All you can feel

Aries: It won’t be this way forever. This spiral of anxiety and depression has an end and I won’t let it be your funeral. You will be okay. You will learn to stand on your own feet and we will figure this shit out.

Taurus: for once you’ve made me speechless. But I guess it’s hard to write things about people you don’t even feel like you really know anymore. All I can say is I wish you the best in the world.

Gemini: for fuck sake, stop. Stop getting angry every time I need to get high. It’s not a personal insult it’s just a way I can deal with the demons in my head. It helps.

Cancer: We sit back and smoke cigarettes together. I notice. I notice the way you twitch and how your fingertips are bloody from being chewed to the quick. I want you to know it’s okay. That you’re not alone in the anxiety panic attacks that won’t let you breathe at night. And I hope you know I’m here.

Leo: Did you decide to just disapear? Abandon all your friends that really cared about you? We’re all standing here asking what the hell even happened while you spin down a path we can’t fix.

Virgo: you’re making the right choices. Even if you don’t think you are. You’re making the only choices that you know how to make. You’re trying to make everyone happy and that’s all you can do.

Libra: Forgive yourself. Don’t forgive him. Don’t forgive anyone else. But you? You can forgive yourself because it’s the only person in this whole scenario you have to live with.

Scorpio: let the pieces of what’s happening fall where they are going to. You can’t control what someone else is going to do and sometimes your best option is to walk away.

Sagittarius: What are you doing? Leaving everyone back home mourning the girl you use to be? God I could smack you. But no. When I see you again you will get nothing but hugs. Because I’ve never missed anyone this much.

Capricorn : Sometimes you just need to look up at the stars and realize that the small little mistakes you made are truly just small little mistakes that the universe doesn’t care about.

Aquarius : Learn when to let go. Because from where I stand you are the only one holding on and eventually you need to let go of all of this chaos and except some things will never be the same.

Pisces: Learn to accept olive branches and love. Because sometimes people trying to mend bridges is just that. If they’re willing to apologize then learn to be willing to accept.

—  This week’s horoscope

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Ugh! Captain Charming. Where to begin??

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What is not to love?

Although they got off to a rocky start, I think the phrase ‘like father like daughter’ fits the progression between these two.

Like Emma, David wasn’t having any of Killian’s saucy attitude. 

“I’m winning you over I can feel it”

But all it took was for Killian to prove he was honest in his intentions of helping them and David was won over. 

I love the way David was lowkey warming up to him way before he’d ever admit it.

They way they’d both help each other and team up without having to even think about it. 

But this moment here. 

I want to talk about this particular moment.

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I love how Killian totally outed Emma. It was like he knew David would be outraged. 

Look at him. He’s all “That’s right, Swan. I’m getting your father involved. He’ll agree with me. Ain’t that right, Dave?”

And poor David is all “You were gonna marry some man I didn’t even meet? That I didn’t get to know or approve of? Emma, what were you thinking?!”

“Did you miss the part where I said monster, mate? You thought having a pirate for a son-in-law was a bad choice, imagine having a flying monkey over for Sunday dinners. I’m not looking so bad now, am I?”

“Killian, I can’t believe you didn’t tell me this sooner - Emma, i’m in shock.”

“We’re just looking out for you, love.”

These two are probably my absolute favourite BROTP of all time and i’m so excited to see what we’re gonna get from them in season 6.

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3. shy namjoon 

It’s just another quiet Sunday afternoon. The weather has finally started to cool down as the seasons transition from hot humid and rainy to pleasantly warm and crisp. Despite your complaints earlier about driving 2 hours out from Seoul into the rural countryside, you knew you had to take your words back. The quaint village Namjoon insisted on bringing you to ended up being so much more breathtaking than you could have ever imagined. Older yet well-kept traditional houses are lined up side by side, a seemingly endless path in the middle winding in between the houses like a maze. Every turn leads to a different alleyway, each with its own corky characteristics and unique qualities – a tabby cat lazing on the stairs in one alley, a couple of kids playing with a hacky sack in the next. With the sun providing a warm glowing background for the scenic little town, you now know it was definitely worth letting him drag you here.

