anonymous asked:

Maybe i'm looking to much into it, but why the interest in queer elements?

(In reference to this post.)

The simple and personal answer is that I, myself, am queer. Wanting to see LGBTQIA+ themes and relationships in the media I consume is always something I want to see. Always.

And what makes me particularly vocal about it with YGO (and now Vrains in particular) is because YGO has already proven itself capable of alluding to these themes, if not outright delivering on them. 

But even among the strongest examples of queer relationships and characters In YGO (Judai/Johan, Judai/Yubel, Yusei/Bruno, Yuma/Astral), there’s still a level of ambiguity that allows certain people to write them off. Yubel is Judai’s spirit partner, not the great love of his life. Judai went to travel the world without Johan, so they couldn’t have been a thing. Yusei and Bruno were just good friends. 

Fuck that. Make it clear. Make it Alit falling head-over-heels for both Kotori and Yuma. Make it Astral confessing to Yuma that he loves him. I’m not asking for romance to be at the forefront of Vrains (I actually really, really don’t want that, because romance can get very stale, very fast). But to go even further than Zexal in smashing that ambiguity to pieces? Yes please.

But this isn’t just about what I want. The broader answer to this question is: I want queer elements in YGO (and many other things) for everybody else’s sake. Because representation is important. Because art and media informs us on what’s to be considered socially acceptable. Because queer people being out there and present in the media is a very effective way of combating homophobia. 

And not just any queer relationships/people, but healthy ones. The media in general (and YGO in particular) have gotten better about this, but more still needs to be done. To send the message that we are not sick, or predisposed to anything, or destined to live lives that end in tragedy. This is a critical message that everyone can benefit from, but do you know who benefits the most?

The children that these shows are actually aimed at. Because queer children exist, and shouldn’t have to go through the soul-crushing trauma of thinking (if not outright being told) that being queer is inherently disgusting and heavily sexual and something to be reviled. I went through that, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. One of the best ways to combat this toxic thinking is by showing them examples of the opposite.

TL;DR: Because that’s what I am, and want. Because YGO has done it and can do it again. Because homophobia is still something that needs to be destroyed. And for all the queer kids out there. 

cards to keep

we can sell you
a christmas
you name
you got it
it will cost you
pockets deep
with mementoes
flowers, balloons
& cards to keep
we do this everyday
being professionals at this
but you
you want more
wanting feelings
needing a reality that bites
desire encounter
some meeting of minds
love, care
& we have to tell you
for that
the price
is very steep

neil benbow

tumblingducks  asked:

hey so rumor has it you're a nerd? just wanted to confirm

I would like to address this publicly, so I hope this tumblr user does not mind - it is merely out of charity and the love of Christ has for them.

In order to understand my response to this ask, we must first place ourselves within the context and culture in which this ask was written in. According to my studies and theological research, we find Ali (tumblr user, @tumblingducks) in the year 2017 of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity. Their culture is what scholars now dub The Meme Culture. Just as Christians everywhere, especially those in the Catholic Church, are called to engage in a “Culture of Encounter” (Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Francis), we must also engage in that which the culture contains - without losing our identity as Catholic-Christians. This, therefore, leads us to participate in what theologians are dubbing The Culture of Meme. It is also understood that memes are used by people to communicate friendship and affection. Because of this, what mat once have been dubbed “offensive” is now a term of endearment. We see this in the usage of the term “nerd.”

According to the historical research website on the World Wide Web™, Urban Dictionary, “nerd” refers to someone who is a “Never Ending Radical Dude.”* If we go off of this understanding. we can comprehend that “nerd” is being used as a term of endearment, and not as a term meant to oppress and/or dehumanize in an effort to attack. Now, this duck that is tumbling, appears to have found herself in the midst of a rumor. Rumors, which are very often proved false, in this interesting circumstance of chance, is indeed a relative statement. To the user, I, Brandon “Barry” Alexander Ocampo of the Kingdom of Hearts, am a nerd. Because this is based on her opinion, an opinion that does line up with Church Teaching and therefore can be indeed proven accurate.

Now that this statement has been given a context and cultural understanding, along with a proven and stable hypothesis, we can continue this response by referring to their desire to confirm this.

Ali, Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6). All authentic truths are found in Him. The truth that you have found within your heart is indeed confirmed in He that is Truth: Jesus Christ - the Son of the Father who was sent forth on a mission to restore the bridge between humanity and God. And yes, He can even redeem nerds - just as I.

*Urban Dictionary, Accessed May 17, 2017.