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I’m sure that is the reason I was granted this eternity of time.


Romanogers Appreciation Week 2016: 
8th February - 14th February

Let’s celebrate our little but perfectly amazing ship on the MCU! Are you ready?. The fan week celebration will start at 12:01 am February 8th EST to 11:59 pm February 14th EST. 

We will track the tag: #romanogersweek during all the event. So, don’t forget tagging on the first five tracked tags on your post. All fanwork (fanfiction, fanart, gifsets, graphics, photosets, fanmixes, etc) is allowed and the interpretation of the themes is up into your consideration.

Remember our Romanogers Week 2016 Themes are:  

  • February 8th - “Life Partners” A life partner is a romantic or otherwise very close friend/lover for life. Life partners are a common theme in serious and popular literature like Xena/Gabrielle, Sherlock/Watson, Batman/Robin, Laurel/Hardy, etc.
  • February 9th - “Aware” (Japanese) Is the bittersweetness of a brief and fading moment of transcendent beauty.
  • February 10th - You two against the world” They feel so linked together that they’re ready and willing to take on any feat of life, so long as they have their soulmate by their side.
  • February 11th- “Mamihlapinatapei” (Yagan) Is the wordless yet meaningful look shared between two people who both wish to initiate something but are reluctant to start it.
  • February 12th-James Rogers” Is the son of Captain America and Black Widow (Earth-555326). After James was born, he and the rest of his adopted siblings were secretly hidden within an arctic base to be safely raised by Tony Stark.
  • February 13th - “Feel secure and protected” Regardless of the gender of your partner, he or she should always make you feel secure and protected. 
  • February 14th - “Inseparable” They will always remain together, no matter what circumstances that can come. 

All contributions are welcome, since all we want is to spread the romanogers’s love no matter the circumstances :D. Don’t forget to check out our general guidelines and submit guidelines (if you aren’t a tumblr user). 

Happy Romanogers Week! 

Any questions?  Please go to our ask.

  • Chris Carter:Apparently there are these people that watched the show and like, noticed that there were characters in it and got emotionally invested in them. Who ARE they? Lol
  • Chris Carter:My advice to the gigantic and vocal segment of the fandom that has produced all the creative fanworks stemming from the show and had endless discussions resolving all the plot and characterization inconsistencies and kept their enthusiasm at a fever pitch for 13 years and is basically responsible for bringing the show back because of their obsessive devotion is that they should watch the show more closely. They might learn something haha
  • Chris Carter:All the characterization is in the secret third movie that I wrote and didn't show anyone. I'm telling you that thing is amazing, and not at all imaginary

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Number 1 - SoRiku (Kingdom Hearts)

These guys were probably my first big ship. These games were basically my life in high school, and I really identified with Sora. This ship really helped me come to terms with my own gayness, and in that respect is very important to me. Aside from that, this ship is super fluffy and cute. Almost all the fanworks out there have these two being huge, affectionate, dorks, and it’s so adorable.

Number 2- KawoShin (Evangelion)

This ship is a relatively new one for me, but I got swept up in it. It’s super angsty and oh god why can’t they be happy?!?!? They’re super adorable and fluffy in a setting that’s nightmare fueling and hellish and has literal nope trains. But here are these two gay boys in the middle of it being gay and taking baths together.

Number 3 - Homura/Madoka (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

How fucked up must I be to put this one one my list? This is the most twisted story about how love can be the worst thing ever for everyone involved and IT’S AMAZING!!!

Number 4 - EVERYONE IN FREE! (Free! Iwatobi Swim Club)

I was going to make this about Rei/Nagisa, but then I thought, what about Makoto/Haru? Or Rin/Nitori? Or Rin/Haru? Or Nitori/Nagisa? Or? Or? Or… 

This list is everyone. I ship everyone in this show, with everyone in this show. I don’t often multiship, but this show is just too gay. Rare pairs, crack pairs, whatever. I’ll ship it.

