All My Friends Are In Bar Bands

Rock & Yeol

Pairing: Reader x Chanyeol

Genre: Smut, fluff

Word count: 4,7K

Summary: You get invited to act in some hot scenes along side Chanyeol in his band’s new MV. Will it all be just acting or will something change?

This fanfic is a special birthday gift to my very good friend Valeria. I hope you like this gift I made for you and I wish you nothing but happiness in your life because you deserve it. Me and Chanyeol love you very much 💕 (but in different ways 😜)

When you thought about starting a rock & roll covers band you were just looking forward to wearing some awesome clothes, get free drinks at the bar and having cute guys lining up to get a date with you. But you have been playing the same old bars for what seems like ages, your clothes are practically made of sweat, the free drinks get boring pretty damn fast and instead of cute guys all you get is a bunch of idiots who think it’s ok to try to get their hands on you while you’re performing.

Tonight’s a Friday night, you just finished a gig at one of the usual spots and you played here so many times you feel like you know all the regulars. “I have to step out of the bar for a minute, after all this time my eyes should be better at dealing with the strong lights and cigarette smoke.” You said to your drummer.

You went outside and spent some time chatting to the bouncer before going back in and finding your band mates pointing you out to a guy you have never seen before. “Great, just what I needed…” You developed a strict no idiots policy but your band mates are not always helpful in telling guys to fuck off, and you usually end up having to dish out the fuck offs by yourself.

As he approached you you noticed that he’s pretty well dressed, and a second look at him tells you he’s not one of the usual idiots with some new clothes, so you decided to give him a break. “You totally rocked the house tonight.” Was the first thing he said to you.

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Unconventional (Harry Styles x Reader)

Pairing: Harry Styles x Reader

Summary: The reader is goes to a wedding after her long term boyfriend breaks up with her. She’s bitter, but when she’s sat next to a handsome stranger, the night begins to look up for her

Word count: 3.6k

Warnings: Drinking

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Met this dude tonight as well as Josh and Lilah. Went with some pretty cool people and we all talked for a little. Ezra asked us about local bars and bands and record shops. Also, he thought he knew my friend on the left who also pinched his nipple and he said it made him feel happy inside. 😅😅😅 My friend on the right asked him about his necklace and he went on some long ass rant about comics and shit, who knows…The show was great though and he did NOT stink lol! Also he held the door open for me when I went to smoke a cigarette. 🖒🖒🖒



One of the joys of studying English, was the absolute rants we all got into every Tuesday afternoon. They were the best lectures by far, where we would literally all sit down, a group of around 100, and simply talk about whatever came naturally. People would come in raving about books, about something they’d read online, about articles and art and text conversations and literally anything that involved the written word.

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Tonight - Junmyeon Smut

We had been lacking in some Junmyeon smut lately, so enjoy! -T

“I’ll be right back,” I laughed as my friends’ shouts of protest followed me. We had all come out to watch a cover band at a bar called The Tin Roof here in San Diego. I had decided that I desperately needed some fresh air from dancing, drinking, and singing along with 90′s cover songs.

We had flowing into California for an EXO concert. It was not until tomorrow, but we had decided to make a girls’ trip out of the ordeal. We had been at the beach for the past two days, hitting various California tourist towns before we had to be back in LA tomorrow for the actual day of the show.

I stumbled out onto the patio of the par. It was, surprisingly, drastically quieter with the door shut. I leaned against the railing to steady myself. One too many rounds of tequila shots flowed through my veins.

“Are you alright,” a voice from beside me appeared. I jumped slightly. I had not even taken notice that somebody else was outside with me.

“Oh! You scared me!” I giggled and turned to see the source of the voice. My heart jumped into my throat when my drunken, blurred vision focused on Kim Junmyeon standing next to me.

He smiled his gorgeous smile.

“I didn’t mean to frighten you. I just noticed you as you came outside.” His English had improved greatly since their last show here. It was easy to tell that he had been working on it enough to be practically fluent.

“No! You are totally okay. I’m sorry for stumbling into your space,” nerves shook my voice. I wanted to maintain my composure, and the alcohol was fighting against me to do so. It was making me want to embarrass the hell out of myself.

He smiled again, “if i’m going ot come out to a bar, I can’t expect to keep the whole place to myself, can I?”

I chuckled and shook my head, which proved to be a mistake. The world around me took the tiny motion and spun it like a hula hoop. I grasped at the railing again, and then felt Junmyeon’s hands land on my waist.

“Here. Sit down. I’ll go get you water.”

Before I could resond, he had me on one of the metal chairs and was gone.

I paced my breathing. I did not expect him to actually return. Why would he take care of a drunk girl at a bar? I was not his problem. I rested my elbows on my knees and my forehead on my palms. I stared at the concrete. Focusing on one spot helped the spinning to cease. I took deep breaths in through my nose and out through my mouth.

I was surprised to see a pair of sneakers invade my eyes’ anchor on the ground. I slowly raised my head, making sure not to move too quickly.

Junmyeon was standing in front of me with a plastic cup of water from the bar. He handed it to me before moving the nearest chair closer to me.

I blushed and thanked him. I took a long sip to help me regain my composure. 

I was in awe. He was as kind as he had always presented himself. A look of genuine concern furrowed his brow. His hands were folded in his lap. I took the moment of silence to fully take him in. He was painfully handsome. The kind of handsome that you could stare at for hours and hope that he did not find it creepy. His hair was pushed back in my favorite way. It suited him well. He was in a simple outfit of jeans and a t-shirt with a flannel over it. His eyes were gentle as they scanned my features as well. 

 "Are you alright,“ he asked, cocking his head to one side. 

“I really do feel a lot better,” I assured him, “I think that it all hit me at once. But I’m okay.” He seemed to accept that answer and leaned back in his chair, a bit more at ease. 

 "I’m so sorry, I’ve been rude. My name is (Y/N).“ I stuck my hand out and he shook it. 

 "And I’m Suho.“ 

 It happened suddenly. The absolute fangirl in me slid past the dam, riding on a wave of liquor. 

 "I thought you preferred being called Junmyeon? Didn’t I read that once?” Immediately my hand covered my face. A confused look crossed his face. 

