i always thought it was weird that society decided that there would be “masculine” and “feminine” styles and hair like if someone wants to wear a skirt and a cute pink wig and makeup but wants to identify as a boy why do people freak out???? or if someone wants to wear baggy clothes and identify as a girl who cares??? who founded the gender role police like why these people always feel the need to tell me im dressing wrong for who i am like just let me do what i wanna do go pet a dog or something smh why everyone all salty 

writerly-girl asked:

What's your opinion on ghostwriters? (Just read something about James Patterson that got me fired up, so I'm asking a few different writing blogs here on Tumblr.)

Great question!

To start with, I want to clarify that there are two typical situations when it comes to ghostwriting. In some cases, the “writer” just pitches a very basic idea and pays the ghostwriter to execute and write it. In other cases, the “writer” actually comes up with the setting, characters, plot, general dialogue, all of that. Then they pay the ghostwriter to do the actual writing. This is an important distinction for me, because I’m not sure I understand why someone would want to take credit for writing a book when all they actually did was pitch a basic idea. However, I have a lot more sympathy for someone who came up with all the innards of the book but doesn’t have the skills to actually write it. I think as writers, we take for granted the fact that when we’re bombarded with all these great ideas that we’re itching to write, we have the skills and ability to actually do that (or if not, to learn). But some people just don’t have it in them. So they’re in this awful place where they have all these great ideas but no way to get them down on paper. Those people I can excuse, I think. However, I do think I’d prefer honesty about the fact that it was their idea and written by someone else. I’d like to see it done more as a collaboration type thing at that point, but alas, that isn’t how these things are done.

I don’t have a problem with ghostwriters themselves or with the profession. I actually know some ghostwriters and most of them love (or at least mostly like) what they do. Usually it’s a means to an end. It’s a way of paying the bills while they work on their own stuff on the side or save up for other important things.

I hope that answers your question. :)

anonymous asked:

Did you went to college?

I went to college for about a day.

It’s both a regret and something I now understand. I was 18 at the time and very much NOT independent at all. At the time there were a lot of things I couldn’t do for myself because I’d never been asked to. 

A lot went into setting me up for that. I got a special room, I got a friend as a roommate, I was given a person who would in and help me with transferring from my wheelchair to the shower/bed/etc. In a lot of ways, it was ideal.

But at 18, for someone who had been tended to their entire life, I wasn’t ready. I got scared and I left and it set me back about 10 years. It took me 10 years from that point to be where I’m at now. I had to learn how to take care of myself. I had to reach a point where I wanted it and needed it. I needed to be my own person because I had it in me to do that and I was just scared

So while I wish I had maybe stayed in college at 18 because I might have figured this all out sooner. I can’t change it, and now, at 28 (soon to be 29) I’m in a really good place and I feel like maybe I appreciate all I have even more. 

“I don’t understand why you want to be with me, love. I’m a mess. I’m moody, I have these reactions that I don’t understand, and I have attitude issues. You would be so much better off with someone who is normal,” I tell him.

He was silent with only his breath I've heard over the phone as if not completely understanding what I’m telling him.

“Love, you are normal. Everything you just said…that’s what makes you human. Everyone has issues, okay? I do, too,” he said as I heard him shrugs and sits up.

“I’m a mess just as much as you are. I also get sick, have reactions I don’t understand, feel completely lost and out of place sometimes. I even get mad over small things, remember? But you know what? That’s all fine because you help me deal with it. I don’t want anybody else’s mess except yours. Because I want to help you too if you’ll let me, so we can be a mess together.“

—  excerpt from our story #16 | khae

Gloria’s Diary

We’ve been stuck in these stupid pod things for 48 hours now and I hate it!

I never really thought last week how awful it would be to be shut away in here and literally be able to see the winning team hang out in the pool or whatever.I wish I’d taken more opportunities last week to spend time with Rivi - I was too shy to say half of what I wanted to and now I don’t have an opportunity at all!


Also, I’m pretty sure someone had been in here while I was away. 

I’m usually quite a neat person but I found loads of bits of bacon hidden under my bed. Like who would do that? It’s so weird!

Anyway at least there was plenty of cleaning to do to help me relax. It remind me of end of shift at the hospital. Shitty equipment but pretty satisfying once everything’s shipshape.

I just really need to focus on winning immunity tomorrow. Thinking humble thoughts!

Gloria XX

Gloria spent the whole of the free days wandering around and moping. And occasionally mopping. She didn’t so much look at the martial arts equipment so will be relying on the elimination challenge and relationship scores to survive another week!

anonymous asked:

Ally! I'm currently working to get some money and i'm planning to go to Australia next summer !! I will love to meet you so much it's crazy! I'm vegan and nobody where I live is compassionate , mindfulness and all ahhh:( Keep going girl and I love you!!