Number 5 - Shakarian (Mass Effect)

What’s the hardest part about treating a Turian that took a rocket to the side of his face? Figuring out which side took the rocket.

I don’t care if he’s a spiky, bird, dinosaur monster from outer space. He’s the most adorable, romantic, badass in the galaxy. Honestly, after playing this game several times through, I’ve done just about every romance option in these games, this one is by far my favorite, and it only got better with each addition to the series, finishing off with a sexy tango as seen in the above picture.


Words can’t accurately describe how much I love these ships, cannon or not. If you’ve read all the way through my insane ramblings, congratulations. If you would like to talk to me about any of these ships, feel free to send me a message.

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Bonus Ship - Mordin Solus/Seashells

I’m sorry

Hello everyone!

In the last weeks you could vote which pairing will be the focus of the next pairingweek and you made HeiShin the winner!

So grab your Conan muse and prepare for pairingweek number 2!

This week will start on 22. February and end 28. February

We want to celebrate HeiShin/ HeiCo and naturally also the charactes who make this pairing. 

All kinds of fanworks are accepted, including fanart, graphics, fanfiction, playlists, analyses, theories, headcanons, and even personal stories. Everything that’s put in the #heishinweek tag will be reblogged to this blog. (Just remember to include it within the first 5 tags on your post!) 

Topics / Prompts:

  • 22. Feb: Kendo/ Football
  • 23. Feb: East and West
  • 24. Feb: Paranormal activity
  • 25. Feb: Corpse magnets
  • 26. Feb: Pining/ One-sided love
  • 27. Feb: SHINICHI or CONAN DAY!
  • 28. Feb: HEIJI DAY!

Please spread the word and don’t forget the dates! :)

Please do not hate on the characters, the pairings, or anyone who posts something for this week.

I hope many people will participate in this week! 

- Lilly

P.S. Lots of thanks @apfelhalm for this beautiful banner. *hugs*


Dearies, just a tinsy heads up, I’m slowly but surely adding all of the wonderful fanworks of Underkeep to my queue to be posted! I’m so tempted to just reblog every one at once as soon as I see it, but sadly I wouldn’t want to clog your dashboards in the process!

If I haven’t liked/reblogged your Underkeep fan creations yet, I proooomise I will as soon as I can! I love every work I’ve come across, and again I’m so thankful to have so many wonderful, beautiful people who enjoy the designs and the AU! Every time I see someone say how much they love it, it lifts me up so much, and all of the support means so very much to me! I even came home after work and cried so hard on Monday due to anxiety over my new job, and your kind words have helped me get through SO many hard times!

Again, all Underkeep fanwork will be added to my queue, and I love ALL OF YOU so much!

Halfamoon Prompt Challenge - from the 1st February to the 14th February, a daily prompt will be provided as inspiration for your fanworks.

All fanworks or fan-related activities welcome - gifsets, photosets, drawing, fic, vids - just remember that it’s halfamoon, which is dedicated to the female characters of fandom that we love!

A topic post will be posted daily to remind you.

Don’t forget to use the #halfamoon and #halfamoon prompt challenge tags so we can find your work!



  • You have until January 29th to sign up, and fanworks are due on March 11.
  • Check out the guidelines and FAQ. The full schedule is on the mainpage of the blog.
  • Fill out the application and drop it in the submit box. If anyone is interested in being a beta, as well, that’d be awesome!
  • Any and all fanworks are accepted: fic, art, fanmixes, gifs, graphics/edits, etc. Anything you can think of!
  • All genres are welcome: fluff, angst, smut, alternate universe, etc.
  • It’s recommended to follow the blog and track the tag#swgiftexchange to stay in the loop!
  • Reblog this post to spread the word!
  • Feel free to send an ask or an email at if you’re unsure about anything at all!
  • That’s all for now! May the Force be with you.

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How would you react if you found a smutty Jack Rammyz x Reader fanfic?

Please send me all your smut. People have already drawn fanart of HABIT from EMH and me. 

