wasn’t ready to come out yet. 

And I also think that this is happening to all of us. It’s just as true for you as it is for me. We all have hidden pockets of potential, things even the most self-aware of us do not know about, or refuse to look too closely at. Those pockets might not lead directly to anything life changing, they may be paths to other, deeper and more difficult to find pockets. Or simply to activities and interests we find enjoyable, a way of doing something just for ourselves or of meeting people we need in our lives.

A wise person on the internet said “follow the rabbit-holes”. They all lead to the same place anyway, and the easiest path there is the one of least resistance. Follow that strange tug, dive in, see where it leads you without worrying about the destination. You might end up being very surprised.

*It took me maybe six months to start to feel I could use the hallowed word Writer when talking about myself, and now I can even tell complete strangers this without blushing and feeling like a fraud.

18 months later and I can’t imagine not planning all my not-work time around writing - I think about it constantly. It nags at me when I’m prevented from doing it by other commitments. My weeks and weekends are based squarely around which project I’m working on and how much time I have until that deadline, self-imposed or not. I have so many projects lined up they are constantly being juggled and re-ordered so I can try to maximise my available writing time in the most effective way. I’m even looking beyond fandom and beginning work on an original novel. And it all started with this fic.

For the really curious, here is how Cathexis got written (under the cut):

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Okay so I’m going to bed but before I go I want you to all know this.

You are all amazing.

The creators that follow me, you are all extremely talented. I may not get around to reading all your stories or appreciating all your visual art (drawings, screen shotting and making gifts, aesthetic makers, icon makers.) but you are all gifts sent to fandom.

The rest of you ANGELS (and demons), thank you. Thank you for your comments and your likes and the screaming into my inbox. Thank you for reading my stories, my ramblings, my rants.

Just thank you.

You are ALL awesomely amazing human beings and I love you. 💜💜💜💜

Submissions for TRANSIENT 6!

augh im getting more behind with each issue & im heck of stressed! the only reason i’ve got this far with producing a zine is thanks to everyone else who participates, so this month’s theme is FRIENDS! things you like to do together, ways you have made or would like to make friends, people who are important to you & why - just run with it, guys.

All kinds of still visual art, poetry or other pieces of writing are all welcome. Please avoid explicit themes such as sex and drugs. Preferably, ensure your submissions are suitable for A5 portrait orientation pages although there will be some exceptions. Send this blog a message for more info or just send your submission as an attachment to

Registration is Open!

Registration for Pic with a Fic 2017 is now open!

You may register for both an author and an artist. Remember, the 2 week time limit on delivering your contribution remains the same. If space is limited, we may contact you about participating in just one of these roles.

For the Pic side of things, remember that all forms of visual art are welcome! Gif, video, sketch, you name it!

We would love for non-Tumblr users to participate, they just need some way to communicate with their Fic/Pic partner.

Although we aren’t revealing the theme quite yet, we will say that it is broad and should not limit your creativity.

Please contact us with any questions about the Pic with a Fic challenge!

- Pic with a Fic Team

anonymous asked:

What kind of things will you be looking for in the art trade?

All art including visual and writing is fine! I usually look for dragons/lizards, guns, violence, and gore artwise and high action or suspense topics for writing. :)

edee-edee  asked:

hey sophie! I really love your art and I'm writing about your work in a essay for graphic design, I was just wondering who your influences are and how you approach your work? Thank you :) (also sorry these questions are super boring I know)

Oh what?? An essay? Can I maybe read it after? : ) And no, these questions are great!

My current biggest influences are 

  • furniture (seriously, I want to start designing furniture) - I think it’s really cool how furniture can be both functional and beautiful. It’s pretty awesome how these sleek lines and shapes can exist in real life and actually be something that people congregate around.
  • natural compositions and color (I look at nature photography and take lots of pictures when I go out) - I try to take lots of little hikes and trips and remember what it feels like to be outdoors and very small in the world - and try to capture that feeling and put it in a painting
  • succulents - this is pretty obvious I guess, but I love the amount of variation in succulents & how their colors change when they’re stressed. I have way too many plants.
  • some good ol’ existential angst - sometimes (all the time) I just stop and think: isn’t life kind of insane? Isn’t it crazy that we’re all here? What does it mean to be a good person? Is there an utmost achievable level of greatness, or is existence simply a cycle of iterative self-improvement? Is making art a selfish endeavor fueled by ego and the desire to matter?? (Do I need to lay down?)
  • also I’m looking at @christurnham ‘s work again lately, enjoying how he simplifies buildings and houses into simple shapes and the way he uses negative space to suggest form