Yayyy come down under you will love it!

I want to say though, don’t be so quick to assume that nobody around you would be interested in those things. Until I started becoming really open about all the things I’m passionate about (both on here and in real life), I thought I was the only person who felt that way too.

You saw me talking about this stuff and following my bliss, so you realised you weren’t alone, and came to tell me how much we have in common. I bet that if you put that energy out into the universe yourself, someone else will do the same :) it’s a powerful cycle.

Put it out there into the world and I promise, you will manifest like minded people towards you 💛 x

I'm just curious

You know what I don’t understand??

In every single Steve/Natasha Stark fic I have ever read, Natasha is always portrayed as a self-centered bitch. Literally. In every single one. Just……… why? Why do that to her?? I don’t get it.

In all other fic with Natasha as Tony, Tony’s charming and sweet and understanding and a badass and everything he is in the comics. But all of a sudden, you take his penis away and she’s suddenly like I DON’T CARE STEVE, I DO WHATEVER I WANT, YOU DON’T OWN ME, I’M A POWERFUL WOMAN WHO DOESN’T NEED YOU SO FUCK OFF BUT I LOVE YOU BUT I DON’T, I’M A POWERFUL WOMAN…………

Is there a reason why “powerful” women need to be portrayed as bitchy? I mean…. Is this the reason why she’s always portrayed like this? We can’t have Natasha quietly pining over Steve just like Tony does, because somehow, that would make her less strong?????

I have yet to read one where she’s not terrible and that just breaks my heart.

anonymous asked:

What do you look for in a partner/boyfriend?

I look for a fucking personality. Someone who speaks a foreign language. Someone that’s geeky I guess. Someone who’s a gamer. Someone who lets me be me. Someone who will explore with me when I want to because I can be reclusive but also impulsive. Someone that will care for me the same way I would care for them. Someone that will let me give them all the affection that I’m harboring. Someone I trust


My heart was broken this weekend.. My boyfriend and I found this beautiful abandoned baby. I would have kept her as my own if I could afford to feed her the way she deserves. I cried for hours. I am still devastated that I do not know what has come of her life. She was living under an old car seat in the treeline next to a dirt road. We found her only because her whimpers and cries were so loud. She just wanted love and someone to care enough to feed and provide clean water for her!! Heartless, hateful people…you make me physically and mentally sick to my core. If you cannot care for your pet do not leave them to fend for themselves with nothing. I wanted to take her to a local humane society but unfortunately she was on private property. So there is no telling how close by those assholes who dumped her really were.. We did all we could which was provide her with the only water we had in our vehicle and give her a small amount of food. It truly broke my heart when we gave her the cup of water… She carried it back to her “home” for safe keeping. I will never forget her or how touching the experience was. As you can see in the pictures she got in the truck because she thought we were there to save her.. Moments later she fell asleep for what had to of been the best sleep she has had in a while.

anonymous asked:

I am so stupid to miss this boy who was so wrong for me but I loved him anyway. He's moved on now but I'm still stuck here thinking about how I could have changed things and reliving memories I don't want anymore.

hi there beautiful doll! ahhh, i am so very sorry! it is so hard to lose someone you loved. however, remember what you said: he was so wrong for you. and you do know that. the truth is, yes, maybe you could have changed some things. but he was still not good for you. and if he moved on this easily, he would have moved on just like before, only in a different way. you cannot go back in the past, so now it is time to move on sunshine. things will be better soon, you just have to be strong <3 

princess-idk- asked:

Why do you want God?

Before bed I usually think hard about the gospel, preaching, and everything about it, and about two days ago I was thinking what I would respond if someone asked me “Why do you serve God?” So your question came in a right time. I want God or I serve God because:
I fear Him. There is a verse that says “Lift up your eyes and look to the heavens: Who created all these He who brings out the starry host one by one and calls forth each of Them by name.” When we look at something much bigger than us, it’s normal to feel fear and respect, and there is nothing greater than He.
Because I need Him. I look to the world and see inequality, greed, corruption, sin, death, and I look to God and see hope, love, life. He’s all the world needs, He is all we need.
Because of eternity. Once a pastor preached about what we will do in heaven, although we know only what the Bible says about it, one thing we can be sure: “For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face”. And I want this, I want eternity and I want it with Him.
Because I love Him. As you know God truly, the easiest thing is to love Him. And as you surrender to this love, you can not keep it just for you, it is very large and you begin to distribute it to the people around you. That’s the reason we are so emphatic in preaching the gospel, we want the world to know this love that changes everything.
Because I chose it. Love is a choice, proof is that love is a commandment, you can not love your enemy if you do not choose to love your enemy, we can’t love one another if we don’t choose to love one another, then yes we can choose to love and serve God, we can choose to want it and seek it.
I want Him and I serve Him because of Himself. It would be selfishness if  I don’t say I serve him for who He is, because I am nothing and He is everything, and when we recognize this, we will be happy, held, loved, and we will fulfill our purpose.
Perhaps the correct question to ask is, why God wants me. Why he has chosen me and continues choosing me and not giving up on me, after all I am and do. But God is not man, we will never understand His greatness and glory and mind, and I’m really okay with that. God bless you and thank you for asking.