 "You know who I am?“ There was no point in hiding it anymore. My cover had been blown. I didn’t even bother with words, but just nodded my head. I anticipated that he would leave me be, at risk of me being some sort of sasaeng. Instead, he just let the corner of his mouth twitch up. 

“I do prefer Junmyeon. Most people find it easier to just call me Suho.“ 

 "I want to call you what you want to be called.” That caught him off guard more than me recognizing him seemed to. 

 "Well, thank you.“ He leaned forward on his elbows and put his upper body closer to me. His body language was screaming at me, even if he was staying collected. My heart began to race. 

 "So, what has you sitting outside at a bar in San Diego?” I did not want the conversation to turn awkward. I did not want him to decide to leave suddenly.

 "Some of the other guys wanted to go out,“ he pointed through the glass door, and I noticed Sehun and Chanyeol watching the band from the back of the room, "but, when you’re the leader, even outside of the stage or events, you get stuck being the responsible one. Especially when you really don’t drink all that much.

"I’m much more sober than they are. It’s a little bit frustrating." 

 I felt slightly disappointed in myself for being as drunk as I was. 

 "Well, I’m sorry you ended up taking care of a total stranger when you already had to take care of your friends…” but he cut me off. 

 "Believe me, I would much rather take care of you. You’re better to look at than they are.“ He winked at me, and my face flushed again. 

 "Your English is really good,” I quickly changed the subject. I was attempting to not slur my words or stutter. 

 "I love California. I wanted to learn it so I could stay out here more.“ 

 "Well, color me impressed,” I grinned. I could feel myself sobering up a bit. The cool air and the water I was drinking provided for bit of a clear head. I did, however, still feel a bit daring from my drinks. 

 "Do you wanna do something a bit un-leader like?“ He squinted his eyes in a teasing, suspicious manner. 

 "Are you going to kidnap me,” he joked. I laughed out loud and responded, “maybe. Let’s go get breakfast. What do you say? We’ll text our friends that we are okay, but let’s escape for a bit." 

 "It’s 1:30 in the morning!” He seemed confused by my suggestion. 

 "You’ve never had pancakes in the middle of the night?! Surely that’s not just an American thing.“ 

 He bit his lower lip nervously. I watched him grow cautious as he looked back inside at his friends. I caught glimpses of my friends as well. I knew that they would kill me for this, but I was not going to let this opportunity pass. 

 "Okay. Let’s go!” He suddenly jumped up and reached his hand out to me. I laughed as he took my hand and we bolted out of the gate that was on the patio. We ran a few blocks up and I requested an Uber. As we waited, we both took the time to Text our respective parties. 

 "Here. Because they’ll never believe me if I tell them who I’m with. I don’t want them sending a search party.“ I turned my phone and opened Snapchat on selfie mode. Junmyeon surprised me by pulling me close to him. His arm rested on my hips as he took the phone from me, his arms longer and able to get a better angle. 

 I was hyper aware of Junmyeons palm resting on the exposed skin where my shirt had slightly raised up. I felt his fingers tighten slightly on the top of my jeans as he turned me to rest against him. 

 We took several selfies, sending each one to my friends, repeating the action with his phone to Chanyeol and Sehun. My phone immediately started to explode with text messages and phone calls. 

 Junmyeon laughed as he showed me his screen. He translated it from the Korean it was in. 

 Receive Text Message: We can’t even be mad at you for bailing on us , Junmyeon hyung. She’s beautiful! We’ll see you back at the hotel. 

 Our uber arrived and we slid into the backseat. We made small talk with our diver as he escorted us to the nearest IHOP. 

 While our driver was elaborating on a story of his craziest pick up, I felt a graze across the top of my hand that was resting on the seat. I glanced down to see Junmyeon’s hand tracing shapes into mine. He was not looking at me, but almost doing it absentmindedly. He began telling our driver stories of Korea and other places that he has travelled. My heart was skipping beats erratically.

 Finally, he glanced at me, as though to make sure that he had my approval. When I simply smiled back, he took the invitation and laced his fingers through mine. My mind was traveling in hundreds of different directions. I was not sure that this was my real life. Had I fallen asleep at the hotel? Was I going to wake up disappointed? 

 The pressure of Junmyeon squeezing my fingers with his brought me back to the reality of my situation. I was sitting in the back seat of a car with Kim Junmyeon. He was holding my hand. And he was smiling his stunning smile straight at me. 

 I made a mental note to be sure to thank the universe for aligning properly for this later. 

 We arrived at IHOP and thanked our driver.  We went inside and had a fantastic time. We laughed and conversed as though we had known each other for years. I was comfortable with Junmyeon. It was a nice feeling. 

 When we caught another ride back to my rental car, we held hands again. You would have thought that we had been together for years. 

 My friends had gotten a ride back to the hotel, so I offered to drive Junmyeon back to his since I had sobered up substantially. He thanked me and opened my driver side door for me. The ride was fun. He asked who would pop up on my Spotify, making notes in his phone each time that he heard a particular artist or band that he liked. 

 We got to his hotel, and he asked me to park the car around the back instead of just dropping him off at the entrance. Word had gotten around that EXO were staying here, so he wanted to slide in through one of the back doors. There were groups of girls hovered around the front doors, and he wanted to avoid them if possible.

 I parked near the back of the lot. I avoided any streetlights that illuminated certain spots. I took the key out of the ignition and allowed our vehicle to disappear into darkness. 

 It was nearing 4 am. I knew that he needed to sleep. I did not want to be the cause of Junmyeon being tired during his show the next day. However, I also did not want to miss any opportunity to spend another minute with him. 

"Thanks for kidnapping me,” he said with a smirk. I chuckled and turned to him.  

“Any time that you need kidnapping, you let me know. I’d be happy to hold you hostage for a while again.” There was a brief pause between us. Our eyes held onto each other. I held my breath, dreading the action of him reaching for the car door handle. 

 Instead, his hands flew forward and tangled into my hair. His lips aggressively slammed into mine. There was a hunger behind his kiss. A desire that I had never felt behind a kiss before. His tongue slid past my parted lips and we spent the next several minutes unwilling to break apart. 

 Finally, he pulled away. His thumb traced along my bottom lip. I wasn’t sure what took over me, but I was unable to resist lightly nibbling on it between my teeth. Junmyeon moaned slightly at this, and leaned forward to kiss me again.