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The breakout star of this summer’s hottest show
He’s the twitchy, ice-blond offspring of nasty Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter’s arch enemy at Hogwarts. And for Anthony Boyle, the actor playing Scorpius Malfoy on stage at the Palace Theatre in London...

“I just couldn’t turn the pages quick enough; I got so emotionally attached to the character so quickly. He’s such a gorgeous boy, he has so much heart, d’ye know?”

“I played about with the voice a lot. I remember seeing this very posh English boy on the Tube with his mother. I was fascinated, so I moved and sat near him so I could listen. And I watched documentaries about young boys at Eton and other posh, private schools, and became familiar with that tone, the resonance, the way they inflect.”

“I was up for bleaching my own hair, but they told me I’d be bald within a matter of weeks. (…) I love putting it all together — the wig, the odd, constricting trousers, the clunky shoes. You can feel yourself changing.”


Some fans have speculated that Boyle might not be the only one to adore Scorpius, and that his relationship with Albus might be more carnal than a teenage bromance. The idea amuses Boyle, though he’s quick to dismiss it. 

The friendship’s purely platonic,” he laughs. “I do think they love one another — that’s evident in what they do and say. But it’s not a sexual or romantic love.


They got the power! Exercise is Medicine

27 August 2016

These four splendid women were among my first clients at the cancer care exercise clinic and as you can see, they are all feeling powerful and positive! When I first met them they wore scarves on their heads and now look at those mops of hair! We reunited this morning to make a corporate video. It’s great how they never pass up the opportunity to promote exercise as medicine as part of cancer treatment.

As seems to be the weather habit this winter, Saturday mornings become a rest day by default - teeming rain, cold winds and nasty squalls - one is pounding the house as I type. No ride today but good food on the table: An all-day breakfast for lunch at 2.00pm and teriyaki beef and a ton of leafy greens for dinner. Feeding the biomeme!

FMLS90 - Day 27

Share one, non-tumblr thing that motivates and inspires you.

Two things: My children and my work.

I am a mum. I don’t need to say anything more on that score, except that my kids and I are mutual champions, best buddies and laugh-a-holics. We ground each other and are one another’s biggest cheerleaders.

I work with people undergoing cancer therapies. The people who get to the exercise clinic when they are feeling sick and exhausted from chemotherapy; or are chronically fatigued and raw from radiation - they are inspiring. It’s humbling that they find my efforts for them motivating. It is rewarding work that never ceases to motivate and inspire.

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My ex want to be friends with me. But i don't. Maybe if i would really want to i could forget her but I'm in a country that isnt really have lesbians in it. So i want to remember her as my girlfriend. What sould i do. Sould i be friends or forget?

If you don’t want to be friends with her, then don’t. You’re under no obligation to have her stay in your life, regardless of how much she wants it. If you do want to be friends with her, then that’s fine too, as long as you no longer have feelings for her at all, friendships can work between exes.


Artist Sarah Schönfeld squeezed drops of various legal and illegal liquid drug mixtures onto negative film which had already been exposed. Each drop altered the coating of the film. Much like the effect of some of these substances on humans, this can be a lengthy process – sometimes one that can barely be stopped.

She then enlarged these negatives including the chemical reaction of the particular drug, to sizes of up to 160 x 200 cm. All of the substances behaved very differently: the shapes and colors that appeared showed unique characteristics and revealed unique internal universes. 

Pictured above in order:
Crystal Meth


as many of you already know, @crackedverbosity ‘s family was deeply effected by the disastrous floods in Louisianan earlier this month. Though the waters have since receded, the need to rebuild her family home has been left in it’s wake. You can read all about her experience HERE.