I told you guys I love and respect all fanworks. 

Two Weeks!

It’s February 1st and, now having made it through January, I can announce we’re only two weeks away from the inaugural SpideyTorch week! We’ll be running, in keeping with NYC, on EST - what time is that for me?

All types of fanworks will be accepted - fic, art, graphics, fanmixes, meta, etc - as long as the focus is on Peter Parker/Johnny Storm. Again, our themes are:

  • Day 1: Identity - Secret identities, double identities, identity confusion - give us that identity porn, or ruminate on what the differences in their superhero statuses means for them.
  • Day 2: Family -  “Because that’s what you are to me.” Found families, when they first started to think of each other as family, how they fit together in the future or into each other’s existing families - Peter and the FF? Johnny and Aunt May? - or get domestic.
  • Day 3: Alternate Universe - Regency, westerns, fairy tales, rock stars, coffeeshops and high schools, forks in the road or fusions with another fandom, etc - or play around with one of Marvel’s canon alternateuniverses.
  • Day 4: Kissing - First kisses, kiss offs, one kiss, two kiss, red kiss, blue kiss. Anything goes, as long as those lips are locked.
  • Day 5: Space - Space travel, aliens, stars, other planets - or physical space, the spaces between them or lack thereof.
  • Day 6: Tropes! - Undercover as a couple, wingfic, soulbonds, amnesia, apocalypse fic, sex pollen, Everyone Thinks They’re Dating, time travel - so basically your average Marvel fare. Nothing is too idtastic!
  • Day 7: Free Day - participant’s choice! Go wild and have fun! If you missed the deadline on any other day, you can post entries for previous themes on Sunday.

Please tag your posts with #spideytorchweek in the first five tags so we can find them! There is also a submit feature on this blog. Looking forward to seeing some great stuff, and as always - if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send a message!

Rin/Archer Fest 2016 will be happening from March 6th through 13th!

This week-long event celebrating the relationship between Rin Tohsaka and her Servant Archer will feature

  • a fanworks exchange
  • a giveaway
  • the opportunity for all sorts of fanworks

How can you participate?

  1. Join the exchange. Send an email to with a subject of “2016 exchange entry” including the following information: up to three prompts, tropes, or ideas you’d like to see a Rin/Archer fanwork made about; your Tumblr URL; and a note of anything you absolutely do not want to see in a fanwork (fanfiction or fanart) made for you. The deadline to enter in this way is Friday, February 5th, at 9pm PST. After this, the submitted prompts will be listed here to be claimed by participants, who will be expected to produce either a complete artwork of whatever level of complexity they desire or a fanfiction of at least 1,000 words by Sunday, March 13th. More detailed instructions for claiming prompts will ensue when the initial signup phase of the exchange is over.
  2. Open up your inboxes. Send an email to with a subject of “2016 fanwork volunteer” including your Tumblr URL and whether you prefer to make fanart or fanfiction. When Rin/Archer Fest 2016 begins, there will be a post listing all Tumblr users who are open to prompting, and other fans can send prompts or requests to your inboxes for the duration of the week. Unlike with the exchange, there is no length or completion obligation associated with this; your responses to prompts can be as short or as scribbly as you wish. You have until Saturday, March 5th to sign up for this.
  3. Produce fanworks. You can also do anything else related to the pairing of Rin/Archer that you like! Wait until Sunday, March 6th and then spend the week making fanart, fanfiction, fanmixes, meta, graphics, and whatever else your heart desires. Just tag it #rinarcherfest2016 so that everyone can see.

Questions? You can send an ask to this blog or email Let’s look forward to the event!

“the daisies in my hair are dead but the roses in your cheeks are alive”
“you’re not as profound as you think, prouvaire”
“but you love me anyway”

it might not be your cup of tea but you must admit jehanparnasse has a very compelling aesthetic

Member Applications!