 "We all have our own rooms, you know,“ he whispered against my lips. 

 "Then why the fuck are we doing this in a rental car,” I quipped back. 

 This time, him reaching for the door was not a cause for concern, but a source of excitement. He circled around the hood of the car and opened my door for me. With a different sense of urgency than when he dragged me away from the bar, he guided me into the hotel. 

 We got to the elevator and, the second that the doors shut, I was slammed against the wall. He hiked my leg up around his waist, and I felt his cock growing hard against my clothed core. I groaned against his kiss, desire causing me to grow more wet each passing moment. 

 His lips traveled along my cheek and to my jawline. His teeth bit at my neck. I felt the skin underneath start to bruise as he sucked and nibbled to mark his territory. His hands slid underneath my shirt. He pawed at my breasts and his lips continued to travel across my throat. 

 "You’re so fucking sexy,“ he whispered, "I wanted to touch you the moment that my eyes landed on you at the bar.” A ding filled my ears as the elevator arrived on Junmyeon’s floor. Instead of letting me walk this time, Junmyeon lifted me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he carried me down the hallway. Thankful that it was the middle of the night, I was able to feel no embarrassment at how much PDA we were showing. 

 Skillfully, he slid his room key out of his pocket and unlocked the door, all while holding me up as though I was a feather. He opened the door, and then used my back to shut it. I was leaned down, kissing him as though I was never going to be able to kiss another person again. 

Holding me against the door, his hand slid up my shirt. He tugged at the top of my bra.

“I can’t wait to get you out of these clothes,” he whispered as he spun me around and laid me down on the bed. He undid my jeans and slid them off of my legs.  I helped him out by removing my shirt as he undressed himself.

Junmyeon was an exquisite site. His body was still cut with stunning abs. His hair was disheveled, giving him a sexy aura. We sat, unmoving, for just a moment. We stared at each other.

I began to feel self conscious, and wrapped my hands around my body. Before I was unable to even fully cover myself, though, Junmyeon’s hands had mine pinned down to the bed.

"Don’t do it, baby girl. Don’t you dare take away the beautiful sight before me.”

His lips found my neck again. He began kissing down my figure. He pulled the straps down on my bra, and then the cups, exposing my breasts. A moan of satisfaction at the sight of them escaped his lips before he attached them to one. The other nipple being rolled through his thumb and forefinger.

“Oh, Junmyeon,” I seductively whispered, “that feels so good.”

His mouth popped off of my nipple and a devilish smile crossed his face.

“You said that you wanted to call me whatever I wanted to be called right?”

Before I could properly respond, he told me, “well, what if I want you to call me, ‘daddy?’”

“Like I said, I’ll call you whatever you want me to call you, Daddy.”

The words falling out of my mouth had an effect on both of us. I could tell it fueled him as much as it was feeding my desire as well.

A low growl left him as he traveled all of the way down my body. He slid my panties off; immediately attaching his mouth to my core. My back arched at his sudden assault. My body was shaking from the immense amount of pleasure coursing through it. I grabbed a fistful of his hair and pulled him further onto me.

“Fuck, Junmyeon. That feels fucking incredible.” I was so lost in enjoying myself, that I had not noticed that I had failed to call him by his requested name.

As quickly as he started, he removed his mouth from me.

“What did you call me, princess?” A stern look furrowed his brow.

I immediately apologized, “I’m so sorry Daddy. Please keep making me feel good? Please!”

He smirked.

"I do like hearing you beg for me. But I’m going to have to spank you for not obeying my request.”

His words alone were enough to cause my wetness to increase. I licked my lips as he positioned himself on the edge of the bed. He curled a finger at me, and I whimpered slightly as I crawled over to him. I placed myself over his lap. His hand rubbed a spot on my ass before he slapped it, hard.

I bit my lip to resist the urge to moan out. Spanking was one of my favorite things. But I was being punished. I couldn’t let on that I was enjoying myself, or he may stop.

A few swats later, Junmyeon surprised me by sliding a finger inside of me instead of placing a slap on my bottom.

“You’re practically dripping for me. What a naughty girl you are, kitten. Who knew that you liked Daddy’s punishment so much?”

He grabbed me by the hair and adjusted me so my face was level with his.

“Hands and knees. Now.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

I bent over and rested on my elbows with my ass in the air. Junmyeon ran his hand down my arched back and back up to my butt.

“You are so damn sexy,” he told me before sliding into me. I cried out slightly and let myself adjust to his length fully.

“Oh my god. You feel so good inside of me, Daddy.” He took that as his cue to start thrusting into me. His finger tips dug into my hips as he fucked into me aggressively. There was no mercy or hesitation behind his motions. His thrusts were intense and I was coming undone quickly.

“Daddy… I’m not… I’m not going to…”

“Cum. Cum right now, baby girl.” His thrusts began to waver from their rhythm. I knew that he was going to release at the same time as me. Knowing that I made him feel that good sent me over the edge. I tightened around him and a heat knotted and immediately unraveled in my stomach. I came hard, screaming “Daddy” out over and over.

He pushed into me a few more times as we rode out our highs. I collapsed on the bed once he pulled out, exhausted. I saw the alarm clock that the hotel room provided and saw that it was almost five in the morning.

“What time do you have to be anywhere tomorrow?”

“Don’t worry about that, babe. I just want to hold you. I don’t get to do this. I want to just enjoy somebody’s company. Please?”

I snuggled into his chest, no longer concerned about anything but being there with Kim Junmyeon.

some things never change (2/?)

continuing (finally) my OUAT S7 spec fic. this will have at last 4 parts; not sure exactly how many yet, but we’ll see how the ideas flow. I 100% do not expect most of this to happen, but a girl can dream! this chapter: Hooked Queen brotp and Captain Cobra, with a wee bit of Grandpa!Killian

part 1 | 2.5k

Lunches with his sister were always more dramatic than they needed to be. To be honest, Killian wasn’t completely sure why he put himself through them so often.

“Seriously, Killian. One date wouldn’t hurt you.”

“The answer is no, Regina; we’ve been over this.”

She sighed. “I know, I know. But she’s really sweet! She teaches the first-graders!”

“That’s fantastic, but I’ll have to pass.”

