by ひろ

※Translated and reposted with the artist’s permission※

So I have a lot of feelings about this comic. Despite the lack of kissing it’s probably my favorite souyo fanwork of all time. Words can’t describe how happy I feel to be able to share it with the English speaking fandom. Please if you can, follow source links back to pixiv to like and/or bookmark the original work to show the artist how much you enjoyed reading. (Also fair warning: very long post under the cut)

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Hey YOI fandom! Get ready for

Phichit Week, April 24th – April 30th

That’s right, it’s 7 days dedicated to celebrating our very own Thai history maker! Let’s show our love for this beautiful, talented boy putting his country on the skating map!

All ships and characters are welcome for this week, but please make sure your works are Phichit-centric and about Phichit. This is his week, and we don’t want him to become a prop or side character in someone else’s story.

We will be tracking #phichitweek throughout the event!

Please read the Rules and FAQ for further details, and our askbox is open to questions. The AO3 Collection is already open!

If you need inspiration, here is a list of prompts that are also completely optional.

Day 1: Free Day (for the first day, anything and everything you can think of is free game!)

Day 2: Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc, it all goes; you can make SNS edits or draw or write about it all)

Day 3: Support (friends, family, fans, country, any and all forms of support)

Day 4: Pets (these skaters have a lot of pets between them; you can use any or all of them for inspiration)

Day 5: Patriotism (which can come in many different forms; Phichit is the pride of Southeast Asia)

Day 6: Future (can be alternate universe, crossovers, canon futures, or hey, even the past)

Day 7: Birthday (guess who’s the birthday boy on the 30th!)

You can combine, interpret, and use the prompts any way you like, or you could not use a prompt at all. Fanworks accepted include: headcanons, art, doodles, fanfics, drabbles, gifs, edits, SNS edits, screenshots, graphics, mixed media works, etc. Please make sure to tag your posts for content warnings.

Remember to tag your submission #phichitweek WITHIN THE FIRST FIVE TAGS OF YOUR POST so we can find it, or you can submit directly to this blog for posting.

We look forward to seeing all your incredible contributions!

Rules | FAQ | AO3 Collection | gif by @vamaguchi

We're Legendary Defenders!
Team Voltron
We're Legendary Defenders!

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY VOLTRON!! bit of a throwback, but i was thinking about how cool that song “Cheetah Sisters” from the classic movie would sound for Voltron in the iconic scene at the end of S2. thematically it just fit so well, and after opening the floor up to you guys to help me out - here we are!

This has been a really huge and exciting music project. It was so fun to work with everybody, thanks so much to everyone who was a part of it. With many thanks and congratulations to @chrispalmerart @thebestlaurenmontgomery @joshkeaton @bext-k and the entire cast & crew of Voltron for giving us such a fantastic show!!

Shiro: @luicsings
Keith: @drowningwithvigor  
Pidge: @misterpoofofficial
Lance: @pessimisticipher
Hunk: @paxtara  
Allura: @lookforanewangle
Coran: @kcgane

lyrics by: @kcgane
instrumentation made & arranged by: @kcgane
mixed & produced by: @kcgane
original song ‘Cheetah Sisters’ & lyrics by: Jamie Houston
VLD Theme (passing reference included) by: Alex Geringas

Enjoy! I’ll leave the rest to the assembled Team Voltron…

So leave it with us
We’re legendary defenders!

full lyrics & notes below:

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Okay, like, since clearly rattling off a bunch of racial stereotypes that exactly align with the portrayal doesn’t work on youse, let’s try this from another angle

Imagine you’re getting super into the Avengers. Your favorite character is Captain America! Everybody loves Steve Rogers, right? He’s a good-hearted soldier, goofy sense of humor, cocksure attitude that sometimes gets him in trouble, friends with most of the rest of the team

So, you decide to go into the Captain America tag on tumblr. You find one thing you can’t quite figure out: almost all the fanart has Steve drawn as a baby. He’s in his superhero outfit, with a diaper, and speaking in fractured baby-talk english, and it’s not really acknowledged by the fanart, but all the other Avengers are drawn normal except for Captain America, who’s drawn as a misbehaving two-year-old. I’m not talking “just some” of the fanart, I’m not talking “a lot” of the fanart, I’m talking “the vast majority.” I’m talking “you’ve gotta scroll for twelve minutes before you find a picture of Steve where he’s not a baby.”

