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nobody asked but i counted all times neil josten says something/one is “fine”

41 times in total, 28 of them are “I’m fine”


  • me: i'm glad that cis/straight people are learning how to accept and be proud of their lgbt peers, even if the steps are small i'm happy they're trying
  • a straight person: omg gay guys are FAAABULOUS~!work it sister! i wish i was gay, gays are so much better theyre all SASSY.
  • me, sweating profusely: it's............ progress............ ggnnnhh........

griffin “rules are suggestions” mcelroy and justin “i touched the player’s handbook once and had a severe allergic reaction” mcelroy and the mysterious case of being able to break a magic artifact in half with your bare fucking hands, brought to you by “dungeons” & “dragons” “fifth edition”.

Naruto is wearing mascara and Sasuke thinks he’s being super cute about it.
and yes that is a dog if you can’t tell im sorry its so bad


Pfft, @hawthornblood141 is none of those things but I promise you, right now she’s just out having a life like some sort of loser and she’ll be back (see I told you). And yes, I do know what kind of things she likes but there has been enough angst in life lately even for her. So here is fluff and YOU WILL LIKE IT. You have to read this one first to get the joke at the end. Merry Christmas, stay fabulous. ; )

Ron sits alone in the Shell Cottage kitchen, bouncing his leg impatiently. It’s the first time Hermione’s been out of his sight (and his arms) since Malfoy Manor and he finds that he doesn’t like the feeling one bit.

He is checking the clock for the umpteenth time when Fleur comes into the room, a big stack of bath towels in her arms.

“Ah there you are,” she says. “I need you to help me with this laundry. I have to finish making lunch for the goblin, ce vieux grincheux, and then I need to go to the store for more shampoo because your girlfriend, she has so much hair - ”

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shipuri  asked:

Just wanted to say that I really love "Freia" and that I'm really glad that I found such a well written piece. I live for your dialogues and I'm going through an abstinence crisis just thinking about how I'll never get to read your Rhaenys again once it is finished (that said, I do hope there is a sequel). Also, if you could enlighten me on why you seem to hate Dany and if that is a show only or a book also thing, I'd be happy (new to the whole thing). Thank you and have a nice day <3

Well thank you that’s really nice, I’m glad you enjoy it 😊
I don’t think there’ll be a sequel. I’m trying to go for my law masters and if I’ll write, it’ll be in Dutch and my own work. Fan fiction sort of exhausts me and I started writing Freia in the first place because I wanted to grow and learn.

Okay so, you want me to enlighten you on why I hate Daenerys?

I can’t cause I don’t. I’ve said it a million times, I do not hate Daenerys. It’s as if Dany fanfirls want me to hate her because they like to write off every bit of criticism as simply being ‘hate’. It’s easier to ignore criticism when you believe it comes from someone who’s blinded by dislike. But I’m not, trust me.
The only thing I hate is people thinking she’s something she isn’t. Daenerys is a very big hypocrite and I don’t enjoy hypocrites kissing hypocrite asses. I can’t root for her, in the first place, cause everything gets handed to her on a silver platter. I have a hard time feeling sorry for her when the main thing she worries about is how she’d rather run off with her disturbing boyfriend when really, she should be worrying about the city she’s trying but can’t rule. Her people are starving and she’s wearing fancy silks and eating sweets at the top of the great pyramid. I can’t sympathize with her anymore. Not since book 1.

From my pov, and I’m saying this as someone who is about to gain a bachelor major in Public international law and human rights, that is, I’m specialized in what is what isn’t okay during times of war (don’t try and tell me people Dany kills weren’t ‘really’ innocent and don’t compare situations to North-Korea, ISIS or Afghanistan either), it is very disturbing to believe Daenerys deserves what she gains and aims. She should never ever be the leader of even the smallest pack. (Look at how she dragged a starving, thirsty khalasar into a desert just cause she believed the 'bleeding star’ was obviously send for her). Her and her dragons is like giving a fourteen year old mass destruction weapons and hoping she makes the right decisions. She’s so so so young, yet she believes she’s supposed to rule Seven Kingdoms? She couldn’t even rule half a city (since she killed the other half). By the words of someone else who’s meta I once read: has Westeros not suffered enough?

I agree with Daenerys critics, but even I feel that the hate she receives is sometimes unfair. Not because she doesn’t suck, but because I truly believe that there’s an absence of right and wrong in Martin’s work, good vs bad is an obsolete in A Song of Ice and Fire.

That also means I believe people don’t do Daenerys justice when they’re hyping her as some goddess, the messiah, the savior princess. These sort of things truly bother me. She’s far too complicated to ever be that. I think it’s an insult to the character and to GRRM’s writing to believe she can do no wrong, to wave away her flaws. Cause she has many flaws. Whenever people call her a feminist icon, a little part of me dies.