Regina harrumphed into her salad. They had this conversation literally every week: she wanted to set him up with one of her cute coworkers, and he wanted to be left alone. Out of a nervous habit, he twirled his wedding band with his thumb.

“You know that she wouldn’t want you to be like this,” Regina said quietly, placing her hand over his to stop the nervous fiddling.

“I know,” he admitted, and he did. But the few times he’d tried to go on dates, it just never clicked. Emma had been the only one for him, and it wasn’t fair to another girl to try to fill that void with something unattainable.

“I just worry about you, all alone up there at the bar.”

“I’m not alone; I have my regulars.”

“Customers don’t count as friends, Killian.”

“Since when? They did on Cheers.”

“That was a TV show!”

“I’ll have you know being a bartender is not a role for the introverted. People trust you with their deepest, darkest secrets, and come to you for advice.”

“You’re romanticizing it.”

“You’d know better if you ever stopped by.”

Regina just scoffed and continued eating, so Killian followed suit and bit into his sandwich. His big sister was right that his existence was a bit of a lonely one, but it at least wasn’t boring. He had fond memories to look back on and a livelihood he enjoyed. And he didn’t have false hope, unlike some people he knew, but he’d save that discussion for another day.

Typical Regina, she changed the subject anyway. “When’s the last time you talked to Uncle?”

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i feel like you all need to know how long i debated this post. but one of the things i’m trying to get better at is self-promotion, not reflexively assuming nobody likes what i do if it doesn’t immediately get the traction i want it to. but some things do sort of get lost, whether it’s because of timing or audience or what - i don’t know.

so fuck it. it’s my birthday (everywhere right now). i can ask for comments if i want to. right? right. :D

there are 26 fics on my ao3 here. but i have a few i’d like to recommend in particular.


Maestro Hux of the Erste Orden Sinfonie has survived the big gala concert and won over obstreperous piano virtuoso Kylo Ren and hopefully his board of directors too. But now Ren’s gone back to New York, and mysterious rumblings from the wings suggest that perhaps not all is as serene as it seems.

did you know i wrote a sequel to downbeat? i think a lot of people maybe don’t know that.

blackbird, fly 

One sunny afternoon in the mountains of Washington state, Ben Organa-Solo walked out into the woods.

He never came home.

Six years later, a journalist specialising in missing-persons cold cases decides to follow his footsteps and see where they might lead.

do you like creepy stories? do you mind if the premise ensures that i have to tag for mcd? this one requires basically no grounding in canon and is guaranteed to give you the feels. it’s sad. but i think it’s worth it. featuring splendid art from @vetranyx.

whomsoever i shall kiss 

Acting is a complicated business. Around Danny Bloomfield, it’s doubly so. And Oliver Foley, despite being one of the greatest actors of his generation, isn’t sure he’s up to the challenge.

my first thackeray - meaning it’s original fiction, but if you know who this is, you know who this is. probably up for a revision later this year but for now, an achievement i’m quite proud of, and my first non-fanfic in so long i can’t remember.


Percival Graves’ life got a lot less exciting when his metal band imploded and he went to work A&R for his friend Sera’s record label, MaC USA.

But the mysterious young guitarist playing under the name “Obscurus” is about to change all that. Assuming Graves can fucking sign him.

okay, this one isn’t doing so badly, but i really really like it and i’m going to do another little thing in this verse soon so i’m going to shove it at you again.


alone and palely loitering 

Late one night, at a bar, two people meet over a cigarette. One of them is a cab driver. The other may or may not be real.

yeah, i know i only posted this this morning, but hey. it’s my birthday. :D (also WHO BOUGHT THE BOOK YOU ARE MY FIRST SALE LET ME LOVE YOU)

Axl getting jealous

Pairing: Axl Rose x reader
Words: 1360

Ohhhh what about a Jealous old man Axl,like a young fuckboy hits on ya,so you’re all uncomfortable,and Axl goes wild ? I feel like that’d be pretty accurate

A/N: I hope you like this, anon! The next shorter fic i’ll do is the Duff one.

Originally posted by rosewhiteroseredx

I was at the bar with my friend Sarah. She had always loved to party and get drunk, which happened very easily. I wasn’t really the same so i’d most likely just have to be her driver again so she’d get back home safely.

The music was very loud and it wasn’t even good at all, some modern 2010s stuff anyway, i couldn’t even name the band neither the song. I was walking in the crowd, but suddenly i ran into some man with a cowboy hat on his head and a red checked shirt on his waist. I looked at his face and saw a familiar smile when he looked back at me and understood who i am.

”Y/N?” the man said surprised.

”Axl? Is that you?” i asked with wide eyes. I hadn’t seen him in about one and a half years probably. We went to a few dates and had so much fun, but didn’t really become official yet. I smiled and hugged him tightly and he put his arms around me as well.

”I just came back here yesterday. I was meant to call you but apparently i found you faster than i thought,” he laughed and i laughed a bit as well.

”Well, i’m really glad you found me,” i chuckled and smiled at him.

”Yeah, me too,” he said and for a while we were completely quiet, just looking at each other’s eyes until soon he shook his head and cleared his throat. ”So, are you here alone or with someone?” he asked carefully.

”I came with my friend, but she disappeared somewhere, i have no idea where,” i answered and tried to look around me but couldn’t recognize her from the crowd.

”Oh okay well, in that case, could i possibly buy this beautiful lady a drink?” he asked smiling.

I just nodded and smiled widely back. ”Yeah, i think you could,” i chuckled.

”I’ll be right back,” he said, patted on my shoulder and disappeared for a while and i was left there standing alone, i saw him talking with the bartender and ordering our drinks.

But soon i felt a hand on my shoulder which made me immediately turn around. I saw a young man staring at me. He was probably the same age as me, maybe a few years older, tall as hell. He was wearing sunglasses, i had no idea how he saw anything at all with them on in here. He had a creepy smile on his lips, which already made me anxious.

”Damn, you’re probably the hottest chick here today,” he said with a low voice and came closer. He smelled like alcohol and cigarettes, he wasn’t sober at all. I tried to turn around and just ignore him but he stopped me from going away.

”No, uhm sorry, i have a boyfriend,” i said, which was technically a lie though, when i focused my gaze on him again.