HEY TAYLOR!! :) so since you started following me last week i thought I would make a post for you to let you know why you mean so much to me and hope that make you’ll see it. You probably won’t but if you do and you read it I hope it makes you smile and I hope in some way you can let me know you saw it? Well my name is Megan and I’ve been a fan of yours since 2007. I’ve been to every show, since the beginning. And through all the hate I got from people and I still do today I never left your side because you and your music mean so much to me. Thank you so much for writing music and being who you are. You have helped me through so many hardships in my life and I want to thank you for that. Thank you for always making me feel like I’m not alone and someone out there as special as you cares for me. You liked a photo of mine back in March on instagram and IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER. I’m not sure if you remember or not but I was happy for weeks. And ever since that day I wondered if you remembered me or not. I just went to your Philly night one show and again I SWARE YOU SAW ME. I was jumping and going nuts in the floor near the catwalk in a pink flower headband you smiled at me a lot and I said I loved you really loud you smiled! I went to your metlife show too night one and drove 2 hours to see you and it was AMAZING. Even though I didn’t get to meet you, just a couple weeks later last Thursday JULY 16th you followed me on here and it was seriously something I had been waiting for so long because now you know who I am. And now I can tell you, taylor I love you so much you are the biggest and best role model in my life and I REALLY hope someday soon I can meet you and tell you how special you are to me. Due in your metlife show I was watching you play wildest dreams and that’s my favorite part of the show btw and I saw how happy you looked and it made me think how much I wanted to just hug you right then and there. I hope one day soon I can. I really really really hope you see this taylor, thank you for everything I’ll never be able to thank you enough for being the biggest start in my sky. And I’ll always be here for you no matter what. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH TAYLOR!!!!!!! Love, Megan.❤️

I love you. I love you so much. But this love isn’t enough when the author of your love story has already picked someone for you. I tried to be worthy of your love, care, and time. I tried my hardest to not let you down and meet your demands. I tried my best to convince anyone out there that I can also do the things that the person who has been destined for you can. I can be him; I can even do so much more. I have sacrificed a lot to keep you and I wouldn’t mind sacrificing even more but fate wouldn’t let me. I would’ve chosen to stay and fight for us because I know that this relationship is worth all the hardships but chance isn’t on our side. Maybe our time is up. Maybe I was just sent to prepare you for the man who is meant to be with you. And inasmuch as it hurts to say good bye, to put a period to something that I wanted to go on forever, to leave, I have to do it. You have been happy with me, the wrong person. Think how happier you’ll be when you finally get to be with the man who has been destined for you. Maybe a girl out there is meant for me too. Maybe I could be happier with her or I could love her more than I loved you. But it still saddens me that she has to be another person when I wanted her to be you. However, always remember this: I didn’t leave you because I want to. I left because I need to. And I know it pains you to see me walk away because I feel the same way but still, be strong. The right man will come and pick up all your broken pieces and mend you. You’ll be whole again. There will still be cracks but those are going to be reminders of how bittersweet our love was and why it had to end - so that he’ll find you.
—  This is why I have to let you go (m.b)
this poem is a beggar, dirty in the streets. it’s asking for spare change, for the pieces of my heart back. it would let you kick my teeth in if you wanted to.
i bury my face in the sheets but i can’t smell your perfume anymore, just blood and sweat and salt.
i don’t know how to be this ghost town of a girl. i can’t quite hear your voice anywhere. i wish you had the decency to haunt me right.
it’s hard to let go of someone who was all hands. do your fingers remember the shape of my hipbones, the curve of my spine?
fuck it. i miss you. all the poems that say i don’t are liars. you know how that is. after all, you said you loved me once.
—  5 Things I Wish I Could Tell You by Auriel Haack

anonymous asked:

Me and my ex dated for 2 months and then broke up. We'd always fuck. He went on vacation with school and when he came back I wanted to see him again. I saw he was dating someone else since like half a month. I was so mad he didn't tell me I decided to fuck with his best-friend who was still a virgin. I never had so much fun. and yeah, my ex had a small dick compared to his friend. I never thought a virgin could fuck me like he did. We had sex 7 times in one day. Id would totally do it again.

destinysfate8-deactivated201507 asked:

#wejustwanttopee If all you want to do is pee, why do you HAVE to use the bathrooms of the gender you identify as? Obviously, there WILL be people who will abuse this system. I know you don't want that, but it's almost inevitable, and too situational to distinguish whether someone is really transgender or is just pretending to be so they can peep on others.

literally no one has ever given me a problem using the women’s restroom because realistically no one gives a fuck and the only people who would “abuse the system” are predatory cisgender men. Wake the fuck up and fuck out my inbox. 

people always think im joking when i say space jam is my favorite film, but its no joke? its such a random movie with an unthinkable plot that makes you rethink everything you know; and what works well together. who would’ve guessed michael jordan/looney tunes/wayne knight/bill murray would be the perfect combination for a film? someone woke up one day and thought “man, what if there was an alien played by danny devito, that wanted the looney tunes to work at his theme park, so im gonna send all my lil aliens to steal powers from top basketball players and defeat the looney tunes so they will have to work with me” like that is just the raw insanity that we needed at that time. space jam is so fucking odd yet its such an under appreciated gem. i dont believe in god, but i do believe in space jam

I don’t get it. I really don’t get it. I have been bombarded the last few days with people telling me that I’m a terrible writer, that I should delete my fics and leave fandom, that I need to “grow up.”

All because I wrote a couple posts asking people to be kind to fanfic authors.

Like you seriously have to take a long hard look at yourself in a mirror if you’re angry someone requested that you be considerate to other people by asking if they would like to hear your opinion before just fucking giving it. I’m not anti-criticism on fanfic. I’m anti-UNSOLICITED-criticism on fanfic.

I am similarly getting a lot of, “If you’re going to post something online, you best expect criticism. DEAL WITH IT.”

And to that I give an analogy that was recently given to me (whom I will not credit because I don’t want to drag them into this shit show):

You do not provide concrit to people who give you gifts on your birthday so that they become better gift-givers. Especially if you don’t even know them. You take the gift and you thank them and then you shut the fuck up. And if you don’t like it, you gift it to somebody else or you throw it the fuck away.

That’s where your petty “all criticism is welcome and good criticism by default” line of thinking dies. Fanfic is not a transaction. Fanfic is a gift.

Sometimes people write fanfic because they want a creative outlet, they have a story to tell, and they want to participate in being part of a community, but they’re sensitive. They know they’re sensitive. They accept themselves as being sensitive.

You should not bully these people into “toughening up.” Being tough is not innately better than being sensitive. Being sensitive is not immature or naïve.

We should not force sensitive people to “grow thicker skin” in the medium of fanfiction, because this is where they get to be free. Sensitive people have a voice too. I don’t think it’s too fucking much to be considerate of other people’s feelings before spewing unwanted crit at them on a fic that took all of their goddamn courage to post.

I guess what I’m saying is that, not gonna lie, the shit I’ve been getting really fucking hurts, but what hurts most is reading all the stories of people who won’t write anymore because of the negativity they received when they tried. There are so many voices silenced because some people in the community refuse to learn to be considerate human beings, refuse to accept that maybe their opinion isn’t welcome, refuse to acknowledge that fanfic doesn’t have to be some kind of cut-throat institution.

Protect sensitive writers. Ask permission before you leave negative criticism. Don’t be a dick. That’s all I’m asking.

Dear Non Shameless Followers

I apologize for all the VOTE FOR MICKEY spam that has been circulating your dash in the last 23 hours. But I have a favor to ask of each of you!! If you have not yet voted and don’t really care about who wins, if you could take one minute of your time to vote for Mickey Milkovich. I know this seems like a trivial thing that shouldn’t matter, but to a lot of us in the Shameless Fandom, this is a huge thing. We have repeatedly watched as Mickey has been mistreated by not only some of the fandom but the writers who created him. All we want to do is let the writers know that they have made a mistake and that we do care about Mickey. We also would love to let Noel Fisher, the actor who spent the last five years making Mickey who he is and who we love, know that we appreciate all the hard work he has done!! So if you have a moment to spare, we have one hour left to vote, please consider voting for Mickey Milkovich to make not only me very happy but a lot of other people extremely happy. We’re just trying to bring a bit of positivity to our fandom that has been plagued with negativity (rightfully) for so long. 

Thank you,
The Shameless Fandom