All My Friends Are In Bar Bands

Lil Something Pt 1

Description: You are best friends with Jongdae but maybe there is a lil something more.

Genre: Fluff and more fluff

A/N: This is my first fanfiction… Sorry if it’s terrible. To be honest I’m only writing it because I had a dream about him…

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It’s my first day at university and I know no one. All of my friends went to a different school which has left me all by myself. It would help if I got assigned to a double dorm where at least I would share a room with someone but nope my parents wanted me to have my own room so they coughed up the extra cash so I didn’t have to share. So I don’t even get to make a forced friendship with the person I live with. I overheard some students talking about a party tonight at the local bar, live band and everything. Apparently everyone is going, maybe I should go I might meet some socially awkward people like myself.  As the night nears I have just finished getting ready, plain black jeans, flowy top and boots.

Walking into the party I could already feel the walls closing me up, and the air thinning.

“Great start.” I muttered to myself.

Okay go get a drink maybe that will calm me down.  

“1 shot of Soju” I yelled at the bar tender.

The music was so loud I’m surprised he even heard me. The band are pretty good tonight, the giant red head with the guitar seems to be getting into it, how is he not over heating in that giant jacket?! Swigging back the shot I got up to get ready to go to the now crowded dancefloor maybe if I danced with someone I could make some friends.

Pushing through the crowd I bumped into someone looking up at it was a guy, kind of short, bright purple hair and you could definitely tell he worked. To be honest right now he looked really intimidating.

“I’m sorry” I kept repeating as I was backing away backwards.

Before he answered I quickly turned around and crashed into another person. This person was tall, his eyebrows were on point. He spilt his drink down his clothes because of me. I could feel the walls surrounding me even more whilst he was yelling at me for getting his drink over his Louis Vuitton jacket.  

“Just keep breathing get out of there and keep breathing.“ I kept telling myself this.

It wasn’t working. All of a sudden I felt a hand grab my arm pulling me away from the crowd. I could only see the back profile of him he wasn’t short and he wasn’t tall and had brown hair. As we got outside he held onto my shoulders.

“Ok breathe in then out like this” he said whilst demonstrating how to breathe.

Doing as he said I began to breathe in and out just like he told me to do. Wow he had such a friendly face and soothing voice.

“Are you ok? Are you with your friends? You looked really panicked so I thought I would help you” He said with a smile whilst scratching the back of his head.

“Umm thanks, no actually I came to make friends but I can guarantee that didn’t happen.” I responded, after the hyperventilating had settled down.  

He looked at me in awe. Great. I thought, he now thinks I’m a loser with no friends. Which isn’t 100% true, I do have friends just none here.

He took me by the hands and yelled. “Well you have just made one new friend! Hi my name is Jongdae, but my friends call me Chen!”

“Hi Jongdae, I’m Y/N.” I responded.

Suddenly he is pulling me into a hug.

“Wahh! I said my friends call me Chen. You are my friend now!” He complained.

I guess the night wasn’t a complete failure, I made one friend and I don’t think he is going to go away anytime soon.


“Y/N!” Chen was holding onto my face.

3 years have passed since that night and I was right he wasn’t going away anytime soon. He is now my best friend. The one who gets me to actually leave my dorm and go out, to only complain an hour later how he wants to go back to playing video games. It’s a great friendship, he has introduced me to people like the purple haired guy from that night, the one I was so afraid of, is now our friend Xiumin he takes care of us and makes sure we actually keep the dorm tidy, The one who had a go at me for spilling his drink is Sehun, a bubble tea addict who love attention and the red hair guitarist is Chanyeol, he is the sunshine of the group he always knows how to lighten the mood.

“What do you want now dinosaur.” I rolled my eyes at Chen who was now inches away from my face.

Pushing him away I exclaimed “what?!”

“Nothing, you just looked lost in deep thought. What was you thinking about? Ohh is it your crush that you refuse to tell me about.”

There it is the crush question, I can’t tell him I was thinking about how we met. He can’t know that he is the secret crush I have been hiding for half a year… Can He?

“Yo I know we’re rivals at the Battle of the Bands but can I borrow your tuner?”
Based off of this prompt my friend gave me