He pushed me against a table and just laughed. ”Oh please, don’t make me laugh. That’s what everyone say,” he chuckled. “I’d gladly like to get to know you better,” he continued and i tried to push him away, but soon he fell on the floor super hard and loud.

I didn’t even realize properly what happened but soon i saw Axl punching the man on the face, breaking his nose and there was blood everywhere. Everybody had come to watch but didn’t do anything.

”You can’t fuckin touch her like that so back off!” Axl screamed at him and kept punching, ruining his face completely but soon a guy with blond hair came to get Axl off of the man on the floor. I looked at what happened a shocked expression on my face, it was all my fault. The stranger, with his nose broken and everything, was now laying on the floor unconscious.

”Hey, hey fuckin calm down, man! Otherwise the police is probably coming soon!” the man yelled at him, i recognized him to be Duff McKagan, the bassist of Guns N’ Roses. Duff tried his best to calm Axl down. Axl was breathing really heavily, trying to calm down. ”Are you okay now? Can i go back to the others without being afraid of you accidentally killing someone?”

”Yeah, i’m fine. Just go,” Axl muttered, waving his hand and holding the bridge of his nose with his fingers. He looked at me and walked back next to me. He was about to say something but somebody interrupted us.

”What the fuck, man?” the same guy yelled and touched his broken nose when his friends helped him to stand again. He winced because of the pain and then gave Axl a murderous look again.

Nobody touches my woman,” Axl yelled at him and put his arm around my shoulder, taking me closer to him, trying his best not to attack on him again.

The guy looked at us for a moment, first me, then Axl and back to me, but then bursted out laughing. ”Your woman? And i thought i was messing with her dad now,” he said still laughing and shaking his head, but then held his side with his arm and coughed a few times, his friends helping him out of there. They didn’t even dare to look at Axl for more than one second.

When they had disappeared from our sight, i looked at Axl, amused smile on my face and raised one of my eyebrows. ”Your woman, huh?” i answered and chuckled.

He focused his gaze on me for a while, but then quickly took his arm off of me. ”I-i mean only if you want to,” he corrected quickly.

”Well, you haven’t really directly asked me to be your woman,” i said teasing and he just sighed.

”Well, Y/N  Y/L/N, would you maybe, by any chance, become my girlfrie–” Axl started, but i interrupted him by cupping his face with my hands and pressing my lips on his.

First he was quite surprised but soon put his hands on my waist, keeping me close to him. We broke the kiss and looked at each other’s eyes.

”I think that’s a yes?” he chuckled and i nodded multiple times.

”Yes, silly, of course it is,” i answered and pecked his lips again. Axl was gonna say something to this but then Duff came back and stood next to us, looking at me.

”Heey, is this the lucky girl Axl kept talking all the time we were on tour?” Duff asked chuckling and offered his hand to me and we shook hands together. ”Nice to meet you, i’m Duff. Slash is somewhere here, probably vomitting in the bathroom again. It’s the second time already tonight and i ain’t going back to hold his hair anymore,” Duff groaned.

I chuckled. ”Hi, nice to meet you too, i’m Y/N,” i said smiling. Then Duff’s phone started to ring in his pocket and he answered it.

”He’s doing what?” Duff asked, shocked even. ”For fuck’s sake, he’s a grown ass man, i’m not any fuckin babysitter. He’s your problem now!” he yelled and ended the call and then started to walk away from us.

Me and Axl both just laughed. ”Does this happen often?” i asked and tried to control myself.

”Nah, Slash’s girlfriend broke up with him a while ago and he’s been pretty upset, he’s used to take things a bit extreme sometimes,” Axl chuckled and looked back at me. ”So, you wanna go to my place or stay at this shithole?”

”Oh yes thank god, let’s leave, i think someone is peeing in the corner of the room,” i said, a disgusted look on my face and grabbed Axl’s hand, pulling him fast out of the bar. When we were back on the streets, Axl put a hand around my waist.

”So, i have a new king size bed in my room, what do you think?”

Taxi!” i yelled immediately and got quickly into the car with Axl, told the driver to drive as fast as he could.

Size Isn’t Everything 3/4

(Yes it’s 4 chapters now)

Summary: Kurt’s got a bit of a size-kink. Based on this prompt from the @prompt-a-klainefic blog.
Chapter: 2/4  Read Chapter 1 here, Chapter 2 here
Words: ~2745 (this chapter)
Warnings:  I guess? PWP, Size kink,

Many thousand apologies for the long delay in between chapters. Blink and weeks disappear. The final chapter should be up before the end of the week, and thanks for still reading!

forever thanks to @mshoneysucklepink for the beta!

“They’re a Black Sabbath tribute band, Kurt. I think they do country versions of all the songs.” Rachel scrunched her face at him. “I think it’s supposed to be ironic.”

“Rachel, we’re in Brooklyn, of course it’s supposed to be ironic.”

The bar was much more crowded than he had expected, with probably close to 40 or 50 people filling up the small space. The stage was low, but so was the ceiling and the band were already crammed up on the tiny stage when they walked in. He and Rachel bought drinks from the bartender and perched themselves near the rear.

“Are we staying for the whole show?” Kurt asked.

“Come on Kurt, Tina and Santana have been rehearsing for two weeks. We all promised to support each other in our creative pursuits.”

Kurt held his hands up. “I’m here! I’m supporting! But I fully expect you will all be there when my show opens.”

“Of course we will.” Rachel patted him on the shoulder, nodding. “I’m going to text Santana and tell her we’re here. I don’t need her to get all pissed off thinking we didn’t show.”

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Dive Bar

Prompt request: hello how r u?? could you do an avengers x teen!stark!reader?? tony’s angsty teen (18 y/o) daughter listens to the same music as him but in modern bands like “the pretty reckless” and she performs “going to hell” at some old bar not knowing it’s where the whole team goes sometimes and they see her perform?? maybe some pietro x reader during most of it as well?? thanks so much!! <3

Characters: Tony Stark, Pietro Maximoff, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, Reader

Warnings: couple of curse words

A/N: Thanks for the request! I hope I did it justice. Feel free to send more, and comments are always appreciated. As always, thanks for reading!

One Shot Masterlist

It was rare to have a moment of peace and quiet in the Avenger Tower. So, when everyone else was out on missions or errands, you took advantage of the empty common room. You snuggled closer to your boyfriend as you sipped hot chocolate and watched your favorite Netflix show.

“I still do not understand what is so special about this Flash character,” Pietro grumbled.

“Um, he’s super fast and saves the world,” you replied, as if it was obvious.

“I do those things too!” he exclaimed.

“You can run fast,” you admitted, “but you like to cause a lot of mischief too.”

“That makes life more fun, prinţesă.” He wrapped his arms around your shoulders and pulled you in for a sweet kiss. “I bet you didn’t see that coming,” he whispered as he nuzzled your neck.

You pulled away and laughed. “You really need a new pick up line, Piet.”

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I Just Met Tre Cool!

Ok, so this post is more for me than for the internet. But since I haven’t been good about keeping up with my journal, I’m going to post this here so that I can try to remember as many details as I can. But honestly, I was so nervous and inwardly freaking out that the details are fuzzy and the chronology is definitely all screwed up. So basically I was closing at the restaurant tonight. Diego closed with me, so I hung out with him for a bit once I was off the clock, since he was waiting for Roger, the bartender and his best friend. By the time we actually walked out the door, it was almost midnight. I get to my car and check my phone and see a text from Jess. She was at our favorite bar, M (keeping the details vague so Tre can have some semblance of anonymity), because Annie wanted to see her friend’s band play. Jess texts me a video of Tre Cool playing drums in this band, I guess as a guest spot, and tells me that he’s at the bar. Check the time of the text, 11:06. I’m cursing myself for staying after work with Diego and Roger and start driving as fast as I can towards M. I get there, find Jess and Annie, and ask if he’s still there. We look around, don’t see him, so we get up to go check the quiet side of the bar. Sure enough he’s there! He’s playing darts with a friend and his wife and another friend are sitting at a high top table watching. I walk up awkwardly, wanting to talk to him but not knowing how to breach a conversation and also feeling bad for interrupting. So please forgive me, because the details are probably going to start getting jumbled now. He can tell I’m loitering towards him so I say “I just wanted to tell you how much I love what you do” and he says something along the lines of “Thank you, I love what you do too”. I offer to buy him a drink, he says he’s good. I feel like maybe we had another line of dialogue, can’t remember what was said, but his wife chimes in and says “Oh, her name is Sarah too!” (I was still in my uniform, still wearing my name tag). I turn to her and say “Yeah, I actually met both of you about a year and a half ago. You came into my restaurant (insert name, but like I said, trying to be discreet for his sake- don’t want people trying to stalk him or anything)” They LITERALLY say “Oh yeah! We kind of remember you! Nice to see you again” (inward death forever). I’m feeling like I’m interrupting, wanting to try to wrap things up, so I ask “Would it be weird if I asked for a selfie? I’m sorry” and he goes “Sure no problem” and hands his darts to his friend, chiding her that she better not throw them. Then Sarah asks if I would like her to take the picture. I say “Sure, if you don’t mind. Thank you so much!” And she says “No problem, I’m getting really good and this pointing and clicking thing”. Tre says let’s take the picture with the dart boards in the background because it will look cool like we just had a really mean competitive darts game. Now I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be looking “mean” in the picture or normal smiling. I ask but don’t get an answer, opt for smiling. Sarah takes the picture, it doesn’t turn out, turns flash on, says it turned out really good. I don’t even check it, too nervous. I thank them both profusely, start trying to leave. Don’t remember if they said something else, but I tell him “You guys were great at the Rose Bowl”. He looks really, truly pleased and says “Oh, you were there?” And I said “Yes and you guys were fantastic!” and he jokes that it wasn’t them it was just the fireworks. And I insist that no, they were great although I wasn’t crazy about the Rose Bowl’s purse policy. And then he tells me “Yeah, I was so pissed about that. Our tour manager didn’t tell us until that morning and I knew it was going to be a problem. That was not us, it was the venue.” The friend didn’t know what was going on, so Sarah and I started filling her in about the purse policy. I said how frustrated I was, that I missed the first half hour of the show because of it. Tre said “well at least we managed a 2 hour set that night” and I said “yeah” and smiled. The Tre said that it was bullshit, that the Rose Bowl just wants to make money off selling people clear purses and that Green Day didn’t see any of that money, that they didn’t like that policy. I agreed and told them that I was number 930 to check my bag so they had to have made at least 9300 dollars. Sarah and the friend said that they wouldn’t have felt comfortable leaving their purses with all those people anyways and I told them how I emptied the whole thing out before checking it. I told them I literally would have throw my purse away if I hadn’t brought my record purse from South Africa that had sentimental value. Then I told them how I was so excited about the show, I had been talking about it at work non-stop for two weeks. And that all my coworkers asked me how Green Day was and I stressed that GREEN DAY was amazing but that I hated the Rose Bowl. I told them that my friends were telling me I should call and complain and try to get a refund, I said that my mom said I should try to contact Green Day directly because they probably wouldn’t like this policy either. Then I said “I told her ‘how am I supposed to get in contact with Green Day?’ Who would have ever thought I’d get to tell the source directly?” Sarah laughed and Tre said “Well you can tell your mom that we were very upset too. Hey, at least we’ve played there. Now we can say we’ve done it and we never have to do it again.” (Good, because I don’t want to have to go to the Rose Bowl ever again if I can help it). Then Sarah asked if I still work at my restaurant. I told her yes, that I actually just came from work, which is why I’m still in my uniform. She said that they love to come in there for Raiders games, that it must have been a Raiders game the last time they came in when I met them. I said that they should ask for me the next time they come in. She asked if I work Sundays. (crying forever) I told her that I don’t, I hang out with my mom on Sundays, that she and I are very close if she couldn’t tell from what I’d been saying. But if they are ever in on a Thursday for football to ask for me. Tre chimes in from his darts game and says “but we can watch the Thursday games from our own home” (didn’t quite make sense to me - why can’t he watch Sunday games from home?) And then I said, “Well either way, ask for me the next time you come in. I work on Sundays on occasion.” She says “We will.” (*screaming inside my head*) I thank them again and they tell me “Nice to meet you again.” Then just like last time, I compliment Sarah’s hat (it was like a leather pageboy cap with all these pins and patches on it). I tell her she always has the most beautiful hats. She laughs, says she’s just trying to cover up her head all the time apparently. I tell her “Well, it’s really cute.” I think I thanked them again, maybe told them to have a good night? Left. Went to the other side of the bar. Found Jess. I was shaky, hot, my chest was flaming red, giving off crazy heat. Jess laughed, hugged me, teased me. I sat at the bar, checked the photo, ordered an Angry Orchard to calm my nerves. Sent the picture to some of the important people: Mom, Heather, Jamin, Diego-because I thought he’d appreciate it. While I was sitting there trying to calm down, I saw my first ever bar fight. Two drunk middle aged guys, fighting because the one guy thought the other was hitting on his wife. Jason was on it pretty fast- fight lasted like 10 seconds. Still exciting. So now I’m here, freaking out over how this evening went. I am 100% sure that there are probably bits I’m forgetting or misremembering. I wouldn’t assume any of the phrases was exactly accurate. This is more the gist of things. When I’m that nervous and excited, my brain gets fuzzy. Anyways, I’m dying forever. If they really do come in and ask for me, I will probably have a freaking heart attack. Maybe I should start requesting to work during the Raiders games.


