All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone


Drew: “So, Ethan, double elimination. Were you expecting it, and were you expecting to go?”

Ethan: “The double elimination was unexpected, but after last week I knew I was in a rocky position here, so it wasn’t completely unexpected. But I think one thing that Elizabeth really said at the end struck me, that my name was appealing. I want to be with someone who wants me because I’m appealing, not my name. I’ll miss everyone here, well, barring some people, but no love lost I don’t think.”

Drew: “I think we all know who you might be referring when you say some people. What brought on the sudden show of aggression?”

Ethan: “I don’t really know. We’ve not been the closest in the process, and I think I was nervous and tense tonight and it just sort of happened. It wasn’t my finest of moments.”

Drew: “Well, you’ve certainly had lots of fine moments here, but your time is up, so a huge round of applause for Ethan Rochester.”