My band and I were glaring at the other band across the bar who were getting all their shit together like we were. They were also getting big on the scene. Though nobody has actually said it, we all knew we were rivals. I was glaring at them so hard they could probably just feel the hate and emo radiating off of me. They think they are all cool the way they don’t try to star fights.
“Pete, calm down before your head explodes,” My band mate and best friend Joe said and flicked the side of my head. I take back what I said about him being my best friend. “Just leave them alone and get your bass tuned.” He said. I started to do what I was told while glaring at the other band. I bet their noodle looking bassist thinks he’s better than me. I looked in my case to get my tuner. Not there. No worries. I’ll just borrow one from Patrick or Joe.
“Heya Patty, can I borrow your tuner?” I yelled over my shoulder.
“Screw you, Peter! And I told you not to call me that!” He responded. Fuck.
“Hey Joe, c-”
“Fuck off, Pete!” Joe answered before I could even ask the whole question.
“Why don’t you go ask one of the mcr guys. They seem friendly enough. Just try and steer clear of the short dude, he looks like he could kick some serious ass.” Patrick said. I sighed.
“Yeah thanks for the terrible suggestion. They’re our rivals remember.” I said in a ‘duh’ sort of way.
“Pete, this whole rival thing is stupid. Lets just have fun.” Patrick putting his hand on my shoulder.
“This isn’t summer camp. We’re not making friendship bracelets.” I said.
“If you care about winning so much then drop the angry emo act for just two minutes, and go borrow a tuner!” Patrick was right. Patrick was always right.
“Ugh fine, mommmm.” I said really being over dramatic. It’s what I do. I stomped over to the noodle legged bassist. He looked the least scary. I put on my best bitch face. I knew exactly what I was gonna say. I was gonna be like 'hey, I need to use your tuner’ and be cool about it all. When I got to him I was about to say something when he fully turned to look at me. His pretty eyes. I forgot exactly what I was gonna say. I had my mouth open like I was gonna say something, but I couldn’t form words. I probably looked like a fish out of water.
“Can I help you?” He mumbled. He had a dreamy voice, and dreamy eyes. He was really good looking now that I could see him better.
“Yo, uhm, I know we’re rivals at The Battle of the Bands, but can I borrow your tuner?” I finally asked. He gave me a small smile. I probably looked dumb blushing at him just giving me a tiny smile.
“Yeah, here just hold on one second,” he said. He turned around and bent over to get his tuner out of his case. I blushed again and looked away so I couldn’t stare at his ass and the was his shirt was riding up a little to show some of his back. “Here ya go.” He said handing it to me and pushing his glasses up his nose.
“Uh thanks. Can I get it back to you at the end of the show?” I asked.
“Yeah sure.” He said with a shrug. I gave him a smile and nod and walked back across the bar to where my band was now setting up. Noodle dude wasn’t so bad.
“How bad was that, Petey?” Patrick asked. I laughed.
“Fucking awful. I’m surprised I didn’t die!” I responded, starting to tune my bass.
“Oh really? You seemed to be getting pretty close with glasses over there,” joe said with a smirk.
“Fuck off!” I said with a chuckle.

-Time skip to when fob is done and mcr is playing because I’m lazy-

I had the feeling that we just kicked all the other bands asses. The second to last band to go on was the slimy mcr crew. Greasy vampire emos. They got on the bar stage and I stood in the crowd of around fifty people. They got on and played one of their newer songs. Something about vampires. Or maybe it wasn’t about vampires??? I don’t know they just seem to like vampires. I wasn’t so sure we were gonna win at this point. These guys were pretty kick ass. The singer was just really angry which was good. Everyone here was probably here because they are angry. The bassist was looking at his feet the whole time. It was cute in a dorky kind of way. I thought his glasses were gonna slide off the end of his nose. If we don’t win then they definitely should. The one point the bassist did look up, it was for a split second and our eyes met. I gave him a smile and a wink. The Pete thing to do. After they finished up their fourth song I went over to give the tuner back to the bassist that I still didn’t know the name of. I went over to where he was standing and watching the last band play. I gave him a tap on the shoulder. He quickly turned around and looked like a deer in the head lights. He calmed when he saw it was just me.
“Here’s your tuner back,” I said handing it to him.
“Thanks,” he said taking it and putting it in his back pocket.
“You guys were really great. Also, I never got your name,” I said. I wanted to know my rival. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.
“Thanks, you guys were also good, and it’s Mikey,” he said pushing up his glasses and holding out his hand for me to shake. Mikey is a cute name. I grabbed his hand to shake.
“Nice to meet you, I’m Pete,” I said. Our eyes met and our hands probably lingered just a little to long. “So, um, Mikey, can I buy you a drink?”
“Sure.” He said with a smile.
Two drinks later we were standing there with him telling a story about the time when he was twelve and went horse back riding at his cousins wedding. I think they already announced the winner but I didn’t really care about it at that point. Mikey and I were so different but in a good way. He was talk and quiet, I was short and loud. He mumbled a lot while I was ALWAYS SCREAMING. He was a nerd.
“Heya, Pete!” Someone yelled. I turned around to see Joe standing there with the van keys. “We gotta get home before my mom locks the doors! I’ve already got the van packed up and everything, ya shit head!” I gave him a little nod in response before turning back to Mikey.
“Could I get your number and you can finish telling me the sorry about your cousins wedding another time?” I asked. He gave a small smile and nodded. He handed his phone so I could put my number in. I did so and handed back to him.
“Pete! Now!” Joe yelled walking over to me and grabbing my hood to pull me out of there.
'Call me’ I mouthed out to Mikey makes the phone thing with my hand and put it up to me ear (if any of that sentence made sense??)
When I got into the van my phone buzzed.
From unknown number:
Borrow my tuner again sometime- MikeyWay

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