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“Will you walk into my parlour?” Said the Spider to the Fly. 

“Heat. This is what cities mean to me. You get off the train and walk out of the station and you are hit with the full blast. The heat of air, traffic and people. The heat of food and sex. The heat of tall buildings. The heat that floats out of the subways and the tunnels. It’’s always fifteen degrees hotter in the cities. Heat arises from the sidewalks and falls from the poisonous sky. The buses breathe heat. Heat emanates from crowds of shoppers and office workers. The entire infrastructure is based on heat, desperately uses up heat, breeds more heat. The eventual heat death of the universe that scientists love to talk about is already well underway and you can feel it happening all around you in any large or medium-sized city. Head and wetness”

White Noise/Meltdown

anonymous asked:

Ohhhhh, can we have anxiety hcs with chopper and bepo? Those 2 sweet cinnamon buns??



  • Chopper is not exactly the kind of boy to perfectly handle anxiety but he sure will try to help you out!
  • like he would totally cuddle with you if that helps you
  • and besides that just get tons of candies and sweets because he knows that sugar is perfectly able to lighten the spirit, he’s the exhibit a for that
  • furthermore Chopper would just really really worry a lot because he’s a caring sweetheart and try everything


  • Bepo is as much of a scaredy cat but hey
  • this nerd will right go the affectionate route as well and it’s perfect because he’s soooo tall and fluffy so he can hug you all tightly and you’d feel perfectly warm
  • And he’d try to make you laugh a lot!
  • Bepo is just as much of a kindhearted sweetpea and he’s very protective

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Youre just really nice and cool and *screams cause youre amazing*. I wish I could like talk to you cause you see really awesome but I just nope out every time I try off anon.

Oh man i never wanted to make people feel like this omg like i get your feels so much, i know how hard it is to talk to people AND I ASSURE YOU GUYS THAT I NEVER WANT Y'ALL TO FEEL LIKE YOU CAN’T TALK TO ME. So please, by all means, come talk to me! Let’s hang, fangirl about lapidot, steven universe, and general gay! Because like, i’d fucking love it yo!

Okay you walking dead people are really pissing me off about Daryl. HE STOOD UP BECAUSE HE WAS TRYING TO PROTECT ROSITA!! How would you like it if some dochebag just killed your loved one then flings the murder weapon in front of your face and all you can do is feel paralyzed. Yeah it sucks because Daryl caused Glenn's death and he will forever have that guilt on his shoulders,BUT HE DID IT FOR A GOOD REASON! You also don't get the fact that Negan is trying to get underneath everyone skin and break this group! So what better way to do it than killing the two strongest people, physically and mentally. If you want blame someone, blame the dick who killed our people. SO SHUT UP BEFORE I LUCILLE YOUR BUTT!

[christmas intensifies] 


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ladybug: adrien?
chat: yeah how did u know- wait what?
ladybug: holy shit what??
chat: I can explain