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If Tauriel should ever die, do you think it would be in battle, like Kili, or would she eventually pass into the west with the rest of the elves?


She walks the world for a time, and sees all the places where the stars are strange. In Khand, she searches out the elves who live on those windswept plains—they teach her to ride their bristle-maned ponies, and she tells them her stories of Finwe and Gil-galad, Silmarils and ships. In Far Harad she finds Kili’s distant kin, dwarves who wear diamonds cut to glitter as starlight, and have bred small dragons to sit peaceably at their shoulders. When she calls them Durin’s folk, they laugh--We are Monomotapa’s people, they inform her. And what should Monomotapa’s people care for some northern warlord?

One night in Rhun, the moon is so close to the earth, she feels she can catch it on her fingertips; she goes so far north into Forodwaith that the earth goes cold and hard beneath her boots, and the stars take on a painful-sharp brightness. I wish you were here, she whispers, drinking in the light of it. I wish—oh, if only you could see!

But she returns, inexorably, to Mirkwood. Eryn Galen-Fuin-Lasgalen—whatever name it bears, it is always hers. She takes up her post again, a little graver, a little less head-strong. She has known sorrow now, and joy too; there is a stillness that accompanies such a knowledge. Legolas comes to her before he departs for the Grey Havens, and even he wears the intervening years in the fine lines at the corners of his eyes. I cannot persuade you to sail with us? Gimli and I would enjoy the company.

My place is here, Tauriel says, and is a little surprised to find it true. 

And when you have no more guards to captain, no more of Oropher’s children to protect?

Tauriel laughs. Oh, my prince. Did you think I was protecting you?

Legolas Greenleaf smiles, and kisses her cheek in farewell. Then he is gone.

She stays. And she is there, she is always there, until Varda snuffs out her stars, one by one, and Arien comes to rest at last in Tilion’s arms. The ending of the world finds Tauriel—her spine curved as a bow, her flame-bright hair gone silver—beneath the leaves she loved.

(when she wakes, there is a dwarf squattered down beside her in a great and sweeping field. Are you ready, amralime? Kili asks, grinning.

I am ready, Tauriel says. There is wind, and the susurration of the grass, and above them is a sky awash in stars. I am ready.)


This is beautiful 

Love has no labels. No age, no disability, no gender, no race and no religion. Love is for all <3

The Love Has No Labels campaign challenges us to open our eyes to our bias and prejudice and work to stop it in ourselves, our friends, our families, and our colleagues.

I wish I had known that when people hurt you, its often out of fear. I wish I knew just how strong the pressure would be to conform to a body-image ideal that is unreasonable and frankly, sad. I wish I knew the lengths people would go to bring you down when you are succeeding. But I also wish I knew how special the whole ride would be, bumps and bruises, highs and lows, every single step of it.
—  Tessa answering, "Is there anything that you wish you knew at the start?" - StrongFitMagazine

Also, the head of the theater’s children’s section where I wish to work someday (who just doesn’t have an opening for me yet) put in some good words with my application at the same theater, only the musical section, and sent me the mail exchange with the guy in charge of the applications. He told them I was thoughtful and caring, always nice and polite to everybody and that I acted like I have been doing the job since forever. Which is SO great and awesome and so much made my whole month, because he not only called me to tell me he was going to be pushing my application a little bit, he also told me there might be another ‘secret’ opening, for which he would recommend me and he actually really cares. So much that he already called me twice and sent me the email today. *_* <3<3<3

so i’m rereading philosopher’s stone for a class and when quirrell first gets introduced in the leaky cauldron he’s described as a young man, who was “fine while studyin’ out of books” but when he took a year to go out into the field got scared by everything he had studied

and i find that image interesting. since in the movies he’s a middle-aged man, i like the idea of him being, like, my age. studied dada really hard in school, top of his class kinda guy, but leaves school and gets freaked out by entering the real world.

i should be writing but i really can’t tonight so i’m reading instead but it’s boooring so talk to me??? tell me something happy that’s happened to you today or complain about something bad or tell me something you’re looking foward to idk

just really tell me about yourselves :33


When you hear them whispering “Kingslayer” behind your back, doesn’t it bother you?
Of course it bothers me.
Jaime Lannister + being called Kingslayer (requested by anonymous)