And almost none of it is Steve-specific fanart: usually it’s fanart of Ant-Man and Pepper Potts, two characters who’ve never interacted with Steve in the movies, in funny little situations where they’re his parents and he’s a wiiiiild and crazy baby! And he’s undeniably a baby, he wears a diaper and rides in a stroller and throws temper tantrums

In a lot of the fanarts, Steve has an inexplicable obsession with Chicken Nuggets and Hamburgers. It’s such an integral part of the fanarts that it’s rare to find Captain America cosplays that don’t include at least one hamburger and an order of chicken nuggets. When you’re like “I’m confused, this doesn’t make sense,” people flood your inbox with “actually??? it’s because he’s american???? it’s a parody of americans god tumblr why do you have to get so offended over everything

In one scene in an avengers movie that lasts half a second, Steve is shown eating a burger. From this point on, anyone who expresses they’d like to see less of the fanart where he’s a burger-and-nugget-obsessed toddler gets flamed for days with messages saying “actually, he was shown eating a burger for 2 seconds in Avengers 6, so Subhuman Steve is basically canon!”

Oh, and that’s what the meme is called: “Subhuman Steve,” and it’s so prevalent that even Cap fanart that isn’t part of the Subhuman Steve meme has captions like “when you’re swole but you’re still subhuman”

And then when a few like-minded Captain America fans like you make blogs dedicated to your favorite character that explicitly DO NOT share Subhuman Steve content, they get constantly harassed for overreacting

And this is literally all the Captain America fanworks on tumblr for five months straight, and anyone who complains is sent anon hate and told to “learn to take a joke” even though the joke got old about two days after the first time it was made, and it has since been made 68,343 times without variation. And when you say the joke isn’t funny and is disrespectful to the character, they say “hey, isn’t this better than drawing porn of him?” even though almost all the fanart that isn’t Subhuman Steve is very explicit pornography

And that’s basically the Gremlin D.Va experience except that all the characteristics of Gremlin D.Va just coincidentally happen to be racist stereotypes frequently leveled against East Asian women

Hi everyone! Next month is June and you know what it means? That’s right, it’s gonna be our first time to finally, properly celebrate a special someone’s birthday, which also means it calls for The Third #HIDEWEEK; a whole week long celebration of one of Tokyo Ghoul’s most beloved characters Nagachika Hideyoshi or Hide.

Just like the previous years, we’ll be accepting all kinds of fanworks – fanfics, fanarts, edits, you name ‘em! As long as it follows the rules and at least one of these prompts. Not sure how it goes? Scroll through our 2015 or 2016 archive. Still got some questions? We’re all ears!

The first two were A++ so let’s make sure this hits the mark as well! The week starts from June 5th so make sure you get all those ideas ready and join the birthday celebration!


READY FOR SUMMER? Waiting for Christmas is too long of a wait, so let’s have Christmas in, well, June – not July, but still, summer! This year I’m hosting a secret-santa-esque gift exchange for all Hetalia fanwork creators who wish to participate, but in the summer!

SIGNS UP BEGIN MAY 1ST – Spread this post around and get ready!

So,Voltron Prompts will be having another event and this time it’s all fluffy goodness!

From April 10th-16th, if you’re craving something just sweet and fluffy regarding Voltron than this is the week for you.  

The rules are the about the same from other past events, EXCEPT all fanworks made must be safe for work this round since NSFW entries don’t really fit the fluff theme as much.  

With that said, you can explore the theme however you like.  You can explore the platonic relationships, or maybe use it for your favorite pairing/ship, or just to show love for your favorite Voltron character.

The Prompts

April 10th- Flower crowns/Friendship bracelets

April 11th- Blanket forts/pillow fights

April 12th- Sleep overs/Nap time

April 13th- Movie Night/Game night

April 14th- Sweets/Midnight Snacks

April 15th- Shopping Trip/Field Trip

April 16th- Beach Day/Snow Day

As before, either tag @voltronprompts for your entries or just add the tag ‘Voltron Fluff Week 2017′ and they shall be reblogged back to this tumblr.   Let’s have fun everyone! 


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Heith Week - 15 to 21 July

Join us in celebrating Hunk and Keith! All kinds of fanworks are accepted! Make sure to read the rules and the about.


  • Day 1 (15/7): laughing/crying
  • Day 2 (16/7): gain/loss
  • Day 3 (17/7): fighting/touch
  • Day 4 (18/7): dreams/reality
  • Day 5 (19/7): family/friends
  • Day 6 (20/7): colours
  • Day 7 (21/7): free day

Feel free to interpret the prompts as broadly as you like. You can participate for however many days you want!

Please use the tag #heithweek2017 so we can find and reblog your creations on this blog.