How I approach my work

  • I start with some feeling or mood I want to get across
    • I think a lot about how all art (visual, musical, etc.) is a conversation between the creator’s intention and the viewer’s interpretation
  • Gather reference, listen to some music, get pumped up
    • To paraphrase @bluebed, what matters is what kind of art/media you consume; your own art is what you poop out after
  • Sketch ideas out very messily, block out colors
    • At this stage it’s easy to suffer from decision paralysis (vertical or horizontal layout? day or night? lines or no lines?)
    • easiest way to get over it, is to just pick something and run with it, and do that over and over again

I hope this helps!!

Submissions for TRANSIENT #5

April’s theme is HOPE. there are leaves growing on the trees. the first flowers are well and truly out and everything seems brighter. sunny days are almost too warm to wear a jacket, but not quite. it’s motivating! exciting! we’re balancing on the edge of the tipping point. what do you want to achieve this year? what sort of life do you foresee for yourself in the summer months? from the simple things like just drinking tea in the sun to your loftiest goals, that’s what i want to talk about this month.

 All kinds of still visual art, poetry or other pieces of writing are all welcome. Please avoid explicit themes such as sex and drugs. Preferably, ensure your submissions are suitable for A5 portrait orientation pages although there will be some exceptions. Send this blog a message for more info or just send your submission as an attachment to You can buy the past 4 issues here !

Selfie Saturday - Natalie Prass

With the voice of an angel and some serious guitar-shredding chops, Natalie Prass has been turning heads with her sweet take on classic 70′s soul pop. Her self-titled debut album dropped earlier this year and after seeing her play our House of Vans SXSW show, we were itching to hear more. Read on to find out Natalie’s fave spots in Nashville, playing keys for Jenny Lewis’ band and the unusual comparison she gets to Disney princesses and movies. 

Photo: Ashley Osborn

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anonymous asked:

What about an art college au? Maybe one of them is a nude model, other wants to be a performer, other a TA doing their master's degree...

this is so different from… anything i’ve ever written for them… like.  headcanon wise.  like even though i wrote it, it doesn’t seem realistic.  but i like it..

  • i love cosima as a photographer.  like i can’t get that idea out of my head, so that’s what she does.
  • idk if there’s such a thing as a sculpting major?  if there’s not, shay is an art major emphasizing in sculpture.
  • delphine is a music major.  composition.
  • the main classroom that gets used for all the visual arts classes is right across from the practice room that delphine uses to teach herself new instruments/play the parts she’s writing.
  • they kind of all just pass each other, earbuds in and nodding in greeting until one day they don’t.  like shay and cosima are just sharing the space working on some separate project and for some reason one of them doesn’t have their earbuds in.  they hear delphine playing one of her main instruments (probably like… cello) and they get the other’s attention.  and they just listen for a minute.
  • then they start talking.  turns out delphine goes to almost all the art events in the gallery, actually getting some inspiration from specifically shay and cosima’s art.  this starts the beginnings of a friendship.
  • one day at lunch, cosima mentions that she’s doing a series on backs, kind of a twist on portraiture where you can’t see the subject’s face. it’s gonna be multi-medium and she can’t find a fifth model who’s willing to pose for photographs, sketches, and paintings.
  • delphine offers.  “are you sure?”  “yes.”  “it would require nudity.”  “it’s just my back right?”  “yeah.”  “you americans are so squeamish with showing skin.”
  • it goes pretty smoothly.  the photos take no time.  it’s the sketches that are a little awkward.  delphine’s lying on her side trying not to move in the cold basement late at night while cosima draws.  she is out cold by the time cosima finishes.  now she’s gotta wake up a half-naked, kind of new friend.  cosima gently wakes her and tries really really hard not to make eye contact or stare at her boobs.
  • when cosima is doing post on her work, shay sees the delphine pieces and she’s like, damn that’s a nice back.  so she asks delphine if she can sculpt her.
  • it’s the same thing, except shay has a thing where she’s gotta feel something if she’s gonna sculpt it.  nothing weird!!  just like, rubbing her back over her shirt.  
  • delphine now Has A Thing for the art students who have a thing for backs.
  • idk how they would end up all together.  probably after the gallery opening party.  they’re all a little tipsy and giddy.  and just kinda… end up together in someone’s apartment.

