From ONS chapters 18 to 22

There’s Yuu striking a bargain with Guren for Mika.

He’s willing to be used, he’s willing to let Guren experiment on him, as long as he can get Mika back.

I don’t even know what to add, I think these speak for themselves. Yuu’s love and devotion for Mika goes beyond anything I can imagine.

There’s Yuu training again to master his sword, and overcoming Asuramaru thanks to his feelings for Mika…

“Because he was the first to ever need me…” *slowly lies down on the floor*

LOOK AT THAT JUST LOOK AT THAT!! I’m always so happy when some beautiful lines like this one are repeated, especially in such a beautiful and symbolic way. ;______; And then Yuu….

I need Mika to hug him.

Even Kimizuki was able to overcome his own demon thanks to Yuu’s devotion to Mika. Boy, that should tell us something.

There’s just so much material. So many hints, even this

Yuu again looking at the moon while a promise to save him is being made. Vague reference to when they swore to save each other some chapters back.

This ship is real, I feel it in my soul. And if they don’t end up married by the end of the series I am calling bs.

r0sequarts you see that new page of Namesake yet? Cuz I just did. One thing that I regret about reading it all at once, I now have to wait for updates… Well that makes something to look forward more often I guess

Having a hard time with adulting recently.

Work. Bills. Friendships. Leaving the house. Cleaning. Waking up.

It all feels too hard sometimes.


An alternate reality in which Jane Shepard comes from a parallel universe because of a random wormhole.


The rage was real, but do you think I went in a little too hard? I’ve been using things like this as a mechanism to cope with rage, I figure it’s a less destructive way to let it all out. I really don’t care that he thought I was insulting him, I would just like to know if I’m doing more harm than good.

I had my wisdom teeth extracted and was given hydrocodone for the pain. Little did I know, those narcs back you up; I didn’t poop for nine days. Finally, I became so concerned, I told my fiancé — he then proceeded to give me the biggest dose a person can safely take of his mom’s ‘fast-acting’ laxative/stool softener. I waited six hours and nothing happened. I was spending the night at his house, so we climbed into bed and fell asleep. Well, at about 3 a.m., I woke up and my bowels IMMEDIATELY began evacuating my body at a velocity I did not even know was possible. All over the bed, and all over my fiancé, who was still sleeping. I tried to clench my poor booty hole, but nothing would work. I hopped up thinking I would make a run for it to the bathroom, but the flow did not stop. It was like a river in the bed, on the floor, and on my future husband — and then I started to cry. Only when I started to cry did my fiancé wake up. I just flopped on the bed and curled into a ball, sobbing because I was more mortified than I had ever been in my entire life. The love of my life was innocently lying there, covered in a river of my nine-day-old shit, and he just started cracking up. That was the moment I knew that he must really love me, for better or for the absolute WORST.

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relationship goals tbh (last three sentences)


We are the Dalish:
                    keepers of the lost lore,
                                        walkers of the lonely path. 
                                                            We are the last of the Elvhenan,
                                                                                and never again shall we submit.

I fixed this way-too-whitewashed picture of the beautiful Zoë Kravitz

EDIT: I can’t find the source but I’m so sorry I didn’t mean for it to sound like the linked blog did it please PLEASE know that the poster of the original image is not responsible for the whitewashing sorry again sorry

While debate rages furiously over which stallion should be selected for Black Caviar’s first mating, her dam is looking at rather the opposite situation. Helsinge, the world’s leading broodmare, will not be bred this year

The 12-year-old mare has already produced seven foals from eight seasons, and is currently in foal to Casino Prince. When she drops that baby, she will have a whole year off to rest

Her first foal was the super mare Black Caviar, born in 2006. She was followed by full brother Moshe. Helsinge was bred to Australian stallion Churchill Downs in 2007, but failed to conceive. In 2009, she foaled All Too Hard by Casino Prince, and was then sent to Redoute’s Choice. The result of that, the filly Belle Couture, was born in 2010. Her 2011 colt, another Redoute’s Choice, recently sold for a record $5 million. In the later part of last year, Helsinge gave the world a full sister to Black Caviar (2012 filly pictured with Helsinge, above). She will round off with her foal by Casino Prince later this year