This is a discourse-free week. We accept all poly ships and side ships, although the focus should be on Hunk and/or Keith. NSFW works will be accepted but always tagged. SFW works will be tagged as such for your convenience.

Have fun!


Welcome to M'gann M'orzz Appreciation Week!

With M’gann’s hasty and unexpected exit from the show last week, we thought it would be nice to organise something to celebrate and remember her by. She deserved a hell of a lot more than she got, and though we can’t change the show, we can appreciate what we did see of her, we can imagine what else her character might have done or might have become, and we can ensure she is not forgotten.

The Appreciation Week will be held from the 3rd to the 9th of March. All fanworks are more than welcome: gifs, graphics, fan art, fic, meta, headcanons, and so on. Each day’s theme is intended as a guide and can be interpreted however you like! And late submissions are totally okay!

DAY 1 (March 3rd): Favourite scene
DAY 2 (March 4th): Favourite quote
DAY 3 (March 5th): Favourite character trait (OR M'gann + colour*)
DAY 4 (March 6th): Favourite badass moment
DAY 5 (March 7th): Favourite relationship(s)
DAY 6 (March 8th): A fitting quote or lyric**
DAY 7 (March 9th): What’s next? (OR Free day)

* for example [x]
** for example [x] [x] [x], or you could use this as a fic prompt or to inspire some thoughts.

Remember to tag your posts with #mgannmorzzappreciation (in the first five tags) so we can reblog them here!

anonymous asked:

Hello! Some of us are putting together a JuminV Week event in the Mystic Messenger fandom dedicated to the ship of Jumin Han and V that will run from April 10 - 16. We really love your art and thought that you might be interested! You can find more information on our blog at juminvweek and we also have a Twitter, @juminvweek. Would you mind publishing this ask to help boost the event to other fans of the ship? Thank you so much!

AAAAAAH omygod thank you so much for reaching out to me and letting me know about this wonderful event!!!! @juminvweek check out the event and the prompts guys!! 

I’m so excited to participate and drown in all the lovely juminv fanwork *Q*!!! 

Today I listened to Anamanaguchi - Prom Night like, eighty billion times. And it reminded me of my all-time favorite HQ fanwork, @silvercistern‘s Character Development. (I’m sure the entire population of the bokuaka tag has probably read this fic already, but for all and sundry: read, read, read and enjoy this amazing work!!) So here are the boys in their prom night outfits. :)

fun fact: CD!Akaashi is heading off to my alma mater. zot zot 



All fanworks may be in the form of art, fiction, graphics, meta, cosplay, and more. Sky is the limit! Anyone who likes AkaKuro is encouraged to participate and showcase their creative talents!

Various prompts have been selected for – but are not limited to – the following dates:

DAY 1 (April 11*) - High School AkaKuro Day
Decadence | Home | Normalcy
Bonus: “Welcome back.”

DAY 2 (April 12)
Resurface | Soundproof | Leisure
Bonus: “Breathe easy now.”

DAY 3 (April 13)
Irony | Rebellion | Acceptance
Bonus: “It’s your win.”

DAY 4 (April 14)
Mediation | Probability | Judgment
Bonus: “At one point, I thought he was god.”

DAY 5 (April 15*) - Teiko AkaKuro Day
Transience | Exchange | Mirage
Bonus: “You didn’t forget, did you?”

DAY 6 (April 16)
Temptation | Wayward | Noise
Bonus: “Here we go again.”

DAY 7 (April 17)
Alternate Universe (FREE DAY)

While it is not mandatory to follow the above, there will be a special surprise for the participant who utilizes and interprets the prompts in the most creative way. Those who complete all seven days will also receive a special shout-out!

All posts tagged with #AkaKuroWeek2017 will be reblogged within the period of the event. If preferred, you may also submit your work to us at any time.


For more information, you may refer to the rules or contact us for inquiries.

With M’gann’s hasty and unexpected exit from the show last week, I thought it would be nice to organise something to celebrate and remember her by. I miss her already and I’m hoping there are others out there who feel the same! She deserved a hell of a lot more than she got, and though we can’t change the show, we can appreciate what we did see of her, we can imagine what else her character might have done or might have become, and we can ensure she is not forgotten.

M’gann M’orzz Appreciation Week will run over seven days, with a specific theme for each day. All fanworks are more than welcome: gifs, graphics, fan art, fic, meta, headcanons, and so on. Themes and dates will be released in the next week. Currently taking theme suggestions and mod applications here.