Are you tired of overused cheesy tropes clogging up your destiel fun? If so.. Yikes, this network will probably make that worse I’m sorry. 

This blog is a network for those of us who are absolute  t r a s h  for all those romcom-esque tropes that everyone talks about but no one does enough with - from Fake Boyfriend stories to “Hello yes Dean I would like to learn how to cuddle please” to Coffee Shop Au’s. 

While this blog is primarily Fanfiction oriented, all aspects of fanwork are wonderful and will 100% be appreciated (for a full list of everything I could think of, there’s a question on the application that covers it). Not to mention, people with little to no experience creating fanworks are entirely welcome as well, as a lot of what this blog will do will be helping people find works (the ability to do this will be especially helpful if you’re interested in applying to be an admin)


  • You don’t have to be following me but it would be kinda nice and you would be more likely to see all of the updates
  • Fill out this application
  • This blogs creation was kind of a split second decision as a response to the show’s recent angst-bomb so please be patient as I work out the issues
  • Flattery will probably work but please don’t do it because I want to be unbiased when picking members
  • I want this to be a safe and diverse space so please be open-minded
  • Please reblog this post (I probably won’t notice if you don’t but do it anyway)

Message me for anything I left out! I hope you have a nice day!

(If this gets less than like 30 notes just forget this ever happened thanks)


Round Table Minutes
↳ February 2016 theme: Valentine’s Day

  • The prompts are just there for inspiration. You can use the theme and the prompts, the theme alone or the prompts alone.
  • All kinds of fanworks are welcome. Anything goes, as long as the main ship is Arthur/Gwen.
  • There are no deadlines.
  • If you create a fanwork for one of the prompts, please let us know so we can put together a masterlist.

Info & guidelines | Any questions?

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Positive thoughts meme [ACCEPTING]

LET’S TALK ABOUT @littlezas / @decanusalexussweetsideblog !!! i met zas back in late 2013??? (it might have been earlier idk) after i found her wonderful, beautiful legion artwork. I reblogged all her art and kept tag spamming it with praise and i followed her for more fallout works! and she followed me back!! we’ve since become super close friends and i love her so much!!

zas makes time for everyone, i really love that. shes super encourging with other people and their artwork, she puts all fanwork of alexus onto her ask blog to get it the attention it deserves and i think that is super sweet.  shes super sweet and chill about everything, even tolerating me and my dumb posts on my personal (even encouraging them!! tsk!!).  

Zas is one of the first people i recc to new RPers who come to me, shes the first person on my follow forever posts and I’m always showing her tumblr page off to my friends IRL who are getting into drawing.  (my entire phone gallery is her art shes done for me orrzzz)

10/10 best friend, best bro, best  person!!!!!


In any and all Dragon Ball Z fanworks of mine VIdel won’t cut her hair and will keep wearing it in pigtails as that is a hairstyle that I think is cool, cute, adorable and beautiful on her.

Infact instead of Gohan commenting that Videl should cut her hair. He instead compliments her hair and hairstyle. That’s how it is in my fic verse.

It’s a personal preference.

Welcome to yet another Season of Kink! This time it’s the Holiday Season of Kink, the second in our history! :D

So the aim of this challenge is to choose at least three (3) kinks from our long list of kinks here, and create one fanwork exploring all those kinks!

Yes, that’s right! You get to choose your kinks yourself! And this year, you can choose as many as you want. Consider this our little holiday gift to you! :) But, if you absolutely don’t want to or can’t choose, of course we will help you out. But then you’ll be assigned kinks randomly. Just let us know how many you want in the comments section to this post, and we’ll let help us out.

As fanwork, you can write one fic (minimum 1000 words for this Season), draw or paint fanart, make graphic art, a comic, doujinshi, etc.

The end of this Holiday Season of Kink (and last day to post your fanwork) is Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2016. Of course, the fanworks don’t have to be holiday season-themed, if you don’t want them to be, but if you want to throw in some of this season’s holidays, we’ll be happy to see it.

More info at the event: