LI Dragon Age dads sleeping with their kid(s)


Alistair always sleeps with both arms around his child because even in his sleep, Alistair can’t fully believe that he and his beloved warden actually managed to have such a healthy, beautiful child together. He kiss the child’s head before falling asleep and again after waking up. To Alistair, his child is far more precious than any throne could ever be. 


Zevran sings in his sleep when his child is close. Old Antivan lullabies that are little more than whispered memories from his own childhood. He holds them to his chest, savoring the warmth and marveling at the strength of life in such a tiny body. Zevran is rarely more at ease than he is with his child. 


Fenris doesn’t sleep. He watches his children vigilantly, a part of him constantly afraid that they will be hurt or need their nightmares chased away. He brushes the hair from their faces, reading them stories, and murmuring prayers in every language that he knows. Whatever happens, he will keep them safe. 


Anders curls himself around his child, arms and legs becoming a barrier to the outside world as he holds his child close. He always checks to ensure his child is comfortable and close and safe before closing his eyes. Even then, his slumber is shallow and alert. No one will ever take his child away from him. 


Sebastian never expected to have a child of his own but after becoming Prince of Starkhaven, he knew he needed an heir. Seeing his little one as a gift from the Maker, Sebastian treats his child with a kind of reverence, sleeping at his child’s side with a gentle hand on the child’s belly so Sebastian can feel the small chest rising and falling with every breath. 


Cullen sleeps flat on his back with his children splayed across his stomach using him as a giant pillow. He mumbles their names as he sleeps, his hands constantly searching them out to ensure they’re still there. He wakes them up with kisses and tickles, enjoying their high-pitched squeals of laughter. The nightmares come less often when his children are near. 

Iron Bull

Bull is quiet when he sleeps: his calm a sharp contrast to the wrestling and rough-housing he usually enjoys with his children. He keeps his arms loose around them, wanting them close but also wanting to give them freedom to move as they please. He smiles at every snore. It’s moments like these that make him glad to be Tal-Vashoth. 


Dorian always makes sure that his adopted child is tucked in close to his chest or set in the crook of his neck when Dorian sleeps. He wants them to feel his heartbeat, to feel the love that he can’t yet convey to them in words. They will know nothing but love from him. 


Blackwall tries to sleep but never quite manages it. He always has to keep an eye on his sleeping child, still unable to believe that he has one. He tucks blankets around the small body and kisses all along the soft curls on their head. He will make sure they lead a better life than he ever could. 


Solas doesn’t so much sleep as doze. Sleeping pulls him into the Fade and he prefers to feel the heartbeat and listen to the soft, steady breathing of his child. He traces the outline of his child’s ear, murmuring in ancient elven about things lost past. In these small intimate moments, with no one else around to hear, he can finally speak the truth.  

Andy and April scenes from Parks & Rec with Alistair and the Warden
  • Andy and April scenes from Parks & Rec with Alistair and the Warden

It seems to be pretty common knowledge now that Alistair and Andy Dwyer are basically the same person. So here are a few scenes from Parks & Rec as if they were moments in the life of Alistair and The Warden!

A giant thank you to dumb-art for providing a lovely rendition of the Warden as well as Morrigan!

Also thanks to heroofferelden, madameinquisitor, and qunaributts for your help and feedback!!

Alistair voice by: lightgetsout

Warden and Morrigan by: dumb-art

And with apologies and gratuitous thanks to officialinquisitor who provided me with the idea, but I was rushed and didn’t give her a chance to voice anyone. Sorry, love!!

Hope you all enjoy it!

  • Alistair:But tell me, have you ever lllliiiicked a lllllamppost in ~winter~?
  • Amell:Considering I have never before set foot outside the Circle Tower in my known life prior to a few days ago, nor have I ever seen a "lamp-post" or had any reason to consider such a construct (that there might be so much empty space that a post would be required upon which to place a lamp for optimal lighting functionality) might be relevant regardless of periodic season, all of this at the behest of the Chantry and for my supposed own good and for the good of all Thedas, no, I have not once placed my tongue upon a "lamp-post" in winter. If you truly think this is an important experience, perhaps I could recreate the temperate and perhaps meteorological conditions of said winter, and then procure the nearest "lamp-post" for your prudent demonstration or my own safely-supervised experimentation. However, if licking a "lamp-post" in the colder months of our year violates any easily-alarmed anti-mage sensibilities or any possible interpretation of the Canticle of Transfigurations such that exploration might be forbidden, I trust you to summarily execute me and feel sufficiently self-righteous about it
  • Alistair:*crying hysterically*
  • Amell:However, I have sucked a dick before. Is it anything like that?

mythtakenforastory asked:

Fluff prompt: finding out your LI is ticklish. (^_^)

Alistair x Roselyn Cousland

Roselyn paused the movement of her hands down Alistair’s back as he wriggled under her touch. She drew her fingers away from his bare skin and perched her chin on her shoulder.

"Everything alright?"

"Hm?" He glanced at her, his familiar boyish smile in place. "Yes, fine."

"My hands aren’t too cold?"

He shook his head.