First and Last words of The Wonder Years’  Upsides Trilogy

Where there are more than two last words, a deluxe version was released and they both classify as album closers (The Nu-Metal Jam in Suburbia is not counted.)

Fan account of Sons of an Illustrious Father at Obaren (Stockholm, Sweden)

Soooo me and one of my closest friends, @imbossthatswhy​, went to go see the Sons of an Illustrious father show on the 13th of September in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m a bit late in writing this as I have been super busy working.

That show was so awesome. The vibe, the love, the overall good feels everywhere was so entoxicating. 

Just gonna recap this adventure so I can remember it in the future cause I have a shit memory.

We live in Denmark so first of all we had to get to Sweden. Day of our trip, I find out that I forgot my passport so I had like severe anxiety the whole journey to Stockholm and tried to get my friends to take a picture of my passport for me, just in case you know. Luckily, we weren’t checked so we made it safely to Stockholm and checked into our hostel. So, we wander around a bit, grab a coffee and try to get a grip of our nervousness. A lot of cigarettes were smoked on this 1-day trip.

We walk around a bit trying to locate Obaren but we’re hella confused ‘cause we see a seemingly swanky restaurant where the place should be at. We’re confused but determined to find the place. We end up going inside and my girl asks one of the workers where the bar is. She leads us into the swanky restaurant and towards some hidden stairs. We’re both like…what? How were we supposed to be able to find this place? Anywaaaays…We get there and we both don’t know what to do with ourselves. The door was closed and the facebook event said that the doors first opened at 8 pm but I checked the door just to be sure. It wasn’t locked or anything but all I could see was the stairs and some lights. No music, just silence so I went out again. 

We went outside to smoke a bit more and kill some time because we were there about 2 hours before opening because we were expecting there to be a queue. There wasn’t but we did run into a few people that came early like us. We met this one guy, who is now our friend, who was carrying a DC tote bag around along with wearing a Batman shirt, so we knew he must’ve been there to see Ezra. Luckily my friend is like super extroverted so she started all the conversations. Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without her because I am extremely introverted and I don’t know how to strike up a conversation.

We end up going inside to wait in front of the Obaren door again. We wait some more and then suddenly the band comes downstairs and I was just gob smacked cause there he was. Ezra fucking Miller. I usually don’t get star struck because I work with actors and musicians as well but I could just feel my knees get weak when I saw him. First word that struck me about him was aloof because of the way that he walked around. Josh Aubin close behind and then Lilah Larson at the back. They went around a corner and then I didn’t see them again. At this point me and my friends were low key freaking out at the close proximity of the band.

We wait some more and people started eventually going into the bar. On my way up, I see the band and Ezra’s bodyguard sitting at a table waiting to get served. Struck again by awe by the casualness of it all.

So we get in and find some really good seats right by the edge of the scene at the bottom of the stairs that were there. We order beers and just start chatting again about how excited we all are.

I decide to go out to smoke to try and take my edge off and pass by the band’s table where they are all engaged in conversation. I hurry on out cause I really needed that smoke now. Finish smoking, pass the table again and rejoin my friends.

Time passes and eventually Ezra’s bodyguard comes to take a look at the accessibility point for the band to get up on stage. Some people were moved out of the way because they were sitting on the stairs. Me and my friends look at each other and concluded that the band was going to pass right by us when they were gonna go up on stage. We get even more excited.

The time finally comes. I see Ezra’s bodyguard closely tailed by Liliah, Josh & Ezra. They walk right past us and get up on stage. Ezra’s bodyguard stays down by the end of the stairs right next to me.

Lilah, Josh and Ezra then proceed to hug each other in one big group hug before settling at their instruments and starting the show. They started off with my favorite song, U.S. Gay. Lilah managed to break the A-string on the guitar early in the show. She was rocking out too hard I guess. The band proceeds to play songs (even with guitar) and change between singing and playing different instruments.

All in all, the performance was amazing! They all really did great. The energy shared between them was just awesome and ugh…I just can’t put into words how happy I am to have experienced them.

After they finished the show, we just sort of bask in the glory that was SOAIF.

Afterwards we see Lilah standing by the merch table so we walk over and wait in line to say hi to her. There was a lot of movement all of the sudden and I just remember being hella confused as to what was happening. My friend then proceeded to tell me that Ezra was out and that our new friend had made a beeline towards him. We had promised each other to take pictures of us interacting with him earlier in the evening so I just tried to keep up with them with my phone ready. So I’m there taking pictures of our new friend while he is talking and taking pictures with Ezra. After he was done with his interaction, people started moving again. My friend asks out loud what we’re all asking “Wait, what’s going on?”

Ezra heard her and replied back with “Oh, I’m a fire hazard so we’re just moving over here.” All smiles and everything. We just laugh at each other and then wait in line in front of Ezra. My friend starts talking to Ezra and I’m just behind her playing paparazzi cause we’re probably not gonna have an opportunity like this again. Everything must be documented! After a few hundred pictures (gonna be honest, my finger barely left that camera function) and some more waiting it was my turn. My friend managed to tell me that Ezra had stolen her pen and that I needed to get it back. No probs! Now it was my turn.