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it

anonymous asked:

Hey any tips for new people trying to make pixel art?

Draw a lot, share your stuff, read critiques. That’s pretty much the same for all visual arts.


or rather, they don’t have non-functional art.

This was something that really stuck out to me during the “Beta” episode, but Peridot and Lapis had no concept of visual, expressive art. Going around and calling it “meep morp”, and making what we humans recognize as pieces of art. 

Originally posted by ditto132

Now this says a few things. For one, The Homeworld has never HAD art as a concept. Why? Well, Lapis had no idea what art was. But she wasn’t the only one. In fact, Peridot, the most modern and up-to-date gem when it comes to Homeworld culture, was the one who came up with it (or at least felt comfortable enough to brag like she did).

However, we’ve seen murals and statues in buildings and bases made by Homeworld. 

Originally posted by lionkin

Originally posted by the-moonlight-witch

So while they don’t have art for the sake of expression, they DO have functional art. They have Propoganda. 

Whatever name they use to refer to this “not-art”, it’s not anything Peridot or Lapis consider “Meep morp” one way or another. It’s merely used for the sake of worshipping and admiring the Diamonds, and is probably more a reminder of their Authority than anything else.

But they do have something else to express themselves with. They have Music.

Originally posted by butterscotch-cinnamon-pie

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We’ve seen all of the Crystal Gems sing at some point. Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst, and of course Steven. Even Rose Quartz has sung, with Greg.

Originally posted by dianarox22

But, given that we’ve seen the gems rocking it out with Greg, a musician and a person who met Rose via his music, this wasn’t telling. It could’ve been a new concept for them until they began to mingle on Earth.

But Peridot, who’s new to Earth, seems plenty familiar with music. Now, she’s had a lot of exposure to music since befriending Steven, but the word isn’t foreign in her mouth like “art” is. When Steven says “that’s art!” she scoffs and laughs it off, and continues to refer to their work as “meep morp”. But she knows what music is, and refers to it as though it’s a familiar concept on homeworld.

She also performs some with Lapis, who seems familiar enough with how to use instruments for someone new to Earth.

Originally posted by sudloo

And there is one case of singing that happens to gems who’ve only been on Homeworld:

Originally posted by portmanteautruck

So gems don’t have non-functional art. But they DO have music. and any song sung on this show, especially by a gem, has deep meaning. It has purpose. It conveys their feelings and intent, and is never used lightly. So music may have a similar function for Homeworld, where music isn’t used casually, but has purpose, and is used for communication. All in all, this suggests that everything made on homeworld, gems included, are created with a specific purpose. Everything is made to be efficient and have some sort of reason, some sort of use. Unnecessary concepts, creations and emotions are thrown to the side, which when you consider this while looking at all the gems we’ve seen so far, also explains a lot.

In short: There aren’t any “artistic” gems made who just make art all day, how depressing.  

Visual Art used to express yourself is something new to the gems, and likewise casual expression of your thoughts and emotions likely are a new concept too.

pro tip: once you master it, you can use the same sort of pretentious-sounding vague figurative language to discuss wine, other expensive food products, poetry, music you don’t really understand, literature, any and all visual art forms, and bizarre ‘conceptual’ modern theater; you’ll sound profound and well-educated without having to actually understand or in any way enjoy what you’re critiquing.

e.g. “I love the texture of this piece, it’s delicate yet compellingly multilayered” sounds much better than “hmm, interesting.” but can be applied to the same wide variety of things. It helps if you affect an arch and contemplative tone, and pronounce your judgement slowly but with assurance, as if you’re still mulling over the complexities of the thing you’re discussing, rather than choosing adjectives at random and adding a few adverbs to flavor your word smoothie with.

With practice, you can render all discussion about the arts functionally meaningless!