I think she is a brilliant character, she’s very layered, very detailed, complicated, conflicting, I think she may be GRRM’s most genius creation. So I could never hate her, I admire her existence to much. I do hate it when she’s given kudos she doesn’t ever deserve. And that happens a lot.

Aside from her monstrous acts, that is, in the show, doing stuff like setting people on fire, locking them up to starve in a cell, crucifying hundreds of possibly innocent men, executing without a trial because someone executed without a trial, forcing a dude who’s dad you killed to marry you, burning prisoners of war…
that’s just in the show, in the books, she takes a whole lot steps further by torturing little girls, allowing slaves to sell themselves back into slavery and keeping part of the profit. Quentyn describes Astapor to be the closes thing to hell he’s ever seen.The last survivors in Astapor are currently dying from the plague. Thanks Daenerys. She has more deaths to her name than any other character alive and the girl is barely a teenager and hasn’t even set foot on Westerosi land yet. I’m not going to give you a list of all the things she’s done wrong. I’m sure you can find it somewhere else. It’s a long list and I haven’t memorized it.

That aside, what bothers me is that people seem to genuinely believe she’ll be a marvelous ruler who’ll bring justice and peace. You know, she’ll 'break the wheel’. If she gets a chance to then, yeah, possibly, but only when she’s on top. I already explained why the Dany good girl trope bothers me, but it also happens to be absolute false.
Sure, Dany cares about her subjects. But she’s also the most incapable ruler of rulers.
Dany is arrogant, short-tempered, ridiculously inconsistent, never has a long-term plan, has the absolute most rubbish character judgement, she has some really high headed übermensch mentality, she’s stubborn, aggressive and the show has even given her clear signs of her daddy’s paranoia.

She’ll be a terrible queen. Her Mereen rule was a joke and might be funny did it not end up destroying lives. Just look at her endless list of titles. Do you truly believe someone genuinely nice would give themselves a list of names dedicated to all the fabulous things they’ve done and forces everyone to listen to it all the time just to impress and feel good about themselves? No. Daenerys wants to rule Westeros even though she’s never in her entire life set foot on mainland. She doesn’t know the land she wants to rule nor does she show any signs to attempt at learning them. Look at the way she tells Jon to forget about her father killing his uncle and grandfather, yet helps him remember Ned Stark tried to kill her. That’s Daenerys for you, right there. She wants all her father’s privilege, to sit on a throne they lost by conquest and is therefore, honestly, simply not hers anymore (ignoring the fact that Jon’s claim is stronger anyway), but none of his cruel deeds.

So yeah, I think that if people still root for and like Daenerys at this point they won’t change their mind no matter what, which says more about them than about Dany. I don’t think you should root for her, but if it’s wrong to still like her… 🤷🏼‍♀️ just know that if anything, asoiaf has taught us that those who want power, should not have it. Who is the most powerhungry person again? Right. Not Cersei, I promise.

One thing I know is that she doesn’t deserve the oversimplification she’s subject to. She’s so much more than what her fans/the makers of the show give her credit for.

anonymous asked:

To my dearest Mrs. JellyBottom, I ask of you a precious headcanon of Sir.Crosshairs! Film I DO BELIEVE. But this is very important Mrs. JellyBottom! It must be of the human SO that has of the illness schizophrenia and how he would CARE OF SUCH CREATURE. But please do this my dear King/bestfriend. I bow before you as the most humble bestfriend, to you Mrs.JellyBottom. With love and care and all things FABULOUS.... - Madam. Albino Oopma Loompa Fuckass the 5th <3

I fucking love you best friend but, you worry me sometimes lmao. I added Optimus because I know HOW MUCH YOU LOVE HIMM

you didn’t tell my what genera of schizophrenia so I went with paranoid-schizophrenia



He doesn’t understand at first so he was very confused when he was told about schizophrenia.

He won’t bring it up but he can be a big asshole about it.

If he made you cry he is quick to apologize.

It isn't hard for him to notice your being affected your very twitchy and glancing around more than normally.

He’s worried if you refuse to take treatment he’s gonna force you,wheather you want to or not.

He wants you to be okay, he cares even if he’s a dick about it

If you take the medication with out him forcing you too he’ll feel a lot better..

He may not like humans a lot but that doesn’t mean he can’t worry about them.


He is the one to already know he would have searched your symptoms up way before you probably found out.

He WILL force that medication down your throat so don’t argue with him.

He’s lost a lot and he doesn’t really wanna loose you too.

He will TRY to not baby you over things.

If you end up crying from stress he will take you long the longest car ride you have ever been in.

He won’t even mention your mental illness not once if you bring it up then maybe he will talk about it with you, but he know never to push it.

Will constantly remind you to take that fucking medication on time don’t even think he forgets about it.


Adam Driver and Joanne Tucker on the red carpet for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens World Premiere 12.15.2015 (x)


It’s a symbol like this, right? Two hands. That’s what the labour movement should mean. You support me, I support you, whoever you are, wherever you come from, shoulder to shoulder, hand to hand.