Satisfied, Roselyn resumed working out the aches of the days walking. The trek from Redcliffe to Denerim taking days longer than they had anticipated due to swollen rivers washing away much needed bridges.

Again her hands trailed down his back, across Alistair’s waist and he wriggled. His movement joined this time by laughter, poorly stifled.

Curious, Roselyn explored the expanse of the other Grey Warden’s body with her hands again. Slowing her movements as she wandered her digits down over his waist. Under her hands, Alistair’s skin rose in gooseflesh, he fidgeted and she could see his face draw into a grimace.

"You’re ticklish." She stated, realising the reason for his writhing.

"What?!" Alistair turned his head to her in a rush, his expression aghast. "I am not ticklish. You just…" His tone fell into a whine she was familiar with. "There’s a bruise."

Rising both eyebrows, Roselyn offered him a small disbeliving smile. “Of course. I’m sorry.” She kissed the end of his nose. “I’ll be more careful.”

Settling once more with his back to her so Roselyn could continue to work out his aches and pains, Alistair relaxed into her hands.

Roselyn filed away the fact he was ticklish for use at a later date.

  • Alistair:So... you're female, Leliana, right?
  • Leliana:I am? That's news. When did that happen?
  • Alistair:I just wanted some advice. What should I do if... if I think a woman is special and--
  • Leliana:You want to woo her? Here's a good tip: you shouldn't question her about her female-ness.
  • Alistair:All right, yes. Good point.
  • Leliana:Why do you ask? Are you afraid things will not proceed naturally?
  • Alistair:Why would they? Especially when I do things like ask women if they're female.
  • Leliana:It adds to your charm, Alistair. You are a little awkward. It is endearing.
  • Alistair:So I should be awkward? Didn't you just say not to do things like that?
  • Leliana:Just be yourself. You do know how to do that, don't you?
  • Alistair:All right, forget I asked.

Anonymous - Alistair is at Skyhold,meets Kieran, gives him puppet



Alistair looked down to see a young child staring up at him. “I… Uhh, Hello?”

“Our blood matches.”

Alistair frowned and thought for a moment. “Oh! You must be Morrigan’s son.”

“And yours.”

Alistair sighed. “And mine.” He felt bad for having not been there for him, though the child did not seem as affected by his absentee father as he was when he was growing up.  “What’s your name?”


Alistair knelt down beside him. “Hello, Kieran. I’m Alistair.”

“I know, Mother told me about you.”

“Uh Oh. She did? What did she tell you exactly?” Alistair thought back the blight and the way he and Morrigan treated each other and prepared for the worst.

“She said you are a good man, you helped end the blight and saved all of Ferelden.”

Alistair was taken aback. “What? Really?”

“Was she wrong?”

“Uhh, no. It’s just…nothing.” Alistair smiled. “I’m sorry. For not being with you, I mean.”

“It’s ok, Mother wanted it that way.”

“I know. It’s just…”

“Mother says grey wardens having plenty of things to do anyway.”

“Uhh, yes, we do. Hmm, I just remembered something.” Alistair turned away and dug through his pack until he found it. A tattered old puppet his fellow warden had given him during the blight. It still smelled like the campfires they used to sit around. “Here.”

“A little warden?”

“It’s a puppet. You can have it. I’ll keep the horse, and now we’ll have matching toys.” Alistair watched the boy turn the toy over in his hands before putting it on. “You can remember me when you play with it.”

“Why do we need matching toys, we have matching blood?”

“You can’t play with blood.”

“Yes, you can.”

“Riiiight, creepy. You’re just like your mother.”

In which I think too hard about video games. Again.

Last night while I was rambling to fanfoolishness yet again about Alistair (mostly about how I don’t have the heart to make him king even though I hardened him for it because doing so would go against the lesson he learns while hardening), I had one of those 3am Epiphanies.

Part of the reason I gravitated so quickly to Alistair instead of waiting to meet the rest of the party is because he reminds me a lot of myself, personality wise. Meanwhile, my Warden is like…the me I’d like to be. Aeron Tabris is wish-fulfillment!me.

And I romanced them together.

The funny thing is that this didn’t even occur to me until after I’d already fully romanced them and was talking to Gina about how I was relieved that I decided to wait until he approached me first. Making him all flustered by asking him if he wanted to share time in my tent was amusing, but there was something really nice about seeing him confidently decide “yes, this is what I want.” Like, that’s what I want when I finally embark on one of those real life romance quests! I want to be with somebody that makes me feel safe enough and confident enough that I can decide with full certainty that this is the person I want to share myself with despite all of our mutual differences and imperfections.

But yeah, so I was thinking all about this at three in the morning, and thinking “Wait, so does that mean I love myself?”

And at the time it was like, “Yeah! Yes, I do. And that’s awesome.”

Video games, man. You think they’re just supposed to be for entertainment and then they got you reflecting on your own psyche and shit.



i like to think about alistair and cullen training together but i mostly like to think about them in some chantry choir together and cullen is hitting every note and it’s beautiful enough to make the maker cry while alistair only knows half the words and the rest he just substitutes in what he wants for dinner 

Thank you for this! (also i need more)