stiles as a kid: [points at thing] whats that
dad: [patiently explains]
stiles: but why
dad: [sighs but explains further]
stiles: but WHY
stiles: :(
stiles: [two minutes later] whats that

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What musicals do you recommend besides BOM and Heathers?

fun home for sure itS SO GOOD v sad but good

spring awakening is v good too i love it

matilda is also one of my favs

ooh! newsies too!!

(and idk if u’ve seen wicked u prob have lol but that’s like one of my all time fav musicals its the first one i ever got into and its got a special place in my heart)

and legally blonde is v cute i love it

If Anaheim is hard minutes physically, Chicago is hard minutes mentally. You have to constantly be tracking the movements of Kane and Toews because you’re paranoid that Kane is going to float back door and Toews is going to know he’s there without even looking up. And I think that’s why hockey is such an interesting game to break down. Most people think of hockey as this brutal game (and it definitely can feel that way when you get hit with a Shea Weber slap shot below the belt) but it’s really a mental game more than anything. Chicago has won three of the last six Stanley Cups. Kane and Toews aren’t the biggest guys in the world, but they’re incredibly intelligent, mentally tough and have amazing intuition when playing together.
—  Jonathan Quick, “Elite Snipers 101″ for The Players’ Tribune (x)
I have 2 1/2 packages of oreos now
  • Me:*sees brother's bag full of large oreo packages*
  • Brother:*watching TV show on the computer*
  • Me:*holds up mint oreos* Hey [brother] can I have these?
  • Brother:*doesn't look away*
  • Me:Pleeeeease?
  • Brother:Yeah, sure, whatever.
  • Me:Thank you
  • Me:*holds up opened box of golden oreos* Can I have these? Pleeeeease?
  • Brother:Yeah, sure, whatever.
  • Me:
  • Me:*holds up regular oreos* Can I have these pleeeeease?
  • Brother:Yeah, sure, whatever.

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Apparently I love Olicity.

Lock screen: My beautiful Oliver Queen damaged.

Home screen: With precious cupcake.

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Do you mind fic request of a story? Where about the same time Yata and Saru meet Saru also meets Munakata who soon decides to pseudo adopt Saru. (After/during the time Saru got sick)

Apologies, anon, I’m not taking fic requests currently (I thought about opening up for requests briefly during Sarumi Fest but then second short fic turned into long fic and I ended up focusing all my time on finishing that). Will just a normal reply do?

Anyway, that would be an interesting scenario – still have to age up Munakata a bit like in the “what if Munakata adopted baby!Saru” situation, since they’re still too close in age otherwise. The thing that would be notable there is Fushimi’s still got all his issues and he’s only just started to open up to Yata, and then he ends up somehow adopted by this whole new family. I think Fushimi would probably be really withdrawn and prickly at first, like totally shrugging off all Munakata’s attempts to be kind to him and probably trying to ignore him a lot and meanwhile Munakata’s totally unaffected and just lets it roll off of him. Also I see Fushimi complaining a lot to Yata about the whole thing, like how his “new dad” is so totally annoying and keeps wanting to bond and lots of Fushimi assuming that Munakata’s just trying to make a show of caring or that he’s got some kind of angle because even with Yata showing Fushimi that someone can care about him I think Fushimi would still be super-wary of adult authority figures, especially one working in a father capacity. For his part I think Munakata would figure out pretty quick what he’s gotten into and would end up treating Fushimi somewhat similar to how he does in canon, not rising to Fushimi’s bait and continuing to be kind to him and offer advice even if he knows Fushimi won’t listen to it. He’d also probably notice the way Fushimi’s becoming attached to Yata and would be pleased about it (since Fushimi having at least someone who he cares about and who cares about him in return is a good thing) while also trying to mitigate some of the eventual negative effects of that friendship, namely the way Fushimi ends up tying large amounts of his emotional health and self esteem to Yata. I think it would take a while but I could see Fushimi slowly warming up to Munakata and ending up with at least two attachments to the world then, Munakata and Yata.

(Then if we assume Munakata’s still Blue King but maybe he hasn’t mentioned anything to Fushimi and has been hiding it this whole time things start getting messy once Homra comes into the picture. I think Munakata would probably try to stop Fushimi from the attempted attack on jungle if he knew about it – since presumably Munakata knows exactly who’s behind jungle and that Fushimi and Yata have no chance at winning – but maybe he’s busy elsewhere and they still end up in trouble, and this time Mikoto and Munakata show up to save the two of them. Fushimi’s all ‘wtf my dad has superpowers’ while Yata’s totally charmed by Mikoto and they end up with a scenario where Yata wants to join Homra but Fushimi is leaning towards Scepter 4 and is all torn because he cares about Yata and Munakata and he doesn’t know what to pick. And then he possibly ends up choosing Scepter 4 but breaking it off with Yata in terrible painful ways because he’s still got underlying issues bubbling around and he can’t handle this feeling that he’s still having to lose something precious to him. So he joins Scepter 4 and is a loyal clansman, and Munakata’s pleased to have him but somewhat less happy about how Fushimi is still pulling away from everyone else in Scepter 4 and maybe clinging to Munakata even harder because he doesn’t want to lose his other precious person either the way he thinks he’s lost Yata.)

Thinking about Peaky Blinders.

Thinking about Grace. Thinking about May. Thinking about how much I hate this stupid love triangle/pregnancy/awesome-women-competing-for-mediocre-male storyline.

Thinking about how Tommy kinda sucks.

Thinking about Grace and May. Thinking about Grace x May.


*otherwordly screeching*


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//I’ve been thinking about this for long and while Lance being a herald would be hella interesting, I just?? don’t see it

The legendary he has a bigger connection with is obviously Lugia
but that’s because she was the best option to carry on his plans
and because she’s kinda like a dragon even if she’s not
and because well Cerise made things easier (actually very twisted but easier in the end)

But?? There’s not the connection a Herald would have with their legend

The next legend in my mind is Palkia for the HGSS battle but lbr
Palkia noises who the fuck are you

And with any other dragon it’s just?? no??
He’s gay for Rayquaza but besides that???

a fine assortment of kessels 4 ur perusal