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A Not So Normal Family

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A child.

Sure, it wasn’t exactly…legal, to look after a kid that isn’t his, that was obvious. But after three months of living by himself and getting along with the few decent neighbours on his floor, Bucky figured it was the best time to introduce Thomas, the two year old that had been left behind by and on the metal steps of his apartment building out in Brooklyn, to the team.

When the kid was first found, of course there had been some freaking out, asking the few neighbours he actually had if they’d seen anyone, Bucky had ended up with illegal custody of the kid. Until he’d informed Hill, who was a little pissed at the entire situation, but had ultimately ended up asking some contacts and getting the legal and medical documents sorted and swore Barnes to secrecy unless he wanted his balls ripped off.

So, yeah, he had a kid. Even got to name them.

He paced around in the large seating area of the communal floor in the tower, Thomas stubbornly snuggled up against his metal arm and chubby arms hugging around Bucky’s neck, babbling on about the TV show ‘Little Einsteins’ that the boy had recently become obsessed with. What if they didn’t like him? Or tried to convince Bucky into handing the kid over to another agent/superhero? Ugh. Bucky had kept them alive so far, right? Shouldn’t be that different in the future.

The super soldier’s head snapped up, coming to stand still, at the sound of footsteps and then another person’s presence in the room. His shoulders slumped in relief at who it was, metal hand idly patting Thomas’ side.


Character Stat Sheet

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FACE CLAIM: Pirate Orlando Bloom, or really anything but Legolas (no blond hair for him!)

NAME: Saeris Blackblade
AGE: Adult. Possibly on the younger side but it’s hard to tell sometimes. 
HEIGHT: 5′9 
SPECIES: Sin’dorei
NATIONALITY: Technically Sin’dorei, he doesn’t really have one. 
BIRTHDAY: Dec 10th
SUN SIGN: Saggitarius
RESIDENCE: The Vengeance
DRINK: Ale, Meade, Tea, water. In that order. 
FOOD: Whatever someone puts in front of him, he isn’t picky. 
SNACKS: Nuts, dried fruit, anything that can last. 
SONGS: Urami Bushi (My Grudge Blues)

PET : Nara, a lovely grey wolf that General Winters gifted him. She’s getting bigger!

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COLOR: He’s fond of reds, but also of blues and dark calming colors. 
FLOWER: Red Lotus
BODY TYPE: Lean and hard, muscular. 
EYE COLOR: Mint green, very little fel in him due to his upbringing. 
HAIR COLOR: Crimson red 

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Hiemal Wear for Women

Forasmuch as the December is coming, the ambient is turning frostier. The lazy unmoved mornings of the cultivate do not let us wake up early and always makes us late for work. On the unconnected head, the piping hot grege or coffees with late night movies in the pajamas under the soft cozy encyclopedic make us feel delighted in this ready. It has always been a fun to do all these things vestibule winter season. It is the season as regards parties, wine, champagne and hot cup cakes. Thus, the overall aggregate of aestival season is crowded with fun and enjoyment.

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