Cracked, is a beloved friend and i would do anything in my power to help her family, but by myself i can only do so much to help raise money for their Go Fund Me campaign which can be found HERE. I’m hoping to help encourage others to give what they can by offering what incentives i can for helping them raise the money to continue with the mountain of repairs necessary to restore their home!

If you are able to help (and don’t mind me seeing your given name and mailing address) e-mail me a copy of your Go Fund Me receipt (along with your mailing address and tumblr @ so i know who it is! <3) to (these can be verified against Cracked’s list, so please, please don’t attempt to send me fraudulent receipts, this is for charity!) and I will snail mail you the corresponding reward pack listed below…


  • two randomly selected mini prints from my existing body of work
  • a hand written note telling you how much i love you!!! <3 <3 <3


  • four randomly selected mini prints from my existing body of work
  • a hand written note telling you how much i love you!!! <3 <3 <3


  • six randomly selected mini prints from my existing body of work
  • one mini print of a new piece made just for this package! <3
  • a set of four 1″ kylux doodle buttons (hand pressed by me!) 
  • a hand written note telling you how much i love you!!! <3 <3 <3

[example of doodle button designs]


  • the prints you will be sent will be randomly chosen, so they may be canonical or AU, but everything will be kylux (and each will be different!). prints may contain some partial nudity (bare chests/legs) but will not be especially NSFW or contain blood, etc. You’ve all (maybe?) seen my work, you know what to expect! hahahah! XD
  • none of my work was ever meant to be printed, so the colors may be a little wacky, i draw in RGB just for Tumblr, so i can’t say what will happen for sure! but they will all be printed on glossy card stock! <3
  • i’ll send your prints anywhere in the world! i don’t know how long it will take to get there… but yeah! (O wO)
  • i wont be sending out the packages until September 30th. as some of you already know i’m getting married in the first week of September, so i’m mostly on hiatus from Tumblr ~ but Cracked’s family has to start repairs on their home right now, so i apologize in advance, but i hope the delay wont dissuade any of you from donating!
  • this post is valid only until September 25th, as i’ll need time to print, cut, and label all the packages to be sent on the 30th!

Thank you to everyone who is able to help! and also to everybody who reblogs this post and helps circulate the word! (-^ ___^-) this means so much to me, and i know that together we can all make a huge difference for Cracked and her family! <3 <3 <3 Much love and hugs to you all!!!


Sarah Schoenfeld who had ample exposure to the realities of drugs while working in a Berlin nightclub. To answer the question she converted her photography studio into a laboratory and exposed legal and illegal liquid drug mixtures to film negatives. The resulting chemical reactions were then greatly magnified into large prints to form a body of work titled All You Can Feel.


I really wanted to draw Petyr in more violet colored attire after seeing this

Sometimes I think about kissing her and how her lips fit mine and I can’t sleep at night
When I’m in busy restaurants and street ways my head fogs up
But then I think of her
And how her hand perfectly fits mine
How her breathe feels so warm when she’s laying on my chest snuggled up in my neck
How she kisses the back of my hand when we’re driving
My head gets so clear
It’s almost like a high
My pulse slows and my breath gets calmer
It’s like catching a beautiful sunset at the perfect moment
It’s all warm and you can almost feel colors in your chest

Happiness needs Sadness, and Sadness needs Happiness.

Haaah, it’s alright. You’re worth it. When you take a breath, eat, sleep, it’s totally worth it. 

Life isn’t pink, but it’s not black either. Life is a big palette with a lot of colors in it - sometimes life does a very good mixing and sometimes life doesn’t. 

SOOOOO. If you see too much black and need help, never hesitate to talk about it to someone, I’m sure they’ll be willing to help. I am too, if you ever feel too down or something. I’m full of bright colors ! uwu)9

Just think again before throwing that palette away ; are you sure there’s not a little pigment somewhere, waiting to be used ?