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Fave fics for each 1D pairing


zayn and liam: The Difference Between Knowing and Knowing, by luxover: a CLASSIC (early-stage band) amnesia fic that i will NEVER not love

zayn and harry: View from the Stars by colourexplosion, space au kill me.

(there’s more that i love AS THERE ARE WITH MANY OTHER SHIPS but it is late and i am tired and i haven’t read a LOT of zarry since 2015 since, upon letting zayn back into my heart, i’ve mostly been writing zarry instead of reading it, so i need to revisit some old faves and decide which are my fave-est faves)

zayn and louis: Like There’s Nobody Watching by Randominity 

(also there’s more zouis i love but have to dig up but i’m v tired now and saved this for last even though it’s early on in my list SO i will update w/ more as i can!)

zayn and niall: #Bring1DtoTortall by sevenpoints, a TORTALL AU SET DURING THE IMMORTALS WAR i CRY; also all of these.

liam and harry: t

liam and louis: the watersports scene @jessimond wrote for our buffy fic, to be ENTIRELY honest, is my favorite/the hottest lilo thing in the entire world and i’m allowed to say that bc she wrote that scene instead of me, but also: 

liam and niall: i’m…. so sorry i know i’ve read a lot of really good niam in my day but i can’t think of any specific titles or find any bookmarks on my browser beyond that of my own fic (Building Castles In The Air; x factor-era). i’m in too deep writing niampire to allow other niam to exist for me i guess :( i’m sorry :( HOPEFULLY SHALL UPDATE THIS SOON AS I REMEMBER.

harry and louis: in no particular order:

harry and niall:

  • Happy Genius Heroes by BlackWave - another TRUE CLASSIC of the FANDOM where niall is an aspiring evil genius and harry is his assistant/doctoral student. it’s mostly gen but also i love it
  • Maybe With Me by threeturn, look, everyone already knows that i love literally everything that @valencing does even if it’s a fandom i’m not even in, no one is surprised by this rec

niall and louis:

  • Anywhere That You Like by threeturn (also includes zayn/harry(/liam)) EVERYONE KNOWS THAT I LOVE VAL SO. YES. THING.
  • you saw me standing alone by dramaturgicallycorrect - despite this overall list having multiple werewolf fics i do not read a LOT of them, it’s just that the ones that i DO read are real good.

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hi Carlos!! lately ive been looking for a new video game series to get into, but im kinda having a hard time finding any that look interesting to me. do you have any suggestions???

Yes i do!!!

> Final Fantasy

- possibly my all time fave series.. you can definitely start with the latest Final Fantasy XV since it’s a FF for first-time players too.. but yeah it isnt a very accurate representation of the entire series.

if you wanna know what encapsulates the FF series.. you can play Final Fantasy IX.. it is a love letter to the franchise. and one of the best FF imo perhaps top 1

you can also play Final Fantasy VII, it’s popular and one of the most beloved if you dont mind the PS1 graphics.. but tbh, i’d wait for the PS4 remake coming soon for that one

you can also play Final Fantasy X, it also captures the essence of Final Fantasy since it’s turn-based and allows you to switch party members mid-game. it has a really nice battle system and iconic storyline

you can also do Final Fantasy XIII since it has an amazing battle system. but i’ll warn you that the gameplay for this one feels really linear.. so IF straightforward games is your thing, then you will enjoy FFXIII and it’s also a good starting point. the biggest complaint with XIII is its lack of sidequests or exploration and not being so open world which the other FF games had

FFXV is perhaps the MOST open world final fantasy.. so if you really enjoy exploring then XV is a good start

> Another good series is Persona. Persona 5 is still the most acclaimed game for this year according to Metacritic so thats a good game to start getting into the series. but i’m playing Persona 3 FES rn and it’s pretty good and enjoyable. it kinda gets boring though the higher you get in the tower.. so yeah thats also why i paused it but i do plan on resuming it soon

> Another good series is Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross if you dont mind the dated graphics. i played them on PS1 and theyre great

> Tales series is also good. i played Tales of the Abyss and it was fun

> Kingdom Hearts is also a fun game even though story-wise it gets convoluted.. if button mashing is your thing, you might enjoy this series. watch the worlds of Disney and Square Enix (including Final Fantasy) collide. playing this game feels like a fanservice experience tbh.. it’s juvenile but its fun. i think Kingdom Hearts 1 or Chain of Memories are good. KH2 is also fun but it’s when the story gets convoluted tbh… so yeah its up to you

hmmm i think those are all the series i recommend. as you can see, JRPG is my thing so yeah. and from this, i strongly suggest Final Fantasy ;D but do feel free to check the rest.

enjoy! tell me when you start playing one and what you think

The other night I had a dream that I drew a few comic pages for one of my fave sections of The Adventure Zone (arriving in Refuge) and posted it on Twitter (which should have been a warning sign bc I don’t have Twitter) with a joking caption saying ‘@ Griffin pls hire me’ and then by some bullshit I actually got hired to do the graphic novel adaptation of The Eleventh Hour arc, which is my all time fave and I woke up feeling fucking amazing

while this specific scenario is 100% impossible you bet your ass I’m gonna take the phrase ‘follow your dreams’ completely literally and start making comics again 

💖 gryffindor gal pals 💖

my entry for @meabhd‘s birthday coloring contest! this was so fun to make, méabh’s lineart is simply gorgeous and i had a blast coloring it

check her blog bc her art is dope and amazing istg

(click for better resolution)