Eek. My mind turned to mush as I stepped in front of Ezra. This was a whole new thing compared to watching him perform. I lean in to talk to him because the venue had now turned into a club and loud music was blaring out of the speakers and some partygoers had arrived. I was super clumsy with my words cause, hahahahaha, introvert here! I am verbally incapable of making a good first impression. Didn’t tell him anything remarkably memorable because brain was mush. All I could manage to say to him was that I’ve been a fan since I saw him in “We Need To Talk About Kevin”. He replied with “Oh, that’s a long time!” I forget to tell him that I actually only saw that movie last year and just start giggling nervously. The one thing that I did notice throughout our interaction was how intense his eye contact is. He kept eye contact the whole time I was fumbling with my words and I swear he has the most kind eyes ever. I proceed to ask for an autograph and he just looks after a pen. “Oh, yeah you kinda stole my friends pen” I tell him as I find it on the table next to him. “Ah, yeah I have a habit of stealing things” he jokes to me whereas I reply with “Don’t we all though sometimes?” I then ask to take some pictures with him. He just goes “Alriiiight” and smiles at me. I tell him that I’m gonna take a few hundred pictures and he says something that I can’t remember and starts to laugh a little.

After the photos, I just thank him for coming somewhere remotely close to where I’m from (Denmark), give him a big hug and then I went on my way cause I wanted everyone that came to have a chance to talk and take pictures with him. I really didn’t want to take up more time than was necessary even though I could have stayed in front of him babbling like in idiot for hours. Also if you get a chance to get hugged by Ezra, GRAB HIM AND HOLD HIM CAUSE HIS HUGS ARE SO WARM AND LOVING. I could’ve died a happy woman on the spot.

I then turn to Ezra’s bodyguard who was standing right behind him and I just had to pay him a compliment. I told him that I had always seen him in pictures and thought that he had the most awesome style. He thanks me and pulls me in for a hug and gives me a kiss on my forehead. I then ask him how long they’ve been in Sweden for and if he has enjoyed himself. They were here for 2 days and yes they had been enjoying themselves. 

I regroup with my friends and we’re just so fucking excited cause we just met friggen’ Ezra Miller. Our new friend had to leave so we said goodbye to him.

Me and my girl then scan the room and see that Josh is now by the merch table so we finally go there to take a look at the merch as well. I found the pin that I had previously seen on their website but was sold out. So I ask for one of them and ask how much it costs and how to pay for it. We were told that we could download an app to pay for it or pay in Swedish kroners. New dilemma. I thought that they would have had a terminal to buy merch with so I’m slightly distressed by the thought that I wouldn’t be going home with that little pin as something else to remember the night by. So I ask the lady that I thought was in charge of the merch of what we could do so I could pay for it. She said that I had to ask Josh about it cause it was after all the bands’ merch. My friend jumps in and starts asking Josh if there was any other way that we could pay for the pins for (cause she wanted one as well). We tell him that we came from Denmark to see them and that we didn’t have any Swedish kroners or card to pay with. Josh just looks at the pin and then at her and me and quietly just tells us to take it. 

MY heart! My itty bitty heart couldn’t handle him being adorable. We thank him profusely and I gush about how I loved the gig that night. The whole vibe and them were just absolute love. Then I ask him if I could take some pictures with him. He gladly obliges and I take a few photos with him as well and invite him and the band to Denmark. I also got his autograph.

I had a much easier time talking with Josh cause he felt somewhat as awkward as I normally am. I then tell him that if they ever need a tour guide or a friend in Denmark then they can just go ahead and contact me as I dig out one of my business cards and give it to him. I then tried to look around after Lilah but I didn’t see her anywhere. I then ask out loud where she is and Josh starts looking around for her as well. “Hmm, I don’t know actually.” I thank him a lot again and then try and move out of the way cause I noticed that a lot of people had started queueing up for the merch.

I get out in the middle of some open area and reestablish some composure again. My friend and I have literally turned into teenagers again and are just so completely stoked by the whole concert and meeting the band. We compare autographs and I honestly felt a little let down because Ezra had written “Get it” along with his autograph on hers while he only wrote his name on mine. She said that she was gonna go back to him and get some new pictures cause hers didn’t turn out that well. I asked her if she could get him to write something a little more personal for me as well and then she was off. There were still a few folks in line waiting to meet Ezra and honestly….The face he makes when he’s hugging is just ugh…So serene, so peaceful. I couldn’t help but take a series of photos as well when he was hugging another fan.He hugged her for the longest time also and I was just thinking…”Yes, girl…I understand. You hug the hell out of him!”

I got some more photos of her with him and could see that she got some more photos in as well. She then takes out her little booklet with our autographs in it and I can see that she’s explaining what I asked to him. He took the longest time to write out the note and I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw what took such a long time.

What an adorable bean!

Honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t just ask him myself. Now looking back at it, I could’ve gone back for more hugs and a more personal note. I’m an utter idiot. 

But yeah, she got new photo’s and I got myself a more personal note. All in all a happy camper! 

Still think that I’m an idiot though for not going back for seconds.

But yeah, that was our night. Totally worth all the anxiety.

We never saw Lilah but if I get another chance to see the band again, then she is the first person I’m going to after the show!

Rescue Me

Prompt: Hello love, for an oneshot can you do it so denny and the main character meet in a bar. Denny is kinda sad (doesnt have heart problem anymore) and the main character just got dumped and they meet at a bar. And its super cute, and can you incoperate the song ‘sometime around midnight? By the airborne toxic event’ Thanks -Anon

Authors Note: this is my first time writing a one-shot. let me know how you like it :) and thank you @starshinesupergirl for making the coverphoto and proofreading.

Warnings: fluff, stupid friends, drinking

Pairing: Denny x Ana

Break ups are never easy. No matter what side of the line you’re on, you’re either left guilty or hurt. But being cheated on brings the hurt to a whole new level.

Being cheated on sucks, but what sucks more is the aftermath. The couples you once hung out with still invite you places and looking at them makes you feel sick. People pitying you and dragging you from your house. Your girlfriends making you go out to the clubs and trying to set you up is all too nauseating.

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My Savior (Story #1)

WARNING!! Some Language, This is also my first fan fiction.

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