Follow mgannmorzzappreciation to stay updated and reblog to help signal boost! <3


You loved it last year so we’re bringing it back! The 2017 edition of  #INUKAGWEEK; will start on March 20 and end on March 26. Just like last year, this event is meant to celebrate the relationship between our beloved Inuyasha and Kagome ♥


➳ All kinds of fanworks are accepted, including fanarts, graphics, fanfictions, playlists, headcanons, etc.  Everything that is put in the #Inukag week  tag will be reblogged to this blog. (Just remember to include it within the first 5 tags on your post!)

Everything you need to know about the event is on our blog, so here are the links:



We’ve color cataloged the prompts so that anyone who wants to work on edits or gifs or other color related works can have fun too, but it’s completely optional. If you want inspiration, we’ve explained the prompts more in detail on our prompt page!

If you have any question, feel free to message us :)

Welcome to Reaper76 summer event!

A whole fan event dedicated to our old super soldiers!

When it starts?

It starts 4th of July and ends 18th. Two weeks for all reaper76 shippers out there share their feelings for this amazing pairing!

Share some summer love

  • Share some love with your followers and friends. why you love reaper76? Talk with them and make new friends through this event!
  • Show your fanworks. Since it’s a summer theme event, create fanworks that have Soldier76 and Reaper in “summer scenarios”. It can be a roadtrip, both enjoying the beach, both of them wearing hawaiian shirts enjoying some free time, practicing some sports etc

What kind of fanworks?

  • Fanarts, fanfics, fan-videos, tracklists, etc. Show to your followers your creative side!

Even if you aren’t a content creator you are important! You are the one who support the artists/fic writers/graphic artists etc! 

Which tags we are going to use?

#Reaper76, #Soldier76, #Reaper, #JackMorrison and #GabrielReyes as the general tags

#Reaper76summerevent as the event tag. So we can check it and share all your fanworks here on this blog.

Do not spread hate!!!

It’s inevitable to find someone hating on something you love.

  • If they are bothering you just ignore them. Add their username to your block list!
  • If someone send you a hate ask, delete it! Dont busy yourself with negativity, it isn’t worth!
  • If someone is making you upset with their negativity and spreading hate? Unfollow them.
  • If you see something you don’t like, block the post and stay quiet. Take some time for you, your mental health is important.


This is an event dedicated to Soldier76 and Reaper. Be positive, spread some love, share your fanworks.

If you have any questions feel free to ask us!

Thank you for your attention and welcome to our event!

“My clothes are… um… my clothes don’t shift with my form.”

Namjoon blinked, realized he was gaping, and blinked again. His mouth snapped shut as he finally realized the meaning behind the words, but all he could choke out was a meek, “Oh.”

(A scene from @thatonepersonwithaface’s fic for this au here!! )

We’re hurtling towards April, and that also means the fourth round of Legendarium Ladies April - a whole month dedicated to celebrating the women of Middle-earth! 

Join in for new prompt sets every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, have a look at past prompts, or let your own inspiration decide where you go! All corners of the Tolkien fandom and all types of fanworks are welcome - join in by tagging your works #legendarium ladies april, have fun, and help give a spotlight to the ladies! 

Questions? Check our FAQ or send an ask! Please spread the word, and see you on April 1! 


With it being 5 years since Lexie Grey died on Grey’s Anatomy on the 17th of May we thought it would be nice to organise something to celebrate and remember all her good and hard moments on greys! Lexie means so much to so many and even though it has been 5 years since she left us, we still feel like she is with us and with this appreciation week we can show and ensure that she is not forgotten!

Themes for the week:

  • Day 1 (June 19th): Favourite Moments(s)
  • Day 2 (June 20th): Favourite Patient(s) Interaction
  • Day 3 (June 21st): Favourite Hairstyle(s)
  • Day 4 (June 22nd): Favourite Characteristics and Traits
  • Day 5 (June 23rd): Favourite Relationship (romantically or platonically)
  • Day 6 (June 24th): Favourite Quote(s)
  • Day 7 (June 25th): Free Day or AU: Where Lexie didn’t die.

All fanworks are allowed: gifs, graphics, videos, fanart, fics, headcanons, and so on.

Be sure to tag all of your creations for each day with #lexiegreyappreciationweek and we look forward to seeing all of your creations dedicated to Lexie Grey!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us an ask!

I owe the life I live today to fandom. It’s a bit complicated.

I am an artist in her late twenties, working as an illustrator full time (meaning somehow I actually convinced people to pay me for drawing all day). I own a decently sized flat in a big city and while I struggle with mental health issues, I am coping and getting better. I get to see the world and work with international teams and have close friends I can count on. And that’s all because I was brave enough as a teen to post some fanwork on the internet.

Let me explain myself some more. 

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